10 thoughts on “For Immediate Relief — Works Much Better Than Islamophobin!

  1. Clever.
    What is the meaning of “1529/1683/2016” in the upper left?
    Proofreading notes: “Reliefs” should be “Relieves”; there should be a space between “333” and “mg”.
    So the recommended dosage is 2 caplets a day, for a satanic 666 mg/day.

    • My bad, I’ll make an improved one and hope you can enjoy that…

      1529: first attempt by the Ottoman Empire to capture the city of Vienna
      1683: On September 12th the Ottoman army was defeated after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months
      2016: the year we live in obviously, will it turn out to be as important as the previous dates in the fight against islam?

      • If possible, you might try to work in (October 7) 1571 somewhere, that glorious day in which the Holy League navy, under the command of Don Juan de Austria, defeated the Turks at Lepanto.

        The years 1571 and 1683 were years of two tremendous military victories.

        • Perhaps the Pacemfortine is a trademark and there isn’t a generic available yet. I think when the generic comes out after the trademark/patent expires will likely be either KCN or NaCn.

  2. I am not sure about 1529 but 1683 is when the Muslims attempted to conquer Vienna and were turned back with the help of Jan Sobieski of Poland.

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