That word “Solidarity” — I do not think it means what you think it means.

There’s a scene in an old Pogo book in which Owl and Pogo are playing the parts of comrades living under Soviet rule. Pogo is a peasant, and Owl is a minor functionary, an apparatchik. Owl tells Pogo he once yelled “Down with the government!” — into a paper bag. To prove his story, he fetches the paper bag and opens it. Out of the paper bag bursts a speech balloon that says: “Hooray for the government!”

Owl says sheepishly, “I disguised it a li’l bit.”

That’s what the video below reminds me of. It was recorded during Hijab Day last week in Ottawa, which was one of those festive feminist occasions when right-thinking Canadian wymyn show their solidarity with their Muslim sisters by wearing the hijab in a defiant gesture against male domination and the oppressive patriarchy.

The Afghan woman featured in the video was asked if she would also show solidarity with the young Syrian woman in a Flemish asylum center who refused to wear a hijab, which resulted in a violent brawl between the Syrians and the other culture-enrichers in the camp. The Afghan woman said that yes, she would show solidarity — by wearing her hijab.

Freedom is slavery, baby!

Many thanks to Tim Horton for recording this video, and to Victor Laszlo for editing and uploading it:

5 thoughts on “That word “Solidarity” — I do not think it means what you think it means.

  1. Seems like this is based on Kohlberg’s stage 3 where the primary consideration is maximizing approval from others. Any logical contradictions aren’t really considered important.

    That’s exactly the way she solved the morality problem: yes I’ll stand in solidarity with the women who didn’t wear a hijab but I’ll do it while wearing a hijab. That’s probably the optimal solution from the perspective of trying to maximize approval and minimize disapproval. That assumes everyone is operating on intuition rather than logical reasoning, and has a mostly neutral view of hijabs.

  2. Can’t beat them join them.

    Hijab Day. Hijab week. Hijab Year. Hijab for ever. Bravo! When Canada is ruled by an infant.

    What were the reasons for attacking Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya, Syria. Oh ye to bring freedom to hijab-clad oppressed women.

    Soon we will have Quran Day, Mosque Day, Muhammad day, Hussein day, Haassan Day, Ali Day, Shiite Day, Sunni day, Slut Day Crap Day, insanity day, zombie day, going to hell day.

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