No Korans Were Harmed in the Making of This Video…

…But one was seriously injured and sustained water damage during the events depicted in it, based on police reports.

As reported earlier today, last week a group of Muslim immigrants at a refugee reception center in the German town of Suhl became angry and offended at a rumored Koran-desecration (allegedly by a fellow Muslim). They took out their hurt feelings by trashing the place, busting up cars, attacking the police, and screaming… Well, see if you can guess what they screamed.

Vlad Tepes was moved to compile excerpts from a cell phone video taken inside the refugee center by one of the offended culture-enrichers. Vlad has enhanced the footage with his own exegesis:

7 thoughts on “No Korans Were Harmed in the Making of This Video…

  1. I have the perfect solution to this problem. Relocate all of these wonderful people to the guest rooms of the ruling class houses immediately. This will ensure that they are protected from neo-nazis, as well as each other, and get the best treatment available. I don’t see how the ruling class members could possibly object to this unless they are racist or something.

    They wouldn’t want to be racist by refusing would they?

  2. “It’s repulsive how far-right extremists and neo-Nazis are spreading their hollow message, but it’s equally shameful how citizens even families with children support this by marching along,” Merkel said.

    Has Angela Merkel an alternative suggestion as to where the shameful citizens of Europe should march to with their families and children to seek refuge from the genocidal violence instigated by Ancestral Negation and claim political asylum from Europe’s submission to dhimmitude?

  3. This is simply a sociodrama to test the collective IQ of the German population. This situation is to find behavior that is outrageous enough to trigger a self-defense mechanism. So far, the test needs to be revised, as the behaviors so far displayed have not been outrageous enough to trigger a reaction. So far, the only response appears to have been to meekly send in a German work crew to repair the damage and replace the items smashed during the course of the test.

    Once the testers conclude there seems to be no behavior outrageous enough to elicit a self-defense response from the German authorities, the testing can be concluded. The test participants, the Muslim refugees who have been displaying the most violent, most destructive behaviors possible, no longer need to serve as testers, and can now be released into the general population.

  4. “Allahu Akbar” – that must translate to something like “I’m a mindless animal who can and will do whatever I (expletive) choose to do.”

    Apparently they think (I’m using that term rather loosely) that saying that magical incantation justifies their behaving like total savages. Or maybe it’s a kind of incantation used to work themselves up (or is that down?) into their natural state of frothing, mindless fury; or perhaps it’s more like a mantra that they use to focus their internal rage at their own debased and uncouth selves (away from themselves, unfortunately).

    • Based on earlier reports, the Arab migrants in the center (who are often antagonistic towards Afghans and other non-Arabs) were upset that an Afghan had supposedly torn pages from a Koran and thrown them in the toilet.

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