Come to Athens, Visit the Acropolis, Buy a Fake Passport!

The following video from German TV investigates the black market in passports that flourishes in Athens. If you have €300, you can become a “refugee” from any country you prefer. And for €3,000 you can get a chipped passport plus ID card that can pass through the scanners at the border checks without any problem.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In the center of Athens, our sound man who speaks
00:04   perfectly Arabic pretends to be a refugee.
00:08   He wants to ‘buy a fake passport for the trip onward to Germany’ and meets
00:12   this man, called Rasid. He quickly comes to the point. “Do you want a passport”?
00:16   inclusive flight ticket? Yes, how much does it cost? 3.5 to anywhere you want to go.
00:20   What country will the passport be from?
00:24   That’s my job, not yours. Only thee to four days before the document
00:28   is ready, the man tells us. With fake passports refugees
00:32   who don’t even come from there can pretend to be Syrians and
00:36   obtain asylum in Germany. A Syrian passport under the microscope of police investigator
00:40   Nikolaus Gazis. A refugee had it with him on the Island of Lesbos.
00:44   Visible only with multiple zoom, the blurred letters.
00:48   It is a fake because
00:52   they have altered all data. Via a middleman, we have arranged to meet
00:56   with passport forgers. Distort the voices and no frontal shots are
01:00   their conditions for an interview. At night they lead us into an apartment.
01:04   Not only fake Syrian passports are stocked here, but even some from the USA
01:08   and all EU countries. With those travel through Europe is even easier.
01:12   Portuguese passport, French passport,
01:16   everything imaginable. This here is a complete package
01:20   to enter Germany, OK? Passport, identity card,
01:24   and driver’s license. And there is even a guarantee of entry?
01:28   Of course, even the code down here is original and can be read at the borders
01:32   Iranians, Egyptians, Asians, people from the Middle East are their clients,
01:36   according to the passport forgers. We can even change
01:40   the ID chips. It’s only a software, if we break that we can change fingerprints and photos
01:44   The passport is then even machine readable. And the police
01:48   cannot recognize this? Of course not, that
01:53   is the reason our clients pay lots of money. Simple passports cost only €300 to €400;
01:57   those with a guarantee not to be discovered sell
02:01   from €3000. And their gang is only one of many,
02:05   the two men tell us. Passport forgers make a huge business with the despair of
02:09   refugees, and at the expense of security in Germany and the whole of Europe.
02:13   Report: Torsten Misler

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  1. Meanwhile the hapless Merkel admits in her latest speech that she has “no plan B” but Germany is doing the right thing. This stupid, deluded, woman hasn’t in her to offer an apology to Greece (who she delighted in bringing to heel with imposed draconian austerity measures), Italy and all the other smaller front line EU member countries buckling under a third world invasion of no hopers, criminals and fortune hunters. Why is she still free let alone giving speeches? For fear of giving offence to her and Germany the inept leaders of the major European countries seem paralysed whilst a continent is literally dying in front of them!

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