Waving Them Through to Germany

The following news report was originally broadcast by Spiegel TV Magazin. In it you can follow the columns of “refugees” from their landing on Lesbos through the Balkans to their arrival in Austria, with their final destination Germany.

Every step of the way they are simply waved through, in violation of the Schengen Agreement and EU law. But none of that seems to matter to any of the countries along the route — the important thing is to get them to Germany as quickly as possible. After all, it was Chancellor Angela Merkel who invited them.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   If you think that the coming winter is going to cut down on mass immigration,
0:04   you have to watch the our unbelievable report coming up now.
0:08   From Angela Merkel’s ‘Willkommenskultur’, and
0:12   well informed about previously emigrated relatives,
0:15   increasingly more families are on the way to Europe now,
0:18   despite freezing temperatures, rain and chaotic conditions.
0:22   The hopelessly overwhelmed countries do only one thing nowadays:
0:25   They wave the masses of people through to the next country.
0:28   Until they arrive in Germany.
0:31   Ernst Münser and Vanessa Schlesier report:
0:33   The stream of immigrants will not stop. On the contrary.
0:38   On Greek islands such as Lesbos, 48,000 people arrived
0:42   this week alone; that’s more than ever before.
0:50   ”Do you need something?” – “No, no, everything is OK.”
0:53   ”What’s wrong with her?” – “I think it’s a panic attack.”
0:57   The weather forecast for the next few days is bad.
1:00   The helpers expect more boats because of it.
1:04   ”We had information from journalists that 30 boats were going to arrive.
1:09   Ten have already arrived. We are preparing for another 20.”
1:13   Only nine kilometers, that’s the distance from the Turkish mainland
1:17   to the Greek island, which is a gateway to the EU.
1:20   The Aegean Sea has meant death for hundreds of refugees.
1:26   Turkish President Erdoğan could stop this mass wave of refugees.
1:31   At the time of this report, Chancellor Merkel visited
1:34   with Erdoğan, trying to get him to act.
1:37   Until that happens, relief groups help while a helicopter
1:42   for the Greek coast guard is looking for refugee boats.
1:45   Chaos reigns on the roads.
1:48   People are wandering about, nobody knows where to.
1:51   In order to leave Lesbos, Mohammed has to register himself and his family.
1:55   But where?
1:58   ”They take me from camp to camp, from camp to camp. This happened three times.
2:02   What can we do? We need help. Honest people who will tell us,
2:06   here is the camp for the Syrian people.”
2:10   Onwards, always onwards. The chaotic conditions on Lesbos
2:14   must be wanted by the Community politicians.
2:17   Because let’s not give refugees the idea that they want to stay.
2:24   ”We are not complaining. We are not asking for financial aid,
2:29   All we ask is for better European organization.
2:35   Despite the difficult economic crisis, we have managed to pick ourselves up,
2:40   and to master the situation.
2:44   Europe can do that, too.”
2:48   The registration stop for Syrian refugees. Only those that register here can go on.
2:53   8,000 arrived here just today. Only about ¼ will be processed.
2:59   ”People, I don’t understand why do you push each other!
3:02   You will all be able to come in!”
3:06   ”They are from a people that never had to learn order!”
3:09   Mohammed has finally arrived at his temporary destination.
3:13   A few hundred people are in line in front of him, and then
3:16   he can be registered and continue to travel.
3:19   ”I am happy now. I can finally leave.”
3:23   Travel continues with extra ferries to the Balkan route.
3:25   Destination: Germany.
3:29   ”We can study there, we can work.”
3:33   ”Who told you that?”
3:36   ”Merkel! Merkel says she would support all Syrians in Germany.
3:41   And… we believe her!”
3:45   ”I think Germany is a great country. I have a lot of relatives there.
3:50   They all say, it’s a great country.”
3:55   The next stop is Greek mainland.
3:59   From there to the North.
4:02   The new Balkan route for about a week now
4:05   has led refugees through Croatia and Slovenia.
4:09   Since the new route, dramatic scenes have played out in those countries.
4:13   Wednesday night at the Slovenia-Croatia border.
4:16   About 2,000 refugees are held up by police.
4:19   Most of them want to travel on to Germany.
4:22   A country about which they have very specific notions.
4:27   ”Germany will give us work, and a roof over our heads.”
4:31   ”Because my husband went there, to Germany, two months ago.”
4:40   ”I surfed the internet and I found a hospital
4:44   where I can get medical treatment.”
4:48   ”What are you ill with, polio?” – “Yeah, polio.”
4:51   The Croatian border town Sutla in the morning hours.
4:54   A train with refugees arrives at the rail station.
4:57   Cameras are obviously not desired.
5:00   ”Stop! Police! Police! Behind the barrier!”
5:03   ”Why? We are from the press!”
5:06   ”Behind the lines! Go! Go away!”
5:09   Four to six trains arrive daily here, each holding 1,000 refugees.
5:14   They are escorted by the Croatian police through the village to the nearby green border.
5:19   Helpful residents stand at their front yard fences.
5:22   ”Cookies! For the children, here. For the children!
5:31   No, no, for the children! Children and women!”
5:37   A few meters before the green border, the police just let the masses go.
5:43   Here is a bridge that leads across the border river.
5:47   The Police Chief of Zagreb does not want to comment on the illegal mass immigration.
5:53   ”What do you think of this situation? Is this difficult for you?”
6:01   ”No comment.” – “No comment.”
6:05   The stream moves north on the Slovenian side of the border.
6:09   After about one kilometer police and military stop the exodus.
6:15   Only after there is more room in upcoming camps can they move on.
6:22   ”This is a very difficult situation for our small country.
6:26   There are simply too many refugees.
6:30   In order to keep up with a minimum standard of aid,
6:34   we need help.
6:37   We need water, food, clothes, the things it takes to provide aid to migrants.”
6:43   In the meantime, roughly 10,000 people arrive daily in Slovenia.
6:47   On foot they continue to the refugee camp in Brežice.
6:52   It is but one more stop on their long trek to Germany.
6:56   Many think that they will return home some day.
7:00   ”When conditions have improved in Syria and the war is over
7:04   I will go back home again.”
7:08   But it looks like that’s not happening right now.
7:11   The newcomers from Croatia are in a temporary reception camp.
7:15   There is barely room for about 2,000 people.
7:20   And everything is lacking. The mood is tense.
7:24   ”My baby will die! There are no blankets, no water, nothing!
7:29   It is so cold here! Why do they hold us here? Why?”
7:36   ”They told us the people of Syria are welcome!
7:40   We have not expected these kinds of troubles here!”
7:44   ”And why do you want to go to Germany?”
7:47   ”Because they invited us! They said we would be welcome!
7:50   This is not the freedom I have been looking for!”
7:53   These were probably the same thoughts those refugees had
7:56   who torched down their camp last Wednesday.
7:59   They wanted to force a continuation of their journey.
8:02   Slovenia wants to rush the refugees to their neighboring country, Austria.
8:07   Because there aren’t enough buses, the transfer is slow.
8:12   But nobody wants to talk here either.
8:15   ”Are you driving to the border?”
8:18   ”… I don’t know.” – “Austria?” – “No comment.”
8:23   The buses drive in a convoy to the Austrian border crossing in Spielfeld.
8:29   The drive from Brežice to the border lasts an hour and a half.
8:33   The buses drive this route several times daily.
8:38   In Spielfeld, several thousands of migrants arrive daily.
8:42   The Austrian army is there to make sure the situation won’t escalate.
8:50   Even just the smallest argument could end up in a mass panic.
8:56   ”He cussed at me and he touched my wife. So now we have a problem.”
9:01   From here, the trek leads to Graz, and then by train to Germany.
9:06   There is not a Balkan state left that adheres to EU regulations.
9:09   The refugees are simply being waved through.
9:12   European solidarity looks different.

30 thoughts on “Waving Them Through to Germany

  1. It is scandalous how Germany’s arrogant government is subjecting other countries to this mass migration. How can they seriously ask for solidarity when they acted unilaterally setting this flood of humanity into motion. They are exasperating the danger of regional conflict. The German people have not be asked about such a momentous demographic change with extraordinary negative cultural, security and financial implications, leading to escalating social conflict and loss of resilience.
    And tragically it is a total waste, unnecessary ideologically driven amok run. The world will not be one iota a better place, on the contrary.

  2. Historically, how will all this go down in European history? Anything can happen because future history is still a blank page and there are infinite future possibilities, because Europeans, if they ever wake up, can still make choices and draw a line in the sand. I personally feel they will not, it is the end of Europe as I have known it. Already, everywhere, foreigners, the type who behave as though they show no sign of ever wanting to integrate into European culture. They are expecting us to integrate into theirs. The globalists, and the legions of useful idiots, believe the migrant flows are a great thing that it will “enrich” Europe. I try hard to remain calm and collected about this and at the same time busy with “escape” plans to another part of the world – but the entire planet is pretty much rigged, so it’s only a question of degree.

    • “They are expecting us to integrate into theirs.”

      Which means – a 2nd-class citizen dhimmi. And not one paying zero tax, like the Dubai expats – but burdened with ever higher costs, paying ever higher tax rates, and left to feel the wrath of the newcomers, who blame all “white countries” for colonialism, imperialism, exploitation and, the worst of it all, racism… if/when those newcomers have the upper hand, will the indigineous Europeans still have their human rights guaranteed?

      • Europeans’ “human rights” will be taken well care of by The New Human Rights, aka sharia, ref Cairo 1990, “Human Rights based on sharia”.

      • No, because the newcomers aren’t nearly so foolish as the European whites who claim to be, “men,” but are really just so many sheep ready for slaughter.

    • Do the globalists BELIEVE the migrant flows will “enrich” Europe, or is this a dishonest mask for deliberate destruction?

      • The same mix of jihadst horror, ISIS atrocities, and civil war will start again in Germany–why wouldnt it?….and, voila, there will finally be a hoard of emigrants leaving Germany and Europe bound for America, maybe Russia and China….the last three countries standing. We are seeing the harbingers and preparations for a war of supernova magnitude. Could be The Last War.

  3. Whilst having sympathy and empathy with genuine refugees I cannot see
    How Europe can ever hope to absorb this mass influx of displaced people
    On this scale. As one elderly man stated on the video clip he was travelling Because ” Angela Merkel INVITED us” and this is the crux of the matter. It does seem that most arrivals are young men who are expecting a job, a house, and a car, hospital treatment for serious ailments and this is going to bankrupt Germany and the rest of the EU in no time at all.
    Angela Merkel continues to lecture conferences that this has to be and that she knows best and that border fences could now cause a war in the Balkans! Is there not one other European Statesman or Stateswoman prepared to point out to this deluded woman that she has already paved the way for massive civil unrest throughout the whole continent with her I’ll considered invite and that everyone was welcome?

    • “It does seem that most arrivals are young men who are expecting a job, a house, and a car…”

      And what happens when they get their rude awakening, and find that for years they’re living in former office blocks, shared with masses of other migrants?

      Something tells me that all those nice, quiet and orderly little German towns might not remain so for much longer…

    • Small European towns are already being outnumbered by muslim men from MENA and other islamic African states. So, the invasion is partly already an islamic success, seen from the caliphate perspective.

      Next up is European plans for building islamic shantytowns to welcome 3 000 “refugees” outside – European – cities – in Europe.

    • Have you taken a good look at the bunch of characters you call “Statesman or Stateswoman”. Ants.

  4. Merkel and Soros (who is funding the Muslims) are using the invasion as a wrecking ball to bring down the edifice of a Europe of nation-states – all so they can wield greater power for their own ends.

    Soros wants a more powerful EU Central Bank to prop up his investments. Whoever can dispose of that piece of human garbage will have the gratitude of millions of citizens!

    But Merkel, Obama and their ilk are digging their own graves. In fact I am surprised she is still at large.

    • This process has started long before Metkel and Soros. Read ‘Eurabia: Land of Dhimmitude’ by Bat Ye’or, which was published exactly 10 years ago.

      What we are seeing is an acceleration of the process, which was in the works for decades.

      • For decades, in our time.

        And, for centuries before that. This totalitarian imperialistic ideology’s founder’s goal was global power, to outdo anyone before him, first of all, Alexander The Great, as a historic reference in the first centuries after Alexander’s time.

  5. G.J. Davis: the young men, most or many, are expecting everything free but don’t want to work. If they did, they’d be in the unemployment line, not burning cars and threatening women with their advances (sexual). I think Merkel should be institutionalized.

    As for Soros. . . all I will say is that I am ashamed that he is a Hungarian (although not good, I know his history and what he did, but many people do not know).

  6. DiMu, I did not know Soros is funding the Muslims but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Lately I’ve been wondering where the money is coming from.

  7. “Kein Kommentar”. So we have, what, a few dozen thousand people that utter their “humanitarian generosity” louder than everyone else. To speak otherwise leads to social branding. What does the silent majority think if the only thing they dare say is “kein kommentar”? I understand the couple in the video is Croatian, but there must be a lot of Germs that feel the same. Wait until most of the population has come across a stream of “refugees”. The next federal elections in Germany are to be hold in a little more than two years. That seems really far away.

    • And what bet that by the next German elections, the German government will have made a strong effort to give their “new citizens” the vote? Meaning that in many towns, the concerns of the natives become meaningless – as they’re already on the verge of becoming a minority…

      • “We, the Greens have to make sure to get as many immigrants as possible into Germany. If they are [already] in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. When we reach that, we will have a share of the vote we need to change this republic.”
        Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Green Party

  8. “But Merkel, Obama and their ilk are digging their own graves. …”

    I doubt if Merkel, Obama, Cameron, Trudeau, or the other European leaders who are rushing to dissolve their nations, really see themselves as citizens of the countries they are leading. I think they see themselves as citizens of the world, or of the third world, or of some abstract ideal. The idea of patriotism or nationalism is quaint to them, and foreign (so to speak) to their education and experience.

    After being forced out of the British Prime Ministership, Tony Blair became Middle East envoy for the United Nations, and tried to become President of the European Council. I’m sure his emotional ties to Britain would remain faint to non-existent. Similarly, there is speculation that President Obama will maintain a show residence in Chicago, but won’t actually live there any more than he does now.

    The fact is, the present Western leadership doesn’t have a dog in the fight to preserve Western heritage or peoples. They look forward to living in Brussels, Geneva, New York, Qatar, or wherever they can get palatial living quarters, a high stipend, and enough deference to act like they are still world-class leaders.

    The problem with federalism is that it centralizes power, dissolves local control, and gives complete power to people specialized in the bureaucratic and electoral art of self-advancement in bureaucracies.

  9. I am actually surprised that Spiegel would publish an anti-immigrant piece as this one.
    They have been in the pocket of progressives for a long time. Perhaps opinion has changed so much that they need to retain their audience?

  10. This is IT actually happening. This IS the unthinkable catastrophe unfolding NOW in REAL TIME. The bankrupting and destruction of Europe is not something that ‘is at risk down the road’. This IS it NOW.

  11. ” there is speculation that President Obama will maintain a show residence in Chicago, but won’t actually live there any more than he does now.”

    Can anyone think of a time that Mr. Obama and his family went back to Chicago for a vacation, I can’t?

    We as a nation had an excellent opportunity to turn the ghetto culture around with the first black president. 73% out of wedlock birth rate, massive disproportion of black on black crime, failing high school graduation rates.

    Instead we were treated to an endless litany of our “racism.”

    My husband has worked his entire life in what I call a league of nations; people from all over the world uniting together under a similar culture to get the job done. Some of the worst “racists” were imports from another culture like Nigeria that would not allow the crap that goes on in today’s society and were more than willing to fire entire swaths of workers that wanted to disrupt the manufacturing process. (The particular person that I am talking about was a factory manager in Mexico for an American company.)

    The same can be said for Eastern Europeans… Every Eastern European that I have met was anti socialist. Virulently so! They and a couple of generations before them lived under Communist rule and they don’t want to do that again.

    But that is what is happening in Europe and creeping into our “democracy” in the US. How do you suppose this socialist trend will fund itself? By placing a greater and greater burden on the indigenous working people. Finland has already increased taxes to pay for the parasites.

    The fact that Christian churches are in the business of “resettling ” refugees makes me sick to my stomach. It is big business at $72,000/head and they should be ashamed of themselves. They move them here to unsuspecting communities and give them food, clothes, housing and medical care for SIX MONTHS and then the state and local communities have to care for them and educate their children.

    Rant/over. I can’t take anymore. Europe’s bells are tolling their death knell. I can also dimly hear the US bells.

  12. This is a permanent change in Europe, like the fall of Rome or the invasion of the Vikings….a new country is arising before our eyes. How people can still talk about football is beyond me.

    Shouldn’t the world be in giant conferences and confabs about this, right now? Letting Europe deconstruct affects all of us. The ship has been struck by an iceberg and we are continuing to play bridge on its deck. “I’ll bid four no-trump.” Global insanity.

    • “How people can still talk about football is beyond me.

      Shouldn’t the world be in giant conferences and confabs about this, right now? ”

      Talking about “this” may lead to accusations of the worst kind of “crime” one can be accused of, these days. Something that might not only get you in trouble with the authorities, but also lead to dismissal from your job, and ostracisation by all your friends. The “crime” I’m talking about is, of course, racism…

      So, perhaps for many people it’s easier to stick to discussing football?

    • Indeed. If we as a population were sound of mind, we would all be out demanding a change of government and threatening civil war, yet that would appear to be considered absurd were one to suggest it to the masses. The biggest and most threatening transformation in Europe’s history is underway and at an increasing speed, yet you wouldn’t know it by how apathetic everyone is. I know personally maybr two other English people who’ve had enough, the rest either keep their views to themselves, are completely ignorant or support this transformation unquestioningly. I struggle to understand how so few seem to care.

  13. The situation seems out of anyone’s control now, and ready to ignite.

    There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants backed up. Once they land in Europe, there is no exit strategy for them. They’ve thrown away their real identity papers. Without proof it citizenship, their home country might very well refuse to admit them, with good reason.

    The transportation is only into Europe. The smuggling operations don’t operate away from Europe, if for no other reason, they immigrants have already spent all their money getting there. Once they have traveled across borders, they won’t, and can’t, travel back. So, they are in a situation where they must keep moving, or die of starvation and exposure. They only alternative to allowing them freedom of movement is to put them up in refugee camps, which would likely turn out to be permanent.

    Also, the overwhelmingly male mass of immigrants might very well see indefinite internment as a kind of living death they didn’t bargain for, and might decide it’s worthwhile to take over the region. Migrate-and-conquer is as old as human existence.

    Without migration control, including the sinking of transport ships, I don’t see a way to game-plan a peaceful future. There are too many immigrants backed up and on the way; they are too unskilled to take care of themselves within the confines of European society; they will require too many resources and too much space to avoid a significant redistribution of wealth and land to the migrants.

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