For Fleeing Germans, Hungary is the “Last Bastion of the Christian West”

The following report from German television describes a growing trend: German emigration to Hungary to escape the “refugees”. Real estate there is cheap, the police maintain order, and — best of all — there are no culture-enrichers.

The second of the two men interviewed has not yet retired, but he is planning to quit early so he can move to Hungary. He is a working professional, the kind of citizen that Germany can ill afford to lose, and who cannot easily be replaced with an Afghan or a Somali.

The German expats will be funding themselves in Hungary somehow, presumably with their pensions or other resources from their former homeland. Will the German authorities aggressively pursue them to tax their assets? Or cancel their pensions to keep the funds in the country? After all, someone has to work to pay taxes to support the “New Germans”. The more Abduls and fewer Fritzes there are in Germany, the smaller the tax base.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   “Because of the refugees, and because costs explode for them,
0:07   we had eight inquiries, from people who want to leave Germany for those reasons.”
0:13   Germans flee from refugees to Hungary.
0:16   Does it seem absurd? But it is reality.
0:19   Good evening with Report München.
0:22   This border fence is symbolic for the politics of
0:25   Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He relies on fences
0:28   against refugees and tough-handed politics.
0:31   Since Orbán came to power in 2010, many Hungarians left their country,
0:34   for economic reasons, and out of protest against
0:37   a right-wing conservative administration.
0:40   Ironically, it is now exactly that kind of administration
0:43   that has appeal to more and more Germans.
0:46   Anna Klühspies and Anna Tillak present:
0:52   In just a few moments the Kirsch couple will close the deal of a lifetime.
0:56   In this room, in a village, somewhere south of Plattensee.
1:00   “Doris, I congratulate you, and you, yes.”
1:04   “Is it my house or your house?”
1:07   Now the two Germans are the proud owners of a small house.
1:11   There’s no way they’d ever want to go back to Germany.
1:15   “I’m afraid now in Germany.”
1:18   “You are afraid?” “Yes.”
1:21   “What are you afraid of?” “They’re all young men, that are coming in now!”
1:25   “It’s not like anyone is against when families come with kids and such;
1:29   everybody can understand that. But these — what we even see on TV —
1:33   we haven’t been back to Germany in a while.
1:37   Everything one sees on TV recently, there are only…
1:41   so many young men, a few families with kids, and all these young men.”
1:45   Their friends in Germany would like to leave as well.
1:48   But not all of them have been able to save up enough money, they say.
1:53   On their way to the new house. Observations from the car.
1:58   “There between the trees, coming right out of there…”
2:01   “But they could also be Hungarian Muslims, there, they’re walking along now.”
2:07   “But they rather look like they are Indian or something.”
2:14   “There just are so few Muslims in Hungary, I have to add,
2:18   maybe 1%, maybe 2%, but very very few.”
2:21   Here they believe they are safe.
2:27   Hungary. For a very long time, it has been a favored vacation spot and a
2:31   favored adopted country for many Germans. The population is predominantly Christian.
2:34   There are only a few migrants. But the people are also poorer
2:37   than in the neighboring Western states.
2:40   Away from the clean promenades, another picture often shows itself.
2:45   Many buildings are empty, houses are sold underpriced by brokers,
2:50   most of the customers are German-speaking.
2:54   They come because of the cheap real estate, says the broker Ottmar Heide.
2:58   But since September they have come predominantly for another reason.
3:02   “Because of the refugees, and because costs are exploding for them,
3:06   we had eight inquiries, from those who want to leave Germany for those reasons.”
3:11   On Facebook as well, there are regular lively discussions
3:14   about emigration to Hungary.
3:17   Real estate offices around Lake Balaton confirm this trend to us.
3:23   On our way to the next house listing, the broker Heide again will meet discontented Germans.
3:30   Michael Müller. He too, wants to leave Germany forever.
3:34   “An original old Hungarian farmhouse…”
3:37   In the past few months he supported the AfD, but it wasn’t enough for him anymore.
3:40   He wants to give up his job as computer scientist,
3:43   so that he can emigrate to Hungary even sooner.
3:46   “In my home city, when I go through the downtown at noon,
3:51   I am barely able to hear one sentence in correct German, that to me is proof enough
3:55   that even small towns now are completely infiltrated by foreigners.”
4:01   Michael Müller is talking about his homeland, North Rhine-Westphalia.
4:05   His opinion: Integration has failed.
4:10   “This is a plus point for you that there are so few refugees here?”
4:15   “Yes, I find that totally all right, yes, it’s a plus point.”
4:18   The waving of the refugees through Hungary
4:24   of the ones who were already here, they didn’t have any real emergency,
4:27   I mean, it wasn’t like that there was a real catastrophe, the people weren’t starving to death;
4:31   they just wanted to continue.” The reality: Last September, for days thousands of refugees
4:36   were stranded in the heart of the Hungarian capital city,
4:39   beneath human dignity. These are pictures that no one is supposed to see
4:43   anymore in Hungary in the future. Minister President Viktor Orbán builds a fence,
4:47   seals up his country, and a majority of the population stands behind him.
4:53   “Muslim people do not belong to us, period. Hungary is a Catholic country,
4:59   and we can’t unite [with Islam], and it just does not belong to us, end of discussion.”
5:04   …Says Eva. She is Hungarian, her partner is Austrian, the neighbors Germans.
5:10   Concerned citizens are building themselves their very own special paradise here.
5:15   Simone and Lothar Luther help with the renovation.
5:18   They just moved two months ago to Lake Balaton from North Hessen.
5:21   Because of the climate, the lake, and…
5:24   “Because there are no refugees here.
5:27   And because the police are present here.
5:30   The people feel — we’ve had conversations with locals — they feel great!
5:35   The police drive through town two-three times at night, it’s terrific.”
5:44   For the move, Simone Lothar has even quit her job as a hairstylist.
5:48   She reminds herself of her fears back in Germany.
5:52   “I wanted to work at night, but he said, ‘Don’t do it, it’s not good,
5:56   we don’t know what kind of people they are.’
6:00   I don’t want to be unfair to anyone, but it is foreign, and it makes you panic
6:04   to think of all that’s gonna come, when all those mosques are being built…”
6:08   We drive to Budapest. We show our recording to the political scientist Péter Krekó.
6:12   He is an expert on right-wing populism in Europe.
6:18   “I was very surprised, I didn’t know that this even exists, I know that there are
6:26   Swedes who emigrate, and they were all affiliated with politics in one way or another.”
6:33   Krekó warns that the easy explanations of these populists
6:38   could stoke the fears of normal citizens.
6:41   “With their populist approaches they destroy the trust in established institutions.
6:47   But without those a democracy cannot operate at all.”
6:52   Lake Balaton. For many Germans it’s apparently
6:55   the last bastion of the Christian West.
6:58   This is where Germans flee from refugees.
7:03   “Do you know any refugees yourself?”
7:06   “That man from Sri Lanka.” “Oh yeah, him, yes.”
7:11   “You can tell them.”
7:15   “It’s not that we are against them all.” “No, no, we invited them to our house for coffee, and we are not racist.”
7:19   “But it was a long time ago.”
7:23   In the evening, after all the house viewing.
7:36   Michael Müller has made a decision.
7:39   “Yes we have positively decided to move here, yes. That is all.”
7:44   It is common knowledge that one should never stop travelers…

36 thoughts on “For Fleeing Germans, Hungary is the “Last Bastion of the Christian West”

  1. For the past 15 yrs I have stayed with friends vacationing in S/E Slovakia (I live in the USA)and have visited Hungary many times never having a problem. I found the local folk interesting, polite,helpful and very accommodating. This trend of those who can move will gain momentum as this ever growing horde of culturally unsuited ‘migrants’ makes daily living in Germany an impossibility. Just imagine your everyday life as simple as it is turned into a complex scene of harassment,violence, disrespect, public rudeness and the inability to find any comfort, assistance, or law enforcement from a government and police agencies that are supposed to serve and protect you. but in reality has sold you and your countrymen out.

  2. Hungary sounds to be a place benefitting from flight of discontent people, which seems positive compared to what I am hearing here in NZ. Word here is that if Trump is elected, then the lefty liberals will want to come here to get away from the so called “hate” they think will follow.

    • I’ve heard it’s not easy to emigrate to New Zealand. Maybe the lefties who want to move there if Trump wins think that NZ has (for all intents and purposes) no border control like what they have forced on California.

    • Lefty ideas work in NZ to an extent, because it has ocean all around it, keeping illegal immigration under control.

      This leads to kiwis not realising what it’s like elsewhere.

      Don’t worry, the lefties won’t move en masse. It’s too difficult to do so. Having (legally) obtained NZ PR, I can assure you that it’s not an easy process, and the possibilities for illegally moving to NZ are fairly narrow.

      NZ has changing demographics, and will be unrecognisable in 50 years, but the “replacement population” won’t be a disaster, unlike what is happening in Europe. NZ will have a mixture similar to Singapore, albeit with a much bigger white minority. It will still be a livable country, just like Singapore is, even though it’ll be quite different.

    • I doubt it. They will not want to go to a more conservative, “islamphobic” culture.

      • The experience in Australia has been the opposite and will likely be so in NZ too. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Lefties regularly moved out of more left-leaning states such as Victoria to come to conservative Queensland – where they criticised the politics of the National Party government responsible for the more advantageous conditions that attracted them in the first place. With automatic access to state government voting, the ‘Mexicans’ (so called because they came up from the south) ultimately brought about Queensland’s first left-leaning government in 30 years. That new Labor government promptly bankrupted the state and, with the complicity of the media, covered up their financial mismanagement. This I know because I was working in state government at the time.

        This is what left-wingers do. They are like a virus invading and killing a host. They are too foolish to understand they are just replicating the environment they fled from. I understand it’s similar in the US where they flee places like California then vote for the same policies that ruined their home state.

        • Mass Muslim immigration follows the same dynamic. They flee true misery and hardship… and bring with them those cultural attributes which will reproduce it two generations hence.

    • If Trump is NOT elected, it will mean the Clinton woman will be, and America will drift even further downhill.
      FGS, America already has an unemployment figure of somewhere between 20-30%, although the white mosque resident ridiculously insists it’s 5% despite 90 million people being on food stamps!
      My little native country, NZ, has enough leftist idiots as it is, thank you. It has always been a difficult country to get into, and yes, the demographics are changing–in Auckland, very much so, but the rest of the North Island, less so.

      The South Island has for many years now become known as the White Island, as many white kiwis have moved from North to South. (particularly from south Auckland, which is a pretty wild place)

      • Well I sure hope you guys are correct in what you say. Ironically the Americans who don’t like the idea of Trump’s wall, are the ones who think NZ should be wide open to them.
        I hope I am just out of touch as a result of family in West Auckland and others who have been in Victoria SA for 45 years not liking my telling the truth about Islam…..they interpret my Islamonausia as “Islamophobia”.
        Another bad thing is that our incumbent Prime Minister is apparently backing the ex PM, Helen Clark, to take on the UN job as lackey to the OIC.

  3. There are growing capital controls being put in to place by the insolvent Western nations that makes emigration a challenge. We are seeing in the western hemisphere that American ex-pats living overseas are having increasing difficulty in accessing their funds because the relationship between the overseas banks where they are banking and its correspondent banks are being terminated by American banks, almost certainly at the behest of the U.S. government. This will eventually force many of them to return to the States to access their funds and then they will have to pay an exorbitant exit fee to move their wealth out, if they are allowed to at all. Anyone moving out of country, or who already has, needs to convert as much of their wealth into the local currency, real money and/or hard assets, otherwise their home country will eventually seize whatever wealth remains under its jurisdiction, either through fees and penalties to move it or outright confiscation.

    • As a US expat, let me tell you the US does not make it easy for citizens to work abroad.

      FATCA and FBAR are two new additions to the myriad of challenges facing the US expat. They are also financial weapons the US Treasury can use against the rest of the world.

      Thanks Obama!

    • Believe me conservative whites in the states will find a way to get anywhere they have to when things get bad their. . I know of several people that moved to nz and Australia’s white areas. $ will be withdrawn sent to overseas friends and for a small fee hold it and then change currency. Rich people get that way for a reason, they adapt and find a way

  4. President Trump’s first act:

    “Any European threatened by Muslims today are now obviously suffering from religious persecution and will go to the top of all State Department lists for emigration to the US. Any tampering of these lists by State Department employees will be grounds for immediate dismissal and possible arrest for criminal behavior.”

    That should about do it.

  5. I’d love to know what kind of numbers we’re talking about — number of Germans making this emigration.

    • Up to 140 000 Germans have been leaving the country every year for the last ten years, with over the million currently living abroad. These are usually highly educated people, so those that are more precious to the economy.

      These numbers go up to 2014. I expect they will rise sharply in 2015, as I’ve seen many Germans discussing where best to flee to.

      Women are overrepresented in that category which I myself found interesting, as I myself am married to a Spaniard due to an inability to find a German man in my educational bracket that was morally suitably and committed to raising a family.

      There is this unhealthy obsession with being able to eff around, even though little of all those erotic adventures actually materialises.

  6. Any emigration from Germany should only be temporary to allow ethnic Germans to re organise. Once the fully Mohammedan areas are identified, an airfirce can be used to saturation bomb it into the ground. We will have to use force to blow them out as they will not go away easily.

    I might be sounding extreme but multiculturalism has got us into this position.

    • Saturation bombing is too costly and destroys too much infrastructure. I would wager that if the time comes when governments are forced to resort to such measures, they will use nerve gas instead, as it is cheap and far more effective without destroying the area it is used upon. And [redacted]…

  7. It was not news for days that many hundreds of German women were being assaulted on New Years Eve, and it may not yet be large in German news that a million new parasitic people have arrived and a million more are on the way.

    But…it is news to feature that eight German individuals or couples are interested in properties in Hungary.

    I am told by leftists that the stated issue is never the issue.

    Craig in Michigan may be closer to the issue than the news presenters tell.

  8. Hope these Germans and other western Europeans dont take their idiotic liberal beliefs with them and soil their places of refuge. This is what they have done to southern USA and now many western states. They are delusional and unable to see the world realistically.

  9. I also expect Swedes to find refuge in Norway at the next economic downturn, which may actually solve Norway’s demographic problems. Swedes are a similar enough culture that unless they’re left-wing, they can probably be integrated in large numbers without difficulty.

    Native populations leaving in large numbers is the additional bit that’s not considered in demographic projections.

    Walk around Montreal, and listen to the number of French-from-France accents. Walk around Tel Aviv (or Netanya) and hear the same.

    If Trump wins, he may try to encourage immigration by native Europeans, figuring that they’d turn into nice right-wing votes in the future. Much of Europe is doomed anyway, might as well rescue what can be rescued. Eastern Europe will survive, possibly under Russian protection as the better of two evils (shudder!).

    (For the record, I include well-integrated immigrants among the concept of “native Europeans” – it’s not a colour/race thing to me, but a culture thing. Indeed, if I were told to fix the problems of a place like France, and given carte blanche, I would *encourage* skilled immigration from compatible cultures as one of my solutions.)

    • Quite right, many Swedes have already moved to Norway–which is glad to have them.
      Curiously, the N. American MSM doesn’t seem to have paid much attention to a statement by Norwegian PM Erna Solberg to the effect that if (when) law and order breaks down completely in Sweden and the country runs out of money, (as it must) Norway will not only impose borders, but will leave the Schengen and also the Geneva Convention, in order to protect their country from the invading third world rabble.

    • There are tens of thousands of Swedes already living in Norway and similar numbers in Denmark. Sweden has fallen behind both neighbors economically, for some inexplicable reason, so there is a wage incentive. But I suspect there is another bigger push factor, one that few Swedes would dare to talk about in public.

  10. I left the UK in 2013 and, apart from an annual visit lasting one month each time, I cannot even think about returning there permanently. I left because of islamification and the dhimmi authorities.

    The police in the London Borough of Camden have adopted a policy of “non confrontation,” that is, they never turn up at a crime scene until the perpetrators have made good their escape, whereupon they check the nearest surveillance camera and go after the suspects individually. Crime prevention and catching a criminal in the act of committing a crime are things of the past. The UK police are a complete waste of space.

  11. Cowards, why not stay & fight to take back your country.
    Instead you scurry across the border for temporary security.
    Handing victory to the invaders without a fight.

    • What would you have those fleeing islamification do if they stay in their home countries? Open violence is not yet an option, although the burning of invader centers suggests that option may not be too far away. The authorities in each of these countries so afflicted are the problem, and it is futile to remove them from office even if such were possible because behind them at the root of the problem are the shadow elites who fund them and provide the master vision. One would be attempting to remove the dragon’s teeth, which would just grow back as fast as they could be removed instead of slaying the dragon, which is impossible at this stage. Events happening in Europe are far larger than the individual; it is as futile to try and stop what is coming as it was for the average citizen in Europe on the eve of WW1 or WW2.

      Beyond moving to countries within the Eurozone hostile to islamification, surrepticiously aquiring weapons and ammunition is the only practical step that I see which one might take. In most countries so afflicted by islamification, action at the ballot box is unlikely to result in a reversal of the process, while the time is still too early for kinetic responses to unwanted colonization. Burning down the invader centers or providing logistical support to those who do is about the only effective direct action one could take, but at great risk to one’s family if one were caught by the authorities. That action is a young man’s game; concentrating numbers of those opposed to islamification in countries hostile to it is just as valid in my opinion.

    • No one in Europe can fight back. Don’t you get that?

      There is no “right to bear arms” in any european country. Two examples:

      1. Personal protection is not considered a valid reason under irish law to get a permit for a firearm.

      2. If you walk with a knife in your pocket in the UK you are committing a crime.

      I have read the laws regarding guns of a few european countries. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare to get a permit. Most people don’t have the time or knowledge to go through to it. And even if they do, most people in some of those countries don’t have the financial means to pay for the endless licences and taxes required.

      Europe is not like some states in America where almost anyone can buy a gun. Here it’s the opposite.

      How can these regular people defend themselves? Where will a law abiding hardworking german find someone to sell him an illegal gun?

      These people actually have something to lose. They have families to support, they cannot go to jail. They cannot get an illegal gun. The invaders have nothing to lose, they will get the illegal guns. There is no chance of a defence.

      • Ze-

        Thank you for expounding on a point I have been trying to make to other commenters during the past few days.

        At this time, it is simply not realistic to expect the average, middle-class European male to take up arms against his oppressors. Any resistance on their part will be crushed by the state, and they will be thrown into a prison that is overrun with Muslim gangs.

    • Shawn, the people fleeing the invasion are not cowardly, they are smart. The Powers That Be have determined to change Germany into an Islamic society. How can someone who has worked their entire life trying to build a secure retirement fight that? The government has even made it a crime to so much as criticize Islam. The government looks the other way as the invaders regularly commit crimes against native Germans, while aggressively arresting and prosecuting any native Germans who so much as speak out. How is a worn-out retiree supposed to fight tha? Those who are smart will be planning an exit strategy even now. They will be like the Jews in 1939’s Germany who were prescient enough to see where things were headed and got out while they still could.

    • I’m sorry if my last comment’s first paragraph sounded unpolite.

      Based on what you wrote I guess you are an american. If you are not, pardon me from preaching to the choir, but the point is the following:

      I guess when an american looks at the current european situation it doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t why fire at will against criminals? I gave you an example from Ireland, another from the UK, and I’m certain other europeans can give you examples from other european countries.

      My last comment was somehow unpolite because it really gets to my nerves when an american (or someone whose comments look like were made by an american) tries to give us advice that are useless, impractical and illegal in any european country. Authorities would looooove that counter jihad europeans would have illegal handguns hidden in their residences.

      I don’t know for how long you follow counter jihad websites, but if it for some months I’m shure you have read more than a few europeans complaining about how there are more millionaires than handgun owners in Europe.

  12. History tells me that Hungary was a German ally during World War II. However, whatever their feelings towards the Jews, it was not until the Germans directly took over the government of Hungary that Hungary was forced to cooperate with the deportation of the Jews. This is the country, by the way, where the famous Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, saved thousands of Jews with the full support of the Swedish government.

    I wish the Hungarians well in their quest to remain European and predominantly Christian. I would make the observation that they should screen any new immigrants with care, even the Germans who are fleeing the Muslim invasion of their own country. The German electorate supported Merkel, who is the prime mover in the Muslim invasion. The Hungarians need to be sure they are not importing people who physically want to get away from the invaders, but who politically subscribe to the very notions that brought Merkel into power and gave her essentially the powers of a dictator.

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