Geert Wilders: “The Name of That Evil is Islam”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, spoke in the Dutch parliament yesterday for the first time since the jihad massacre in Paris a week ago today. Mr. Wilders reiterated what he has been saying for years: that the Netherlands must stop importing Muslims, close its borders, and prevent mujahideen who are fighting in Syria from ever returning “home”.

The arguments and questions aimed at him by his parliamentary critics (including a Turkish-Dutch member) were lame at best. It is becoming increasingly difficult for proponents of Multiculturalism to put forward convincing reasons why Mr. Wilders is wrong in his stance.

I haven’t seen any poll results since the Paris atrocities, but the PVV was the most popular party in the Netherlands before the attacks. It will be interesting to see its numbers in the next poll.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Mme Chairman, 129 innocent people, all murdered. Hundreds of casualties, three countrymen amongst them,
00:08   friends, enjoying a drink together in café Le Carrillon or Le Petit Cambodge in the 10th arrondissement of Paris,
00:24   girls, who a bit further in Pizzeria Casa Nostra enjoyed their Friday evening and the beginning of the weekend,
00:32   became victims of the bullets from the Kalashnikovs of the Muslim terrorists.
00:37   Couples, who met at the terrace of restaurant La Belle Equipe, brutally and mercilessly killed.
00:49   All those people, young people, who visited the concert in the Bataclan music hall, a bit further into the 11th arrondissement.
00:58   Innocent people trapped like rats in a blind panic.
01:05   The last they heard was the shout of evil, the proud cry of the enemy: ‘Allahu akhbar.’
01:18   Slaughtered in a carnage that knows no equal. Indescribable anguish.
01:23   Indescribable. I have no words for it.
01:26   All that pain, all that sorrow, all those innocent people who forcibly lost their partner,
01:30   father, mother, brother, sister, friend and loved one
01:37   in inhuman and almost unbearable grief.
01:45   Chairman, I share that grief. But I am also angry. Very angry.
01:52   In Paris, so many people were brutally robbed of their lives by Muslim terrorists,
01:57   amongst whom were returning Syria volunteers.
02:03   According to the media, one of those terrorists entered Europe with the flow of refugees.
02:09   How often haven’t we warned about that?
02:13   Chairman, what happened this past weekend in France can happen tomorrow here in The Netherlands.
02:21   That is the horrible reality. For the cabinet, this cabinet, our cabinet shamefully neglects its duty.
02:28   The asylum procedure is one giant piece of Swiss cheese.
02:32   Even impostors with forged papers can simply enter the process with all the associated risks.
02:41   In this year alone nearly 12,000 people entered the asylum procedure without valid papers. Incredible!
02:50   We don’t even know who we allow to enter.
02:56   We really make it very easy for evildoers or terrorists.
03:00   Chairman, not only returning Dutch Syrian volunteers,
03:04   also terrorists or volunteers from France or Belgium,
03:08   can enter our country easily at Hazeldonk
03:14   with a trunk load of Kalashnikovs and bomb belts.
03:17   Because the borders are wide open.
03:23   Molenbeek, the Gaza strip of the Benelux, is a mere one hour drive from The Netherlands.
03:30   I said it during the debate we had in this Chamber in January
03:33   of this year after the cowardly attacks, also in Paris, against Charlie Hebdo:
03:38   how many attacks must take place,
03:43   how many innocent victims must fall before you, Mr. Prime Minister, finally understand it?
03:50   Of course it is war.
03:54   It has been war for 1400 years. That war is called jihad.
03:58   Jihad is the core of Islam. That is not an opinion, but a fact.
04:04   That’s a given. The only question we should debate is: do we finally strike back or signal our capitulation?
04:07   I say via the chairman to the prime minister:
04:18   we don’t need strong words about war if you don’t act accordingly.
04:24   What exactly have you done since the Charlie Hebdo debate in January?
04:32   60,000 additional fortune-seekers entered our country.
04:37   An Islamic invasion facilitated by you.
04:42   Last month alone 12,000 of them. According to the EU, next year three million will come.
04:50   Thanks to your open borders, Mr. Rutte.
04:54   And the prime minister does nothing.
05:00   However, I stand here for the security of the Dutch.
05:03   That’s the only thing that matters. And I say via the chairman to the prime minister with the utmost urgency:
05:10   Close the borders for returning Syrian volunteers and asylum seekers.
05:17   That must be done now. Make sure those Syrian volunteers —
05:21   By my count, 40 at the beginning of the year, who returned to The Netherlands,
05:27   who you allowed to return — arrest them.
05:31   Arrest them today. We’ve seen what happens in Paris if we don’t do that.
05:35   We must prevent the same scenes in The Hague or Amsterdam, which will come if we don’t arrest the enemy.
05:47   Implement administrative detention,
05:50   so we can preemptively arrest possible terrorists.
05:54   If it is war, Mr. Rutte, then they are the enemy.
06:00   We have to lock them up. There is no alternative.
06:03   If you don’t do that, you are not the leader of The Netherlands;
06:07   you are from the softies’ department, the group of doctors that make festering wounds;
06:12   you are from the department ‘let’s look the other way’;
06:17   you are from the department ‘bend over for Brussels and kneel for Merkel’
06:22   If you don’t refuse to do that, I will not support you any longer.
06:30   And finally, as a closing remark, that Islam does not belong in The Netherlands.
06:35   As long as we don’t do anything, the attacks will keep coming.
06:40   I know it; you all don’t want to hear that. But it is the truth nevertheless.
06:48   Chairman: Thank you Mr. Wilders, Mr. Segers has a question for you.
06:51   Mr. Segers (CU): Chairman, we are facing a great evil.
06:54   The evil of jihadism. The big question is who are our comrades-in-arms?
07:00   Mr. Wilders said we’ve been at war against Islam for 1400 years. We’ve been at war with supporters of Islam for 1400 years.
07:06   while it’s Muslims who are in the front line against jihadism; while it is Kurdish Muslims who are fighting against this evil.
07:17   A simple question for Mr. Wilders is the scenario he just painted:
07:23   a battle against Islam is a battle against all Muslims.
07:27   My question is: Does he want more or fewer opponents?
07:33   Wilders: Mme Chairman, I have fought for over ten years against Islam. I have never said I fight against Muslims. What nonsense!
07:42   I never made that assertion.
07:45   We’re fighting against Islam. Yes, Islam is an evil ideology.
07:48   Yes, the life of Mohammed is the example of a warlord,
07:52   an example we should set for people.
07:55   Yes, the Koran is a fascistic violent book. Certainly.
07:59   That is not to say Muslims aren’t the victims of it.
08:03   That is not to say that we’re fighting against all Muslims.
08:06   I assure you, when you look at the major attacks in Europe
08:10   during the last ten years, in Madrid, in Paris, in the Jewish museum in Brussels,
08:16   in London, our own Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam!
08:19   All have in common the violent inspiration of Islam.
08:27   And I say to you, Mr. Segers, as long as we don’t recognize this,
08:30   As long as we subscribe to the political nonsense stories, and I don’t say you do that Mr. Segers,
08:34   in general terms, nothing will change in The Netherlands and attacks will happen.
08:40   Mr. Segers: 9 out of 10 victims of jihadism are Muslims.
08:45   9 out of 10 fighters against jihadism are Muslims.
08:48   There, in the region itself.
08:52   I have lived for 9 years in the region. I know the danger of jihadism.
08:55   I know the world of Islam has its dark sides. I also know we have allies.
08:58   I know we have potential allies. My question is: Are those the allies of Mr. Wilders?
09:03   Muslims who within their faith fight against jihadism.
09:09   Are those Mr. Wilders’ allies, yes or no? Wilders: the more Muslims fighting against it the better. But where are they?
09:13   Where are they? I’m not talking about the few in Rotterdam last week.
09:18   I expected that hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Europe would demonstrate.
09:22   To protest against what happened in Paris.
09:27   I haven’t seen them. I didn’t see them then and I don’t see them now.
09:32   So those ‘allies’ of yours, are few on the ground.
09:36   Segers: they were there. They were demonstrating near the mosque in Rotterdam…(Wilders, interrupting) Hardly!
09:40   There are Kurds, thousands of Kurds, who fight against IS.
09:46   My message to Mr. Wilders is: Do not alienate potential allies.
09:51   Rather stand together shoulder to shoulder against jihadism. That is a different language.
09:54   A different language from that spoken by Mr. Wilders here.
09:59   Wilders: Chairman, we hardly saw any protests, alas.
10:02   If only they demonstrated! But I do say to Mr. Segers:
10:07   We must de-Islamise our country We should get rid of Islam. That is the only solution.
10:13   Stop appeasing Islam. If we don’t do that we’ll keep the grief and misery of the last decade.
10:19   We took the Trojan horse into Europe.
10:22   We didn’t require them to assimilate.
10:25   We pampered them wherever possible. We didn’t act against the aggressive elements amongst them,
10:30   which we’ll have to do eventually.
10:33   We must start by closing the borders. Closing our borders to Muslims,
10:40   to fortune-seekers. We don’t even know who is crossing our borders.
10:44   12,000 Muslims, nearly all without proper papers. We simply gave them entrance.
10:48   That is asking for trouble! I don’t know why you interrupt me with ‘those are our allies’.
10:55   They aren’t all our enemies. But that ideology is deadly dangerous.
11:00   Kuzu (independent Turkish Muslim): Chairman, I connect to an event of recent days:
11:06   Very few Muslims demonstrated.
11:12   In Rotterdam we held a worthy meeting.
11:16   In several communities we [Muslims] observed very respectfully a minute of silence.
11:23   In Amsterdam Muslims and Jews protested hand in hand against the filthy attacks in Paris.
11:30   How can it be that Mr. Wilders to Islam added this,
11:37   Muslims just happen to believe in Islam,
11:41   shelves the problem,
11:46   not participating to a solution.
11:50   Wilders: both aren’t true. I’m talking about the evil villainous ideology, not about its adherents.
11:54   That you don’t differentiate says more about you than about me.
11:57   For I didn’t do that. And secondly, there were hardly any [demonstrators].
12:04   A few people at best, there were more NOS [state broadcaster] reporters,
12:07   eager to broadcast that three million were gathered there.
12:12   That wasn’t the case. It really wasn’t. The reality is, I haven’t seen any mass demonstration anywhere in The Netherlands
12:19   or in Paris, or elsewhere, where Muslims turn out in large numbers,
12:24   stating: ‘This is not my Islam!’ I haven’t seen them!
12:27   As long as I don’t see them, there is a minority
12:31   who can do what they do, because the majority tolerates it.
12:35   That’s what’s going on. [Parliamentarians slamming on their tables] Kuzu: Mr. Wilders shuts his eyes to the truth.
12:42   For they were there. If you don’t want to see them, you won’t see them.
12:45   My rallying cry here is that we should together make a fist against terror.
12:50   A fist against terrorism. Muslims and non-Muslims.
12:55   Of all religions, united. And that is, in my opinion, the battle we must fight.
13:01   What I see here is that Mr. Wilders lives in a phony reality.
13:04   He is sowing discord. My question is:
13:10   Why do you do that constantly?
13:15   Wilders: The reality is that for decades we in Europe have seen attacks everywhere,
13:25   of Allahu-akhbar-shouting people, from Madrid to Amsterdam.
13:30   From the Jewish museum in Brussels to the subway in London.
13:35   Which took place because we allowed mass migration from Islamic countries.
13:40   We didn’t do that, other political factions did that.
13:48   What we also see is that a mass protest never occurs. I tell you: I do not want to sow discord.
13:52   I want The Netherlands to become a safe country.
13:55   We have all this misery since we imported Islam.
13:59   What I say is that we must de-Islamize The Netherlands to make it safer.
14:04   Kuzu: Chairman, with that alone you won’t get far.
14:07   If we’re going to fight terrorism together, we have to do it together.
14:14   That means you should differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims
14:18   or islamiets and non islamiets [islamiet = follower of Islam] That we have to do together.
14:23   We must think about the safety of our country, we should stand shoulder to shoulder.
14:27   Not just the cry of Mr. Wilders, which we have heard for more than eleven years.
14:33   It happens in our society, and I see it happen more often.
14:36   All terror experts agree we have to fight the matrix.
14:42   The NCTV [Dutch anti terror organization] states that Mr. Wilders’ expressions
14:50   act as a magnet for terror.
14:54   How do you see your part in all this?
14:57   You are a terror magnet, Mr. Wilders!
15:00   Wilders: Mr. Kuzu called me a tumor; then he called me Hitler.
15:06   He can call me whatever he wants, I don’t care.
15:11   I stand here for one thing alone: the security of The Netherlands,
15:14   and to fight evil. The name of that evil is Islam.
15:19   I.S.L.A.M., Islam.

12 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “The Name of That Evil is Islam”

  1. Mr. Segers speaks of “victims of jihadism”.
    He could compare notes with Hillary Clinton. Recently she departed from the script, and said on television:
    “We are at war with jihadists …with people who use their religion for purposes of power and oppression”.

    Only one religion has jihad, Mrs. Clinton: Islam.
    This is how it defines it:
    Jihad is “to war against non-muslims”, a “communal obligation”
    (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” o9.0).
    It is not dependent on a wish to do it. It is INSTRUCTED:
    “Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you”, Koran 2:216.
    What was that about “purposes of power and oppression”?
    “Fight them and kill them until all the governance is Islam”, Koran 8:39.
    “to make it superior over all religions even though the non-muslims hate (it)” 9:33.
    No choice is available:
    “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision”, Koran 33:36.
    The Koran is part of Islamic law.
    One who denies any verse has to be killed. The killing can be performed, penalty-free and vigilante style, by anyone “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” o8.7(7), o8.4. The Manual is available as a free download).

  2. I have no more patience for the likes of Kuzu. If he wants to die in a Paris-type attack in the Netherlands, then so be it. I just don’t care anymore.

    I have given up caring…my give a [redacted] darn device has gone defunct. Call it Islamonausea, call it apathy…call it whatever you like; but I am just so sick of it all.

    If clowns like Kuzu – a Mo[s]lem, let’s not forget – wish to continue to hedge that, “Mo[s]lems are in the front lines fighting against Mo[s]lems”, and use that as an asinine argument in favor of allowing more Moslems into the Netherlands…well, so be it.

    Let ’em in. Watch what happens.

    More death.

  3. Mr. Kuzu is not only a mohammedan. He is also a Turkish national. He split with another from the PvdA (labor party), and they represent – very openly – Turkish intrests.

    • You’re right, Geert Wilders is an extraordinary man. Very brave. A Churchill from the Netherlands for our times. The Dutch people better hope he becomes Prime Minister soon.

  4. Mr Wilders, I hope your Dutch countrymen appreciate you and listen to you. You are a national treasure to them. Know that here in the USA we admire and respect you. I hope you can lead all of Europe back to the civilized Western culture of their forefathers!

  5. Mr Wilders is a great man speaking the truth which history and current events supports that Islam is about jihad and unless Europe wakes up and de-islamifies itself it will be taken over

  6. Dear Mr. Wilders, I admire your incredible strength to continue to fight against these left governments who apparently are totally blind on what’s going on: an Islamic Invasion. In my opinion we are approximately 500 years away from The Stephan Cathedral being torn down and being replaced by a Mosk. This is indeed a new phase in a very old war!

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