The GDR’s Belated Revenge on Angela Merkel

Everyone wants to know what motives Chancellor Angela Merkel has for inviting millions of “refugees” in the Middle East to come to Germany. In the following op-ed from Die Welt, Henryk Broder offers some suggestions. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The GDR’s Belated Revenge on Angela Merkel

“We can do it!” says the Federal Chancellor, like a mantra. A very similar motto was once in circulation — “That, we can do it!” It was not much use to those in power that time, either.

Henryk M. Broder
October 27, 2015

On the occasion of the tenth party convention of the SED[1], the party leadership commissioned ten posters which were intended to honor the role of the SED in the building of the first German workers’ and farmers’ party. On one of them, two hands intertwine powerfully, Above them is “Our Thanks to You, Party.” On another a pupil holds out a notebook in which she has written “I do my best, so do Mommy and Daddy.”

In three other similarly designed posters are a soldier, a miner and a farm woman, all offering “Everything for the Good of the People.” The soldier says “That, we can protect!”, the miner says “That, we can handle!” and the farm woman says “That, we can do!” The woman is wearing grey-blue overalls, is powerfully built and has her hair in a bob cut — and is the spitting image of the chancellor. Yes, Angela Merkel could have looked like that 34 years ago.

We don’t know the identity of the woman in the photo, who is in the act of descending from the driver’s cab of a tractor. Presumably, she is not a real farm woman, as the soldier might not be a real soldier and the miner might not be a real miner. Yet the poster is authentic in a way that reveals the observer. The sentence “That, we can do!” is an almost word-for-word pre-emption of the sentence Angela Merkel said at the beginning of September — “We can do that!” — and by doing that, unleashed a crisis that simultaneously paralyzes and worries the Federal Republic.

Merkel Rules in the Style of a Feudal Prince

Every day, millions of people wonder anew: What does the chancellor want? What are her intentions? What does the plan look like that she communicated to Anne Will[2]? Amazed, we discover that in a nation with 16 state administrations, 16 state legislatures, 16 governors, a Bundestag, an upper house, a federal president and thousands of civil servants, it is all about what the chancellor wants.

She not only decides the guidelines of policy — with a word or the stroke of a pen, she can open and close borders, abrogate laws and imperiously sweep the table clean of any doubts about the wisdom of her decisions: “We can do that!” Angela Merkel rules in the style of a feudal prince, and that includes the threat to bid farewell to the land she wanted to serve, if the people should refuse their allegiance. As yet, no chancellor has dared to be that offensive.

The poster for the tenth convention of the SED reminds us that the chancellor was socialized in the GDR, in a system which — from its first to its last day — had a dysfunctional relationship with reality. The GDR wanted to be the seventh or eighth largest industrial nation in the world. No country had more tourists than the East Berlin republic, which is connected to the fact that every transiting traveler to or from West Berlin had to apply for a visa.

There was no poverty in the GDR, no unemployment, no xenophobia, no criminality, but, on the other hand, “parade routes” like Stalinallee, which bore witness to the superiority of living conditions under working socialism. Even the weather reports were falsified, if it was too cold or too hot, to decrease the energy usage in households. Where there was a will, there was a way.

The Federal Republic on the Same Path as the GDR

“That, we can do!” refers to the work norms, the five-year plan and supplying the population with such costly consumer goods as bananas, real bean coffee and genuine chocolate. Today, “We can do that!” relates to energy consumption, giving up fossil fuels, saving the rain forests, production or marketing of electric cars and the absorption of millions of refugees from Africa, Arabia and Asia, who are to help us become or remain a diverse, open and tolerant land.

Meanwhile, local traffic is “close to collapse”, because there is no money to properly maintain the routes and the vehicles. It is just simpler to plan Utopia than to renovate a few ramshackle bridges in the Ruhr area.

It looks as if the Federal Republic is on the same path from which the GDR skidded into the abyss of history. The chancellor’s policy is the belated revenge of the GDR on the BRD. She may not be conscious of this, but it is precisely the unconscious that is especially characterized by sustainability and reliability.

The Guessing About Merkel’s Motives Will Continue

The relationship between the former GDR and the Federal Republic may be compared to a family in which the children must first be fully grown before they can repay everything that their parents have done to them. 25 years after the “reunification”, the East Germans have arrived at this point. The further back the end of the GDR lies, so much better can they recall the offenses they had to suffer after November 9th.

When thousands of West German fortune hunters invaded the GDR to con East Germans into insurance policies, sales contracts and newspaper subscriptions or grab up real estate at rock bottom prices… that suddenly changed everything for the GDR Germans. The BRD Germans kept right on, as if a garden fence somewhere in Mongolia had fallen over.

And now the Wessis are threatened with the same hardship as were their brothers and sisters, the Ossis. The GDR imploded because of emigration, the BRD is threatening to collapse under the weight of immigration. Then as now, the opening of the borders was the cause of the calamity. German destiny seems to suffer from a compulsion to repeat. Unless, in the duplication of the events, we can see an act of equalizing justice, brought on by the chancellor from the East.

So the guessing about the chancellor’s motives will go on for now. Even if she acts as if she herself doubts whether “we” can do it.

And now we should just like to know what became of the young farm woman who announced in 1981, to the honor of the SED, “That, we can do!”


1.   Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, Socialist Unity Party of Germany
2.   German telejournalist

Photo: Archive — Isn’t that young Angela Merkel? No, but it could be. An SED poster for the tenth party convention, 1981

24 thoughts on “The GDR’s Belated Revenge on Angela Merkel

  1. The control-freak sociopaths that self-select into government are doing this because they can see the Ponzi scheme of the welfare state requires pyramid demographics – but the Germans are having, on average, 1.3 children per couple. This results in a massive demographic decline.

    So the Collectivists had a choice: maintain historical culture and lose the socialist state, or increase the socialist state and demolish traditional society. The second option is win-win for cultural Marxists/socialists.

    The demographics required to prop up the (unsustainable) socialist welfare state just a little longer is why they are doing what they are doing.

    • You’re assuming a rational, though sociopathically selfish, point of view. The idea is, she is importing bad eggs to prop up a doomed socialist system for a few more years, presumably when she is retired and collecting her speakers fees in Riyadh.

      In fact, any discussion with her advisers would make clear the invaders would not prop up the system for even a week: they would begin as liabilities to the welfare state, and end as even stronger liabilities. The only possible way the invasion would be beneficial to Merkel or her minions would be if she were taking a straight, up-and-down bribe. While she certainly has no moral restraints keeping her from taking a bribe, it exposes her to criminal liabilities, when she can look forward to a lucrative retirement in any case.

      My conclusion is that whatever her motivations, rational, reality-based calculations, even from an amoral self-interest, have nothing to do with it.

      The quotes following are from the article:

      “During this time the European elites have become fascinated by their own robust conception of the culture of Islamic despots, whose violence was to vanish behind their putative cultural achievements.

      “It must be stressed first of all, that English racial imperialism departs from the foundational concept of ethnicity. It passes over into a notion of remote, almost godlike dominance, which demarcates the elites as a separate “race”, as a human-species sui generis. It distinguishes itself ontologically from the mass of all other people, who only appear to be human beings by virtue of their Gestalt, but like Jews, “Negroes” and women, they are not really people. For this elite race, legitimation is superfluous, because it is destined to rule; it rules because it is superior, wealthy and English. As is becoming apparent, Islam’s ideology of dominance feeds on the same ontologically racist[1] impulse, albeit veiled in pseudo-religiosity.

      “Carl Peters (d. 1918), co-founder of German Imperialism and Social Darwinism, went to the heart of the matter:

      ““I was fed up with being counted among the pariahs and wanted to belong to a master-race”.

      “Fjordman finds another motive behind the Enlightenment’s favouring of Islam. It is cultural relativism and its mythological correlate, the noble savage. Once again, Fjordman employs the words of Ibn Warraq:

      “[t]he need and desire to see an alien culture as in some ways superior is as great as the need to see it as inferior”.

      Fjordman identifies the Roman historian Tacitus (c. 56-117) as the first to admire the noble savage in his Germania. Tacitus “contrasted the virtues of the Germans with the vices of contemporary Rome”. According to Fjordman, “it worked well as a morality tale”. Certainly the “moral” aspect is a foreground feature, but as Fjordman notes, there is an invidious comparison, “[t]he need and desire to see an alien culture as in some ways superior” to his own.”

      Me again:
      In summary, Merkel feels drowned in her own mediocrity. She sees herself rejuvenated, phoenix-like, in the rise to power of the energetic, young, barbarian peoples of the Muslim persuasion.

  2. Can you imagine Angie M wearing a pair of ‘Oor Wullie’ dungarees … and nothing else?

    Yes, there is the new leader, folks. Die Fuehrerin. Gleichschaltung is her watchword, destruction is her game. Just remember though, strip away her political title, and she’s nothing more than an ugly bag of bones and water.

  3. Even after Hitler’s disastrous reign and a devastating world war, Germany could be rebuilt. After Merkel and her migrants, I am not so sure we will ever see Germany again. look no further for motivation. She was a communist youth leader and she still is.

    • Good point. Likewise with Obama and now we have a piece of candy floss elected in Canada who makes these two look like wise old owls. Goodbye Canada.

  4. “She not only decides the guidelines of policy — with a word or the stroke of a pen, she can open and close borders, abrogate laws and imperiously sweep the table clean of any doubts about the wisdom of her decisions: “We can do that!” Angela Merkel rules in the style of a feudal prince, and that includes the threat to bid farewell to the land she wanted to serve, if the people should refuse their allegiance. As yet, no chancellor has dared to be that offensive.”

    Eerily reminiscent of the 2008 slogan, “Yes, we can”… and ….“I’ve got a pen…” edict of the current-occupant-of-the-oval-office, here in the USA.

    Is it any wonder why so many of us currently feel like we’ve entered The Twilight Zone

  5. If an ordinary citizen was caught planning to do what Mrs Merkel and her gang, the Swedish politicians and their cohorts, the US president and his band of criminals, the UK establishment and most other Western elites, are doing, then they would very quickly confined to a lunatic asylum. So, the great unanswered question is why are these lunatics allowed to perpetrate their insanity with impunity?

    • Well, the short answer is that Merkel and Cameron and Hollande and Obama are backed up by military force, armies and police, and those who would stop their insanity have no force.

  6. Caliph Anglea Merkel is mad old ugly hag who must be [intemperate suggestion redacted], she has single handedly destroyed Germany and wants to destroy the whole of Europe. She is satan, a personification of evil, the most evil politician of all times. German people are cowards who can’t oppose, prevent, and stop the evil and mad Merkel from destroying Germany. If you look closely into her face and eyes- she looks insane.

      • Ban the preaching of Islam as hate speech. Prosecute the imams and turn the mosques into medical clinics or gyms.

        • Their mosques are like scabs, reminders of the huge insult that their presence in a civilized land was and is. Only destruction is acceptable, just as they destroy churches wherever they go.

  7. “Every day, millions of people wonder anew: What does the chancellor want? What are her intentions? What does the plan look like…?”

    Either there’s a plan and they want to keep it hidden or there’s no plan.

    But whichever it is our ‘leaders’ don’t want us in on the act. That’s curious. If they want us to follow why are they so reluctant to say where they’re going. It’s as if they expect us to take their word for it that, under their guidance, everything is going to get better.

    They even have the brass neck to argue their plan is scientific (sic) whilst at the same time denying access to it.

    If they want us to follow, what stops them from telling us where they’re going?

    • A hidden agenda stops them from telling us . New World Order perhaps , instigated by uncle Sam who wants European nations to be its vassals and not to get too strong , like Germany ? We should proceed to unite economically and politically with our neighbour Russia and despise the instigative wars from USA and Nato eg. Ukraine , Syria , Iraq , Libya etc . all destabilized because they wouldnt submit to US as well as the US wishing to surround Russia without provocation. Millions dead and not withstanding the half a million children in Iraq who starved to death with no support from the said perpetrator while Europe is made to pay. No democracy there ……………….no one says anything either……………..the killing fields are open …………….

  8. If someone is becoming truly psychotic it becomes impossible to use logic and reasoning to understand their behavior. They don’t have reasons that we can understand. You are forced to use your brain to try to understand their brain and yours–only–is operating under rational rules.

  9. It’s not hard to fathom what she wants. Immigration has always been a huge priority of the EU. It is an excellent way of breaking down national loyalties and imposing EU-wide ‘solutions’ (control).

    This ‘invasion by invitation’ was her desperate gamble after the tiny nation of Greece brought the EU to its knees. She and Soros and their ilk panicked. They would have to provoke another crisis that would inevitably throw power into their hands or overwhelm the individual nations. She miscalculated.

    Perhaps it is because her ideas are so unpalatable that people find them difficult to believe – as they found it too hard to swallow ‘Mein Kampf’. But face it – it is what she has said, many times, – ‘We need an EU-wide solution to all our problems”. She wants a Fourth Reich tarted up as a the New EU!

    This being the case, she will NEVER, ever back down, unless threatened by death, and even then she may not. Every day that goes by, she begins to get a better handle on things and will FORCE this down eveyrone’s throat. The army will be wheeled out to make sure of that. Opposition will be side-lined as Nazi.

    I wouldn’t put it past her to ask Russia to assist her. Yesterday 10,000 Polish soldiers received mysterious phone calls from Russia – days after the Polish election roundly defeated the pro-Merkel candidate.

    Victory goes to those who refuse to give in and she has a will of steel.

    • Completely agree, but would add a proviso. Only she knows what is best for everyone else and reflecting on all the ‘thinkers’ like her that have been able to grab the levers of power to wreak their thinking on others, her day of reckoning will soon be at hand.

    • “‘We need an EU-wide solution to all our problems”. She wants a Fourth Reich tarted up as a the New EU!”
      “I wouldn’t put it past her to ask Russia to assist her.”

      I have a hard time imagining Russia assisting in the unification of Europe under the control of the EU. A unified Europe would be the natural enemy of Russia, and more likely to take concerted actions than a multiplicity of small countries, each with its own set of interests.

      • Russia’s foreign policy goal in Europe, in a nutshell, is to destroy the EU as a viable political entity and reduce its economic power. At the same time, it wants to prevent any significant nationalist resurgence, especially in Germany.

        Once Germany is moribund, Russia will act in whenever manner it deems necessary to neutralize an Islamic threat in Europe, especially on the borders of the “Near Abroad”.

        • first part is correct afaik, but your second part of the post is not believable. Russia has 20% muslims in population and armed forces. So they have more probs with the islam than most EU countries.

          • Agree. Russia has 20 million Muslims ( not quite 20% but still big), 2 million in Moscow alone, and Putin recently opened a 10k mega-mosque there, the 6th mosque overall in the capital. And Putin can’t touch Kadyrov in Chechnya who recently declared his own jihad against those who insult Islam. If Russia thinks it will profit by an Islamization of Germany and Europe it is dreaming, it will be next on the list.

  10. “So, the great unanswered question is why are these lunatics allowed to perpetrate their insanity with impunity?”

    They have the mainstream media. They have academia (for the most part). That’s why.

  11. I saw and linked to this article about a month ago. Probably not her in the poster, but uncanny resemblance (physically and rhetorically) nonetheless.

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