Sold Out of Pepper Spray in Vienna

Well, not sold out — they were giving the stuff away for free. The politicians distributing the pepper spray in downtown Vienna were labeled “far right” because they wanted to give Austrian women the opportunity to defend themselves against the predatory migrants that are now so numerous in the capital. There was so much demand that they ran out, and had to issue rain checks.

Me, I’d prefer something with a high-capacity magazine and more, ahem, stopping power. But I suppose it’s a matter of individual taste…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:18   My daughter already said that I should get a pepper spray for myself.
0:22   Most of the women want one.
0:25   I’ve been standing here longer than you…
0:28   We are doing…, I’m sorry we’re…
0:32   We’re sending you one per mail, okay, let’s do that?
0:35   Yes… Okay? We are sorry, but we are all out, nothing left.
0:40   We Austrians, we’re gonna be the ones who at some time soon
0:44   migrate somewhere else with a backpack on our backs,
0:47   and search for a new home, that’s how far it’s gonna go.
0:50   They have incited a civil war, the politicians.
0:54   No, I have… no, I don’t like that at all…
0:57   We can send you some…
1:04   The feeling of safety in Austria steadily gets worse.
1:08   We have to do something; the police have failed, the whole administration
1:11   has failed, people feel more and more unsafe. You could see that today.
1:15   Pepper spray heightens the sense of safety,
1:18   that in case of emergency they can defend themselves.
1:21   Difficult situation…
1:25   The first thing is that all illegals — there are over 300,000 illegals in Austria —
1:29   that they get sent home, then that we don’t let any more in
1:33   without added controls and without knowing what their plans are here,
1:37   and of course the police presence has to be increased on the streets,
1:41   and see to it that we taxpayers are safe as we expect to be, rightfully so.

20 thoughts on “Sold Out of Pepper Spray in Vienna

  1. Herr Gaston Glock should be giving away free G17’s and G19’s for the Österreicher Frauen.

    • Val Glinka teaches self-defense to students at Sylvania Southview High School. For decades, he’s suggested putting a can of wasp and hornet spray near your door.

      Glinka says, “This is better than anything I can teach them.”

      Glinka considers it inexpensive, easy to find, and more effective than mace or pepper spray. The cans typically shoot 20 to 30 feet; so if someone tries to break into your home, Glinka says “spray the culprit in the eyes”. It’s a tip he’s given to students for decades. It’s also one he wants everyone to hear.

    • But Amonium Nitrate ( Fertilizer ) and diesel are readily available to anyone………….good bomb material . While my 3 inch camping knife was confiscated by the police claiming it was a dangerous weapon, illegal , ………..all while hitch-hiking and travelling backpacking through Europe .
      On the other hand there are weapons lying everywhere ……..

      • 3 inch camping knife! Next time backpacking get a steakknife and a smaller knives and a couple of forks and spoons.

        Funny how a knife with a fork and spoon and can opener conjures up different thoughts. A whole new picture in the cop’s mind.

      • Take a look at the danish knifelaw (kniv-loven) , if you want a
        good laugh. A pocketknife may not have a blade longer than
        69 or 70 mm . And it must be of the non-locking type . The ever
        popular multi-tools are considered dangerous as well . If
        you are an angler on his way back from the troutstream , you’d
        better not make any stops on your way home , otherwise you
        might find yourself in a lot of trouble for carrying that outdoorsmans knife while eating a hotdog on the way.
        There have been a number of downright bizarre cases,
        where people ,coming back from hunting or fishing or even work , carrying som kind of knives ,were stopped by police . If you only got fined , you count yourself lucky, some people went to jail as well.
        Now take a guess as to who’s still carrying concealed long sharp blades …….

    • Most of the world as well. So are electric stun guns. They’re illegal in countries like India wher women need them most.

      But I think that will change in time, with the growing threat.

      • One problem with criminal ID spray is that it doesn’t actually stop anybody. Many sociopathic* types don’t care about the future; they want what they want NOW. So this could make a attacker madder.

        * I knew people into the crime/drug lifestyle they told me this..

    • Use wasp spray. Put it in one of those mini hair spray dispensers.

      Works just as well. Cheers!

    • As are small, locking pocket knives…

      It would be nice if some enterprising lawyer(s) would call into question the difference between an “offensive” weapon and a “defensive” weapon, and in so doing, explain the characteristics of the weapon itself that would animate it to operate either offensively or defensively.

      • Is there even a legal concept of self defense in Europe and the U.K.? It doesn’t seem like it most of the time. If not, I get the feeling that distinctions like offense and defense are pointless. Everyone fighting is equally guilty?

  2. Imagine danish politicians giving pepper-spray away for free ….nice thought.
    High capacity magazines and more stopping power , yeah , dont you wish .
    No , most countries in europe have managed to disarm their populations,
    for their own good , one must understand . Significant stopping power is
    now mainly in the hands of law enforcement and military and people
    who really shouldn’t be there in the first place . And i wouldn’t trust
    law enforcement and military to know whom to aim at when/if worse
    comes to worst ; at least not with that much power and incompetence
    concentrated in Brussels…….ooohh , perhaps thats why most european
    politicians don’t want their people to be able to defend themselves.
    It is illegal to carry pepperspray in Denmark ; these days it would likely
    be labelled racism if you were to defend yourself with it .
    Well , consider this : Is it also illegal to carry a small can of neon-pink
    spraypaint ? Waterbased , that is , we don’t want the greens to get all
    up in arms , now , do we ? Apart from a certain stopping power , the
    paint would make the would-be perpetrator immediately identifiable 🙂
    Pure win-win, isn’t it?

  3. I am not sure how to describe the actions of the European Elitist Progressives, the worst epithets do not seem to cover what they are doing and have done to their citizens, if they remain in power the destruction will be inevitable but slower, on the other hand, the situation will reach critical “flash point” in Europe almost immediately if the right-wing parties succeed in taking over. Millions of migrants who may be suddenly reduced or cut off from their “entitlements” will not go down easily or without a fight. Lord help the women and children……

  4. This is what happens when you feminize and disarm an entire continent.

    Thank God for our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Europe, you have signed your own death warrant and loved every minute of it. Now you are reaping the “rewards” of your foolishness. Keep sneering at our “cowboy culture”. More and more of us are on the road to not giving a good damn about your problems.

  5. Amazon got lots of pepper spray. They got one called Sabre Defense Spray that’s a very hot pepper spray, a teargas and a UV marking dye.

    they only cost $6, about the size of a man’s thumb so easy to conceal, can take places you can’t take a weapon, has an easy to use lock and sprays out about 10-15 feet.

    Doubt they’ll run out anytime soon 😉

  6. Don’t forget. Pepper spray doesn’t do any good when you’re spraying at their arm shielding their face or their shoulder. Wait til they get close enough to have a good target. Pepper spray works on body liquids. Make SURE it’s pointing the right way and go ONLY for the face. nose, mouth, eyes especially.


  7. I’m not sure this will get through the moderators but I’ll give it a try anyway. Yes I’ll make about $.25 on each one sold. Sue me. I’ve earned more elsewhere 🙂

    I created a quick webpage with a link to the pepperspray on it for ease of use.

    It’s not real pretty so just click the link to go to the info page.

    Hope it helps some of you.

  8. The last one seemed to disappear so try this one. My website entry points to a page with a link to the pepperspray I mentioned above. It’s not pretty but it’s just a quick pointer for those who need some help finding a solution.

  9. For those in jurisdictions where you can legally own defense sprays, try Fox Labs, You want the highest rating for SHU, Scoville Heat units. You’ll see that their products are over 5 million SHU. Beware if sprays that don’t show the SHU rating.

    Practice with your spray, try it out and experience it if possible. Fox Labs sells inert (although not harmless) training sprays. You can also find training videos on YouTube. Review Dean’s advice. Spray for the forehead, don’t spray into the wind or inside a vehicle.

    Note that some experts, notably Andrew Branca suggest that a self defense spray might be better that a bullet, at least at first, while others say if you need it, a bullet is best.

    Buy the “cop-top” sprays to avoid spraying yourself inadvertently.

    BTW, what self defense tools can an Austrian possess?

    • There are 3 Kategories in the Austrian Weapons Law:
      1. allowed to buy and posses from age 18
      Airguns, Pepperspray, Batons, Electric shocker (a Taser with the module, ie. shooting over distance, you can buy but are not allowed to use, it also has to be registered afaik), Gas-Pistols, some Knifes (with a Rescue Knife one is on the safe side, cause you can argue better why you did carry one).
      But of course if some judge thinks you didnt use it in an acceptable manner you can get in trouble.
      And only carrying some mentioned items may cause him to think, that you were looking for trouble yourself in the first place.

      2. Guns you can buy free from Age 18 but that have to be registered
      Guns with ammunition under 7 mm kaliber, Rifles, Shotgun (but no Pump-Action-Gun, No semi automatic or automatic weapons what so ever).

      3. Guns you can buy after reciving a firearms license from Police (including a psychological test, and it is limited to a few years, then you have repeat the test, police can visit you at any time to check if you keep it like you are entitled to).
      There is one license for carrying it hidden around with you (many cab drivers have one), and one only for use on your property, the lather is easier to recieve.
      That goes for all handguns, semi automatic rifles and guns, and for repeating rifles.

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