“We Will Not Succumb to Brainwashing”

On November 17 Czech President Miloš Zeman spoke at a rally in the Czech Republic organized by the group “Block Against Islam”. Among the other honored guests present for President Zeman’s speech was Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League.

Many thanks to Margita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from the Breibart report on Mr. Zeman’s speech:

Eastern Europe Rising: Czech President Speaks at Anti-Islam Rally With PEGIDA Leaders, Tommy Robinson

Speaking to a crowd this afternoon that included observers from Germany’s PEGIDA movement and Britain’s Tommy Robinson, president Miloš Zeman was a guest of the Czech political action group ‘Block Against Islam’.

Speaking on stage, the president said nobody else would be able to dictate to the Czech people, and took aim at the mainstream media, which he accused of “massaging” the migrant crisis for their own ends. He took a strong position defending free speech, remarking that everyone had the right to an opinion, but Czechs should never try to silence people with opposite views.

Mr. Zeman remarked using slurs against your political opponents didn’t constitute a real argument, and accordingly those opposing migration should no longer be called “extremists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, racists or fascists”, reports Radio Prague. The audience greeted the president’s words with cheers and chanted “long live Zeman!”


‘Block Against Islam’ have been active in the Czech Republic in agitating against the ingress of Islam into the country. Breitbart London reported in August how the group erected blooded statues of women in Islamic dress around the city in a warning over the Muslim practice of stoning women to death. Signs reading “Pregnant after Rape” or “She Was Unfaithful” along with the now familiar no-Mosques logo were placed with the statues to hammer the point home.

Video transcript:

00:15   [crowd] Long live Zeman!
00:25   Dear fellow citizens,
00:28   let us first of all respect the memory of the victims of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris with a minute’s silence.
01:10   Thank you.
01:13   I should like to thank the organisers of this meeting for their invitation,
01:25   because we should all commemorate in peace and tranquillity the two events of 17th November,
01:40   that of 17th November 1939, and that of 17 November 1989.
01:52   What connects these two events despite the gap of 50 years?
02:03   I think that these are two things.
02:13   Firstly our nation’s disagreement with occupation – be it visible, in the case of the German occupation,
02:24   or the badly-hidden yet real one in the case of the Soviet occupation.
02:34   This nation deserves to govern itself with nobody, I repeat nobody, from the outside dictating what it can or cannot do.
03:07   But the second memory of both events of 17 November is perhaps equally important.
03:19   At that time people came out onto the streets to protest against manipulation
03:27   To protest against being forced to accept only one ‘correct’ opinion, against being forced into a straitjacket of uniform opinions,
03:48   against being forbidden to think otherwise than the way those manipulating them ordered them to think.
04:08   [crowd] Long live Zeman, long live Zeman
04:17   Today we live in a free society where brainwashing is more difficult than in the past.
04:28   But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.
04:32   Manipulation exists, and it has many beautiful names.
04:41   I’ll tell you only three: Some consider themselves as value-leaders and say about themselves
04:47   that only they have the right to tell us which values we must share and which not.
05:10   Others style themselves leaders of public opinion. Usually these are would-be ‘elites’
05:15   who simply want to raise their profile
05:35   and legitimise their position without anyone voting for them.
05:51   But the most sinister are the opinion makers. People who call themselves this despise the people.
06:14   They think that people are like plasticine or dough which can be moulded into a shape which suits the manipulator.
06:31   But we are not dough, we are not plasticine. All of us here today try our best to think independently.
06:58   We have witnessed many examples of ‘media massage’, but there’s one I’d like to talk about especially,
07:13   because it has been stirring the whole nation.
07:19   It is the media massage regarding the migration crisis.
07:26   I think that tolerance of different opinions is necessary.
07:38   That everyone is entitled in a free society to express his opinion but also that the opposite view must not, in a truly free society, be silenced and labelled with abusive titles,
08:08   such as extremists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, racists or fascists.
08:33   Labels and slurs like these do not make an argument and only show
08:35   the inadequacy of the thought processes of those who utter them.
08:56   Nor is shouting an argument. Shouting is the expression of the fascists;
09:01   shouting is the expression of the kind of herd which met here last year.
09:24   Our nation is not xenophobic. In this nation, in this country there are more than half a million foreigners.
09:39   They are able to coexist with our culture, they are accepted in a friendly way. There are no problems with them.
09:50   On the contrary, they contribute to our society.
10:03   But their culture is fully compatible with European values.
10:11   It is not culture of murderers and it is not culture of religious hatred.
10:29   When I ask what causes migration I know that the vast majority of these illegal migrants are well-fed young men.
10:50   And I ask why these men don’t fight for the freedom of their country against the Islamic State.
11:12   And if they come from countries where there is no fighting, I ask,
11:17   why don’t they work for their country to make it better and more prosperous
11:30   and make it overcome its current state of backwardness?
11:43   The voice of the president of the republic should be the voice of the nation.
11:51   and not the voice of the media, never the media’s trumpet.
12:09   Although I admit that my life would be much more comfortable if I were the voice of the media.
12:20   Journalists who write about something different every day without understanding anything
12:25   would praise me for the beautiful speeches I make.
12:39   But I would come into conflict with my nation.
12:50   And therefore, in conclusion I’d like to call upon you to do everything we can
12:55   in order to continue living in a free society,
13:07   where we respect differences of opinion, discuss them and argue about them
13:19   and where we will not succumb to brainwashing.
13:27   Thank you for your attention.
13:33   Until we meet again next year. Goodbye.

10 thoughts on ““We Will Not Succumb to Brainwashing”

  1. I always love to go to Prague. Beautiful city, very kind, gentle and cultured people. The Czech people always treated me, as a tourist well. They do not need any cultural enrichment. Just keep your country as it is now! This speech of Miloš Zeman shows that at least this part of Europe is not sleeping at the wheel.

    • ” this part of Europe is not sleeping at the wheel. ”
      I pray they are not and know their interests and the right path to take.

      The rest of Europe has plunged in unreasonable, de- enlightenment darkness of the devil. Renaissance reversed.

  2. In view of what Zeman had said recently, along with what Orban and Fico also said previously, I bet Merkel is livid.

    Just take a look at this extract from the Telegraph:

    Merkel said “Those who can consider themselves lucky that they have lived to see the end of the Cold War now think that one can completely stay out of certain developments of globalisation. It just strikes me as somehow very weird,”

    “When someone says ‘This is not my Europe, I won’t accept Muslims,’ I have to say, this is not negotiable,” Mrs Merkel said.

    Mr Orban has claimed Europe’s “Christian values” are under threat from Muslim refugees.

    “Who are we to defend Christians around the world if we say we won’t accept a Muslim or a mosque in our country? That won’t do,” Mrs Merkel said.

    • It’s important to accept Merkel’s statement that her ruling class move to flood Europe with muslims “is not negotiable.” There is simply no way to save Europe by peaceful means. The socialist ruling class will have to be overthrown — violently.

  3. Anybody else out there seem to notice that the ONLY places where sanity can be found these days regarding “THE RELIGION THAT CANNOT BE NAMED” invaders are composed of the former “Eastern Bloc” nations?
    Maybe years of communism (the very essence of political [idiocy]) have immunized their people to the blatant [idiocy] of the rest of EUrope, and its desire to ingest an overdose of “THE RELIGION THAT CANNOT BE NAMED”?
    Or-should we just call it Voldemortism and be done with it?

    • Flintlock, we can indeed call it by its name, Islam. We can even name its followers, Muslims. I like your idea of Voldermortism, though – just added it to my spellcheck dictionary along with “Voldermortists”.

      [By the way, I know you find our comment rules restrictive but we gotta live here. The accumulative effect of having lots of people clearing their throats and spitting on the floor in disgust is doing a job on my soul. Public language is deeply degraded as it is. Thus, the need for a [heh] safe space where people can vent while maintaining civility becomes ever more important. We want GoV to remain a place where mutual courtesy can continue no matter what the murderous barbarians do.

      Here’s a case in point: a few years ago, the B was a contributor to Breitbart’s section on Europe. I think it was called “Big Peace”?? back then. I doubt they kept that title.(This was back when no one was paying much attention to Europe at all. Now Breitbart has expanded to the point of having their own London section – there may be other cities, or they may be limited to English speakers; can’t remember. With time, they may approach the Daily Mail’s coverage.) Eventually the B stopped making the effort because American interest in Europe, even by those running the page, was distracted, and it seemed no one wanted to read about boring Old World stuff. I got the sense from the comments, and from many other sites’ focus, that what we published was too much insider baseball about a place not worth their attention.

      My point is this: nearly every comment thread of any given post of the B’s began with a kind of knee-jerk sneer that usually started with, “Europe is done. Stick an fork in it.” or a variation thereof. For the most part, that was the extent of what they knew about Europe. But there was one ray of sunshine: you could tell the GoV commenters on those threads because they stood out as knowledgeable and civil.

      In other words, venturing outside GoV simply reinforced my intuition that keeping it clean was worth the effort.]

    • I agree with you: those who lived with Russia’s boot on their neck are the most sensitive to any effort to make them into robots again. They have learned to look after their own interests first. The rest of the West will double down on the socialist tools of repression in an attempt to bring them back into line. Thus they’ll be called nazis, xenophobes, racists, etc. What we’ve seen here in the US (and is even worse in Europe), that is the ratcheting up of public shaming and using lawfare to keep the dissidents in line, is going to get worse.

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