Will a Munich Court Force a Muslima to Unveil?

Last year a female culture-enricher in Munich defied a judge and refused to take off her niqab in court. The prosecutor appealed, and there will be a new trial. What’s galling about the whole thing is that German judicial authorities felt compelled to consult with an authoritative Islamic scholar in Saudi Arabia to get his permission under sharia for the woman to unveil herself before the judge.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Bild:

Court wants Burka Woman to unveil herself

Munich county court wants a witness to take off her veil: Muslima Amira B. (43). She refuses to show her face during the trial.

Flashback: November 18, 2015. Kai O. (59, name changed) represented by his lawyer Tom Heindl, faces court. The accused allegedly had insulted Amira B., (a*****e, you don’t belong here), — the judge let him go.

Because the Muslim woman refused to take off her veil. The woman was wearing a so-called niqab, which completely cloaks her head, with a small slit for her eyes.

Judge Thomas Müller (55) said at the beginning of the hearing: “I would like to see your face, so I can see your reaction and your expressions.” Her answer: “Because of my expression? No I’m not doing that. Because of my religion.” The judge did not want to accept that at first.

When Amira B. said that she had already been screened at the entrance to court, he said: “No! I want to see you too. Otherwise I have huge problems with the evaluation of your statement.”

But even that didn’t make the burka woman change her mind. She remained unreasonable, called upon Islam: “I have one god at the end of the world, who will prove I am right.” The judge allowed her to testify veiled, and resignedly remarked during the trial: “I’m not going to open that Pandora’s box…”

This process was a cause for indignation all over the country within judicial circles. The prosecutor filed an appeal against the judgment; a new trial is coming. However: the judges are concerned that the Muslim woman will again refuse to show her face.

That is why the 22nd criminal chamber obtained an expert opinion of the high ranking Islamic legal scholar Sheikh Abdullah Al Muuslih from Saudi Arabia. This legal scholar already wrote in a similar case: “(…) that the taking off of the Niqab in front of judicial organs such as judges, police, prosecution etc. (…) on the base of necessity and prevention of damage (…) is allowed (…).

The court already assigned a witness advocate for the woman, and expects “procedural measures in the implementation of the request”. Which means, for instance: a fine, a court-ordered appearance, and — in a worst-case scenario — coercive detention.

15 thoughts on “Will a Munich Court Force a Muslima to Unveil?

  1. I can’t help but feel that various costumes seen in Star Wars must have been based on Islamic women’s clothing.

    Someone needs to proclaim their religion to be Jedi and wear one of said costumes into the court room.

    Remember…. The Force will be with you… Always…..

  2. I feel that the real issue here is that this german court will literally do ANYTHING, including calling upon a S.A. Imam, to put that man, Kai O., who ‘insulted’ that … thing…, behind bars. They are hell bent on finding him guilty, but can’t achieve that goal if the… thing… refuses orders. It’s remarkable the lengths they go through just to sentence someone that insulted someone else. I suspect it has nothing to do with islam, though.

    • Somebody in Germany needs to remember what freedom is before it is no longer tolerated.

  3. This is just another piece of islamic provocation to see how far the cowed host nation can be pushed. They should hold her in contempt until she agrees to the court’s ruling.

  4. The most important part of the story is that a KSA religious authority was consulted. The Germans should have had the self-confidence to force the muslima to unveil. Obtaining a ruling from a sharia expert grants sharia law a foothold in Germany. If sharia is the deciding factor in this case, why shouldn’t it also be a deciding factor in wife beating or allowing muslim employees to absent themselves for daily prayers? Germany will find that it can’t pick and choose parts of sharia when convenient.

  5. This is another way for Islamists to manipulate western laws. Sickening that this judge refused to enforce western law.

    At least the French had the wisdom to make these coverings illegal, in France, ten years ago.

    And to even consult anyone in Saudi Arabia is beyond the pale. The place where people are routinely hanged and where a blogger was whipped.

    It is beyond me as to why Saudi Arabia is the head of the Human Rights Commission for the UN. What a fraud.

  6. There is no precedent for German courts to hear a plea from a concealed plaintiff, and no duty to do so. Concealment disables the judge from making a judgment. This should be endorsed as a rule of court procedure.

  7. She should have a choice: Either don’t testify or go back to her own country.

    That’s the only fair thin i can think of. BTW Is there a photo on her passport or other ID.

  8. In the U.S. this is called “Comtempt of Court” and she could/would be jailed until such time as she was willing to comply.

    (except, of course, in Blue state or cities)

    • Agreed. Hold her in the cells for contempt until she acquiesces or alternatively forcibly remove the bag on her head.

  9. Simple. Show where in Islamic law, Quran, Sharia mandates that a woman’s face must be covered at all times.

    It does not. Case closed.

  10. Islamic law should be completely irrelevent in this case. (and every other case)
    What matters is she is breaking german law. (In a very sinister way)

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