Who Incites to Hatred?

Below is the intervention read by Dave Petteys, representing the ACT For America 5280 Coalition at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 13 “Combating Hate Crimes and Ensuring Effective Protection against Discrimination”, Warsaw, September 29, 2015.

OSCE 2015 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Working Session 13: Combating hate crimes and ensuring effective protection against discrimination

Mr./Ms. Moderator, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you.

I would like to discuss one of the points for the “full and effective implementation of UN HRC

“Resolution 16/18” held in Jeddah in June 2015, earlier this year[1]. One of the important points:

“The existing legal practices used by different countries to address hate crimes, incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence based on religion must be applied universally to provide equal protection to all targeted groups and individuals.”

Although the self-identified Islamic groups assert that they are the primary victims of “hate crimes”, statistics show that hate crimes against Jews are ten times larger![2]

The “incitement to hatred” is another red flag. Hatred in itself is not a crime. Hatred is defined as an “intense dislike or ill will”. Certainly when ISIS beheads children, civilized people would have an “intense dislike” of such actions.

Mr/Ms. Moderator:

Act for America 5280 Coalition recommends that complaints by self-identified Islamic entities concerning “hate crimes and discrimination” be ignored until they themselves uphold the same standards that they demand from the rest of the non-Muslim world.


1.   www.oic-oci.org/oicv2/topic/?t_id=10162&ref=4023&lan=en&x_key=Resolution 16/18
2.   newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/09/06/inconvenient-truth-10-times-more-ate-crimes-against-jews-muslims

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One thought on “Who Incites to Hatred?

  1. You should mention that “incitement to hate crimes” is a red flag because being while the notion of inciting others to murder is already illegal everywhere, and while it occurs most frequently in thr Muslim world, “I was incited” is a misunderstanding of the basic terminology which is currently only being deployed as a defense by hate criminals themselves, to blame their victims who supposedly “incited” them – by drawing a cartoon for example..

    Heads up: It’s not incitement when you make somebody angry by disagreeing with them, and they attack you violently for it.

    There should be a better way to say this but it’s so insidious that language almost fails. Or has been twisted into such an Orwellian construct under the UN’s definition that even Orwell would probably be at pains to disentangle the underlying mendacity here.

    Incitement only happens when two people.are on the same side of an argument. Otherwise if felt like shooting someone you could always get away by saying “but Judge, he made me do it!”

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