Arbeit Macht Frei!

So it’s come to this.

Not only do Germans have to put up with hostile illiterate Muslim “refugees” who crowd their public spaces and leave filth in their wake. Not only do they have to endure increased levels of assault, theft, rape, and other crimes. Not only are they forced to keep quiet about it all, to shut their mouths if they don’t want to be prosecuted and/or lose their jobs.

Now it looks like they’ll be forced into the service of the migrants. Under this new proposal, after graduation their choice will be either military service or abject dhimmi servitude to the new Muslim Herrenvolk

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are two articles on the same topic, also translated by Nash Montana. First, from FOCUS online:

German Youth Should be Forced to Perform Compulsory Labor

An MP for the CDU [Angela Merkel’s party], Eckhardt Rehberg, demands that german youths perform compulsory labor to master the rising numbers of asylum seekers. “We need compulsory service. We have no other way to be able to master the mass of refugees and their integration.”

They are supposed to relieve volunteer workers, who are at their limit of exhaustion. Rehberg said: “We need compulsory service. We have no other way to be able to master the mass of refugees and their integration.” According to his suggestion, after young Germans graduate school, they have a choice in front of them, either go serve in the military for a year, or to serve one year in social services.

From Junge Freiheit:

German Youth Should be Forced to perform Compulsory Labor


Only an Emergency Measure

Eckhardt gets support from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern minister of the interior Lorenz Faffier (CDU). With this measure the Bundeswehr could get more recruits and grow. It isn’t the goal to reinstate mandatory military service. This is merely an emergency measure in the light of an impending “humanitarian refugee catastrophe,” emphasized Caffier.

Video transcript:

0:01   MP for the CDU Eckhard Rehberg made a suggestion that caused heated discussion.
0:07   In view of the ever-increasing number of refugees, Germany’s young people
0:11   should be required to perform compulsory labor.
0:15   They would basically be forced to service refugees.
0:18   This would give relief to the many volunteers who are at their limit of exhaustion.
0:26   Rehberg said: “We need compulsory service. We have no other way
0:30   to be able to manage the mass of refugees and their integration.”
0:33   It is Rehberg’s suggestion that young Germans be presented with two options after graduation:
0:38   Either one year of military service, or one year of social service.
0:44   Rehberg also said: “Everyone who today says ‘this can’t work’
0:47   will think differently about this six months from now.”

51 thoughts on “Arbeit Macht Frei!

  1. I’m for it! Let’s enslave German children to a year of interacting with “Muslim migrants”…
    They might think differently after their year of “service.”
    Hey, butter that bread you piece of crap… Never mind that you have an engineering degree and could contribute to our country’s economy, we need you to butter bread…

      • “But some will come to accept it for whatever personal reasons”. I fear sadly that “some” is really “many”.

        Unfortunately many have not got the tools or ability to figure this out, even if they figure something does not add up. Every way they look, their education teaches them that it must be their fault.

        Others will see the rewards of their work in further organisational skills and future management positions, and so will accept the price

        Then more will just buckle under, as they do not want to cause any problems. To struggle and speak out, will become dangerous, to their future, even to leave Europe.
        So would conclude it is not worth speaking out, as after all it is only a year of servitude.

        The military service ones will be used as back up as enforcing rule over any dissenters.,who will be called the new terrorists.
        The power trippers will stay on, or use those skill for future promotion and contacts.
        Any others will learn how merciless the state is, and how and with what means it can control people. So they will stay quiet.

        It seems that state believes it can keep communication, questions, and people talking between themselves, very limited, so there will no link up of people who not only see it, but figure it for what it is, a subsuming of German Culture, and a merging into Eurabia.
        You just never know who will mention your name to some official and what views you may hold.

        • It is very difficult to not fall into despair when observing what is going on around the globe, particularly in Germany, and in that regard, I don’t know how the Baron keeps his sanity having to view such ‘News Feeds’ everyday that keep us all informed of current world events.

          I doff my hat to him!

          Germany though, is now is a very special case because what is occurring there is a direct result of politicians stepping up an agenda that has been slowly building for decades throughout Europe by flooding the country with people from an ideology that anyone with their eyes and ears wide open can see will be of no benefit to the Fatherland, Europe, or its citizens.

          In fact, it is trouble writ large for not only Germany, but especially the old East German countries who are now openly rebelling against Frau Merkel and her so very obvious to them, destructive agenda.

          We may not see the old West Germany rise up immediately, but we are already seeing the seeds of discontent with Merkel’s murderous agenda that the old communist states now want no part of and are looking to their own as a more viable future proposition.

          Have you seen that huge banner recently unfurled at a Polish soccer game that denounces the US and the EU and their agenda? That took some organizing that did! And that is the kind of reaction we can all appreciate because it is sights like that, that stir the soul and fire the imagination for those who know that something is very, very, wrong with the world and have started to look for answers in the right places.

          It is too early to write off the German people. I would suggest we may see some reaction come the New Year after the winter thaws.

  2. Although not quite relevant but instructive in all seasons.

    The slogan ‘Death to America’ isn’t aimed at American people, Iran’s supreme leader clarifies

    You see he is right. Give the devil his due.

    If it were not for mushy western brains and their perverted decisions they would not have removed the Shah and replaced his with islamist rulers.

  3. One can clearly see that the government in Germany has ZERO fear NOR respect for/of the German citizens.

    But they are working very, very hard, to make sure they keep harping on the “Right Wing” Pegida and that they are a dangerous movement in a state of war, and that they will cost lives.

    Everybody’s gone nuts.

  4. There’s a rumor, unconfirmed as yet, that the man who stabbed a mayoral candidate in Cologne last month had been assigned a job cleaning toilets in a refugee camp or face losing his unemployment benefits.

  5. Mein Gott! The CDU is nuts.

    Why don’t they just rename themselves the Christian Dhimmi Union of Germany and be done with it. They can start issuing burqas for their female members and have fun with the name by calling them berkels to honor her barrenness frau Merkel.

    • The German people are incapable of critical thinking and care nothign for the future generations. Smart ones with degrees need to leave the country to find work and avoid slavery for the state. Amazing how stupid Germans, French, Swedes, and others in Eurostan. Tourism will be no longer since the motels have been taken over to house third world trash. Isn’t there any resistance being organized?

      • Whether or not hotels have been conscripted into the service of invasion, tourism into Germany is dead, at least from white Christendom. I doubt Merkel cares, as she and her government have “other” compensation.
        And to — hades — with the poor blokes at the bottom of the food chain, the workers and peasants.
        Where is the coup when we need it?

      • I agree, except we don’t necessarily want the smart Germans to emigrate, as they have failed a basic intelligence test by allowing this disaster to happen in the first place. The typical educated German would vote in the ultra liberal block in his next home. For the conservative nations the Islamist is not the natural enemy, it is the progressive liberal. The progressive abides by no law, no rule and is compelled to get along in life without much effort. The conservative is the clear and present danger to the liberal, and the liberal will do anything to eliminate this immediate threat without regard for their actions. I hope all Germans remain put – they’ve caused enough trouble these past 100 years. Come to think of it, this mess is a public service announcement for the conservative world.

        • “The progressive abides by no law, no rule…”

          If only the so-called conservatives had the stones to do the same thing. The real problem is obedience. Why are Germans paying any attention to their “leaders” by this point? They need to start emulating the Poles.

          • Paul, then what would be the difference between conservative or progressive? I am a Conservative and I live by principles – and that is the difference.

            Please remember that.

      • Resistance in France, about 6m, that’s on the visible political spectrum, so add another few millions to that who are not revealing their colours just yet.

  6. Do you think the gov’t is incompetent and will realize, after droves of graduates choose the military to avoid immigrant service, that they have to send the military to do that work.
    The gov’t is extremely cynical, conniving, scheming, (add your own adjective) and plans to send the military in to do the work anyway. This just gives a bunch of young graduates they can screw directly, before turning to screw the military.

    • What, pray tell, gives you the impression that opting for the military will help Germans avoid immigrant service? There are plenty of uniformed personnel at the front lines (border) dealing with the impatient hostile migrants.

  7. So: their choice will be: 1. Service to help defend the country; or 2. Service to help destroy the country.

    • I wish “1” were an option. European militaries do nothing to defend their countries. Over 3.5M active and reserve military in Europe but invaders in rubber rafts and rubber shoes are taking over their countries with only one shot fired. 10,000 a day now. In they flood like locusts to devour Europe. Merkelites strew flowers in their path. The media wet their pants with joy.

  8. More insanity – Will this well fed and well healed MP lead by example? How many “refugees” are wandering around the area where he resides?As we are continually assured that all these young men flooding Germany are either Doctors, Scientists, Professors and the like surely they all be working towards the German economy! Can they not organise themselves or are the to busy with squabbling about the food they receive, or the benefits they receive (having not paid a single penny into the system) Impeach this gentleman along with Frau Merkel for treason without delay for betraying the citizens who never voted for any of this.

  9. This is a fast track to civil war. The German youth will be so [wrathful], they’ll join the Resistance.

  10. Oh dear, the ‘volunteers’ who want to destroy the cultural fabric of Germany are ‘exhausted’. We can’t have that. And we can’t ask the question … why?

  11. This should be ‘volunteer’ only scheme. Only those private citizens who want economic migrants and potential jihadists should have them living with them, actually in their homes, or camped on their property, or in portakabins they have paid for on privately owned land. The food bill and *all* medical bills should come out of the ‘volunteers” pockets too.

    If the ‘volunteers’ become exhausted, physically and financially, then that means the system has reached the end of its tolerance. And that’s that.

  12. “Arbeit mach Frei” eh? But this time, it’s a bit different to the old days… Surely even the Fuhrer, in his worst nightmare, couldn’t have envisaged the “master race” voluntarily assigning its youth to clean the toilets of the new occupiers of the Fatherland – occupiers armed not with Katyushas and T-34 tanks, or Shermans and P-51 Mustangs, but with nothing more than their feet, their weight of numbers and their cries of “Allahu Akbar”?

  13. And so it begins; the ultimate expression of Socialism, democide.
    Will the German PPL fight against their personal genocide and save Europe in a popular movement that will redeem their position as a light in a new European Renaissance?

    • Dependency must breed a degree of infantilism that we can’t comprehend. Possibly it removes all independent thinking and punishes deviance from government norms.

      I wish I could find an amazing documentary that included an interview with two Swedes who were around 30 years old. Some mildly non-PC subject was broached to them and it was both comical and sad to see the great effort they expended to speak only the “correct” opinion. Educated people but solidly programmed. This was before any crisis situation had developed.

  14. The occupation of an invading force, the very presence of which is orchestrated by one’s very own government, the chief responsibility of which is to protect and defend its own people, is a crime that in former days would have been met with drawing and quartering of the offending party by the parties harmed and endangered by such glaring acts of tyranny.
    When will Germans and other nations’ peoples wake up to their intended slaughter by their so-called rulers?
    Are white Europeans going to walk as in a trance to their torture and execution by the One-Worlders who have everything to gain and nothing to lose by wiping out to the last scintilla every vestige of Christendom?

    • It’s my understanding that people became Christians because it was persuasive. A new vision was presented that appealed to heart and mind.

      What are the hallmarks of this new vision for the West? Why are degredation, filth, lies, bankruptcy, oligarchy, weakness, treason, and chaos the necessary precursors to this Shangrila?

    • Together with her husband (now deceased), they “worked indefatigably to educate humanity—non-Muslim and Muslim, alike—about the genocidal living legacy of jihadism.” -(credit Andrew Bostom)
      If only more would have been receptive to their warnings.

  15. At a certain point I am just going to stop feeling sorry for the Germans. They an only they can put a stop to this. If they allow this to happen, they will pay the consequences.

  16. Since prostitution is legal in Germany, I predict the next step will be German girls upon graduation will be required to serve one year compulsory service in a brothel reserved solely for refugee men. It will be necessary to cut down on the rape epidemic.

    Of course, the fees for services will be covered by the state.

  17. This is The Economist Sept 5, 2015.

    ‘In some ways this disparity between the European and the national mirrors the tensions in the euro crisis, where the currency is joint but countries’ debts are individual. Now incomplete integration is tripping up migration policy, too. The difference is that this time Mrs Merkel is pushing hard for a proper European solution—a joint transfer system for refugees in which all Schengen members take part. Without such a system, borderless travel across the continent could become unsustainable and European integration will take a big step back.

    Among Europe’s craven leaders
    Few other European politicians have had the courage to make such a clear link between Europe’s values, its collective self-interest and bold action on refugees. David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, nonchalantly cites an opt-out agreement with the EU as an excuse to restrict the number of refugees. Many eastern European politicians have resorted to xenophobia, refusing to welcome refugees for resettlement even as their citizens enjoy the benefits of borderless travel (see article). No doubt Mrs Merkel is driven, in part, by domestic concerns. Germany expects to register up to 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, far more than any other country in the EU, and voter disquiet is growing. But a desire to share the burden should not be mistaken for selfishness. In a crisis where Europe has little to be proud of, Mrs Merkel’s leadership is a shining exception.’

    This is what it’s all about – an EU PUTSCH! That’s all she cares about! Empress of the Fourth (EU) Reich!

    • Absolutely. Germany which enjoys the best trade balance in Europe should be the one saddled with the least productive underclass imagineable, and feed them. In order to feed them Germany will be forced to purchase food from countries whose ballance is lopsided due to the low value of their goods: Italy, Greece, Spain and Israel. Prices of food will rise and Greece will regain its economy. Hooray for the Muslim invaders who put matters right and even the field!!

  18. What a crock of BS, may I suggest the ‘migrants’, ‘new arrivals’ or whatever label is attached to them be required to do some type of ‘service’ for the 500+ Euros per month they will be receiving. In the USA some states had ‘workfare’ programs for welfare recipients. Just think ‘working’ would be a positive experience for them.

  19. There’s an apocryphal quotation attributed to Joseph Mengele. To the Jews who never fought back and just went meekly about their short lives in the camps, he said, “The more we do to you people the less you seem to think it’s happening.”

    The Germans will never revolt. They will just fade out and vanish in a whimper.

    As I’ve said before, generations of left-wing thought have transformed them into human panda bears, totally disinterested with continuing their line.

    • I’ve lived in Germany, worked for a German company for almost two decades before I retired, so I feel confident in saying that Germans will always follow the rules, do as they are told, UNTIL the social constraints break down. Then it’s Katy bar the door. This I think is why the horror of WW2 in the Bloodlands was possible. So many Germans with so much repressed anger. Vorsicht, Frau Merkel!

  20. The Right of return of Muslim conquerors to Europe at large and Germany in Particular shall not be infringed. What is good enough for Israel, which is forced to live with three million million Muslims inside its dominion is good enough for Germany, and indeed Western Europe which has championed the Muslim cause against the Jews fo r thje last half-century. German youth need to know how it is to live under the yoke of tyranny, before they resort to an Intifadah against their conquerors. German Capos who enforce Islamo-Nazi rules on their own brethren must be given their due respect. Will it come to German ZonderCommando? Time will tell

  21. I have always wondered why refugees are not forced to do the work under supervision from German officials.
    It is not like they are so starved or diseased as to be incapacitated. At the very least, they refugees should have to do their own cooking and cleaning and failure to maintain hygiene should be considered when allowting them to stay.
    Give ’em food, pots and pans, utensils, brooms, mops and mop buckets, towels, and soap, then have the supervisors check behind them. If the food sucks, it is their own fault. If the area becomes filthy, they are tossed out.

  22. Ἡ Ἄνγελα Μέρκελ γενοκτονεῖ τὸν λαὸ τῆς Ἑλλάδος ἀλλὰ συμπονᾶ και βοηθᾶ αὐτοὺς ποὺ θὰ ἀλλάξουν τὴν ταυτότητα τοῦ λαοῦ τῆς χώρας της.

    Τὶ κράτος εἶναι τέλος πάντων αὐτὴ ἡ Γερμανία;

    Τὸ καλλίτερο ποὺ ἔχουμε νὰ κάνουμε εἶναι νὰ διαλύσουμε αὐτὸ τὸ ἔκτρωμα τῆς Εὐρώπης καὶ νὰ ζήση ὁ καθένας μέσα στὰ ὂρια τῆς χώρας του ἀφοῦ πρῶτα διώξουμε τοὺς Ἰσλαμιστὲς.
    Ἀν δὲν τοὺς διώξετε,τότε θὰ ὑποστῆτε ὅ,τι ὑπέστησαν οἱ Ἕλληνες ὅπου μέσα σὲ τρεισήμυσι αἰῶνες(1453-1821) ἀπὸ 20.000.οοο ἔμειναν μόνο 900.000.

    Θὰ σᾶς ξαναγράψω ὅτι κράτος Μακεδονίας ΔΕΝ ὑπάρχει.
    Ἡ Μακεδονία εἶναι ἡ βόρεια ἐπαρχία τῆς Ἑλλάδος καὶ τὸ ὑβριδικὸ κράτος στὸ ὁποῖο ἀναφέρεσθε ὀνομάζεται ἀπὸ τὸν U.N Fyrom.

    As my english is nery poor and i felt the need to comment i wrote to you in my language,Greek.

    [Machine translation:

    The Angela Merkel genocide the people of Greece as universe and assistants that will change the identity of the peoples of the country.
    What state is anyway this Germany?
    The best we have to do is to dispel this monstrosity of Europe and to live, everyone within the boundaries of the country after driving out Islamists.
    If they do not go away, then they ypostite whatever suffered by the Greek where within treisimysi centuries (1453-1821) from remained only 900,000.
    I will rewrite rule that Macedonia does not exist.
    Macedonia is the northern province of Greece and the hybrid state in which you refer is called by the UN Fyrom.]

  23. I would say that such is the leftist/multiculti “pinnacle” of self-loathing, but I know it will get worse.

  24. Okay, Baron, in ’08 I used the same phrase as another robot and you censored me.

    I could see then writing from Israel what was happening. All is aligning as I foresaw.

    Our new Masters hope we will go down without a fight.

    Holger Danske is waking.

  25. Why don’t they press the mooselimb “youths” into service to assist and serve the needs of their own people. Make work mandatory in order to receive the vaunted German handouts.

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