“The [EU] May Be Incompetent, But They’re Not Stupid”

In Britain, the “Grassroots Out” Campaign (see the GO on the signage), launched this weekend.

In the video below Dr. Liam Fox makes a good case for sovereignty. “We don’t want to be ‘Little Europeans’…It’s time…to take control of our own destiny… our own laws… and our borders”. Dr Fox makes a particularly strong case for the lack of military security in the EU, and the economic trade deficit the UK has with the EU making any sanctions unrealistic. Who needs whom?

I’ve mentioned before that in English we lack a word indicating the ‘right’ time to do something. In Greek, I’ve been told the word is καιρός, transliterated to “kairos”. This sentiment expressed by Dr. Fox, that the time has come to leave the EU, is a swell of reasoned feeling rising on the tide of ugly events in Germany, and the reaction throughout Eastern and Western Europe to the swarming of lawless immigrants in many parts of the European Union.

One thing is sure: the UK and other countries who may ‘exit the EU’ will save a ton of money on unaccountable bureaucratic expenses in Brussels.

The quote from which the title of this post came was said by Sammy Wilson, MP from Northern Ireland. His speech is here, and he was referring to the rulers in Brussels…

Here is the YouTube channel for Leave the EU, which has uploads of the speeches.

Here is the Leave the EU site

If the two groups are separate, they certainly are entwined…

I hope our British readers will chime in with their opinions about this event. I only watched two of the speeches, but it is obvious that sovereignty is on the rise. Transnationalism is declining as a viable solution for the problems arising in our individual, always idiosyncratic, cultures.

Perhaps Mad Mutti Merkel has blasted a wake-up call to other nations in Europe. Her insane decision is scaring the bejayzus out of normal people.

34 thoughts on ““The [EU] May Be Incompetent, But They’re Not Stupid”

    • On what do you base your doubt? The British citizens were denied a vote on the referendum, the political class pushed it through. But that was before Mad Mutti Merkel and the very obvious disadvantages of ‘belonging’ to the EU.

      • With the propaganda machine that Cameron has in his hands? No chance! But not for this reason that I say this so emphatically, but because of the bias of the British citizen. I have not seen major demonstration by the British public around it, moreover, a good thermometer to prove it, are the manifestations of groups such as Britain First, pegida and EDL. There is some drowsiness by the British. I think this referendum will be postponed until the next election for prime minister.

        It is not lack of faith that things will get better when they leave the EU, my lack of faith is the British people themselves.

      • Sorry, but Traitor-Mutti is just barely middle management.
        The bosses are ALL sitting in London financial district (follow the dragons).

        And as the Brits are pretty much the most cowed and CCTVed people on the planet, how exactly do you figure that they would vote against their masters?

        • They never had the chance to vote. After being promised a referendum by the political class – at least twice – Parliament took it out of their hands and ushered the UK into the EU. A lot of political blood has flowed under the Tower Bridge since then so the pols taking up the issue right now are not the same ones who pulled that stunt back then. This will be low-hanging fruit for the pol class. They’ve put their finger to the wind and have good reason to tack here.

          And, yes, it is to the advantage of the banksters to see a Brexit right now.

          The Economist has an annoying site, but this article explains what a difference a year makes:


          • The Economist, I was a subscriber from 1980 to 2007, I stopped my subscription when some idiot started writing that Islamic terrorists were the same as the Anarchist terrorists that plagued Europe at the previous turn of the century.

            I have never read such total pap in my life before and by cancelling my subscription I made sure I did not, not long afterwards they were shrilling for Obama as the next president of the USA, seriously…

            The Economist is now an utter joke and yet for many years I really appreciated it.

  1. “I’ve mentioned before that in English we lack a word indicating the ‘right’ time to do something.”

    It’s not one word, it’s two. High time.

  2. I am British citizen and I will vote for staying in EU.


    – “disadvantages” are mostly made up or exaggerrated (interpreting prevalence of national laws over EU’s, etc. – all can be reconciled)
    – Europe needs uniform, consistent reforms, therefore centralized mechanisms for that
    – EU is beneficial for logistics, science and education (if reformed properly)
    – Europe needs strategic coordination of police/intelligence/anti-terror forces, – best done within EU/NATO
    – breakdown of EU/NATO is the wet dream of Saud-Qataris, Islamic State, and Putin. they will all like that divide and conquer. patchwork of small states serving own narrow interests won’t be able to withstand pressure from the side of integrated hostile hegemonic force

    and please don’t drag here the example of Merkel.
    it is already quite clear that the invasion of Germany it is the pre-planned, externally financed operation. I repeat again – Merkel haven’t had choice. other choice – to shoot live ammo – was unimaginable.

    BTW nothing precludes UK from closing borders to migrants, while remaining in EU, as it is kept now.

    • The cognitive dissonance you are displaying is almost breath taking.
      It makes no sense whatsoever trying to talk some sense INTO you.

      This dear readers is a prime example of how to do EVERYTHING wrong.

      • that was a reply of the sort “I’ve been flushed down, goodbye”.

        cognitive dissonance is demonstrated by the people who on the one hand, declare the necessity and the allegiance to European unity (as symbolized “Prague Declartion” of PEGIDA), and on the other hand, craving for the parade of nationalistic (or worse) “sovereignties” and closed borders, leading to distrust and ethnic fragmentation.

        you need to decide guys, or this or that.

        for now, the EU starts doing what needs to be done:

        “…opening of the new European Counter Terrorism Centre, which is to be based in The Hague, Netherlands, and will be staffed by 40-50 international ‘experts’ in the field of counterterrorism. The centre will specialise in increasing intelligence sharing between European security organisations, tracking suspects across international borders, assisting EU countries in investigations, and discovering the sources of illegal financing and firearms.”

        instead of sticking to non-problems (“leaving EU”), one needs to focus on several urgent common tasks –

        1) adequate analysis of socio-anthropological and logistical reality in Europe. who are the actors? what are their social goals? occupations? education? motivation? income? age? how are they distributed over Europe?

        2) state of the armed forces/police/intelligence and resources for their urgent increase, training and deployment.

        3) more broadly, the essense, the moving force, and the planning of European reforms – basing on horizontal self-organizing principles, Western values, adequate “metapolitiks” :), and all other good stuff that we want to defend and preserve.

        • Your three solutions don’t work in a federation with a distant leadership. There is no real armed force – that has been left to NATO, still. And NATO is crumbling since the destruction of MENA. People will only act in their own self-interest, not in the interest of someone else with whom they perceive themselves to have little in common.

          Reforms, again, work at a local level. That is simply how the human brain is hard-wired, i.e., “self-organizing” happens locally, not in the realms of “metapolitics. The only thing ‘meta’ produces is corruption, as Brussels has proved repeatedly. The human heart is simple: it will NOT invest in something it neither knows nor perceives as being part of ‘self’…

          The EU was formed to get out from under the American hegemon. But no one wanted to pay the price of self-defense or self-preservation to lift the heavy U.S. hand. Meanwhile, those immigrants were put in place to be used – and we see how *that* worked out.

          Mass immigration is messy, as American history can attest. Mass immigration when the newcomers want only to take while remaining in their own cultural ghettoes is a disaster.

        • “for now, the EU starts doing what needs to be done:”

          Are you serious, that’s putting a band aid on it, the EU is stopping the most effective weapon against Islam, the destruction of freedom expression and the ability to expose and criticise Islam which is their biggest weakness, under crushing blasphemy laws labelled as hate crimes.

          We need to expose to open ridicule that the sun goes to sleep in a muddy pond, the Earth is flat, the Earth was created before the sun, then get into what an innocent really means in Islamic terms and what spreading corruption means in Islamic terms. And the EU is one of the biggest blocks in doing just that.


    • “And then of course there is the hard, unavoidable fact about EU membership. Countries which accept it place themselves under the EU’s Supreme Court in Luxembourg, so sacrificing an independent legal system, a key attribute of a sovereign nation; they place themselves under the EU Commission in Brussels, so sacrificing the direction of much of their domestic, trade defence and foreign policy; in most cases they sacrifice their currencies, so ceding control of their fiscal policy; and they abolish their frontiers with all EU neighbours.”

      Anybody European who agrees to this is a traitor to his or her people. Europe needs NONE of the things you have listed.

      ASEAN is a grouping of Asian nations, and Mercosur of Latin American ones. They are happy to keep fully independent nations. So is the OAU. So is every other supranational security/economic grouping in the world.

      There is not ONE SINGLE valid reason for continued membership of the EU. Anybody who has the most basic knowledge of Canada, Japan, Norway, Australia and many other mid-weight rich nations knows that the economic arguments are complete garbage. Not one wealthy country has suffered for being outside the EU, which is now little more than a transfer mechanism for handing out the assets of the wealthy western half to undeserving chancers and scroungers. All of the cooperative relationships can be maintained if necessary without the EU at all. There is no need for a centralized anything.

      • No, NATO could be the glue that militarily links the independent post EU states.

        Word of advice Hans. It’s never a good idea to think too highly of your intellect. There’s always someone smarter.

        • Very true, as is the fact that smart people are easily deceived too.
          Maybe easier as they deem themselves so smart.

          Common Sense, so rare it´s a super power, to paraphrase the Philosopher Bill Murray.

    • NATO is a major part of the problem. It is the Neocons’ stick to beat the hornet nests in the middle east . . . so that the pests invade your countries. How many invaders has NATO stopped? How many has it caused? . . . millions! The sooner NATO is dismantled; the sooner the world can return to some sanity.

  3. Britain can close her borders like nobody’s business, that channel may only be about 20 miles wide at Dover/Calais, but that’s some mighty cold wa-wa…..
    Shutting down airports is a piece of cake, ports a little m ore difficult, but if they can successfully blockade Napoleon’s France and Hitler’s Germany (was there ever any other Germany, one wonders….), they can blockade some rafts from Algeria, tugboats from Egypt and leftover colonial steamers from Pakistan.
    Britain needs the EU like they need Pitcairn Island, the British Empire is still there, it just goes by the code name ‘Commonwealth’ these days.
    Their by far biggest problem is that all those many hundreds of millions of people who live in said Commonwealth do not like it where they live and would rather move to Birmingham and East London.
    Except for the Aussies and Canadians, they like it just fine where they are.

    • Britain must be the world’s largest self-contained insane asylum. Several generations of inmates have grown up in the frog-boiling pot, and their vestigial brains are numbed by booze and football (“bread and circuses”). George Orwell would be amazed at the extent to which his dystopian fiction has become the British norm. A few smart individuals rage against the inevitabilities. The realists have left . . . for the “colonies”. We welcome them.

      • Are you saying that the growing movement to leave the EU will come to nothing?

        I hope you’re wrong. I agree that the brain-numbing from ingesting large quantities of booze is having unfortunate consequences. It’s a vicious cycle: the more depressed one becomes by the cultural death of a once-proud nation, the more does alcohol appear a solution, thus increasing the depression.

        In countries where there is or was widespread oppression – Russia comes to mind – there is also widespread alcoholism. The last statistic i read was that 70% of Russians die with high blood alcohol levels, and that govt was opening alcohol treatment centers for children.

      • I will take that as a troll post, normally I don’t react to trolls but I have to reply with something amusing at least to me as an Englishman:

        I have two words to say to you in terms of booze

        Christopher Hitchens

        And two words in terms of Football supporters

        Tommy Robinson (is an avid Luton fan.)

        Enough said comes to mind…

        • Even trolls need a motive. If I got your nationalist or tribal sentiments stirred up, then I have been – marginally – successful. As for Hitchens: Collectivist; statist; narcissist; irrelevant. And who is Tommy Robinson? Who does he serve? Can he be trusted? Keep your distance from these prima donnas.

          If I sound pessimistic, it’s because I am. In too many of the posts here I find expectations that change can be effected through existing structures and institutions. You are being strung along if you believe in reforming the broken systems from within. The sheeple have been taught that they matter . . . by the education system designed to keep them ignorant and docile.

          Our current institutions will break. They will collapse and be displaced by a culture that has energy, vitality and – moreover – children . . . little packages of cultural transmission. At the moment that culture looks a lot like Islam.

          Nothing short of a revolution – especially in thinking – is going to counter that.

          • Of course you are pessimistic, me too, when the governments did not protect freedom of expression and clamped down on valid criticism of Islam as hate speech I knew war against the governments was inevitable.

            I won’t argue about Hitchens in as much as he was right about Islam.

            And motives of Tommy Robinson, that man oozes courage, seriously with what they did to him and you call him a prima donna, I have seen prima donna’s at work and they are nothing like Tommy Robinson.

            This could develop into a 4 way civil war, Islamics on one side, governments and their internationalist agenda on another, that rag bag extreme left who are fully infiltrated by the Muslim brotherhood on another and then the patriotic people of Europe.

            Or we can attempt to get our governments back.

            And Islam does not have energy or vitality as a culture or civilisation, it is backward and saps anything good, the onlt energy it has is when its rubbing up against other civilisations that through decadence and stupidity have made them easy prey for Islam.

            You need to think a bit clearer on strategy, if we don’t get our governments back, we are dead simple as.

          • I am clear on strategy: This is not a POLITICAL battle. (Forget about governments and short-term outcomes.) It is a CULTURE WAR. It will not be won in an instant, but rather over generations. The first thing is to have more children, and then to educate them in institutions away from statist brainwashing. Realistically: Good luck with that!

  4. The current European Soviet-Union is an evil organization whose main goal is the complete annihilation of any semblance of freedom, self determination and individual culture still left to the peoples of the member states.

    Only traitors, useful idiots and ignorant sheep would support this rotten corrupt structure.

  5. I am English living in France, if I could vote and I cannot as I have been abroad too long I would vote to leave the EU even though it will personally cost me in terms of how I live in France.

    The issue is the structure of the EU, you all have heard of the word civil society, this is the new communist party, it works like this, you apply laws and apply penalties to only allow speech that you deem acceptable and apply that throughout the EU. Second part of that is that the EU then funds lobby groups that put forward policies and ideas that are then adopted by the EU, its very similar to the same issues that are now affecting the US. The people do not matter.

    You vote in England for an MP, that MP being part of a majority accepts a leader from his party, that PM then selects a politician to become a European commissioner, where the power resides. Where is the democratic oversight on that, at least in France by voting for the President I am one point closer, but even then I do not have democratic oversight of those people.

    And look at the calibre of the people that end up in positions of authority, Coln-Brandit, the guy who was leader of the student rebellion in Paris in the 60’s, whose goal is to allow unfettered immigration to destroy the coherence of the nation states so they recreate society as a communist system, they cannot do that by democratic means, so they use the EU to do just that and look where we are now.

    The mickey mouse European parliament is controlled by people of the calibre of Coln-Brandit (not sure I have his name right) who have the same contempt and open disregard of the people who have a different opinion.

    I am English first, I am British second and I am European third, but I do not accept that this edifice of corruption and waste and stupidity has any right over me at all, it is a destructive force at the heart of the destruction of the European people.

    A lot of people do not understand that many of the laws in terms of trade and safety and now being applied at the UN level through the WTO, Britain by leaving the EU will in effect have a voice at these discussions, at this point the EU speaks for Britain.

    Finally many people use fear, the EU is imploding, Merkel goes off against her own constitution and without any discussion with others and opens her borders to migrants, then tries to force these migrants on others, that type of attitude is at the heart of the issue with Europe. Now they are using the power of with-holding EU grants to try to whip the eastern countries into line, seriously! If there is one example of why the EU does not work it is this. Where is the democracy and democratic oversight of the people in terms of this, I cannot vote Merkel out but her actions have created a huge security problem in Europe, there is no demos in the EU and there never will be one as the EU .

    People say it can be reformed, seriously, how can you reform something that is based on such a corrupt structure which hides its ideals from the people that make up its members, you have to get back to basic principals, the EU lies about its reason to be because most people do not want it. Reform that, its impossible.

    Like I said I will lose benefits and health protection, I would gladly accept that to see my country free again and hell if I start to see common sense come back to the UK because it can now do what it needs to do to protect its people then I might sell up all my assets in France and come back home because I am sure that in France the lunacy will continue under the EU.

    • Leading left-wing politician, Sixties anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit:
      “We … must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”

    • My brother and his wife plan to retire to France; they’ve already bought the property. I can’t see a potential UK exit from the EU making much difference, except maybe over healthcare, which would likely be negotiated to everyone’s benefit (lots of EU citizens here in the UK, including many French people).

      The main issue for me is accountability. As Daniel Hannan MEP (Conservative) commented recently, if the EU applied to join itself, it would be rejected over its lack of democracy.

    • Much the same is happening in the US but, our country is so vast that diluting it will take a bit longer. However, the process is the same.
      One area near me that I have watched is the West Hempstead school district. In August 2014 the federal gov’t “located” over one thousand children to the district.If you read Ann Corcoran’s site you know that the federal gov’t only pays for support of asylum/migrant/refugees for 6 months. After that it is up to the local communities/counties to pick up the tab.
      So, say you are lower middle class, both parents working with two children in school and one thousand children land in your school district less than one month before the start of the new term. Your entire school district is thrown into disarray. What was once the gym, lunch room, library or art room now has to be used as a classroom. Your property taxes increase massively to pay for the teachers and building that needs to take place and your child’s classroom size increases as his/her extracurricular activities decrease.
      Your access to medical care and other gov’t services decreases due to flooding the system by immigrants. And these immigrants do not pay their fair share because they are indigent.
      Whatever the elite platitude of the week is, your quality of life has diminished and your costs have increased.
      BTW, the West Hempstead school district was thrown into such chaos that they were unable to place many of the new students in a classroom for several months. They were then sued for failing to educate the children! If I were a property owner with young children in that school district I would be furious.
      But was there any marching in the streets, rallies or demonstrations? Other than the school board crying out I heard nothing from the taxpayer…

  6. Dymphna you should watch the speech made by Nigel Farage. That one is by far the best!

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