The Police Response to the Groping Jihad

Below is a translated article with a follow-up on the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Nash Montana, who translated the article, includes this note with additional information:

They now call New Year’s Eve 2015 Schwarzer Silvester, the “Black Silvester”.

I found a list with links of all the cities so far that are known to have had the same kinds of incidents:

  • Köln
  • Hamburg
  • Stuttgart
  • Bielefeld
  • Frankfurt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Leipzig
  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Nürnberg
  • Ansbach
  • Weil am Rhein
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna
  • Zürich
  • Helsinki
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm

I’ve translated an article from Sputnik News (German-language edition) about the police response. Below the article is a video of Angela Merkel feigning outrage. There are already translated subtitled versions of this video available.

The translated article:

After the attacks in Cologne: Police arresting two suspects

About a week after the Silvester attacks in Cologne the police have arrested two suspects. According to the magazine FOCUS the two suspects are North Africans, who had threatening notes with them.

Shortly after midnight a police control stopped the two suspects and noticed that they had with them video of the Silvester attacks on their cell phones.

Additionally the police found notes in the suspects’ pockets. On these notes were Arabic words written down and next to them, in German translation, words such as: “I kill you”, and “I want to f*** big t**s”. Also the French word “surprise” was written down on one note, including the German translation “surprise” [haha, same spelling in English — translator]. The police suspect that the notes were written down in an organized effort on a night full of robbery and sexual attacks that targeted women. According to investigators’ information there seemed to have been a hard core of about 180 males that were responsible for the attacks.

27 thoughts on “The Police Response to the Groping Jihad

  1. In most recent news it is reported that in the counter-demonstration organized today by the Cologne PEGIDA offshoot, the police shouted “this asocial behavior is not tolerable”. Meaning what? That robbing/groping/raping by migrants or local muslim youth is fine, but asking for it to be stopped is not?

    • PEGIDA is in the way of full islamization. That is the problem, and that is why they must be stopped – according to the anti-European forces.

  2. Douglas Murray publishes article in defense of Tommy Robinson.

    For now Tommy, Paul Weston and Anne-Marie Waters are co-chairing PEGIDA UK.
    If Douglas joins them until Feb. 6, that will be great combination.

    I think it is quite important to see all the prominent persons opposing islam physically coming together.

    maybe people like Richard Dawkins also could join, as well as some former lefties like Nick Cohen and Rod Liddle, and other journalists on the Right, and maybe some ex-muslims.

    these are the well-known people who were systematically telling the truth about islam all these years, and have won people’s trust.

    politicians aren’t trusted, priests are mediocre, and imams are horrible.

    the orphan nation is craving for guidance, there is huge void, – and the PEGIDA if lead properly, can become huge success.

    • I could do without Weston; he’s too fond of referring to race, which will alienate potential sympathisers.

  3. The state response is arguably worse than no response at all. This is going to prove to be catastrophic.

    The only possible benefit here is that it may cause many more people to question the validity of the state monopoly on physical defense as it becomes more clear that the state is really only interested in defending the state and not the private German subject.

  4. I found it telling that the Cologne police were able to muster 1500 officers in riot gear, with armored vehicles, water cannons and tear gas for the “far right wing” PEGIDA yet, did next to nothing to protect German women from Islamic rapists.
    You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows. God help Germany and the rest of Europe.
    In the meantime, God helps those who help themselves.

    • “Islamic”, I doubt it, of Muslim ancestry, probably e.g. unIslamic drunken “Arab” looking (possibly Iraqi presumably Kurdish) young male with PKK terrorist organisation flag draped over his shoulders.

      Unfortunately, I do not have a link to the British news organisation that took the video.

  5. Cell phones and other items stolen from the victims were found in “refugee” centers, as well, thus linking the “refugees” or “immigrants” with the attacks.

  6. The police response? Oh, the police response was mobilize 1,700 officers and water cannons to deploy against Hans, Kurt, Monika, Gerhard, Hilde, Willi, Albert and Wolfgang this afternoon in Cologne. Always there when you need ’em most, you know.

  7. Other gems from these notes include “great breasts”, “I want to kiss your ****” etc.

    Very explicit stuff.

    These guys are not exactly the “helpless refugees” that the liberals want everyone to believe. They are hardcore muslim gangsters. [emphasis by Dymphna]

  8. There were 8 other anti-Muslim invasion rallies in Europe…While media attention was focused on the dramatic PEGIDA rally in Cologne on Saturday, no less than eight other anti-Muslim invasion rallies—all using the Muslim refugee-criminal mass sex attacks as their theme—took place in Belgium, Austria, France, and other cities in Germany, over the last two days.

  9. Could this be the same “company” producing these notes, as the notes for gypsy beggars “working” on the sidewalks in European cities? All part of the business model “ruin the West from within”?

  10. I read in a BBC report today Cologne Police now are saying there have been 379 violent attacks on NYE of which 40% were sexual attacks.

  11. One rather salient aspect about the New Year’s Eve incidents that has gone unnoticed and not commented upon was that the Moslem men were inebriated if not outright drunk. That behaviour is Haram for a Moslem and one of the penalties is death by stoning, not that they weren’t “stoned” already.
    Not one Imam or cleric ever rebuked the drunken Moslem men for their drunkenly salacious behaviour that roundly embarrassed the Prophet and Islam in general. The only inference that could be derived is that such lugubrious behaviour is permissible while in the company of infidels but not in the company of the elect.
    If that is the case then Islam has indicted itself as a religion of hypocrisy whose mores are only convenient to the moment. As such, Islam is not worthy of the title of religion and needs to be prosecuted for what it is, an ideology of dominance that endeavours to provide a veneer of respectability to its thuggery

    • I believe Jihadists are excluded from many Islamic rules, even praying five times per day. The 9/11 hijackers went to bars, drank alcohol and used prostitutes all before their strike for allah. Reports from Syria say most of the ISIS lot are high on drugs.

      • oh my, muslims and alcohol! long time ago , in a muslim country where alcohol is on sale, we were guests, and mind you, after one ,repeat one, shot of whiskey provided by my friend, his cousins started to molest my wife in my presence. After that ridiculous quantity, they lost self control,if they ever had one. So in my opinion, it would be a devastating blow in warfare to provide them with strong liquors by parachutes. They will readily get wasted and be easy prey or kill each other .

    • The explanation I’ve heard for this apparent paradox is that these believers are in Dar-el-Harb, the lands of the infidel, and Allah’s eyes do not see there.

      Isn’t it simply wonderful how the Ummah seem to have an answer for everything?

        • Allah’s eyes are closed on Thursday nights, when it is time for bacha bazi (“boy play”) with bacha bereesh (“beardless boys”). Why not when jihadis are using the tools of the House of War against the infidels?

  12. Acuara is the only one who has commented on this. Muslims were drunk? Where are the imams?

    • Do you really need to ask?

      It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever covers (the sin of) a Muslim, Allah will cover him (his sin) in this world and in the Hereafter.” (Sahih)
      Ibn Majah 3:20:2544

      • Then there is no calling to account the actions of the Dar-al-Salaam as it is the duty to ‘cover’ the sins of the faithful so Allah is not embarrassed. Under this convention the ‘faithful’ are able to literally get away with murder as none of the faithful will testify against the murderer.
        Given the doctrine stated above, fellow Moslems are to be assumed to be complicit before the fact as they know or knew of the action or crime yet were bound by the tenets and doctrine of their religion to not report it to the Civil Authorities if those authorities are Dar-al-Sarb.
        How disingenuously convenient. The Communists back in the 1950s were run out of this country for less than this. The Moslem Doctrine commands the commission of hate crimes against Christians and Jews and then complicity or conspiracy among the faithful. This is the legal basis for Trump’s call to run the lot of them out of the country as they are all lawbreakers as a matter of religious belief and practice. As such, neither are they entitled to First Amendment protection.
        Could somebody please sound the trumpet!

      • Islam is not a religion it is a global genocidal geopolitical movement that has been on a jihad against the West for 1,400 years.
        And it is gaining momentum as European and American politicians cover for them.

        Every country that is Muslim was conquered by force and their citizens either converted to Islam or were slaughtered.

  13. Christmas, birthday and New Year celebrations are anathema to Moslems. NYE was their big chance to get among people, trash, grope, rape, steal (ie have some islamic fun for Allah) with the long-term aim of closing down such Kuffar activities in the future. They couldn’t get cracking at Christmas itself as people spread out and disappear into their families. They could have smashed up some church services, of course, but congregations tend to be a bit on the old side and the press of people at New Year, with half being female was much more alluring.

  14. I read a news report that said a German teacher was near the mass group of “Arab men” on NYE. That person noticed there appeared to be two or three of their number who were co-ordinating the operation. Two or three men would come to these leaders and they were directed where to go. Then two or three others would approach and they were pointed in another direction.
    All confirms the belief that this was a pre-planned operation rather than random disorder.

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