When They Take the Iron Dome Away

I think MC reported that the Iron Dome had been removed from over Sderot to deploy in more important places. Now that ISIS is in the area, things are heating up for the poor.

According to a report just now from Hope for Sderot on Face Book, two Kassam missiles just fell there.

2 Kassams just fires from Gaza. waiting for reports of injuries.
00:54 10-10-2015

In an earlier report from October 5th, the Sderot website reported:

As we slept Sunday night two Kassams were fired from Gaza. The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, an offshoot of ISIS, claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks. It seems that ISIS is now operating in Gaza. Their published goal is the unstabilizing of the August 2014 ceasefire for the purpose of starting another war between Hamas and Israel . With Hamas once again defeated ISIS hopes they can take control of Gaza.

This is not the first time The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade has claimed responsible for firing rockets into Israel. July 3, 2015 was their first claim of a terrorist act against innocent men, woman and children in Israel.

September 6th and 19th were the next times they claimed responsibility. One of the rockets fired on the 19th exploded in Sderot, damaging a house and a nearby bus, and once again setting everyone’s nerves on edge.

I have often compared the constant threat and the reality of the past fifteen and a half years of some 8000 rockets landing in Sderot as a wound that has scabbed over only for the scab to be ripped off; again and again, hence the ATSD (Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder) we suffer from.

12 thoughts on “When They Take the Iron Dome Away

  1. Please hold on and don’t give up. You are the very frontline of Western civilisation, and if you quit, we’re all done for.

  2. Very dangerous. The problem is not only Muslims hating Israelis. The greater problem is the west joining them in their narratives and deeds against Israel. What can I say: No one feels the pain of the Jews neither in Israel nor in the west. Israel is in danger.

    No country is in such a pain as Israel. Some European countries will have the same experience in a few years.

    I hope somehow our prayers will be answered and save Israel and its people as it happened in 1967, when the Muslims and seven armies of seven countries surrounded Israel and were dancing that they would push every Jewish man, child, women, toddlers, babies into the sea. They tried that again in The Yom Kippur War 1973 too. Thanks heaven the followers of the Pirate lost. I and my mom recited the Lord’s Prayer several times a day during the War Ordeal. Jews don’t like the Lord’s Prayer. But the theme, motif of their prayer and the Lord’s are identical.

    May God of hosts remember Israel always in an esoteric way. Amen

  3. Well if we are not to be driven out ourselves we had better stop electing Mercuriels, Obamasees, Camorons and their ilk. Start unifying and arming – including strong arming and removal of the suicidal hordes of enemy combatants who most certainly are working out the logistics – while we dream on.

  4. Sderot has been largely unaffected by the present round of Palestinian ugliness, always inventive, we now see an innovation which will spread worldwide. The one on one terrorist knife attack against women, children, babies and the elderly. The brave freedom fighters of the world will choose the weak, the isolated and leave their bloody imprint. They will then be feted and praised, especially when they terminate one more joo or xtian.

    And Ban, BBC and NYT and their ilk will support the terrorists rather than their victims in order to support community cohesion.

    This new lot of missiles have been coming in for several weeks now, but then it is the time of the Autumn Chag (feasts) which always attracts their unwanted attentions. For some reason, they are getting a lot of own goals, I suspect that this is because the latest batches of missiles are inferior, either because the good engineers are dead, or the materiale is inferior due to the blockade, or both.

  5. Evidently the western “world” has forgotten about the Holocaust and today anti-semitism is on the rise. Again. This may be wrong, but it’s kind of like the Jews are the canary in the coalmine. If something dreadful happens to them, we are next but we seem to have forgotten that.

    It doesn’t help that we have an anti-semite in the White House!

    • Part of the “we” is pretending to conveniently “forget”. The “ever closer union” with the grim raper Islam will change a lot of minds from under thirty idealism to over thirty realism. “The more things change the more they remain the same”. The holocaust Jewish or Armenian will never be forgotten.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think much of the western world cares any more about the Shoah (holocaust). It is now more important to know the latest Hollywood gossip, or contributions of the Algonquin Indians to science. There is a deliberate silence on this now that Israel is no longer to be supported.

      • Israel I imagine was never ever trusting of a highly unqualified Hobo and has prepared itself accordingly for a confused at best relationship and all the inevitable challenges. I also imagine Israel has a buddy or two and quite a bit of leverage in the big bad corporate world.

    • We are ok sp far. Nahal Oz is about 20 KM south of us, the attack on the fence is somewhat disconcerting. A mass breakout of Gaza would be very difficult to control…..

      • A mass breakout is an existential threat. Therefore, Israel would have no choice but to go nuclear and obliterate Gaza. While at it, if Hezbollah were to use it as an excuse to launch rockets, Southern Lebanon would have to be wiped out, too.

        You would have to evacuate Sderot and Ashkelon (and Qiryat Shmona if Hezbollah attacks), perhaps for good.
        But the alternative is worse.

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