An Israeli Jew Visits an Asylum Center in Germany

The following video shows highlights from a visit by an Orthodox Israeli Jew to an asylum center in Germany. It’s in a mixture of languages, including German and English.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the German parts, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   This here, it says ‘devil’.
0:04   All cool? — I come from Asch-Schaich Muwannis, Tel Aviv.
0:10   She thinks that’s bad.
0:17   This is an experiment as an orthodox Jew among Arab refugees.
0:25   Yes, I am here as a Jew. I know that they are indoctrinated. They were incited
0:32   to hate Jews and against Israel as the ultimate evil.
0:37   How will they react to a Jew standing before them for the first time in their lives?
0:45   Where are you from? Iraq. – Do you speak English?
0:51   It’s nice to meet you. I am Yonatan Shay from Israel. Would you like to speak for a little bit?
0:56   Yonatan tells us that he was attacked by Arabs in Berlin multiple times for wearing the Kippa.
1:04   The walls at the refugee home are covered with all kinds of political messages.
1:14   Some of them have very clear anti-Semitic connotation, Yonatan says.
1:23   You were born in Syria, and you believe this is all Palestine?
1:30   Israel no, Zionists no, Zionists…
1:35   Europe. They all should go back to Europe, the Jews?
1:40   So all the Jews should go back to Europe then? Not here. Here no Jews.
1:45   The management says the walls are inspected daily for undesirable political or religious messages.
1:55   Neo-Nazis did not visit this place.
1:58   Which means that some Arabs have written these messages, just like that.
2:05   He surmises that the anti-Semitism comes from the Syrians, not from the Iraqis.
2:11   I really liked what you said. That we all come for peace, you know?
2:14   It’s very important for people who didn’t grow up in a democracy
2:17   to forget many things they learned.
2:20   Yonatan was neither physically nor verbally attacked that day.
2:24   We see that anti-Semitism is present. Especially the younger generation
2:28   of refugees is indoctrinated.
2:32   And they cannot let go of these opinions, of this hate, of these perceptions,
2:38   with which they grew up with. And unfortunately they import
2:42   this hate to Germany, and that’s terrible.
2:46   Germany, after the Holocaust, after all what happened because of the German nation,
2:51   Yes, they have a historic responsibility to take in refugees from all over the world.
2:57   Oh, well, but other factors have to be considered as well.
3:02   There are Jews living here, and these Jews
3:05   are now in danger when there are so many refugees here,
3:09   who grew up with the mentality that all the evil in the world
3:13   comes from Jews and Israel.

9 thoughts on “An Israeli Jew Visits an Asylum Center in Germany

  1. “He surmises that the anti-Semitism comes from the Syrians, not from the Iraqis.”

    To me this sounds like a totally absurd statement since I have talked to Iraqis when visiting China. I intentionally mentioned to one of them that there were Jews in China just to see how he would react, and he went on some angry rant against Jews. After that he didn’t want to talk to me anymore.

    This took place after the first gulf war but before the second, a few months before 9/11.

    It seems very unlikely to me that there’s any difference between anti-Jewish attitude in Syrians and Iraqis.

    • ‘All Jews should be killed!’ Heard it from an Iraqi Kurd I would never expect to hear anything like this… Since then I’ve never trusted any…

  2. I see so the truth about jews isn´t allowed on this site, well then so long and thanks for all the fish.

    • ??? “the truth about jews” ???

      A very famous Jew was once asked, by a very famous Roman, “What is truth?”

  3. There is nothing mysterious about this orthodox Jew’s absurd and delusional set of beliefs concerning the root causes of Muslim hatred of Jews.

    As an orthodox Jew it is highly unlikely that he would ever have allowed himself to read the Koran, the 246 verses of abrogation to the koran, and he has probably never even heard of the so-called “authentic” collection of hadiths, particularly Bukhari and Muslim.

    As a result of the strict observance of his religion he has deliberately blinded himself to any knowledge concerning Islam and its founder.

    And yet, despite his self imposed ignorance, he has no hesitation in expressing an opinion on the subject of the origin of Muslim hatred directed towards Jews.

    He is a fool.

    • Apparently neo-Marxist orthodoxy isn’t the only kind of orthodoxy that leads to cultural illiteracy. I suppose the only difference is that while this guy might have an explicit religious prohibition on reading other religious materials, the neo-Marxists have no such prohibition and are mostly just lazy and in denial.

  4. What we can learn from this is that in the coming years all the middle east problems, conflicts, and internal wars will we brought on European land. So long, peace and freedom! Congratulations Merkel.

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