President Zeman to PM Sobotka: “Inform Yourself!”

Last night we reported on a speech given by Czech President Miloš Zeman at an event sponsored by an Islam-critical group in the Czech Republic.

It seems that Mr. Zeman has ruffled a few feathers with his speech, and not just those of exotic foreign birds at the UN and in Brussels. He was criticized yesterday by his own prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, for being involved with a “xenophobic sect”.

Not only did the president refuse to back down, but in his admirable response to Mr. Sobotka he said, in effect, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Below are excerpts from the Reuters report:

Czech PM Rebukes President for Supporting Anti-Islamic Groups: Paper

PRAGUE (Reuters) — Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka criticized the country’s president for supporting anti-Islamic groups and spreading hatred in an unusually sharp rebuke of the head of state in a newspaper interview published on Friday.

President Milos Zeman, 71, frequently expresses anti-Islamic views and has opposed allowing immigrants from the war-torn Middle East into Europe, drawing criticism last month from a top U.N. human rights official.

At a rally on Tuesday held by group called “We don’t want Islam in the Czech Republic” Zeman praised the up to 2,000 people who attended for independent thinking and he lashed out against what he said was a pro-immigration media massage.

“The highest representative of the country, the president of the Czech Republic, which has deep humanistic and democratic tradition, should not in my opinion speak at a gathering of a xenophobic sect which was filled with spreading intensive hatred,” Sobotka told daily Hospodarske Noviny.

“I believe he caught many people in our country off guard in a very unpleasant way,” he said, adding the meeting angered even Zeman’s supporters within Sobotka’s Social Democratic party.

In a reply via his spokesman on Twitter, Zeman said: “The prime minister apparently does not have adequate information, although he should have it before making such statement… I think that a good prime minister should not act like this.”

The Czech Republic has seen several thousands of migrants enter its territory this year, with the vast majority of the refugees and migrants traveling through neighboring Austria to Germany.

Zeman, 71, was criticized last month for making “Islamophobic” statements by United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein.


Zeman, though he does not have much policy-making power under the Czech legal system, has also long differed from the European mainstream by his pro-Russian views in the Ukraine crisis.

The Czech government under Sobotka has been detaining and expelling many migrants under strict interpretation of international agreements at a time when most other countries threw their borders open to the flood of refugees.

The government has called for aid to be focused outside the European Union and at its borders, and opposes quotas for redistributing migrants among all EU states.

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13 thoughts on “President Zeman to PM Sobotka: “Inform Yourself!”

  1. The Czech government ” opposes quotas for redistributing migrants among all EU states.” That is, the EU knows full well that most of these migrants, men of military age ready to wreck mayhem on the countries they settle in, will become arrogant Muslim supremacists preying on indigenous populations. So, the EU’s solution is to “spread the wealth.” It isn’t fair to saddles just Germany or Sweden with all these miscreants. Let’s spread the misery and the malice. I listened to Zeman’s speech and he’s a brave, stalwart man.

    • It’s not fair to the Germans to be saddled with the miscreants as the result of Merkel’s folly.

      It’s fully fair to the Swedes, who knowingly vote in morons who enact such policies. I feel sorry only for Swedes who vote for SD. That’s about 25% of the population, by current count, or maybe 2 million voters at the maximum (discounting underage, etc).

      I would happily offer all SD voters ONLY asylum in a normal country when Sweden packs it in. The other Swedes should convert to Islam and join in the fun at that point and serve as a real-life lesson to the idiots in the rest of Europe, as to what is waiting for them if they’re not a bit more careful.

      Watch, by the time all this is over, there will be a fence between Sweden and Finland, and the Aland Islands will be the place where Swedish culture survives the most.

      • And the Danes will dynamite the bridge over the Øresund. Or the Öresund, as it’s known on the other side of sundet.

    • Would you have ever imagined needing to call ethnic Europeans “indigenous” in their own homelands?

      I have begun to use this language recently partly because it has become necessary in order to make the distinction between the native ethnicities that have lived in Europe for centuries and the more recent immigrant populations, primarily post-WWII. A German is no longer a ethnic German relying solely on a passport.

      Another reason I began using “indigenous” in this way is it turns the Left’s language back onto them. The Left has effectively used “indigenous” to invoke sympathy for Third World or historically displaced peoples who they broadcast as being victims of colonialism or capitalism or Western imperialism. The thought here is to use the Left’s nomenclature and invoke this victim status for “indigenous Europeans,” who currently are being victimized in their own homelands. It’s a small thing, but it adds up.

      • I’ve been thinking for some time now about the strangeness of referring to Europeans as “indigenous”. But they really are – of course they conquered the world and killed one another for eons, but that is the nature of men – to conquer things. It’s not that women aren’t aggressive, we’re just differently aggressive. One could call it “making the whole world play nice”. The ways in which a female-driven culture works out can be seen in some of the more evolved matriarchic societies. Sweden is one..

        Poor Sweden: may God bless its interfering, naive and impervious soul. I think I’ll skip watching the Sankta Lucia Day festivities but I’ll miss baking lussekatter. Any excuse for a version of hot cross buns.

    • In a life or death struggle for Europe. The Czech Republic if fortunate to have President Zeman in my humble opinion.

  2. “Zeman, 71, was criticized last month for making “Islamophobic” statements by United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein.”

    Number 1) The term “Islamophobia” originated within the Islamic community itself — mirroring the success of world-wide communists’ use of cultural Marxism, aka PC — with one aim: to assert a moral high ground (to which they have NO objective claim) against anyone who dare challenge Islam, and thereby tape-up the mouths of those dissenters.

    Number 2) Human rights, according to Muslims, is human rights according to Sharia, and only according to Sharia. The UN is notorious (among those of us Westerners who recognize the shariafication of the UN) for its warm welcome of Islamists in the role of definers of what constitutes human rights. So this al-Hussein person’s comments merely reflect that.
    My opinion: Go tell the UN to pound sand, at minimum.

  3. The Siege of Vienna…. just one event in the 1,400+ years of Islamic terrorism. Nothing has changed only the year on the calendar. When I attended school in the 1950-1960’s we were taught the truth about Islam. Since 9/11/01 it has been whitewashed in this country and worldwide in many nations. Why? The facts are wide open now…speaking for themselves… plain as the nose on your face. People need to be educated with the truth..the Czech pm is correct. The only ones who should have civil liberties in any nation are its citizens no one interlopers…no refugees, no illegal immigrants. Why should any of us obey any laws or rules when those who invade other nations get rewarded for it?

  4. Why can’t PC types see the difference between xenophobia and concern about a particular ideology? It’s a pretty obvious difference, surely.

    • It’s not a question of seeing. The PC types that are not what Lenin called “useful idiots” have found that they can use Islam and muslims to help them destroy and control their opponents for their own purposes. I guess they figure that the “forces of history” will then control the Islamists for them, or something. One wonders who are the real idiots.

  5. ‘The Special Rapporteur also reiterates his concern in relation to anti-blasphemy laws, which are inherently vague and leave the entire concept open to abuse. He wishes to underscore once again that international human rights law protects individuals and not abstract concepts such as religion, belief systems or institutions, as also affirmed by the Human Rights Committee (CCPR/C/GC/34, para. 48). Moreover, the right to freedom of religion or belief, as enshrined in relevant international legal standards, does not include the right to have a religion or belief that is free from criticism or ridicule. Indeed, the right to freedom of expression includes the right to scrutinize, debate openly, make statements that offend, shock and disturb, and criticize belief systems, opinions and institutions, including religious ones…’

    La Rue, F. Promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, UN General Assembly, 67th Session, A/67/357, paragraph 53.

  6. It seems like the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and Slovaks are the only countries in Europe that have any common sense. The Danes woke up too late. The Us is falling fast. We have to continue to fight it in every lawful way we can.

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