The Dutch Titanic is Taking on Water

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this brief summary of the latest political buzz from the Netherlands.

The Dutch Titanic is taking on water
by H. Numan

The cabinet is once again in stormy waters. I think Captain Smith of the RMS Titanic wouldn’t want to change places…

Minister Ard van der Steur is in serious problems over Volkert van der Graaf, the murderer of Pym Fortuyn. Our national “hero” did a photo shoot, in which he blatantly ignored all restrictions given to him. In addition to that, he’s on the dole, but he likes running marathons. Kind of difficult to sell, since the dole requires him to make an effort to find a job. He doesn’t, because he can’t handle that mentally.

So Volkert hasn’t changed one little bit. He despises anyone. There’s only one person right, and that’s him.

The minister at first denied knowledge. However, the ministry and the parole board — who denied everything until yesterday — had been planning this for at least a couple of months. Also, Volkert got what Pim was refused: bodyguards at the expense of the taxpayer.

It’s turning into a national outcry. De Hond did a poll, in which 65% want him back behind bars. Van der Steur asked for a few days respite to come up with an excuse.

The other source of scandal is Bert Koenders, Minister for Foreign Affairs. The international court of Justice is in The Hague. At this moment African nations want to add vague minor offenses as crimes to humanity. For example, if a border guard opens fire across the border and this gets out of hand. The border guard then should be tried for crimes against humanity. Or when a naval vessel opens fire. Very, very vague. The Dutch government (VVD) does not want to add this to the list, but Koenders wants it very much.

Both have some explaining to do…

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    • According to a story from the Legenda Aurea, retold by Eelco Verwijs in his monograph Sinterklaas (1863), one of the miraculous deeds performed by Saint Nicholas after his death consisted of freeing a boy from slavery at the court of the “Emperor of Babylon” and delivering him back to his parents.[20] No mention is made of the boy’s skin colour. However, in the course of the 20th century, both fictional and non-fictional narratives started to surface in which Zwarte Piet was considered a former slave who had been freed by the Saint and subsequently had become his lifelong companion.
      and also many other versions of how this character evolved and his associaton with Saint Nicolas , and the eve of Chrismas, Sinterklaas.

      Offence being taken when none was given, and so to “white- wash” history, well really the legends of history, for the purposes of another ideology.
      Yeah, such a *major* issues to cover the real issues of what is happening in Holland.

  1. We are trying in a really half-horsed way not to fire the opening volley that will get the inevitable fight for the Mommyland and Daddyland off to a slow fifty year grind. Do they have Muslims only regiments in training yet? Possibility thinking gone wild.


    It’s gonna hurt and hurt and hurt again, all the way to my demise, but it’s gonna be fun when I’m gone. And I will be held hand by affectionate Barbara Spectre in the process. If I resist, I am KKK.

    My sympathy for the Jewish thing ends today. The only reason why I didn’t convert to Judaism is because I am atheist.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi happened 20 years before Holocaust. Before then, Europe is where Jews prospered most. Jews prospered nowhere else. There have been issues of coexistence. There have been plenty of issues among Europeans themselves. It will be fun to see how the Rothschilds will fare in the mongrel world. Holodomor is much bigger than Holocaust, hasn’t received nearly 0.1% as much publicity.

    In the lab we have seen all kinds of creepy-witty mice and monkeys that concoct their way to freedom through tricks and deception, what makes Coudenhove-Kalergi think that mongrels won’t be that smart? He only had training in the stupidest of trades: philosophy. What makes these guys think that their plan will lead to their desired outcome? Maybe their borderline personality disorder. They fail, but do too much damage in the process.

    When G*d wants to destroy somebody, G*d gives him too much power.

    In 2010 I had a Jewish girlfriend from Tampa, FL, then 26 years old, PhD in blablabla. She used to say “evil white people” all the time. She backed this up with everything else she said and did. Now makes sense.

    • We know about Kalergi. But is blaming the Jews really the tack to take? I mean, if you read lots of white nationalist literature you’re bound to focus on Jews. I know Jews who are as aghast as I am about what’s happening. Our issue is Islam and the Far Left, which may indeed include some Jews, who seek to disposess and replace Europeans and their respective nation states and identities.

      • Think Noel Ignatiev, Barbara Spectre (wife of a rabbi). Barbara Spectre is why I am done with Israel.

        Who financed Coudenhove-Kalergi? That happened 20 years before Holocaust. Many places in Austria and around Europe hold the name of Coudenhove-Kalergi, why are his books prohibited for reprint? I assume only books of evil people are prohibited. Or is the truth too sweet for us to digest? Many people with a PhD in social sciences never heard of Coudenhove-Kalergi. I am schooling some of them.

        English being my fifth language, my grasp is just fine.

        I have been on the verge of marrying a black woman at least twice. It didn’t work, same way that it didn’t work with whites or others. There’s nothing in my lifetime to suggest that I am a supremacist of anything. The supremacist thing is how Jews silence anybody that they dislike.

        In 1997 I was homeless in Bologna, Italy. I compounded my problems by engaging in heated disputes with muslims in favor of Israel.

    • I’ll tell you the truth, Ilia Toli. I think I know, more-or-less, what you’re saying, but I’m not really sure.

      In fact, with a sentence like this, I’m even less sure:

      “My sympathy for the Jewish thing ends today. The only reason why I didn’t convert to Judaism is because I am atheist.”

      You have a rather good sense of irony, but it seems not quite a good enough grasp of syntax to be clear at the same time you’re being ironic.

    • [Expletive], ILIA TOLI, of course Jews may be racist/religiously bigoted like any other group of humans.

      This makes them neither better nor worse than the rest of us- except that given the last two millenia or more of history, they do have a decent excuse!

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