Austrian Mother to Her Daughter: “I’m Sorry That Your World Has Changed So Much”

When we consider the Groping Jihad that entered public awareness on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, we think of young women as the principal victims of the taharrush attacks by massed “testosterone bombs” in the public spaces of Europe.

However, we could just as readily speak of a “Child-Rape Jihad”, since culture-enriching men really do like their “infidel whores” young. Little girls, mostly, but pre-teen and teenaged boys also figure as likely targets, as exemplified by the horrific attack on a ten-year-old boy in a Viennese public pool. Mothers must be watching their children anxiously now as asylum centers sprout up like mushrooms in middle-class residential neighborhoods all over Western Europe, but especially in Germany and Austria.

The following open letter from an Austrian mother to her daughter was published at Christian Ortner’s website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Letter to a Daughter

by Lisa Grüner
February 11, 2016

My Dear Daughter,

I am sorry to have to take back the freedoms that you have worked so hard for. You were finally permitted to ride to school alone. And you were capable of it. You did it very well and you found your way to school without being sidetracked. You were at school and in class on time. I am sorry I have to take this freedom back. I have still less confidence in letting you ride home alone. Too many girls and women are accosted and harassed on the street. Just among my acquaintances, five have been victims of violence and robbery. Sometimes in broad daylight.

I was worried the first time you wanted to go to the supermarket alone to get milk. I stood on the balcony and watched half of the distance. I was relieved when you rang the doorbell and were back again. You came back with the milk, the receipt and the change. It increased your self-confidence and you looked forward to Saturdays. Because you were allowed to buy a little more each time.

I’m sorry I have to take back this freedom. Several days ago, in the asylum residence one street over, they cleaned out a drug den.

You graduated your swimming course with flying colors. You love the water and love to go swimming. At first, I sat on the edge of the pool and watched to see if you really stayed up and felt secure. You swim really wonderfully. I could be confident that you could fool around and have fun with your friends without my having to sit in all the time.

I’m sorry that I will never again let you play in the water alone and unwatched. And even less will I let you and your friends go alone to the swimming pool. Even though the pool is right in the neighborhood. I know of three swimming pools where girls were molested.

We have a really great playground near us. You were there a lot when you were in kindergarten. That was three years ago. You knew a lot of children who played there. By now, you don’t know anyone there. Now and then, you were allowed to go there and play with your older girl friends. Without adults.

I’m sorry I can’t let you go to the playground anymore. There are youngsters and men sitting there whose presence disturbs me. To be clear, they scare me. I will not go there anymore. And you will absolutely not go there.

A child gets more liberties every year. That is the normal course of events. Feeding yourself, getting dressed yourself, first pocket money, going to school, doing something alone with friends, going out. I would like to give you as many liberties as appropriate for your age. I would like to let you grow up with the confidence that a person can be free and secure in public spaces.

I’m sorry that I have to take back all these freedoms. I’m sorry that I can’t let you go into the street alone anymore. I’m sorry that I have lost my trust in security. Not only because of the newspaper articles almost every day about harassment, coercion, robbery and violence, but also the stories of acquaintances who have already been victims and no longer feel safe on the streets.

I’m sorry that your world has changed so much in a year.

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  1. Yet Traitor Merkel hangs onto power like the Undead? Something is seriously wrong with Germany. The Army should have stepped in months ago.

      • Unfortunately, same-same.

        Nothing has happened within the docile population, nothing will happen. The Austrian people are sheep being herded to the slaughter. Any sheep stepping out of line will be prosecuted.

        Nothing to see, move along to the slaughterhouse.

        (I am one of the sheep stepping out of line and will continue to do so.)

        • Western Europe has fallen into lawlessness, the slaughterhouse is next with mayhem and civil unrest. Few if any European men will stand against this invasion and protect their families. Seems doubtful at this point in time. The European masses will go along with the leaders because they cannot think or reason and most will become Islamic converts under pressure from gov.

    • Austria has the traitor Faymann whose loyalty is not to Austria at all but to Angela Merkel. Austria has many other traitors too. One of them is Peter Gridling, head of Austrian national security: on the day after the Paris attacks he declared that “Islam is a religion, not a conquest ideology”.

      • Perhaps one day imagine these words he will regret. Just like the Turkey Erdogan’s various accidental truths about Muslim intent.

  2. A courageous letter from a courageous mother. Would any of the pro migration, left wing, feminazi women care to comment? Especially the deluded woman who was holding up the placard “willing to swap racists for rapists” a few weeks ago! Protect your children people, by any means you can, as your cowardly government, both at a national and local level, are prepared to sacrifice them on the altar of political correctness without a second thought!

      • That image is widely understood now to have been a hoax. Someone photoshopped the word “rapists” over “refugees”, or something similar. I haven’t seen the original unaltered photo, but I assume it’s out there somewhere.

        • Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this before – although it just sounded too absurd. If true, it would have meant the leftist madness in Germany reaching new heights.

  3. That soldier or police woman in the photo with her long ponytail does not realize her long hair is a vulnerability. If she did, she wouldn’t be wearing it like that. She can be subdued by an attacker grabbing her hair. Why would she make herself so vulnerable?

    • Because, William, she has the right to. The Islamists haven’t completely taken over yet and they never will if we continue to stand up for our rights and not allow them to win.

      • Diane, they will keep invading and take over Western Europe. With the help of the EU leaders, the gov. and the laws against self defense, the invaders will soon rule. Europe will turn into a decadent hellish nightmare because people allowed it by ignoring it and doing nothing. They obviously don’t know their history either. Sorry mess they got themselves into.

      • This case isn’t about rights it’s about combat tactics and safety. People in a particular job don’t necessarily have the right to, for example, violate safety procedures for convenience or vanity.

        At least in the US, police departments are fighting the wearing of hijabs by female officers for the same reason: they are a vulnerability in a fight.

        • Until recently, I doubt it was really necessary in her position. I’d guess that police procedures have not caught up with the increasing levels of violence in many European countries. It’s only a matter of time.

    • That’s easy. She doesn’t believe there’s any real threat or that she would end up in a real fight.

    • i am surprised all those PC defenders have not been demanding the same rights for men. Or are females exempt from basic hygiene and vulnerability codes and disciplines. Jesus wept.

  4. Because she swallowed the PC swill dished out by the traitor government? That’s the only thing I can think of.

  5. I could have written exactly the same letter, I have two daughters (11 and 13 years old) and I constantly worried about them when they go out or they alone or go to school.. I live in Örhingen, Germany and this town has become a dangerous place in last 10 years ,specially in the last six months, it’s not that there are many “refugees” living in the city but they come here and lurk around , they come from bigger towns and cities where the refugee shelters are . But they come here to rob, to molest women and children, they often demand money from elderly people in the parks, they are ruining our lives. I want these beasts out of Germany, I don’t want them to be educated or reformed, I don’t want them here!

    • The question is whether this very sentiment will get capitalized on before the situation turns irreversible. It seems to me that the only way to truly capture this sense of concern for our home countries is through a new political movement and leader with the balls and power to drive their point (and the enrichers) home. Very much like Hitler back in the day, only this time the left will have a much stronger backing. Not only because they’re more indoctrinated, but also because the Muslim community will gladly use them to their advantage.

    • Where is the father? What is he doing to ensure your children’s safety? Do you own a firearm? If not, can you get one? Knives? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to keep your children and yourself safe? Will you kill to protect your family? If not, you and yours will eventually become victims – maybe not tomorrow or even next month – but eventually. Your government will not protect you, and the chances of one of the feminized European males coming to your rescue is almost non-existent. You are responsible for your own security and safety – be proactive, be prepared, and be absolutely merciless when the time comes.

  6. Oh, how difficult it is to feel pity for the poor Austrian society. My first thought was “what goes around comes around”. Now, perhaps they undrstand one tenth of what their Jewish neighbour’s felt as theor “friends” collided with the Naziis, turning them in and watching their demise with a cold eye.

    • Feel sorry for them or not, if Austria goes under it will not help the Jews. Quite the contrary. But you must know that.

    • Perhaps you have a point. However in this, we civilized peoples must all hang together or we’re all going to hang separately.

    • The difference will be in the Austrian’s response. Who will be on the train out if town. The Muslims and their fifth column Austrians or the silent majority in a state of revulsion – and revolution? Go figure.

  7. Can a whole nation be mentally ill? If so Western European nations are showing all the signs. Who in their right mind would go on for so long importing Christian detesting Muslims who themselves are about as mad and bad as it gets. Surely nobody will be baffled or bitter when all Hell breaks loose in the tribal homelands?

  8. With all due respect to Ms Grüner, her family and friends who have been victimized in the last few months, how have they been voting for the last 20-30 years? I doubt it has been for parties advocating lawful, controlled immigration geared at helping Germany rather than the current disorganized free-for-all.

    • In this one respect Western Europe seems to be united. How they have been voting themselves out of power. Quite a bit of that going on in the US and Canada too?

  9. Your Austrians, Germans, Sweedes are really too “innocent”, too much “politically correct”, there is no malice in you. Why do you give cards to attend municipal swimming pools to 18-20 year boys who have never seen the face (just the face) of a woman in all their lives, except for the faces of their mother, grand-mother and sisters? What a lack of common sense!!

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