Sunny’s Daily Wisdom: Criticism Causes ISIS

Sunny is one of my favorite commentators on culture. I wish the audio was a better quality since her voice is soft.

Many Europeans will probably find her dry American humor a little too much for their taste. However, imho, she’s a comic genius. And she has the great virtue of being supremely un-p.c.

[As a former battered wife – not to mention the ~three thousand women I counseled on the issue – I guarantee you she’s she’s not exaggerating on that one: raised hand, knuckles bunched white with rage, spittle flying: “don’t make me hit you…”]

Even with that bit of bracketed realism, she’s still Funny Sunny…

9 thoughts on “Sunny’s Daily Wisdom: Criticism Causes ISIS

  1. Coming from a non-native English speaker from Europe: don’t worry, the audio is just fine (the name of the admiral eluded me and maybe a couple of other words too tops) and I really enjoyed the vid. She may have to work on shortening the giggling pauses (or not, because that may be her signature but that’s probably only the second time I watch her and I can’t possibly know). Anyhow, thanks for sharing. And the razor’s edge argument is a killer.

  2. She’s exactly right. Bull Halsey and Gorgeous Georgie Patton would be sacked so fast these days for having the temerity to suggest to their people that the object of a fighting man in a war is to kill the other b*stard.

  3. A gently-spoken feminine version of Pat Condell. Nicer to look at and listen to. Thanks, Dymphna!

  4. Never seen her before. She is great. She is absolutely right too. It is the same argument used by muslims when they encounter resistance to their activities and brand this resistance”aggression.” I was sent something similar on Facebook yesterday emanating from Mallala, the young Pakistani lady (now domiciled in the UK) who was shot by the Taliban. All of this tells me that muslims have a different mindset from the rest of us and it stinks.

  5. In my entire life, I have hit 1 woman 1 time.
    Her reaction? She got all lovey-dovey, started talking marriage & babies (which she couldn’t have thanks to having had too many abortions already, she was 19 at the time, I was 21).
    My observations of the world in general: The more abusive the boyfriend, husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, etc. , the faster the girl will be running back to him.
    Lynch me if you must, that is what reality has shown me.

    • Wolfie, I enjoy reading your comments on GoV.

      No lynching here… what you are describing is a real phenomenon. It may be pheromones talking to each other.

  6. “If we do this, it is just what Isis wants”… over and over the progressives chant. It is like some king of the progressives sits up at night and dreams up what they are supposed to say, emails everyone, and then they all repeat it robotically. I think Alinsky must still be alive.

  7. She is spot on,all of this pussyfooting, ‘tap dancing’, and groveling apologies by the MSM (the Government Media Complex) ,academia and the political class IMHO actually strengthens the Muslim position. These was a full page article in the NY Post on 12/13/15 by Amir Taheri on which the premise was The problem isn’t ‘Islamophobia’. It’s Isamophilia, where the liberals act like Muslims are always the victim. On the opposite page was an article by Paul Sperry in which his opinion (which most of us share) was ‘How were the San Bernardino killers ;radicalized’? By the violence inherent in their religion.’

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