Russian General: Turkey is Aiding and Supplying Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria

Last Friday Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy of the Russian General Staff gave a press briefing in which he provided an overview of the current situation on various fronts in the Libyan civil war.

Note that he says Turkey is still facilitating convoys of supplies across its borders to the mujahideen in Syria, and that Turkey is shelling Kurds on the Syrian side of the border.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Briefing by the Chief of the Main Operational Directorate
00:03   of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy
00:09   The operational situation in Syria has improved significantly.
00:13   The number of shellings has decreased.
00:16   The areas where military operations ceased completely are coming back to life.
00:22   The civilians are receiving humanitarian aid.
00:25   The infrastructure destroyed by the war is being rebuilt.
00:35   More and more cities and towns are accepting ceasefire agreements.
00:40   Currently their number stands at 122.
00:48   At the same time, in several Syrian regions, the situation is heating up.
00:53   This is due mainly to the efforts of Jabhat al-Nusra leaders to sabotage peace initiatives.
01:01   Jabhat al-Nusra placed its terrorist forces in the same areas as moderate opposition forces,
01:05   and, using the fact that Russians and Syrians do not attack these areas because of the ceasefire,
01:11   has restored partially its military capabilities, replenished its arms and is active again.
01:30   Turkish heavy truck convoys with arms are streaming through Turkish-Syrian border on a daily basis.
01:39   This constant supply of weapons and militants enabled Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists
01:45   to continue attacking and shelling the Syrian government’s forces,
01:50   thus preventing the Syrian army from effectively fighting ISIS on different fronts.
01:55   Turkey continues shelling Syrian border towns and Kurdish opposition positions.
02:09   I want to draw your attention to the fact that we are not the only ones watching
02:14   the areas under Jabhat al-Nusra’s control. Our colleagues from other countries
02:20   are doing so as well, and are actively gathering intelligence.

30 thoughts on “Russian General: Turkey is Aiding and Supplying Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria

  1. That group is the one who kidnaped 3 Greek Orthodox Bishops 3 years ago and killed the deacon who was their driver NOTHING heard of or from them for.

    • And carried out massacres as recently as this month. They were involved in killings and pillaging of Christian towns, such as Malouala.

      The infamous scene of the liver eater was also Al Nursa.

      Yet the West is being continually conned by elites & media into thinking that these are ‘moderates’ and Russia is bad for trying to tackle them.

  2. But still Obama supports his Turkish buddy, and the west supports Obama….

    And virtually everyone on FOX news continues to bad-mouth Putin.
    Yes, yes I know where communism came from, but times have changed–but not islam.

    • “Obama supports his Turkish buddy…”

      Oh, it’s far worse than that. Obama has been sending arms, trainers, and money to the “moderate” groups trying to topple Assad. Through some inverted logic, the government is fighting ISIS by supporting the enemies of the Syrian government.

      And, the neo-cons such as Bill Krystol are trying to organize a third-party candidate, the effect of which will, they hope, throw the election to Hillary. In point of fact, these neo-con, phony conservatives are perfectly in agreement with the intention of both Obama and Hillary to topple the Assad government. The passion of these not-so-ex leftists for foreign interventions not in the US interest will override any lingering commitment they have to limited government.

      • Nor is it only that; who actually created isis in the first place–supposedly inadvertently, but I wouldn’t be so sure–Obama.

        The entire western world should have learnt long ago that Assad is best left alone, and is not the crazed killer the leftists portray him as.

        Obama and his gang have poisoned the whole area, not to mention what they are doing in America–and still he remains the President, committed only to the rise of islam.

    • do you know where the war in Ukraine came from?

      annexation of Crimea?

      downing MH17 flight?

      political murders of Boris Nemtsov, Sergei Magnitsky and other opponents of Putin’s cleptocracy?

      Livinenko’s poisonong in London with polonium?

      casualties only among Ukrainian citizen are about 10K, and who knows how many Russian soldiers and “volunteers”.

      all these are due to the initiatives, ideologies installed and policies conducted by Putin.

      adequate treatment for this man isn’t “bad mouthing”, but Hague tribunal.

      • In the future, the Hague will be used to charge any citizens who fight back against the Muslim invaders, just as they were used to charge Radovan Karadzic for actions during the Bosnia War. The actions taken during the war were complex and not necessarily civilized, but the effect of an international tribunal, especially in the future, will be to penalize self-defense actions.

        It’s best to leave justice to the participants, and not to bring international force into local conflicts.

        • And for the West to ‘justify’ its actions since the same happened for Kosovo. The beheaders got away with murder as they did in Bosnia and nowadays in Syria!

          They keep plugging away at safe havens, no fly zones and humanitarian bombing and what do we get afterwards- more brutality, violence and horrors imposed on us.

          Thankfully the Russians are keeping an eye on the schengians of Washington and NATO.

          • “Russians” are keeping eye on anyone exposing weakness, and use and will use, every type of disorder, dis-unity and confusion, to impose their gegemonic agenda.

            they only succeed because Western leaders are shameful cowards, with Obama as mollusk in chief.

            BTW Putin created and defacto pays a danegeld to the Islamic State kingdom integrated into Russia – Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechnya. This is the guy – decorated Hero of Russia etc. – who promised to send thousands of jihadis to bring order to Paris and defend Islam there – immediately after Charlie Hebdo massacre. He is Putin’s best friend.

            enough walking in the dark guys, this is all no secret.

        • where do you see “self-defense” in all the above listed?
          Putin’s regime is a cross between mafia ang Gestapo.

          at least try to google facts about subject for gods sake.

          • So you see Russians as the cause of all the world’s ills?

            Putin is a bully, we all know that, but in the Middle East he is doing what (your hero?) Obama SHOULD be doing, while Obama does the opposite.

            Now I’ll agree not everyone will agree, but Crimea is populated mainly by Russians, they did have a referendum, remember? While Poroshenko is perhaps the most corrupt leader you could find….

          • Can you point out where I cited any incorrect facts?

            You should reread my posting and see that I said nothing at all about Putin or Russia.

            For the record, I don’t believe the US ought to be engaged in building up a defense network on Russia’s borders. This is not because Putin is virtuous, but because this is threatening Russia’s vital interests, and would demand a response from Putin, were he an angel or devil.

  3. Americans just refuse to see how truly disastrous Obama has been in literally every single area. His operations in Syria have been laughably incoherent, his pride won’t him see the Islamist damage Turkey continues to inflict across the region, especially in Syria. Everyone knows now, from evidence from multiple sources that Turkey on the one hand is illegally buying ISIS-controlled oil and bombing Kurds and Syrian forces to aid ISIS. This has been proven time and again through video and eye-witness evidence. It’s just routine now that anything Obama does will result in confusion and turmoil and damage to all sides. And this buffoon’s approval ratings are going up! Why should anyone ever trust America ever again. Ob[ama] has poisoned international relations for generations. Everyone should just collaborate in [swiving] over the USA for years to come.

    • No, Americans don’t refuse to see how truly disastrous BHO has been in most areas. Don’t use “literally” when it’s not true. He has made black people proud…at least some of them. Many of them wish he would now give it a rest, though.

      Obama’s 8 years will come to be seen as the worst administration ever…and that’s saying something. It’s the worst because he has wreaked havoc both at home and abroad. There is not ONE issue where we are better off. Even blacks are worse off and there are many who know this is true. But they were so proud and it’s painful to let that go.

      Oops just saw your name-calling…

      • I don’t think all blacks were all that proud of having a president with a brown skin. Some were clearly ecstatic at not having to pay their rent anymore, getting free gasoline, getting Obama cash, and getting an Obamapho’.

  4. This American has seen Obama for what he really is, believe me — from Day One when he appeared on the horizon. Liberals were so excited to have the “first black president” that they failed to examine his credentials and now we are screwed for the rest of this year (as well as the last seven). The next prayer is that hillary does NOT get elected because she will be just as bad if not worse.

    Obama will go down in American history as worst president ever.

    • If Hillary were elected the worst reign would be seen as the Obama-Hillary years.

      However, I don’t think she’s going to win…and if she did win, she’s too ill to serve out her entire term. So it would fall to whatever vice-president she chose.

      Again however: I think Trump is going to win. I’ve thought so for a while, but now Scott Adams’ (he of “Dilbert” fame) long series of blog posts has convinced me it will come off.

      Adams has said since he started that he “likes none of the above”. He says his main interest lies in figuring out who can be the most persuasive and why their brand of “vote for me” works best. Here is just one example:

      • Hi Dympha,

        Notice that Adams hypothesized several scenarios for the Trump Sanders debate. The real scenario was one that he had not predicted, and which was probably the least favorable for Trump, according to Adams logic. In fact, Sanders accepted the debate, and Trump backed out, which Adams didn’t anticipate.

        On the issue of Hillary’s health, I did a bit of googling on it, and found a doctor who declared her unqualified on the grounds that she takes cumadin, which according to him, has serious side-effects. I myself have been taking cumadin for 8 years now, with absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

        Now, as far as the blod clotting that necessitated the cumadin treatments, we have no way of knowing how serious that is, whether it is controlled, or whether there are other issues. Clinton refuses to release her medical records. I’m sure Trump will have a field day with that, once the actual nominations are in place. I’m sure Trump is holding a lot back. My own guess is that he thinks if he uses everything he has now, it will blow Clinton totally out of the nomination, so it’s better to let her get nominated.

        Truthfully, I don’t expect her to get the nomination. She could conceivably win the election, but almost any major Democrat would run better than she would.

      • ” I think Trump is going to win.”

        You’re a smart lady, and probably better informed than I am on things politic. I sure hope you’re right. The lying media keeps telling us that Hillary is ahead of Trump, but they very well may be trying to keep Trump supporters away from the polls.

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    • Here are a few more – on persuasion and on optics:

      Adams so shamelessly promotes his book in many of these posts that after a while it becomes amusing. Eventually you click on the thing just to see what he’s done. And you wish you had the money to buy it. [I think this is a book that libraries either will be or are willing to carry, given the association with “Dilbert” and the fact that it’s not about Trump but about how to persuade people].

    • mariadee-

      You are 100% correct that Obama was a political product cynically marketed towards some overhanging cloud of white guilt in the US.

      Sadly, the marketing exercise worked.


  5. Russia is going to be one of the few Dar-al-Harbs remaining. I’d rather be associated with a bunch of klepts than Critical Theorists and Frankfurters. Once Putin leaves or croaks or takes up skiing or something, Russia will be our ally. They have recently tasted tyranny; they probably won’t want to try that again.

    • I wish you were right. But another kleptocrat will get in…let’s just hope he’s a real Russian who loves his country.

    • Crimea would this very day be under Ukrainian control had Obama and Victoria Nuland not done all they could to bring down the elected government of Ukraine. Putin had no plans to incorporate Crimea.

      The same with Georgia. It would be status quo ante now had the U.S. not been meddling in affairs not ours.

      Putin saved us from ourselves on the bogus chemical weapons story in Syria.

      The U.S. has squandered all opportunities to deal rationally with Russia and the anti-Russia hysteria we see frothing everywhere is concocted neocon nonsense.

  6. A couple things-

    I grew up in the 80s, the age of Reagan, Rambo, and Red Dawn. My childhood self would have never supported the Russians in a million years. My goodness how things change!

    Trump is saying a lot of the right things, but I am not convinced he is genuine.

    Remember that he is a businessman, and that means he is an opportunist first and foremost. He may simply be playing a role he thinks gives him the best odds of winning the Presidency.

    • That is a very odd view of what business people are about. My local mechanics, HVAC guys, restaurateurs, auto parts store managers, and hospital administrators are focused on providing the best services and products as efficiently as possible. But to you they are opportunists?

      • “Providing the best service is the best way to reach success.”

        When that doesn’t work you find people inventing Walmart or otherwise going out of business. The almighty dollar. It is one thing to work for a business and entirely another to own it. Managers, admins, etc, may have high ideals – but who makes sure they get paid?

        The message from raspailwasright , I take it as a caution, may be correct. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump.

        Can anyone see what’s coming next?

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