ISIS Terror Cell Busted in Moscow: The Uzbek-Turkish Connection

This Russian TV news report details a raid on an apartment in Moscow that allegedly served as the headquarters of a cell of operatives for the Islamic State. The men who were arrested were all Uzbeks, but there may well be a Turkish connection, judging by the presence of forged Turkish IDs among the fake documents. It seems that the cell’s function was to facilitate the movement of people to and from Syria and Iraq through Turkey, and within the Russian Federation as well.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   During a special op 18 recruiters for ISIS — a terrorist group which is banned in Russia — were arrested today in Moscow.
00:08   The news comes from TASS, which quotes police as the source.
00:12   Those detained did not resist arrest. The flat is sparsely furnished;
00:16   the suspects slept on the mattresses, on the floor.
00:24   The majority of their belongings is hardware: copiers, scanners and computers.
00:31   Throughout the flat police found the end product of the suspects’ activities:
00:39   documents, forms, medical certificates and, most importantly, passports,
00:42   which according to the police, were created mostly for the ISIS members.
00:49   ISIS is a terrorist group which is banned from the Russian Federation.
00:53   The passports were also prepared for those who are planning to join ISIS,
01:00   or are planning to enter Russia with intention to participate in acts of terror.
01:04   The detained denied accusations, but could not explain the faked documents found in their flat.
01:16   What were you doing here? I live here.
01:21   Do you? Are you employed? Yes, I work in Moscow suburbs. Whose documents are here? I don’t know.
01:40   It is worth mentioning that detained were well behaved;
01:44   they did not draw any attention to themselves.
01:47   Neither neighbors nor the owner of the two-bedroom flat knew about their activities.
01:57   Did you check their IDs? Yes, the realtor did and signed the lease accordingly.
02:01   So you trusted the realtor but did not check yourself?
02:13   Basically the police uncovered an internationally operating criminal group,
02:17   which provided documents for extremists and also foreign workers who were already in Russia.
02:29   We are reporting from one of the raided locations, where five members of the group were arrested.
02:36   Between the documents we saw Turkish driving licenses.
02:48   The faked documents are used to leave Russia and go to the zones of armed conflict,
02:58   or to legally enter Russia, specifically Moscow.
03:04   Police raided several addresses at the same time; the action is still ongoing.
03:10   My colleague is now at one of the other addresses.
03:16   We are at the Moscow center. The police arrived at the five-bedroom flat in this building.
03:26   The suspects were taken by surprise; 13 people were arrested. All of them are citizens of Uzbekistan.
03:36   The police discovered a hidden room with all the equipment needed
03:41   for faking passports, forms and other documents.
03:50   All these documents were used to allow foreigners who have just arrived in Russia to stay here legally.
04:05   We saw some of these documents and especially huge numbers of SIM cards.
04:12   All of these SIMs were purchased in Moscow then were activated
04:16   through different organizations and transferred to Syria, to ISIS.
04:34   The purpose is to allow terrorists to stay under the radar,
04:38   since the numbers are practically untraceable.
04:50   Police are questioning the detained. We are reporting from the
04:54   flat’s location, where criminologists are still investigating.
05:10   Our reporters witnessed the arrest of recruiters for ISIS. This group is illegal in Russia.

12 thoughts on “ISIS Terror Cell Busted in Moscow: The Uzbek-Turkish Connection

  1. That sounds very much like the operation uncovered in Bangkok that was providing support to muslim Uighers travelling to Turkey and on to Syria. There also stacks of fake Turkish passports were found and other document making equipment. It also operated as a safe house where Uighers who arrived illegally and overland were housed before being documented as Turks and sent on.

  2. Hope the Russians give them a half hour trial in a sports stadium and then shoot them.That’s what they did with the last bunch who stabbed and murdered 50 passengers at a train station in the name of Allah.

  3. What boggles one mind the spineless and feckless fools and dupes in the EU leadership want Turkey in the EU, a recipe for the end of Europe.

    • They are not spineless, feckless fools. What seems weird to you is what they actually want: the demise of evil white men. They are saying it in the open now that we are still a billion. Can you guess what they will say when we are the new Afrikaners?

  4. A retired security officer commented on Brussels attacks that early in that career they learn all measures and investigations after the catastrophe is done are just lame excuses. The Russians did nothing extraordinary, it was the Belgium security services whose failure was extraordinary.

  5. I see stories like this and I can only think that the Turks may be worse than the Saudis when it comes to waging hijra against the rest of the world.

  6. I had the feeling that these were real journalists doing the reporting: not just entertainers.

  7. The Russians do not play silly, politically correct games, the perpetrators know the drill handcuffed or not, any sudden move and they will be shot.

  8. I wonder whether this gang, or perhaps its predecessor, was involved in the assassination of New Martyr Father Daniil Sysoev in 2009: gives Fr. Daniil’s full story, including his focus on converting Muslims to Orthodox Christianity.

    I was initially shocked/stunned/surprised that Fr. Daniil was assassinated in Moscow itself, but this gang goes a “fur piece” [Southern phrase] toward explaining that combination.

  9. I doubt a little of that, the FSB, which is the former KGB has a formidable means of control and surveillance. I find it very unlikely that this would happen in Russia, and that coincidentally have a Turkish connection; NATO member country, and supposedly antagonistic Russia.

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