Evicted to Make Room for Culture-Enrichers

This is something we’ve all been expecting: the displacement of native Europeans from their homes to make room for “refugees”.

The governments of various countries have already been requisitioning unoccupied premises and forcing people with “excessive” living space to downsize, but now Germany has actually begun to evict tenants from their apartments so that culture-enrichers may be moved in. The legality of such measures is still under dispute, but from what I hear, the news report below is just the tip of the iceberg — the practice is already widespread.

What’s next? The establishment of Displaced Persons Camps for native Germans who have been evicted?

Will the tear-jerker media broadcast footage of wretched-looking white Europeans clutching the barbed-wire perimeter fence, looking hopelessly out at their vanished freedom?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Communities have been sounding the alarm for a while now,
0:04   they just don’t know anymore where to put all these refugees.
0:07   And that’s precisely why a mayor in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Nieheim has made a drastic decision:
0:12   Contracts of long-term tenants of municipal apartments were terminated.
0:16   The reason? Eminent domain. Because that is where refugees will be accommodated instead.
0:22   Thomas Läber sums up:
0:25   For the past 16 years, Bettina Halbei has lived in her 90 square meter apartment.
0:29   Already last spring refugees took up residence above her, with whom she gets along well.
0:33   But now the city sent the 51-year-old a termination of her rental agreement,
0:37   so more refugees can be housed in her building.
0:40   ”This is in no way justified. I was not given any warning, and the reason I was given was
0:45   that the… city of Nieheim has exhausted all other capacities.”
0:49   The mayor of Nieheim agrees that terminations of city-owned apartments should be the last resort,
0:57   but that point has been reached. There are no alternatives, he says.
1:02   ”We have not made this decision lightly… But as a community we have an obligation to accommodate refugees.”
1:09   The German Tenant Protection Agency says the terminations are unlawful.
1:13   Only private individuals are within the law to terminate rental agreements for personal need. Not juristic persons such as the community,
1:20   and the termination is morally questionable as well.
1:23   ”The symbolism that this one single incident signals is that one ill-advised Mayor
1:29   is pitting one refugee against the other, and that is just redundant and excessive.”
1:38   Where refugees and tenants are made competitors and are pitted against each other,
1:43   fuel for political conflict is ignited, and yet this will soon happen elsewhere as well.

47 thoughts on “Evicted to Make Room for Culture-Enrichers

  1. “What’s next? The establishment of Displaced Persons Camps for native Germans who have been evicted?” Refugee resettlement camps have already existed for years. Most of them have been pretty empty. But eventually they will be used to house native, bothersome europeans. Europe will soon have it’s own Gulag system.

  2. Notice the mayor is young. What does he care about people older than himself? They are in his way! It will be ironic if one day he finds himself old and friendless. Well, maybe the local mosque can take him in, as they’ll be running things unless people take to the streets in protest. They can’t kill us all!

    • Want to bet? In 1915, in what is now Turkey, the Ottoman Muslims did kill us all — or least most of us. See Vahakn Dadrian, Taner Akçam, Rouben Adalian, Bat Ye’or, et al.

      “Who nowadays still speaks of the extermination of the Armenians?”

      — Adolf Hitler to his generals, on the eve of Germany’s 1939 invasion of Poland

      • And not just Armenians. Quite a lot of Greeks and Christian Assyrians were also butchered. Now, we see the same thing in Syria and Iraq – Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities massacred in the same cruel fashion.

        And this has become possible because the US and the EU member States decided to destroy secular dictators of the Middle East (who protected religious minorities) in the name of ‘democracy and human rights’!

    • The smartest, most experienced people in the world are over sixty five. Due to an over abundance of empty overly image conscious unconscious youth may be feeling old beyond their years. Meanwhile help is on the way as the “free” market fills with enemy hustlers moving the Muslim settlers and their slave market Muslim ways ever closer. Bon voyage!

  3. Is this the start of the use of FEMA type camps for us Europeans? Will there be a backlash in Germany against this? I suspect there evil powers watching to see how far people can be pushed before they fight back; maybe they want us to fight back so they can justify the use of force to exterminate us.

  4. Suspect housing associations, local authorities and private landlords will facilitate the eviction of tenants to make way for the fake refugees, natives socioeconomically displaced in their own lands by a deliberate political policy that is tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

  5. I think it would be prudent for Germans, Swedes, etc..to dispose of assets and begin plans to relocate elsewhere, although I couldn’t say exactly where. Lots of Americans have taken up residence in Central America and the Caribbean. Not many Muslims in most of those places (yet).

      • just back from a trip to Madeira: no headscarfs, no persons of distinctif pigmentation,but unfortunately, not a square inch of flat land I am used to live in.

  6. ”We have not made this decision lightly… But as a community we have an obligation to accommodate refugees.”

    Have they absolutely lost their minds? They are now evicting citizens from their dwellings to accommodate economic migrants? This is so insane that the mind wonders if those that are making these decisions wish a civil war on the populace.

    Because that is what they will get if they keep this up.

    • It really is beyond any logic. But of course the establishment doesn’t operate according to logic – ‘Postmodernism is the academic left’s epistemological strategy for responding to the crisis caused by the failure of socialism in theory and in practice… they thus attack the idea that evidence and logic matter… and conclude that since logic and evidence are subjective they cannot prove anything… and feeling is the soundest foundation for action’ (Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism).

      Hence we have society governed more by sentiment and wishful thinking than by sound judgement and reasoning. As Anthony Ludovici wrote – our politicians confuse the lump in their throats for an idea.

    • Great. Bring it on. Soon.

      War is a bad idea if you are in a minority. We are not. Not yet.
      So sooner rather than later please.

      • You won’t like it, but I agree 100%! What I’ve been saying for years, but you’ll notice, (as I have) your message will fall on deaf ears.

    • No this is their idea of a test run, to see if there is any meaningful backclash, or just a wimper. They will probably wrap themselves in extra thick cotton wool as.

      It is ironic that the lady in question is a nurse, and has helped refugees herself.

      Sign of the times… (sigh). It has done the rounds of most of the French alternative social networks.

    • They are so arrogantly sure that they are right and good and moral that it doesn’t occur to them that anyone else might oppose their actions for any but the most horribly racist and cruel reasons — and they correctly assume that most Germans aren’t horribly racist and cruel. They don’t realize that, when they take it to the point of tossing Germans out of their homes, they are reaping a whirlwind.

  7. This is a very good reason NOT to vote for Donald Trump, a billionaire bully who tried to use the power of eminent domain to force an elderly woman off property he coveted for a parking lot for one of his gambling casinos. It is all too easy to imagine him doing something like this on a grand scale as president.

    • Well Papa, let’s say Trump isn’t your pick. Say another Bush is picked, or a Clinton. How is that going to be any better than Trump? Of course I’d like to see my favorite candidate chosen as the conservative nominee – but the chances of that are very slim. So the way I see it a pair of deuces is better than a junk hand?

      • Why does criticism of Trump almost always get the response of “So you want Jeb, then. No Jeb!”? Even though there are still quite a few other candidates?

        Trump has siphoned attention away from serious non-Jeb candidates, including those with a record of showing backbone and keeping pledges — in large part because Trumpsters who complain that “politicians lie to us” prefer the untested red-meant promises of “nonpoliticians” over the kept promises of “politicians.”

        Either that, or they like to flatter themselves that a celebrity billionaire really cares about them personally.

        • Is there really anyone other than Trump who even dares say anything about third world immigration to the USA?

          I am not at all up on American politics, but given that the mainstream media here in the UK are vehemently anti Trump, that is good enough for me. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

    • From the Daily Mail July 2014 about the eventual auction of the property.
      A bit hard to glean the truth of exactly what happened, and it does not go into the full background why there were court cases.
      It has been listed for sale for $995,000 since September but the auction starts at $199,000 and sold at $530,000.

      From the New York Times

      She continued to turn away suitors for the property even after the decision. She was not completely opposed to selling, but whatever price she had in mind, no one could ever meet it, including Mr. Trump, who recalled offering as much as $4 million as well as a room for life at any of his properties. Mr. Casey said the most he remembered Mr. Trump offering was $1.9 million. “He never made her a real offer,” Mr. Casey [grandson] said. “He just tried to steal it.”

      The court case from wikipedia was how the Atlantic city council, probably looking for increased city taxes via Trump Casino increased value.

      When Coking refused to sell to Trump, the city of Atlantic City condemned her house, using the power of eminent domain. Her designated compensation was to be $251,000,[3] about one quarter of what it had been valued 10 years earlier.


      Determined to expand, in 1999 the Atlantic City Redevelopment Authority partnered with Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn to develop a new roadway to a barren section of the city near the Marina.

      So the existing casinos would have found a very cool breeze of competition and pressured the city council.

      Any government, council, commission authority around the world tries this on, more often than not, and in more subtle ways in their legislation of bye laws regulations, and permits etc. in telling any and all private property owners what they can do, not do,,,except of course to give a pass let off the hook their own “public” property holdings.

    • I see Trump as the only one who will stop the insane immigration that is going on. The rest are nwo globalists. It is obvious that Trump is a serious threat to the elites as even Fox is trying to marginalize him.
      I am not going to get sicker into all of the issues, just immigration. Trump is also very knowledgeable about restructuring of debt and we are on the verge of a major downturn.
      I get your concerns but we will have to play our role as citizens and stand up against anything unconstitutional. Here in Virginia we have passed an amendment to our Constitution that greatly reinforced property rights against kelo type decisions. It can be done, it just takes dedicated and engaged citizenry.

      • Trump boasts that he beats the heck out of people until he gets what he wants. I don’t know how he suddenly became transformed into the epitome of selfless service and integrity.

    • Go Trump. At the very least no Muslim ‘negotiator’ will get a ‘pretend’ win. Like Regan, (a union turncoat), Donald, (a somewhat Democrat), will never be found negotiating from weakness and lack of skills.

  8. This has been going on in England for years. When two generations lived in a council house ie a son with a mother, when the mother died died the son was moved out as the house was “too big”, and shifted to a 1 bedroom flat in a very run own council estate. In the original house “enrichers” were soon moved in.
    The government is now suggesting that old people who live in privately owned houses that they have paid for should now “downsize” and move out. I wonder who is going to move in?

  9. I detest the “eminent domain” concept,, though it must be weighed up to the future for that family/individual for themselves. Will the long term tenant really want to stay in a place that will just be come more difficult to live., and maybe you can negotiate a better out come for yourself.

    Alternatively, make it an issue, build up support, and endeavour to make it the downfall of that mayor.
    Ultimately go for the jugular, and the down fall of Merkel and her cohorts in Government, and if possible the Brussels EU so called government.
    It may take time as the important part is how is the opposition parties shaping up. Have they got the knowledge and ability. Or will they be bought off, “we have gained a little, traded off and it so good” and so sell you out too.?
    It is one thing that Winston Churchill saw, finish it properly, for once and all ! ! !, Even then he was warning on the next stage of possible conflict as the other ally closed in on Berlin.

    The problem in this case, just what is the compensation or negotiated deal with guarantee. The alternatives for some one in a rental place, are limited and probably will cost her a great deal more.

    Can we really ask her to take this stand and to make sacrifices in her life? It will be up to the rest of Germans to give her steadfast support and will she weigh them up and find them wanting?
    Will they last the distance, in financial, morale support or will they be fickle and change to another issue of the moment?

    It needs an ongoing campaign, that will draw a very large percentage of Germans that can overthrow many of their politicians local and national. A campaign can only hold together with a cohesive group, common agenda and a good executive council of guidance so that it can last the distance and achieve what it is there for.
    Possibly it could be PEGIDA. The first major tussle is really against its own people, allowing this “flood” to happen, and so the truth of what they are about must be get out.
    The government is of the the people, by the people, FOR the People they represent. NOT the rest of the world.
    Then they can figure out the ideologies, one would think Germans would have great personal experience of, as they are all to hand if they look. Nazism, Communism, Islamism. Some how their thinking has been masked over by Guilt-ism, that is contained in the depths of Socialism.
    Many countries, institutions have got that taste on their lips.

    So that mayor is really saying, “I am the man from the government and I am here to help you”. Well make her welcome in your home, keys, bedroom en’suite, tv, spa pool, car, modern conveniences etc. guaranteed for the rest of her life at the same rental cost.
    Other wise he is coming across to be acting like one of the previous rulers of about 70 years ago

    • ” … and maybe you can negotiate a better out come for yourself.”

      The native lady has no status, no political bargaining power to negotiate a better outcome for herself. The left want her displaced to house the bronze usurpers while the right despise her for the dependency on social welfare (social housing). This lady will not even have the privileges of refugee status – a persona non grata in the land of her birth.

      • I have not heard that she is living in a rent-subsidized aparment, which she would not qualify for as she has always been gainfully employed. While the house belongs to the city, I would assume she has always paid market rates.

        • Not sure what your point is other than the insinuation of indifference had this native lady been a tenant of a rent-subsidized apartment. Thought the point of the story was the forced displacement of a natives in municipal housing in favour of bronze usurpers not market forces.

  10. The setup here was Kelo v. New London. I studied the decision for the term paper in my college Business Law class. The decision stunk to high heaven. I could have written better, but I wouldn’t have. Scalia, speaking for the dissent got the issue correct but was out-voted. The decision still stinks, and as badly as Dredd Scott. Kelo has already been used in Riverside, CA and no one squawked. I can see the radical greenies using the precedent to ‘clean up suburbia’ and force us all into camps or rat cages in the cities (some would say apartments but I have seen them).
    Where would we go and how long will it be until they come and get us? Maybe running to a safe place isn’t the best idea. That only leaves one other option which I don’t like either. May we all live in interesting times.

    • In Virginia we have voted for property rights amendment to our state Constitution to prevent any kelos here.

  11. They are quietly doing it in UK too. Turning out whole indigenous families onto the streets to make way for incomers. They are changing the original “Life Tenancy Agreements” by hidden legislation. They are also trying to socially stigmatise old people who own big houses into surrendering them into “public care” or sell up. My own father has received letters from his local authority inquiring into his health and “care need” and asking if he needs smaller accommodation…hint hint…..

    We are talking bout PRIVATE fully Owned housing- bought and paid for. Then we have Government Oppostion Ministers demanding legislation and social stigmatisation out law meat eating too. These effing muderous clowns fail to realise that meat is essential to diabetics like myself. Without it we die.

    • In case any fool questions this fact, the source is myself and Local officials being asked to do this. I also have had to help families in Hillingdon and elsewhere in my Diocese who have been affected and are now on the streets with two living in cars with children while migrants are housed in their old dwellings. They are said to have made themselves “Intentionally homeless”- Like hell they did. One husband suffers from emphysema and tried to hang himself. These are real people- not a TV show.

      This selfish society that favours foreign imports to its own deserves what is coming to it! Long overdue. Charity and anger begin at home, not given to aliens that have hatred in their hearts and want us to adopt their religion.

      The stupid British just let it happen… “Not my business mate! wotevva innit!?” It makes my blood boil.

      Effing British Apathy….. Disgusting. Wait till its your old man and Granny. People will finally act when they see the local council seizing their inheritance from Mum and Dad. Always hit them in the pocket if one wants a reaction. Southern Metroburbs especially love money- especially other people’s money.

  12. Economic migrants are NOT “refugees”. That is the law.
    Merkel is openly breaking the law.


    “We shall conquer their countries whether they like it or not.”
    Sheikh Muhammad Ayed,
    Al Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem

    “We are coming to your country, whether you want us there or not.”
    Illegal migrants, Calais

    “No one asked us. Our ‘leaders’ just invited the enemy into our countries…”
    Peter35, comment,

    “The Syrian refugees are neither Syrian nor refugees.”
    Daniel Greenfield

    “They’re not refugees. This is an invasion. They want to take over.”
    Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Hungary

    “We only have one country, and it is the duty of us all to protect it.”
    Viktor Orban, PM Hungary

    “Europe is being ruined in front of our eyes.”
    Margita, comment

    “The country we were born in, lived in and worked in no longer exists.”
    Julia Caesar, Swedish journalist

    “This exodus itself is a terrorist attack on a grand scale.”
    Aldo Sterone, commentator

    “They are over-running us.”
    Viktor Orban,
    PM of Hungary

    “Europe will soon go under.”
    Imre Kertesz, Hungarian writer

    “Wake up, Europe. The current invasion is a death sentence for free Europe.”
    Pamela Geller

    “We must immediately stop this madness…”
    Marine le Pen

    “The most reliable way to stop Muslim terrorism is to stop Muslim immigration.”
    Daniel Greenfield

    “Immigration is not a human right.”
    Vaclav Klaus,
    former president, Czech Republic

    “Europe Owes The Migrants Nothing.”
    Stefan Molyneux, commentator

    “..we’re all in a living horror movie we can’t get out of.”c
    Jimbo, comment

    • You might want to add to the list Lech Walesa’s latest comments:


      “I understand why Poland and Europe fear their influx. They arrive from places where people are beheaded. We are worried that the same will happen to us.

      “We in Poland have small flats, low salaries and meagre pensions. Watching the refugees on television, I noticed that they look better than us. They are well fed, well dressed and maybe even are richer than we are.

      “It’s a problem. If Europe opens its gates, soon millions will come through and while living among us will start exercising their own customs, including beheading.”

  14. Europeans have always acted as if they are superior to Americans, that we are hicks, stupid, etc. I see what is happening and see people that are not citizens, but subjects. They have no recourse..I am grateful for our Constitution and the 2nd amendment. I am also very saddened for native Europeans and the loss of western civilization. I wonder, is there any hope to stop this insanity?

    • Yes we have the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment but the elites have nothing to fear from a population that is more concerned with organized sports and dancing with the stars than anything else. Yeah the gun nuts talk a lot and collect guns the way old women collect cats but nothing comes of it.

      No mass organized protests in D.C. nothing. Just lots of belly aching in blogs by a bunch of anti-social types who couldn’t organize a bake sale without it turning into a Chinese fire drill.

      As long as the American people refuse to organize themselves even at the community level they are prey for the elites and the Muslims.

      Trump is the closet thing we have, but we need more. We need our own PEGIDA or BNP in every state and city in the country.

      • Yes, I second that. I was born raised and worked for decades in NYC and have dual citizenship. Yes, we have the US constitution, and yes we have immigration laws but if they are not enforced what good are they?

        Nobody should cross the US borders anywhere else but the official border crossings. Anyone violating this should be arrested PERIOD

        Employers hiring illegal immigrants should be find and jailed if applicable.

        If Facebook, Google or any other company want to hire foreign workers here in the USA they should follow the procedures which require them to demonstrate that workers with the specific skills required for whatever position is not available here in the USA.

        Anyone arrested found to be in the country illegally should be deported and if needed be prosecuted and incarcerated and then deported.

        There is no need for new immigration laws until all the existing laws that were suppose to have been enforce after Reagan’s big amnesty are finally enforced.

        Enforce all the existing laws. The constitution, balance of powers between executive, congress and judiciary – between Federal and States rights mean nothing if no one enforces what is clearly stated.


  15. I love stories like this. Nothing more guaranteed to enrage Europeans against their treacherous leaders and lead , soonerc rather than later, to the big changes we need. If it is sooner, we win. If later, we lose. Simple.

    • I hate reading these stories. Like most of us on this blog, my response is strong and visceral.

      But I have to agree with you. If anything could possibly wake Europe up before it is too late it would be this.

      I just hope and pray that the Muslims have overplayed their hand.

      But given the multi-culti ignorance of the elites, nothing is a foregone conclusion.

  16. I read Ayn Rand’s “We The Living” this summer. In the novel people who the regime deemed to have acquired too much living space being forced to take in strangers was a major theme of the novel. In the case of the book, it was the Soviet Communist regime that was redistributing housing accommodations. It is clear that these Western European oligarchies are approaching the tactics of the Soviet Communists, but the big difference is that these ‘refugees’ (most often nothing more than economic migrants) are not comrades.

  17. Adolf Merkel just cannot replace the German population fast enough. Maybe she will end up using euthanasia on the elderly to hasten their departure so that the new and improved population from the deserts of the Middle East can move right into their homes.

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