Are Asylum Seekers in Klagenfurt Committing Suicide by Car?

Asylum seekers in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt have been throwing themselves in front of cars. However, it doesn’t seem to be a collective death wish on the part of culture-enrichers, but rather a devious and cynical way to raise cash via the clueless Austrian judicial system.

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Asylum seekers throw themselves deliberately in front of cars

In one case the driver of the car was cited for [attempted] involuntary manslaughter.

Witnesses affirm that the men last Saturday in the inner city of Klagenfurt intentionally threw themselves in front of cars.

First Incident

One driver was looking for a parking space at Domgasse, when suddenly a man walked right in front of his car, as witnesses report. The car drove at walking speed, hence the Iranian asylum seeker remained unharmed. According to witnesses the accident was overtly provoked by the Iranian. And yet nonetheless, the driver of the car was cited for [attempted] involuntary manslaughter.

Second Incident

On Saturday again in the St. Ruprecht area in Klagenfurt, a man made a police report for property damage. The driver reported that a man deliberately jumped on the hood of his car. The suspect could not yet be found.

It is speculated that both men were out to make a quick buck in damages for pain and injury.

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  1. This bears a similarity to the “crash for cash” syndrome in the UK. This is largely a scam perpetrated by Indian immigrants on vehicle insurers. The prospective claimant will slam on his brakes suddenly and for no apparent reason with the intention of causing a collision with the following vehicle.
    In the UK, the driver of the following vehicle is always deemed to be liable in such cases so setting up him/her for a variety of claims. Every passenger in the car will submit a physical injury claim – usually for whiplash- and for anything else that might be difficult to substantiate. Claims have often been submitted by people who were not in either vehicle at the time and officials suspicions were aroused. There is a great deal of co-operation between UK insurers and it did not take long for the Police to become involved.
    I believe all of those convicted were people of Indian origin.

  2. I saw some of this when Bosnian muslim refugees came to the USA in the mid-1990s.

    Not so much from throwing themselves in front of cars, but doing really stupid stunts on the job. They wanted workman’s comp. and time off, PAID by the State Workman’s comp system. Free medical care and A BIG CASH settlement from their employers for operation an UNSAFE workplace.

    Unsafe as in dropping YOUR own wheelbarrow on your foot and acting like it was the fault of the employer’s wheelbarrow. And what about falling out of your bunk while at sea on a cruise ship and claiming the employer did not provide ADEQUATE carpeting in the bunk rooms and you hurt your bad REALLY BAD.

    Well there are others too… like spilling coffee on yourself and crying it was made too hot BY the employer and GAVE you a BAD burn, when in fact, the compliant made the SUPER HOT coffee himself. Sounds like McDonald’s case of long ago.

    Nobody actually got anything except some medical care for the “injuries” and in one case, attempts to claim their backbone was permanently damaged when falling off the bunk…was not only tossed out but ALL medical bills were given to the “injured ” Bosnian muslim.
    THANK GOODNESS for the FANTASTIC MRI machines in the USA. You see, some American lawyer for the Cruise ship obtained records from the refugee’s OLD country ( yes many do still exist) showed that the fellow had made a similar claim against a river boat operator in Yugoslavia in the 1980s. THAT claim was bogus as well .

    FRAUD was apparent in ALL the cases ( 14 cases) our agency handled but nobody was ever prosecuted nor DEPORTED for their lies and fraudulent claims.

    Now IF they had been Serbian or Croatian Christians, the State would have thrown the book at them. And YES, we had clients from all of the Former Yugoslavia. As per ususal, our problems were ALWAYS with those professing that moohammed was a PROFIT!! lol. Profit motive no doubt.

    Many Bosnian Muslims moved to another state ( Missouri and North Dakota) and I would bet you a dollar, they tried these scams again and again.
    That so that all they had to do in life was sit in a coffee bar and smoke and HATE the infidels of the USA.

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