A Call to Resistance

On June 13 a police officer named Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and his wife, a police department employee named Jessica Schneider, were stabbed to death by an Islamic terrorist at their home in a suburb of Paris. Their three-year-old son witnessed the murders. He was rescued by police, who shot and killed the mujahid.

On Friday June 17 a rally in memory Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider was held at the Place du Trocadéro in Paris. Among the speakers were Christine Tasin of Résistance Républicaine and a police officer named Sébastian Jallamion.

Mr. Jallamion had already been suspended from duty for posting negative remarks about Islam on Facebook. When he spoke at the rally, he was violating his “obligation of reserve”, that is, the restrictions placed on a police officer regarding public statements on political matters.

Below are the speeches given at the Trocadéro event by Sébastian Jallamion and Christine Tasin. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1, Sébastian Jallamion:

Video 2, Christine Tasin:

Transcript video 1:

00:00   I thank the organisers for inviting me to this event
00:04   and allowing me to bring my testimony.
00:08   As was said, I am a police officer, which signifies that,
00:12   speaking before you, I commit an act of resistance, because I am
00:16   restricted to an obligation of reserve.
00:20   Consequently I dedicate this act of resistance
00:24   to my colleagues, and it’s in their name that I speak,
00:28   those who cannot speak and who are today bruised and
00:32   battered, not only by the drama that took place on the evening of the 13th
00:36   affecting two of us in what they had that was most precious,
00:41   the most sacred, the most intimate: their family home.
00:45   But also bruised because for too long
00:49   they have been on all fronts: on the front of
00:53   illegal immigration in Calais. On the front
00:57   of urban violence, which is managed badly by our executive, which does not
01:01   give the necessary orders for us to arrest those whom we have fully
01:05   identified.
01:09   On all fronts because,
01:13   as has been well said, we are understaffed and have been for a long time.
01:17   I remind you that during the five years of Sarkozy, 12,500
01:22   police and gendarmes have been removed via
01:26   the non-replacement of one out of two staff who retired.
01:30   These positions have still not been filled, even while
01:34   an increased police activity continues to weigh
01:38   on the work of my colleagues who find themselves
01:42   having to investigate 200 to 300 files each, which is unmanageable.
01:46   And yet nothing is done. We know that our country
01:50   is under terrorist threat. We have identified the perpetrators;
01:54   we knew who this Larossi Abballa was. He had been
01:59   arrested, he was tried, he was sentenced to three years
02:03   In prison for organising a jihadist network between France and Pakistan
02:15   This individual, who was overseen by the former anti-terrorist judge
02:19   Marc Trevedic (whom I thank for his frank speech
02:23   and his will to enlighten opinion), had been clearly identified
02:27   as somebody unpredictable. He was under surveillance; he was the subject
02:31   of an “S” classification. Why is it that no one was able to prevent him from acting?
02:35   This is completely scandalous, it’s scandalous to know
02:39   that we had identified, that we had passed the information up to the executive
02:44   that there are 4000 of these Larossi Abballas on our territory ready to act
02:48   At a moment’s notice.
02:52   All this, ladies and gentlemen,
02:56   is a question of political will. We must refuse
03:00   this discourse held by our executive, consisting of saying
03:04   we must be resilient, live with it, meaning we must act as if
03:08   it was inevitable. This is completely wrong. We have
03:12   if we get clear instructions, the means
03:17   to protect you. But I will point out those who are responsible — you may not like it —
03:21   but the man responsible — I will remind you, Ladies and Gentlemen,
03:25   are those who voted for François Hollande,
03:29   it’s those who voted Socialist, these people did not get into power
03:33   by a coup d’état. That’s why I repeat the call
03:37   to resistance which I sent out to all my colleagues, I call them to do the same
03:41   thing I do, to let go of their obligation of reserve so as to inform the public,
03:45   because it is they who vote and who can give us an executive who will stay the distance.
03:50   Thank you.

Transcript video 2:

00:01   Jessica Schneider and Jean-Baptiste Salvaing are dead.
00:05   They were assassinated by Larossi Abballa.
00:09   But the real assassin is not Larossi Abballa.
00:13   The real assassin is Islam.
00:17   And I would like
00:21   for all of us to leave tonight chanting:
00:26   Islam = Assassin Islam = Assassin
00:38   In the video he recorded, the murderer had the hallucinating
00:42   look of those who belong to a sect,
00:46   who are in full submission,
00:50   and that’s what Islam is: the submission to the word of the prophet.
00:54   Word of death, word of hate.
00:58   The Islamic State has called for the killing of our police.
01:02   The Islamic State is based solely
01:06   on the Koran and on the hadith of Mohammed.
01:11   We did not invent this: Islam = Assassin.
01:15   Islam = Assassin.
01:19   The murder of our police
01:23   is part of the conquest, part of
01:27   of the Jihad. Jihad is not only in Syria. It’s not only
01:31   to fight against Assad.
01:35   Jihad is to fulfill the will of Mohammed.
01:39   in the Koran the planet is divided in two:
01:43   The Land of Islam — that’s where the Muslims are,
01:47   and which must be governed by Sharia — and the House
01:52   of War. The Land of War is ours because
01:56   it doesn’t have the Sharia. And the duty of Muslims,
02:00   if they are real Muslims, is to conquer,
02:04   willingly or forcibly, the Land of War so that it will become the Land of Islam.
02:08   The assassination of our police
02:12   is obeying the orders of the Koran.
02:16   The orders of Mohamed: Islam = Assassin.
02:20   Islam = Assassin.
02:24   Jihad is not only done via
02:29   assassinations, but is also the pressure
02:33   put on our women, in
02:37   the violence done to our women with harassment,
02:41   the sexual aggressions, the rapes, so that the women
02:45   fall into line and suddenly become,
02:49   without being Muslim, the good little women of Muslims,
02:53   submissive, hidden, who unveil nothing.
02:58   Islam = Assassin
03:02   Islam = Assassin
03:06   Two days ago (name?) had the gall
03:10   to write an article telling us that harassment on public transport
03:14   had increased so much that women
03:18   had started to dress more and more “correctly”.
03:22   If that is not an incitement to push —
03:27   Let’s call them “proselytes of Mohammed”
03:31   to aggress our women so that they dress “correctly”, what is it?
03:35   Islam = Assassin
03:39   Islam = Assassin
03:43   We are all touched. Islam = Assassin
03:47   of our women, of the equality between men and women, of our police,
03:51   of our business managers, Herve Conara one year ago (decapitated),
03:55   of our journalist, Charlie Hebdo, of our scientists,
04:00   Herve Gourdel, of our youth who made the mistake of loving music
04:04   at the Bataclan: Islam = Assassin
04:08   Assassin of our civilisation, of our lifestyle. Imagine
04:12   what will happen if Islam develops even further.
04:16   Look at what happened recently
04:20   in Berlin, the Mozart Opera
04:24   Don Giovanni. There is a whole list of women
04:28   who were seduced by Don Juan.
04:32   There is a sentence: “In Italy 640,
04:36   in Germany 230, 100 in France,
04:40   in Turkey 91.” German authorities, who are afraid
04:45   of irritating Erdogan and the Turks
04:49   of Germany, have MODIFIED the opera
04:53   which then became: “In Italy 640, in Germany
04:57   230, 100 in France and in PERSIA” —
05:01   and no longer in “Turkey” — “91”. Islam = Assassin
05:05   Islam = Assassin
05:09   Let’s revolt.
05:14   Let’s say NO everywhere to Islam=Assassin,
05:18   firstly by voting well, by voting NO to the UMPS [Combined acronym, Hollande’s and Sarkozy’s parties]
05:22   who for 40 years have sunk us deeper every day,
05:26   then by resisting in our daily life: No HALAL.
05:30   Let’s boycott beef, boycott
05:34   Veal, 60 % of which is HALAL. Only eat fish
05:38   and pork — that, too, is resistance.
05:43   Ladies,
05:47   deploy your cleavage, your miniskirts.
05:51   Tell them “MERDE”.
05:55   Refuse them their (?),
05:59   and if we have to go out and if we are afraid, let’s go out in groups with
06:03   tear gas, with Swiss knives, with whatever we need,
06:07   but let’s not take it, let’s not allow the installation of Sharia in our country.
06:16   Islam = Assassin, but France
06:20   its life, let’s defend it, with all we have.

13 thoughts on “A Call to Resistance

  1. If the French police are serious about stopping the jihad, they won’t stop short of resorting to direct action to close the mosques and stamp out Islam altogether.

  2. The board is set, the pieces are moving, and this is the deep breath before the plunge!…or should I say resurrection. The resurrection of good and descent people throwing off the chains of bondage we call globalism. Thank you Brexit, and soon to come Frexit. In November vote Trump, and we can turn back this vile and disgusting global agenda. Strong nations, strong borders, strong economies, and strong patriotism will be the order of the day! God speed patriots!

  3. That Policeman had the courage of a lion! No doubt he will be removed in the fullness of time or perhaps sooner! Actually as soon as the sycophantic creeps that surround Hollande report the gist of his speech to this deranged and weak so called leader.
    Incidentally, I wondered why the chaps in the background (right side as one viewed the clip) found it necessary to have such an animated conversation with each other instead
    of respectfully listening to the words of this brave hero! No applause from them because they weren’t focussing on his impassioned plea! My burning question here, again, is this: WHO is the Puppeteer in this macabre, global conspiracy? Is there no reason he/she/it/they cannot be outed? Any clues anyone?!

  4. Everywhere, it seems. Ordinary people have had just-about-enough. Both the assassins and their collaborators need to pay a steep price.

  5. Who is the puppeteer? George Soros comes to mind, but he’s not alone – he has lots of friends and people who agree with his disgusting world-view.

    The world thrived when we still had nation-states and freedom, and the muslims were comfortably in their desert regions, which is where they belong.

    We have made a big mistake, in walking about the western world so blinkered that we/they didn’t recognize what was coming out of Africa. It’s impossible to stuff the genie back into the bottle, but surely western world can defeat this scum. If they had the will to do so.

    Be careful who you vote for in November — it is a stark choice for America: freedom or slavery.

  6. Why is it so easy for Christine Tasin to boldly and explicitly identify “Islam” as the problem; yet Brigitte Gabriel, who personally suffered under Islam and Muslims putting Islam into practice, always has to hedge her rhetoric with qualifying adjectives, like “radical”? Many others within the still indefinite boundaries of the Counter-Jihad have the Brigitte Gabriel problem, I’ve noticed (e.g., Sam Harris).

    Kudos to Christine Tasin and Milo Yannopoulos (who has progressed in the last year or two from couching the problem as “radical Islam” to now forthrightly pronouncing the evil as simply Islam — Islam straight, no chaser; Islam, the whole Islam, and nothing but Islam.

  7. Re: Who is the puppeteer?
    SATAN………..working through a covetous, venal, apostate and corrupted Western world.
    “The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now concerns itself no more, and longs eagerly for just two things – bread and circuses!”
    Juvenal, Satires
    Re: Islam
    “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey

  8. Time for france to dust off the old guillotine and start seperating ISIS heads from their shoulders

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