Training for Jihad in Vienna’s Kindergarten Madrassas

The following article summarizes an official report on the condition of Vienna’s Islamic kindergartens. The report’s conclusions — that the kindergartens are influenced or controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Salafist groups, that children are indoctrinated with “extremist” views, that parallel societies are created and sustained by these schools, that children are taught to disdain and reject the kuffar — will not be a surprise to most Gates of Vienna readers. They seem to have caused consternation within the city’s Socialist governing class, however, so much so that the authorities have made sure to kick the can down the road at least as far as 2017.

The most telling fact is that most Islamic kindergartens refused entry to investigators working on the study.

Our Austrian correspondent AMT, who suggested the article for translation, sends this introduction:

If ever proof for the failure of Multiculturalism and Socialism were needed, the following story should have silenced the Left. But no, of course there are no problems, only challenges, with Islamic kindergartens in Vienna, Austria’s capital — which has been ruled with an iron socialist fist for the past 100-plus years.

Ednan Aslan, a professor of Islamic pedagogy at the University of Vienna, was tasked by the Austrian ministry of foreign affairs to take a closer look at Vienna’s Islamic kindergartens. What followed was a study which proved disastrous: only a handful of kindergartens permitted Aslan to enter the premises and conduct his interviews. The few institutions that did open their doors provided a worrisome glimpse into the netherworld of Islamic jihad and segregation.

Leave it to the Viennese government to attack the bearers of bad news, Professor Aslan and Foreign Minister Kurz, instead of immediately shutting down these kindergartens. Leave it to the Socialists to blame everyone and everything, including Islamophobia, for the situation. And leave it to the local minister in charge to call for another study, not to be completed until 2017. Problem solved, right?

In the meantime, there are countless young jihadists indoctrinated by their likewise indoctrinated kindergarten teachers, all clothed in proper Islamic attire. Of course, everyone in the socialist world will be surprised and shocked how many jihadists travel to Syria and elsewhere to fulfill Allah’s wish — as taught to them by their kindergarten teachers in the open and tolerant city of Vienna.

Weep if you can.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Der Kurier:

Islam Kindergartens: Ministry Releases Aslan Report

Ednan Aslan’s report causes a sensation. The 178-page final version now becomes the basis for a large study. Plus: Summary of the most serious complaints.

by Bernhard Ichner
February 26, 2016

It has been a long time coming (originally scheduled for the end of January), but today, Friday, the Ministry for Integration published the final report of educational theorist Ednan Aslan on Islamically influenced kindergartens and/or groups in Vienna. The report illuminates particularly the role of the supporting associations of the kindergartens. The most serious complaints are summarized at the end of the article.

Aslan’s 33-page “preliminary study”, published by the ministry at the beginning of December, had caused a sensation. In it, he claimed there were an estimated 150 Islamic kindergartens in Vienna, in which, to an extent, parallel societies were being cultivated.

Joint Study With the City of Vienna

Building on Aslan’s final report, the Ministry for Integration and the City of Vienna, jointly, are beginning a comprehensive investigation of Islamic childcare institutions in Vienna.

It was announced on Friday, that the City of Vienna will provide necessary data, such as access to childcare institutions, associations’ registration forms, etc. An appropriate provider will be designated for the implementation. The study will be supervised by a six-member investigative team.

An important consideration will be whether the pedagogical concepts of these private child education and childcare institutions (kindergartens and children’s groups) in Vienna comport with the basic values of the Austrian constitution, children’s rights and human rights as well as with the Viennese educational plan.

Also investigated will be what values and norms are experienced in practice, as well as languages used, the religious background and immigration background of the children and employees, and also the adoption of linguistic support. The expectations in education and care on the part of parents and/or responsible adults will also be researched. Part of the study will also be defining criteria for the purpose of discussing religious and sectarian influence on institutional child education and childcare. Further, a list with a comprehensive analysis will be made of all Islamic kindergartens, children’s groups and their operators/supporting associations, and there will be information on what religions are feeding into the pedagogical work.

Plain Talk

Sonja Wehsely, SPÖ city counselor for health, social affairs and generations says, “There is no place in Vienna for radicalism and extremism. If there are problems, they must be confronted and solved. The City of Vienna is watching closely and has already taken action. With the increase of supervisors in the MAG ELF (family services), we are taking care that the safety net is even stronger. The quality is further enhanced with the improvement of training for caretakers in children’s groups. The study will examine closely the experiencing of values and norms in the everyday pedagogy of childcare. With its professional team of investigators, this study will give a well-founded and comprehensive insight.”

The Most Serious Complaints in the Aslan Report

  • A frequently occurring sentence: “This content was taken out of the net.” After the presentation if the interim report at the beginning of December 2015, numerous problematic materials/interviews/pictures were taken out of the net.
  • p. 8: 71 kindergartens and 56 children’s groups could be identified. Since of course not all of them could be determined, the number of Muslim institutions for childcare in Vienna is estimated at about 150. In that case, the number of children in Muslim institutions for childcare in Vienna would be about 10,000.
  • pp. 25f: Amir Zaidan — “It is absolutely essential to allow polygamy, because Islam considers sexuality a human need and because it is only willing to allow the equitable satisfying of this need for all people on the permitted path of marriage.”
  • p. 29: The Islamological Institute is the most active organization in Austria (also in all German-speaking territory) in the area of elementary and adult pedagogy. The proximate relationship between ISMA, BAKIP 12 and the Islamological Institute (Amir Zaidan) and associations for kindergartens and children’s groups — all of which are active at Reschgasse 22-24, 1120 Vienna — indicates the close relationship in these areas of education. On the basis of the situation, the cited educational institutions were of special relevance for the study, because it is here that the clear reference points form the basis of intellectual Salafism are given.
  • p. 30: “Europe, as we know it, will cease to exist in some years, Insh’allah, because the birth rated is at 1.38 per family.”
  • p. 31: “Unfortunately — because of a lack of Islamic alternatives — many children then attend public schools with no Islamic environment and education. The dearth is especially great and dangerous for the 10-15-year-olds, since there is no available, rigorous Islamic secondary or middle school.” From the flyer of the Muhammad-Asad School which is run by the IQRA Group (Mr. Suk).
  • p.31: “Kufr is a collective term for every lifestyle that does not conform to Islam…Only the atheists, the polytheists and the munafiq [“hypocrites” — author’s note] among the Kafirs are destined for an eternity in Hell.Amir Zaidan
  • p. 37: In Vienna, the Muslim Brotherhood manages several kindergartens and children’s groups.
  • 39: As workshops of political Islam, kindergartens have become showplaces of internal struggle.
  • p.42: It is also clear that sympathizers of political Islam, who — although they refrain from the use of violence in Austria — essentially regard violence as a means to achieve the Islamic State, [and] ascribe great value to the educational institutions — as their “backyard”.
  • p.42; Syrian Muslim Brother Aiman Murad is the financial director (formerly E.A.) of the Islamic Religious Pedagogical Academy (IRPA), the training facility for Islamic religious teachers of the official Islamic religious community Austria (IGGiÖ).
  • p. 61: In interviews conducted in our preliminary study, the operators themselves indicate repeatedly that the larger portion of Muslim operators come from the most diverse professions and are operating kindergartens or children’s groups for profit.
  • p. 75: “They [the parents] absolutely want the Koran learned. Because of conflicts with city authorities about Islamic education and their neglect in kindergarten, a number of parents have unenrolled their children.” Statement of a kindergarten teacher.
  • p. 76: Muslim parents want a program of religious instruction/education and it is important to them that their children learn the Koran. Many parents expect that their child will learn suras by heart, and measure the kindergarten’s success on how many suras the child already knows. The same can be said of Arabic letters.
  • p. 77: Because many Koran teachers lack the appropriate religious-didactic skills, the suras are viewed less for their content than the scope of the respective sura. Thus, similar to traditional practice in reading the Koran, there is less emphasis on meaning and more on memorization.
  • p. 77: This is the real problem in classic Koran instruction, because precisely these short suras cannot be theologized with children, since their content can cause fear and dread in children. An example is sura 114:6, where children learn about demons, magic, evil people who practice magic to harm others, or for example a sura which tells of the end of the world, how then world will come apart and how people will be punished in Hell, etc. (e/g/. Koran 111:3).
  • p. 78: Most Koran teachers unfortunately are not aware of what they are causing in the imaginations of children who are really looking for security by using such images (Hellfire, a punitive God). It is fair to ask whether such texts do not lead to children ultimately internalizing violence as a part of their religion. A further training for teachers in this area is crucial.
  • p. 78: “When we dropped off or picked up our child, I and my life companion often took note of the religious instruction for the children. The children wore religious head coverings. We, as a family, are atheists and were amazed when our child used Islamic ideas at home (like Allah, Allahu Akhbar) or made prayer hand gestures.” Statement by a mother.
  • p. 80: The Muslim children do not participate in the religious ceremonies of other religions, while non-Muslim children can take part in Muslim ceremonies.
  • p. 81: As a rule, children learn the dua’as (petitioning prayers) in Arabic. To an extent, they do not correspond to the real lives of the Muslim children, and they harbor images of a punitive God, as two examples can demonstrate: “Allah has the power to punish us for every bad act. No one can stop him from doing that. Only a fool can fail to fear Allah’s punishment” (Audio material from Kindergarten Learning for Life). Or “Oh God, protect me from the punishment of Hellfire.”
  • p. 82: In values education, it is above all a matter of protecting the children from the bad moral influences of the majority society, so that (later) as true, devout people they can avoid such influences.
  • p. 87: On the basis of such statements, a concept of life becomes clear as it is customary in Islamic countries: very early education in Arabic language and in memorization of the Koran, to facilitate the growth of a better religious understanding in children. In the process, children are forbidden thoughts and second thoughts, for instance, about God.
  • p. 90: The values education seems to be supported in part by a conservative theology which, first of all, attributes no significance to the majority society, but would like to protect “its children” from it.
  • p. 90: This not infrequently leads to these kindergartens and children’s groups trying to satisfy parents’ and associations’ wishes with a special program. From conversations with parents and public conversations with teachers, clear indications can be taken that the associations are attempting to achieve parents’ wishes but also their own religious goals.
  • p. 91: Municipal controls are necessary and, in their present form are not sufficient. And the type of controls is not satisfactory… And controls, when they do exist, supervise mostly formalities — space and other organizational, hygienic, etc. guidelines. But there is also no examination of pedagogical quality. Likewise, the theological credentials of the providers are not examined.
  • p. 92: Most of the Muslim kindergartens and children’s groups investigated are composed of truly homogeneous groups of Turkish, Arabic, etc. children. This makes it more difficult for teachers who are inclined to encourage use of German. One of the greatest challenges of the kindergartens is said to be that the children repeatedly talk among themselves in their mother tongue (e.g., Turkish).
  • p. 99; Even when the kindergarten team is composed of diverse teachers, the caretakers are exclusively practicing Muslims, a quality highly valued by the associations. So a number of facilities specifically seek women with headscarves (see appendix number 1.2.4), which is against the equal treatment law.
  • p. 100: Because of a lack of trained teachers in Austria, teachers from the new EU countries are often employed. In this respect, parents complain, for instance, that this personnel does not have command of the German language.
  • p. 104: Many Islamic kindergartens were not prepared to cooperate with the investigation project.
  • p. 105: As a rule, most kindergartens and children’s groups are ethnically and nationally homogeneous. In these groups, advancement of the German language is s particular challenge for the kindergartens. In this environment it is almost impossible to develop a feeling for the German language.
  • pp. 105 f: Impulses to encouraging pluralism often fall short. In religious education, traditional pictures determine the education of the children; for instance images of a punishing and rewarding God. In the process, children are intimidated by an outdated understanding based on sinfulness and they are deprived of developing to responsible maturity. Their own religion, meanwhile, is valued above other religions and philosophies.

(The full version of the 178-page project report of the Department for Islamic Studies at the University of Vienna is available for download.)

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  1. Or “Oh God, protect me from the punishment of Hellfire.”

    If they ever go to Middle East and have an misunderstanding with US armed forces or IDF, this one might come really handy.
    Though might wanna add Brimstone, JDAM, SDB, Tomahawk, and whatever Russians are using to that.

  2. I really feel sorry for those who do not want to be part of this but are screwed over. I think it is a fair thing to assert that just because you are white or of European decent that you have the same culture as other white people off European decent. Split off from them and assert you are different from them and you have as much right as Muslims to have your culture separate.

  3. Europe does not wish to survive. It really doesn’t. Watching a once great civilization spit on the graves of its ancestors and dig its own grave is not easy to watch.

    • Yes. What an ignominious demise for Christian European nations. What is the point in stopping a few million refugees if you then turn around and without consultation with those who stand to lose most, give access to seventy five million Turkish enemies. Erdogan and his Christian and Jew hating killers who are aligned with ISIS must be laughing and laughing. The mother of all Islamic dreams has just come true. What a soul destroying sight to behold. Merkel, Cameron and these other creatures smiling and glad handing the little rat like Turkish runt. Man am I glad I am not a twenty five year old infidel.

  4. Ask any leftist if it was morally right for India to tell the British to pack up and move out, and they’ll tell you “Of course!”

    So why can’t Europe tell Muslims to pack up and move out?

    Why is it the height of evil for an advanced culture to move in on a primitive one, but it’s “diversity” and “culturally enriching” for a primitive culture to move in on an advanced one?

    It’s the same relationship, just happening on a different piece of real estate.

    • A very good point.

      And as the topic is sort of kindergarten;- “think of the children” was heavily marketed with that photo of the drowned child.

      It should become, “think of your own children” “your society’s cultural children”, as it seems they will become “shredded” on the sacrificial millstone of “diversity”.
      If our society just opened their eyes and notice what is being taught in mosques, masajids, kindergartens, madrassas, schools, universities, media gaols, etc.,
      Ultimately a mill stone is being put around your own children’s necks, and just as surely, thrown into the sea as well, with out even a chance of swimming in our “advanced culture”.

    • Excellent point. In Europe all professional and national sports teams are criticised if they do not select teams that are ethnically diverse. However Pakistan and India, Bangladesh and the West Indies teams currently playing in the T20 Cricket World Cup at the moment have a fairly homogeneous look about them sans any criticism!

    • After the stupid beyond belief “deal” with Armenian genocide and ISIS allies Turkey, Europe looks desperate and pathetic. As in powerless. Say good bye to telling Muslims anything anywhere for a long time – as in ever again.

  5. Readers from around the world, and America, may appreciate this high integrity author’s speech, a few days ago, a great introduction to reality.

    From another source, is this: Harvard Medical School neurology professor Dr Takao K. Hensch asks his readers, “What’s on your music player?,” answering, “If you’re older than 30 years, it probably includes songs from your teenage years.”
    To quote Aristotle: “The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference.”

    And other satanic quality and style character from recent history said: The large sign depicted a diverse group of smiling kids and incongruously declared, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” attributing the quote to Hitler. Hitler said the phrase in 1935 during a speech at the Reichsparteitag in order to encourage young people to join the Hitler Youth.

    (Below the Hitler quote was a Bible verse which said, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6)

    And “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”

    And from another source, youth and childhood, has “….a critical or sensitive period to be a ‘time window’ when environment is particularly potent in shaping brain function. Essentially, it’s a heightened level of plasticity in response to the environment.”

    Also, for another added and supportive perspective, rather consistent, and always damning of mohammadanism-islam gang hood, read this too.

    Put together, this set of information, ought to provide special perspective, especially relevant to this horrific subject generally, and the brainwashing of another generation into pure hatred, violence and mental sickness, and for girls, self-deprecation, by all standards of reality.

    But then American feminist women, wouldn’t have any reality, either, as they have been subtlty brainwashed by American radical leftist perfessers and complicit and subversive media, to be uncaring women, completely unlike mainstream history’s caring real loving, accomplished and well accomplishing women! (No, I do hate feminists, but do love real women!) And what I think of Islam is best left to coverage in the above articles, because my thoughts are less generous!

    Starting with Islam [it] is 100% impossible to be American, because a muslim is required to conquer America, and hundreds of other related reasons, written publicly in the trilogy, plus the reliance. No, for starters, a good muslim cannot be an American, nor actually any other western civilization citizen!

  6. I’m sure this Prof. Aslan is a perfectly nice chap, but I want to know why there even is such a position of Professor of Islamic Pedagogy at the University of Vienna. Or, for that matter, why pedagogy is sectarianised anywhere. Theology, fine, but pedagogy?

  7. There is always the possibility that many millions of currently suffering from some kind of mental illness peoples of Western Europe and allies will wake up and do a well organised and executed clean up this mess. The stench is already overwhelming.

  8. The Jesuits knew this strategy well, for they used to say, “Give us a child for the first 7 years of life, the remainder matters not.”

    Sadly, we here in the West have chosen to forget or ignore this fact of human psychology.

  9. This study needs to be broadcast far and wide, so that all and sundry, and in particularly those parents, neighbours can see the study and have their own experiences that make them realize that they are not the only ones to notice some odd procedures being practiced.
    Also so that they can see the contrast of secularism, atheism christian and islam.

    This has some good frame work to be used.
    It is all part of the jigsaw, that leads onto the years ahead of schooling.
    Questions can be raised now, even if initially difficult, of just what is happening in your small town, city, etc.

    We do not need the wheel to be hidden, so that it perhaps may be “reinvented” in another city. This basis needs to built on with the experiences of all people adding to it, city by city, country by country. It needs to built on, and is a template, that guides one to look even more deeply. To bring us together in understanding the islamic problem, and soon as possible.
    This when it relates to your nearest and dearest, your own children/ grand children will make the parents re-evaluate just where their society is going.

    I know that many of us are reasonably knowledgeable about islam, but it is to find the keys for motivation and understanding to impart to others, to activate them to think much more about islam and the future paths that it is looking to take us down. Sort of like good marketing can sell so much., and a lot of that is in selling the complete package of ideas.

    We may even be able to do mini surveys in our area, with masjids and mosques, and build up data, that could be made available, so it could with dates and times, measure changes and be able to be collated for future reference. It will fine tune it self, like crowd sourcing.

    I have only imperfectly thought through this, and I am sure others can really fine tune what I am getting at. After all knowledge is power, and islam tries to do anything it can to hide, and how it puts a hold on even its own people.

    With much thanks to Baron and Dymphna, who have sifted mountains, in your persistence in collating and bringing such important information to our attention, and we often only push on with a wheel barrow full, yet your information gives us much more credibility discerned from your wisdom and example.

  10. Based on the stewed horse-apples-minimum-daily-requirement of Progressive kuffar society, if this document is read, point-by-point, it is just a word-substitution drill-of-collegiality. For the rest of us, the pressure-cooker is already threatening to blow out the walls of the kitchen. I’ve gone back to large block letters on tactical gear, even if it risks a ‘SHOOT ME FIRST’ response in some neighborHOODS. And that’s not a clutch-purse.

  11. Quote: “An appropriate provider will be designated for the implementation. The study will be supervised by a six-member investigative team.”

    Translate: That means a team of Muslims, for otherwise they will be ‘offended’.

    Quote: “…care that the safety net is even stronger…”

    What this implies is that there is a strong safety net. Eerie, there are approx 150 such places and the authorities proclaim the existence of a safety net. Which they want to make “even” stronger.

    Put these authorities in charge of the safety of road and rail road traffic, and Vienna will become the biggest and largest scrapyard in Europe, or the world – “even”.

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