“Playing Ever Dumb(er) About Radical Islam”

Many of us at Gates of Vienna don’t distinguish between “Islam” and “Radical Islam”. When push comes to shove, to us it’s all the same 1400 years of treacherous barbarity. ISIS gets the headlines at the moment because it knows what the media want. But that’s merely tactical.

However, one can see why others might make such a distinction; thus for the sake of this essay let’s just bracket any differences in order to examine a City Journal essay which seeks to discern the strangeness of Obama’s seeming disconnect about reality and Islamity (yes, that’s my own neologism. “Islamity” and “insanity” seem to be cut from the same black cloth of destruction and death. Obama maybe has a silky tee shirt made of the very same fibers).

Mr. Whalen’s considerations of Obama’s need to “play dumb” about RadIS have the ring of truth, and for that they deserve your attention. They resonate.

All of us know President Obama has done serious damage to the morale of average American citizens with his dissembling and dodging. He appears to be a congenital prevaricator, and his game of dodge ball is similar to President Clinton’s pushback against the scores of women who found ol’ Billy less than a gentleman. Look back to Clinton’s infamous “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” and you have the essence of the fakery of Obama’s semantics. Same old repetitive dissembling, maybe for different reasons, maybe not. It just may be the case that in his head, semantics is all that counts. Integrity never even gets to sit on the bench in the sport he plays on us.

Mr. Whalen describes Obama’s long-standing refusal to discuss reality as average Americans understand it, and he ticks off some examples of the divide. Then he says [with my emphases]:

Obama’s main source of political support comes from secularized segments of the American population, mostly progressives who — unlike the working-class and Christian conservatives Obama despises — don’t “cling to guns or religion.”

Nevertheless, Obama and his fellow progressives do follow a moral code, which is usually described as Political Correctness (PC). They enforce their PC morality with an iron hand. Tell the PC gang that Bruce Jenner is not a woman, or that you’re a Redskins fan, or that all lives matter and — aided by accomplices in the mainstream media — they will label you a racist and run you out of town. [or find other ways to silence/ruin you — D] But tell them you’ve just murdered four Marines and a sailor, and they’ll focus on your dysfunctional family. Tell President Obama four Jews were gunned down by an Islamic radical in a kosher market in Paris, and he’ll call the attack “random.”

And should some black teenage thug get killed while showing how he’s too cool for rules, you can almost say Obama’s lines with him in the aftermath. We’ve witnessed enough of these in the past seven years to know already that he will have an opinion, he will state his adolescent solidarity with the thug, and he will make an explosive situation worse before he leaves to play golf while municipalities are left to clean up the mess Obama created. Deliberately.

It has become increasingly obvious that this President no longer cares whether anyone outside his “secularized segments” believes him. Complain about it and you’re simply one of “them”; the left has been turning “them” into organisms that take up too much room for a long time now.

Mr. Whalen makes an important distinction, though, between PC’s moral vacuousness and what he calls KC — i.e. Koranic Correctness:

On issues it deems crucial, such as climate change and gay marriage, PC wages relentless campaigns of moral indignation. One might think that PC would be eager to campaign against Koranic Correctness (KC), which advocates the opposite of everything PC holds dear. As enforced by ISIS, KC allows slavery, the oppression of women, capital punishment, torture, intolerance, crucifixion, guns, child marriage, stoning adulterous women, and the execution of homosexuals. PC is “horrified” by KC’s return to the medieval beginnings of Islam. But instead of admitting that KC has declared religious war, PC professes only to be “baffled.” [Being baffled is the new weapon of choice among those who don’t believe in real weapons — except in the case of their own bodyguards, where real weapons are required.-D]

Why does PC retreat into this contrived state of confusion? Possibly because finding oneself in a religious war without a religion is like being in a knife fight without a knife. Religion has long been a powerful motivator in human affairs and a moral armament on the battlefield. But PC, which considers itself too smart for theology, has been working overtime to eliminate any presence of religion in American life. Progressives can only strike at ISIS with the PC weapons they use on Republicans. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf suggested, for example, that ISIS fighters might be deterred from their bloody work by a jobs program.

PC finds itself face-to-face with a mirror image of itself. It wants KC to be some kind of desert street gang that can be controlled by understanding the root causes of its rage. But alas for PC, KC has no interest in winning shouting matches on cable news. For KC, Islamic law is “settled science”. For 1,000 years, KC has had one rule for atheists: convert or die. In Paris, the survivors at Charlie Hebdo have promised not to publish any more images of the Prophet Muhammad.
PC shrinks from the fray. Progressives keep blaming George W. Bush and keep trying to see radical Islamic attackers as a “senseless” assortment of “lone gunmen.” They deny reality because KC enjoys what military analysts would call an “asymmetric advantage” over PC, which has unilaterally disarmed. KC doesn’t just cling to its religion and guns — it uses them. Progressives don’t play dumb because they are afraid to offend; they play dumb because they are afraid.

In other words, KC has the weapons while all PC has left is words. Words won’t save them. Eventually Obama & Co, even waving FOUR teleprompters at ISIS, won’t be safe.

But long before that Obama will have ceased to be relevant. Will he care? As long as he can escape without appearing to cringe, he’ll probably remain relatively intact. Oh my! Sympathy for whomever follows him! Unlike George Bush’s reticence to talk about his successor, we’ll probably hear Obama’s opinion on America’s affairs far more than we’d like. After all, it’s what he does best now, editorializing on individual mistakes and misfortunes with his whim theory still firmly in place covering the family jewels.

We can’t figure out what Obama’s policy is because he doesn’t have a coherent, congruent plan for anything. “Bully them off the court” is the best he can do. We don’t know what he’s thinking because he doesn’t know either: he makes stuff up as he goes along.

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  1. It actually is rather humorous, in a sadly noir sort of way, to see those who have denied and detested the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forced to lie down with the very antithesis of all the seeming secular virtues they hold dear. Paul warned of what would happen in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans, and now we have seen it come to pass as they, “professing themselves to be wise became fools.”
    Madame Hillary, true to her Alinsky roots, has been supporting the ‘Palestinian Cause’ for the past twenty years that we know of, most likely in some forlorn hope that she could teach them manners and thereby house-train them. According to the most recent headlines from the Federal Judges, all she has received for her efforts is a really bad case of fleas. Obama is in even worse condition as no one ever takes a buffoon seriously once the make-up has faded.
    The progressives have had their day but their belief system will not allow them to admit defeat and surrender. They must fight to the death as anything else would be dishonor and treason to the cause. Personally, I have had enough of this Nietzsche-ian parody. I will leave the progressives to their own demise while I tend to what is really important, an extended family with four grandchildren that their abortion mill missed out on while extolling the virtues of Christianity and its rewards, both now and in eternity. BTW, in their book that is probably rank sedition. 🙂

    • So true. One Canadian here in Vancouver said on the radio ( just a citizen) that “our sins and their results fly in our face and we don’t repent.”

      the Ten Commandments tell us to have faith. That’s to say if you are a cook and work for the boss who is not around all the time, do everything you can to avoid wasting of food. If you are a teacher be sincere and logical. If you are a professor don’t let yourself bought by Ibn Talal, the Saudi prince who has bought all the western universities with petrodollars. Dollars takes from Americans to destroy America.

      Greed is destructive: If you make $20 million a year do you need to become a slave to Turkey and Saudi Arabia to make that $22 million.

      The west hated Hitler not because he decimated the Jews. But because he expanded in Europe. He was prevented to expand in Africa and Asia. Those were Sykes-Picot ‘s possessions.

      Christianity is trodden on, minced and buried. Still humanity is in the same or worst conditions. Were we not told that if we put an end to Christianity, embrace secularism, and import islam we turn our countries to Utopias. The result: disastrous.

      There is no way to rule but by implementing the wisdom of the ages. 1435 years of islamity, insanity, calamity, is that not enough to change our minds and be careful how to handle the islamic snake?

      Islam and muslims welfare are the only main goal “democracies” are preoccupied with.

  2. One important aspect not covered by this essay is the willingness of the PC brigade to disregard wherever possible the law of the land in their day to day dealings with each other and against those they believe are their enemy, i.e. Christian gun possessors etc, etc.

    The law of the land is mostly based around the Christian/Judeo religion and the Ten Commandments that the PC brigade choose to ignore and Islam does not possess.

    And by choosing to ignore the law of the land enables the PC brigade to construct their own interpretation of how humanity should live, i.e. Human Rights laws based on the very human construct of Humanism which totally ignores God’s input into how humanity must live in order to prosper. Ethics can never replace morality because ethics has no moral hold over those who choose to ignore God’s word. When a person no longer chooses to believe in the Supreme Being, that person will then revert to animalistic urges because they abandon the very reason for their own existence.

    The Bible is replete with so many examples of that kind of behaviour.

  3. Eloquent and right on, Lady D!
    I found it astonishing that Americans voted this impostor in as President, given his declared enthusiasm for islam even before he assumed office, and his unwavering goal of the rise of islam ever since, while weakening the country in every way possible, and dividing America racially as never before.

    We are in a world war with islam, and the #1 subject at last night’s Republican debate was Planned Parenthood and abortion!

    Small wonder I’m disgusted and disheartened; America has become the hope of the western world, with the (apparent) capitulation of Eurabia to the enemy, islam, and if the polls are anything to go by, Americans are set to vote in yet another lying, sleazy Democrat who has never really accomplished anything but “Well, don’t you want a woman President?!”

    • Our education system is so bad that no one knows what a psychopath is and we thus vote them into office repeatedly… because we think they are exciting and cool.

      In a few dozen years when the US is moribund and craoking, we’ll finally know what a psychopath is.

    • Having lived in Islamic bridgeheads in the UK it was always a consideration for me that when these intolerant supremacists reach critical mass and open warfare ensues there was at least the USA – a land based upon founding principles of personal freedom that could not be removed – and thus always remain a land of the free. It looks like we are all on the same boat though.

  4. This is an overly elaborate explanation that doesn’t acknowledge the philosophical heritage behind these behaviors. But at least it’s original.

    I don’t know if the author is actually unaware of what beliefs are actually derived from Marxist philosophy or if he’s simply trying to broaden his audience to the uninformed “nothing to do with Marxism because there’s no Marxism in the U.S.!” crowd.

    “PC” is nothing more than socialism, and the fuzzy socialist thinking has decided that Islam is a “race” rather than an ideology. Since Islam is supposedly a race, it must just be yet another out group with only superficial differences and it just wants to be included like everyone else. Therefore, any Muslim unhappy enough to get violent must just want a job so they can feel socially included. When this is proven wrong repeatedly, the unquestionable underlying assumptions about reality are never questioned and confusion results.

    It’s a bit like Muslims getting confused when learning that someone who has read the Quran has not converted to Islam. “How is this possible!?”

    The average International Socialist seems to totally lack a model of reality that would allow Muslims to be viewed as followers of some other political ideology. I get the feeling that they’ve probably been deluded into believing that everyone in the world is now an International Socialist aside from a few evil “racist” people who are of course all white.

    All of this confusion comes down to people being enculturated with false underlying assumptions that they’re unable to question.

    • Excellent analysis! I believe you are ex-law enforcement? You must have risen high with your superb analytical and english language skills.

      • No, I’ve mostly worked in Information Security and only ever worked with law enforcement in the most indirect manner. I’m not likely to get promoted anywhere because I have a tendency to tell people things they don’t want to hear.

        “Success” is never entirely based on merit, and the degree to which it is based on merit is highly variable.

        • “Success” is never entirely based on merit, and the degree to which it is based on merit is highly variable.

          Amen. Our meritocracy has been eroded by PC

    • I believe in a society that its members all contribute to for the greater good, to benefit everyone. This includes the rule of law, real democracy, the defined protection of personal freedoms and real tolerance towards each other – concepts based largely upon the legacy and ethics of the religions that have moulded our Western European (and far Eastern) societies. Does this make me a pc pandering leftie or socialist?
      I believe in opposing Islam as it is the opposite of those values I have just mentioned. Does this make me a right winger or Nazi?
      What matters is that we individually and in societies and nations of individuals do what is right and act with integrity.

      • “Does this make me a pc pandering leftie or socialist?”

        If you leave out the “do what is right and act with integrity” part then it would. Socialism is the idea that people only have rights “as a group” and not as individuals. This is very appealing to the “progressive” notion that morals don’t really matter because there’s no such thing as evil, so any problems that happen can be solved with “science”. No need for anyone to do what is right or act with integrity as long as proper social engineering methods are used.

        This results in ideas like killing off undesirables (they have no individual rights and “science” has determined that they’re bad for the group which has the “right” to be the best group blob it can be), forced marriage eugenics, aborting babies in the ghetto (since “unwanted children” is the only real problem, not any sort of moral or cultural dysfunction), and jobs programs for jihadis (they can’t actually believe anything that’s wrong so they must just need something more rewarding than jihad to keep them busy, and obviously that must be a “job” making widgets or whatever).

        I don’t know where this modern usage of “right wing” comes from except maybe as a term for “anything that opposes Marxism and dialectical materialism”. The National Socialists were very clearly left wing authoritarian/totalitarian. So if you were a nazi you’d be a left winger the same as if you were a communist.

        The real question is, to what extent do you believe that individuals have rights AND responsibilities? If you believe people have no individual rights or responsibilities, and these things only apply at the group blob level, then you’re 100% Socialist.

  5. “Why does PC retreat into this contrived state of confusion?” Is that confusion contrived? Or is it a result of the incoherence of PC ‘logic’?

  6. Sounds pretty much like Cameron and his clique over on this side of the pond.

  7. I don’t distinguish between “Islam” and “Radical Islam,” because I don’t distinguish between “Nazism” and “Radical Nazism,” or “Communism and Radical Communism.”

  8. “he makes stuff up as he goes along.”

    Exactly, except when told what to do by Valery Jarrett or Susan Rice. (I haven’t researched Susan Rice yet, but Valery Jarrett is scary.)

  9. 1. Re: “Islamity.” I like that. It goes well with “calamity.”

    2. Since there currently is (or seems to be) a “kill mentality” (or impetus) running through human existence (doesn’t seem to be in the animal kingdom as a whole), one might ask “What is the thing or things that some instinct says to kill?” — what’s “out there somewhere” that is beyond human control or at least some humans’ control?

    That needs to be identified.

    3. Personally, I am curious as to when voodoo will enter the discussions — it or some variation does exist in West Africa. And, unless I’m mistaken, it is somewhat based on feminine authority figures.

    • It actually quite simple.


      Most humans, if their brains are hammered enough and from an early, enough age, will will respond unquestioningly to that indoctrination and act on the commands imbedded in the subconscious from the indoctrination.

      My journey to real enlightenment regarding islam was triggered by three seminal events:
      1. Publication of The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie and the ensuing riots around the globe in 1988
      2. A 60 Minutes episode about koran memorization in Pakistani Madrassas circa 1992
      3. 9/11

      Prior to 1988, I suppose I was like most westerners regarding islam. I equated it to the other two Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity. I was familiar with the expression “If the mountain won’t come to muhammad then muhammad must go to the mountain” From Sir Francis Bacon’s works. I equated what I now know to be the monster of islam, mahound, to Jesus or perhaps Moses and presumed the ideology to be similar to my own Christianity and the smidgen of Jew I am blessed with. The unholy koran I presumed was similar to the Bible and Torah with perhaps minor differential foci.

      I was stunned by the riots and murders and the death fatwah issued against Rushdie by the Iranian monster Khomeini. Largely I was disturbed by the lack of reasonable response by the western leaders of the time. I vividly remember hordes of strange males in dresses and sporting strange headgear raging through the streets of many cities in the UK, India, and elsewhere with little apparent response from the authorities. If Catholic Irishmen had danced through the streets of Belfast, doing naughty stuff they would have been sporting sore heads for their efforts.

      Sometime thereafter, I watched a 60 Minutes episode, which focused on koran memorization in Pakistani Madrassas. Admittedly, at the time, I knew little of how residents of the Indian sub-continent were educated but I presumed it was relatively similar to my own with focus on their regional history and geography and languages and including the same maths and sciences, I studied.

      I was shocked to discover that the only thing huge masses of Pakistanis studied was the koran. I still remember the TV camera panning around on rows and rows and more rows of young Pakistani boys on their haunches reciting the koran all the while their heads nodding back and forth and from side to side. The narrator informing me that that was the entirety of the educational curriculum for millions of these young males. That was it – no Math, no Science, no language other than Urdu or Pashto, if memory serves. I was profoundly disturbed, although it did help explain the puzzling events from the Rushdie days. I will never forget that episode.

      The internet was evolving and I became less reliant on the biased and limited news available on Television or in newspapers. I began researching current and historical events and gradually MY Big Picture began coagulating. I was better able to connect the dots of the numerous al Quaida franchises and the information and decisions that brought us the post-Vietnam war dysfunctional Globe. islam. It took much mental effort and many hours to overcome my own personal indoctrinations regarding religion and history and world events.

      And then islam struck again on September 11th, 2001. I am no longer confused. I know the singular cause and sustaining factors of the strife that pervades our sorry planet. islam and its evil manuscript the koran and its monstrous protagonist mad m0.

      • Indoctrination.

        Then you think the “kill mentality” is limited to what someone is told? That might be true of children even after they have reached adulthood plus a few years. I have assumed there are actual adult converts.

        • There is such a thing as satanism, it hides itself, but often pops out and is exposed.

          The satanic statue in Detroit for example.

          Satan was/is a murderer. in that he incites the Cains to murder the Abels.

          Death came into the world because Adam sang “I did it my way” and it made it into the everlasting charts.

          Their secular humanism is now the major religion of the West.

          God gave us a book, a driver’s manual of how His Creation works, if we ignore it, if we put gas into our diesel car, we should not be surprised if its engine croaks….

          For a few hundred years only, western society worked towards compliance with creation, in doing so, it left the rest of the world far behind. But it got cocky, and started crowing to its own tunes, and so the foxes came.

          Creation is mainly metaphysical, it is the ‘healing and beneficial message’ (gospel). When we reduce the world to only the physical we block ourselves off from both the healing and the benefit, Islam has done this, as has secular humanism, the effects of this on our world are tangible and obvious, the land flowing with milk and honey becomes a desert waste.

          • While “the (Judeo-Christian) book” has much practical wisdom for human happiness, it is arguable.

            Also on a practical level, evil is the absence of good — at least that’s what I was taught and I find that that makes a great deal of sense.

            To put up a statue of Satan creates a positive view of Satan, but Satan is the ultimate negative.

          • The Bible is what is stopping us from acting like head hunters. While its easy to dispute whether or not it was written by God, it is much much harder to dispute the fact that it does provide a survival strategy superior to that of head hunters and cannibals.

            “Satan” could be defined as the hypothetical (and I say hypothetical because even if the existence of satan isn’t disputed it’s hard to say exactly what he is up to) inspiration for any alternative survival strategies that results in less survival and more misery and death. For example, National Socialism as a survival strategy didn’t work out too well as it resulted in much misery and death, and like head hunting it was wiped out due to the nuisance it created for those who did have a better survival strategy.

        • Killing is nothing more than a survival tactic for dealing with a threat.

          If you’re a deer and you encounter a threat, you pretty much only have two options that I have observed: 1) freeze and hope to remain unnoticed or 2) run away. In theory a deer could kill something by trampling it, but in practice it seems that it wouldn’t be able to trample anything large or dangerous enough to be an actual threat. So if a deer is eating something and a possum comes along, the deer ignores the possum even though it could trample it. After all, the possum is no threat so just ignore it.

          If bear on the other hand, if it encounters a threat, does have the option to kill most threats it might normally encounter. It may try to kill the threat or run away depending on the situation.

          Similarly, humans have a pretty good ability to kill things which has only gotten better over time, and without much physical evolution even taking place. So killing a threat is also a survival option for humans as well.

          With humans there’s more of a cognitive facility for culture to affect the identification of and response to threats. Headhunters for example would be likely to just kill any random human not in their clan. That might work out pretty well for them until they start encountering people from a civilization who, tired of getting head hunted, decide to wipe out the head hunters in their vicinity.

          The better a culture’s assessment of and response to threats, the more survivable they should be. But if either of those start to fail then they’re going to start having problems. They may not identify a threat as a threat, and they may fail to respond appropriately when they do identify a threat.

  10. While we’re on the subject of Islamity and reality, the current hot topic in domestic American politics is how well one of the candidates did in press interviews and the first debate. Here’s a quote from an earlier speech by this candidate:

    ” . . . Not only was the civilization of Islam capable of defeating arrogant and proud empires. It displayed a complexity and richness unmatched and able to unite the human race under the truest and most harmonious way of life, that even the most honest of the kuffar are able to glimpse”

    This speech was delivered shortly after 9/11.

    The speaker was Carly Fiorina. Please, carefully vet your candidates, folks

    • If one were to read that speech, one would believe it was Hussein Obama speaking. Fiorina is a nut.

      • and had she been elected Governor, or Governess, she would have changed the name of the state to CarlyFiornia.
        un-Bear-able, isn’t it. 🙂

    • with such quotes from speeches made by any American in the benumbed aftermath of 9/11, it is useful not only to give the URL but to see where the speaker has gone in the 14 years since.

      For example, most of the popular conservative commentators and radio show ‘personalities’ would not touch the subject at all for the first decade or so following 9/11. Now they’re mostly out-spoken Islamophobes.

      I don’t know anything about this woman beyond her work record so I’m going to suspend even holding an opinion until I have more information and also know the sources of the information.

      Actually, it goes further than that: in the current madness where all are jostling for position and submitting to questions from a vapid MSM about issues that aren’t germane to governance, I’ll just wait till it’s down to the last two opponents left standing. That’s the point at which it’s worth following because we get to choose from whomever the power brokers permit into the ring to fight for the right to sit in the Oval Office.

      And if they are both proponents of open borders?? Well, is there a country left to vote for/with/or against at that point? I don’t think so. That’s when it would make sense to vote for “the person most capable of changing his/her mind”….

      • I agree. Have to research Carly before deciding. One quote doesn’t do it for me.

      • While this snippet does not give the full depth of the speech made to HP employees on September 26, 2001, it does indicate a naive few of Islam and a sympathy towards defenders of that belief, not to mention an utter lack of empathy for those grieving the loss of friends and relatives following the New York attack.

        None of the positive images evoked concerning Islam were necessary to serve the ends of that speech. Any number of other American examples could have been used to achieve the same effect.

        The ideas invoked in the speech have since been repeated on several occasions, including being repeated in her book, “Tough Choices.”

        Here’s the speech in its entirety:


        • The quote you gave is not found in that speech. Do a global search of the text and you will find no instance of the words “arrogant” or “kuffar”.

          What you quoted is based on a text from a now-defunct Hizb ut-Tahrir site, and which does not accurately reflect Ms. Fiorina’s words.

          Her remarks about Islam were in the last 500 words of a 3,600-word speech. I’ll be posting about this in a while.

          • I stand corrected. Although I do think that the speech, even without the incorrect attributes, does, indeed, reflect a sympathetic misunderstanding about just what Islam represents and the dangers of believing in any benefits from adopting muslim mores.

  11. The war that Islam declared on Christendom some 1300 years ago, has never ceased. Its the same war, even though Christendom is but a name, and secularism rules.

    So here we are, in a spiritual war but with no weapons for such a fight. A type of war we never imagined would take place. Drones or other physical weapons are no use, as spiritual war requires that the warrior first knows what he is fighting for, and girds himself spiritually for that war.

    Yet the weapons for war are here. Examine that every time Islam tried a deep incursion into Christendom, it was defeated. It was defeated by soldiers who were, outnumbered though they were, first and foremost at prayer, before and after.

    “Men Have Forgotten God” – The Templeon Address- Solzhenitsyn’

    Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

    What is more, the events of the Russian Revolution can only be understood now, at the end of the century, against the background of what has since occurred in the rest of the world. What emerges here is a process of universal significance. And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire twentieth century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: Men have forgotten God.


    • Yes, we have, and we can’t cant that we weren’t warned of the consequences if that were to happen. It has, and look at us, the birth-pangs of judgment are increasing in tempo and intensity.

  12. Marie Harf suggested, for example, that ISIS fighters might be deterred from their bloody work by a jobs program.
    That by itself proves the depths of misunderstanding of the Jihadi mindset. Not only is a job program not an incentive to forgo Jihadi violence, the whole point of Jihadi violence is to coerce the kuffar to assume the position of dhimmitude and work and pay the infamous Jyzia for his sufferance to live under Sharia dominance. The whole point of Islam is organized looting, disenfranchisement, dispossession, of the subjected populace. Thus Jews who had done really well under Christian colonial British and French and Italian rule of Muslim countries were immediately dispossessed and exiled when Muslim rule came back. Thats is why the gast-arbeiters in all European countries are three times more likely to be unemployed and collecting welfare than their European co-residents. its Jyzia extracted someother way, prior to being imposed by force. The whole history of Ialmic greatness is the imposition of Jyzia, and when the poulace paying Jyzia either dies, or moved, or Islamized, greatness had to be re-acquired by further conquest of Jyzia paying subjects.

  13. We can’t figure out what Obama’s policy is because he doesn’t have a coherent, congruent plan for anything
    Let me figure this out for you.
    Obama’s policy is two prong. How to destroy Israel and how to weaken America.
    As for the first Obama has tried all options on the table except for direct military confrontation, leaving this to his proxies. Despairing of the Palestinians and the Egyptians, and the Syrians to achieve his goal, he turned to the Iranian Shiites, and does his very best to fortify their way to the atomic Bomb, fully acknowledging that Israel is their main target for elimination.
    Weakening America to the point of impotance is an ongoing project. Right now the US is the at its steepest military retreat, with the bottom of the barel scraped for the personnel of the despised military. Moreover, making america the most indebted country in the world, with the national federal debt greater than its annual gross national product, is a tremendous exsanguinator of national will.
    Thus ascribing some kind of PC naivete to Obama is a severe underestimation of his capabilities. He was elected to do the job of pauperizing the USA, and destroying Israel, and has failed in the second task, so far.

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