Geert Wilders to PM Rutte: Where Are You?

On Thursday Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), published an open letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the latter’s silence in the wake of the Groping Jihad in Cologne and all the other terror attacks committed by “refugees” in Europe during the past few months.

The English-language text of Mr. Wilders’ letter is below:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Yesterday and today, I received hundreds of emails. Hundreds of emails full of fear and indignation. About the horrific events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

I have not heard you about those events. I find that very strange. After Paris last November, we now have Cologne. After the Islamic terror, the sexual jihad. But we do not hear you. Hello, Mr. Prime Minister? Are you still there?

What happened in Cologne is repulsive. Fear reigns in Germany, but also in the Netherlands. Don’t you notice it? Thousands of Dutch women worry about their safety. Thousands of Dutch men fear for the safety of their wives. And thousands of Dutch parents are afraid of what might happen to their daughters.

All these people realize that it will not be long before large group attacks on women will also take place in the Netherlands. Testosterone bombs I have called them, but it is far worse. This is sexual terrorism, this is sexual jihad.

On a smaller scale, it is already happening in the Netherlands today. Ever more women are being harassed. Yesterday, the media reported about a girl in the province of Zeeland who had been assaulted by an Arab man. For years already, there is a plague of assault rapes by non-Western men in Sweden and Norway. It is coming our way.

You do not like to hear this, Mr. Rutte. And that is undoubtedly the reason why you are so quiet now. But you are responsible for this situation. Because, despite all the warnings, you have opened our country’s borders to tens of thousands of people — mostly young men — from an Islamic culture.

I hope that your eyes will finally open and that you will close our borders at once and start to de-Islamize the Netherlands. So that our country may once again be the safe country the Dutch people are entitled to.

— Geert Wilders

15 thoughts on “Geert Wilders to PM Rutte: Where Are You?

  1. Mr Mark Rutte the PM of the Netherlands is not capable of finding a spouse. What does that fact say about mr Rutte? All this power and succes but no partner… No one that trusts mr Mark Rutte in that tiny circle of privacy…hmmmm

    Mr Mark Rutte is not capable of maintaining a solid relationship at micro level. Therefore mr Mark Rutte is not to be trusted when it comes to making decisions for all of us.

    Mr.Mark Rutte is not to be trusted at a macro level. Mark Rutte better stayed at home with his mamma. Worst PC-PM the Netherlands ever saw.

    • That’s quite a list of losers to be the worst of…the House of Orange, including their English relatives, had some strange alliances.

      On the other hand, not everyone is called to connubial bliss – whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, or other specied. Maybe he is meant to be single.

      Or does Mr. Rutte have a goat, perhaps?

  2. The left liberals never learn from history. If they did, all they would need to do is read the history of the Islamic invasion and subsequent rule in India. Will Durant called it “the bloodiest chapter in world history”. Nothing is left to speculation, since not only did the muslims commit slaughter, enslavement, rapine and mass destruction of Hindu temples, but they gleefully recorded it, and its justification, in their chronicles.

    There is enough evidence. But one’s mind has to be open to drawing the right conclusion from it. The left wants to blame everything on “poverty, alienation, exploitation” etc. But why is it that only muslims do these things—is no one else poor, alienated, or exploited?

  3. No response because the hope is that it’s a one time cluster of incidents and that it won’t happen again, so just lay low and everyone will forget about it.

    Given the way the police have responded in such a way as to encourage more such mob sexual assaults, you can bet that this will continue to repeat and get worse. Success always encourages more repeats of the same venture.

    Not only that but the huge number of women at the “refugees welcome” anti-pegidea event will no doubt send the message that the women love being groped and raped by these Muslim males. At least that’s probably how the Muslim invaders will interpret it. Apparently nothing will fix the leftist insanity at this point.

  4. A major British newspaper today ran a story on how schools in Britain are teaching that Africans were they first inhabitants of England. Way before the English. Irish newspapers the day before had a front page story about an “interesting discovery”. Seemingly the Irish are originally from the Middle East and related to the inbound . Muslim males and females. The refugees are just coming home. I imagine the Dutch Prime Minister will come up with something comical and tragic.

    • That seems too absurd to be believed, but it would match the Marxist dialectical materialism philosophy which says that false history must be created in order to effect “social change”. Concepts like objective truth are completely worthless to these people, only whatever lies that they believe will facilitate their twisted version of “the greater good”.

    • Geert Wilder’s still has the guts to keep trying though along with Le Pen, Farage and others but they need the general apathetic European populace to wake up! life is not about the British Bake off or the X Factor or I’m a celebrity get me out of here, the barbarians are THROUGH the gates, in fact the gates are off their hinges! Merkel, Hollande, and the porcine Cameron are all cut from the same cloth and need to be removed from office forthwith and if the ballot box cannot do it civil action needs to follow!

    • The Africans in question came with the Romans, so they were here before some present day Brits. But then, we all came from Africa once.

  5. I also live in Holland.
    This Geert Wilders is an actor to control opposition.

    He has been in the coalition for government, but did nothing than talk.
    He hasn’t closed down one Mosk, while in coalition ruling at the government, did not stop illegal political Islam propaganda in the streets of Holland, but he costs millions a year in security for an absolute coward.

    While Wilders was in office, a brave cartoonist was arrested by the police, Gregorius Nekschot, who criticized Islam in a way that looked like Charlie Hebdo did. Gregorius Nekschot was severely attacked by the powers of the tyrannical compromised police here. Tourists get robbed by Dutch police, Dutch police cost more than only salary and bribes.

    If you don’t understand Dutch politics, well, maybe comments can help you to understand a bit, but pro-Wilders people in The Netherlands are deceived by propaganda. Wilders is needed for propaganda purposes by the traitors that do the acting in the Dutch senate, but his real agenda is creating a tyrannical police state, by aggravating and dividing people. Wilders is not anti-Islam, he makes good money and free body guards out of the Islam invasion.

  6. It is beyond time for more people to read “Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail, who seems now to have had some kind of amazing foresight.

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