Culturally Enriched Riots at a Refugee Center in Thuringia

Rioting and violence broke out last week at a refugee center in Suhl in Thuringia. The trouble began after friction arose between groups of Muslim residents from different regions. A rumor that an Afghan asylum seeker had torn pages out of a Koran and thrown them in the toilet was enough to set off the spark.

The rambunctious culture-enrichers responded by kicking in doors, breaking furniture, throwing things out windows, and attacking cars. The mayhem went on for several hours before the police were able to restore order.

Below are two German news clips about the evening’s events. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

There’s more at Vlad’s place.

Transcript of video 1:

00:12   Fifteen injured including four policemen
00:16   and high material damage to buildings and cars: that is the result
00:20   of a renewed escalation between asylum seekers on the Friedberg of Suhl.
00:24   The fight was about religious backgrounds.
00:28   One group fled into the office of the security services.
00:32   After an attempt to storm the security office,
00:36   the security staff defended themselves with tear gas. This resulted in an escalation
00:40   of the situation. Police patrols who were summoned were
00:45   besieged by the angry refugees and prevented from
00:49   leaving the place. The police called us (firefighters) because
00:53   a fire had been reported,
00:57   which was relatively quickly extinguished by the
01:01   police themselves, so that firefighters did not need
01:05   to intervene. However the situation was quite chaotic
01:09   because of the riots, as was said before,
01:13   so that we assumed a great number of casualties.
01:17   Towards 1 am, special forces from Thuringia and
01:21   Bavaria were contacted. They were gathered outside the site
01:25   on the level of Pfutschbergstrasse.
01:29   Meanwhile several residents’ cars
01:33   and patrol cars of the first police arrivals were attacked with iron bars.
01:38   Even journalists and a camera team
01:42   did not stop the angry crowd.
01:46   In the refugee centre, doors were being kicked in, windows
01:50   were broken and objects were thrown out of the windows.
01:54   Together with the police force several ambulances
01:58   and emergency doctors were ordered to the Friedberg. On the site of a newspaper
02:02   the fire brigade, the emergency services and civil protection services
02:06   created a medical emergency site. Here the wounded
02:10   would have to be triaged and treated. We then have
02:14   added the structures for the medical treatment places
02:18   and constructed a large treatment center,
02:23   and informed the surrounding hospitals, so that
02:27   they could increase their staff. After the situation
02:31   had calmed down towards 1 am, the police could retreat.
02:35   Several people were taken into police custody.
02:39   In total seven police cars, one ambulance
02:43   and several private cars were damaged.

Transcript of video 2:

00:00   Scenes of the previous night at the refugee reception camp in Suhl.
00:04   Refugees, uncontrollably angry, also attack a camera team of the NDR
00:08   and a photographer. In the overcrowded centre the situation escalated
00:12   yesterday around 9pm: 20 Muslim refugees
00:16   chased an Afghan co-resident. According to the immigration minister (Greens),
00:20   that man had torn pages out of the Koran and thrown them into the toilet.
00:24   Bundnis 90/the Greens: If someone’s religious feelings are hurt,
00:28   we must take it seriously, but this does not give him the right,
00:32   and I say this very strongly and clearly,
00:36   to resort to lynch justice. When the
00:40   Afghan seeks protection from the security personnel, the door is broken down.
00:44   It takes hours before the police can calm the situation, the result of the night:
00:48   15 injured and considerable damage to property. For weeks
00:52   warnings had been given not only in Suhl. Refugee camps are overcrowded.
00:56   Thueringen’s (Left) premier, Ramelow, called the situation in Suhl, during a former visit
01:00   catastrophic; today he says that’s because
01:04   many refugees are traumatised. This does not excuse anything.
01:08   (Ramelow, the Left) It only shows how important it is that we build many many more capacities
01:12   we need initial reception capacities, so that we
01:16   can organise ethnic and religious separations in advance.
01:20   The federal government has to contribute towards the costs of the accommodation.
01:24   A refugee summit between federals and states is planed for end of September.

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10 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Riots at a Refugee Center in Thuringia

  1. This is funny:

    ” Even journalists and a camera team
    did not stop the angry crowd. ”

    Is the police now so discredited that the best hopes for riot control is journalists and cameramen?

    • If that’s a news report, it’s amazingly arrogant/ignorant, given that these rioters USE media to ramp up their “issues”.

  2. (We need initial reception capacities so we can organise ethnic and religious separations in advance)…whys that ? they can be hale and hearty when they are unleashed on the community ?.
    Guess it takes a very special kind of stupid to believe they will behave any differently once they infest the local population.

  3. I see “Laurel and Hardy”alias Merkel and Hollande ” have condemed the outbreaks of disorder.At the same time Hollande is awarding three American marines the “Pour le Merit ” (yes the hated usurpers of poor Saddam Hussein).
    Cannot Hollande not see the relation of “cause and effect ” between mass immigration from the third world and the increasing terror threat.

  4. At this point the only solution is for German nationalists to take the streets. The politicians have sold out.

  5. This will be a great influence on the community once they are released, bringing in many new cultural ideas and unique points of view that the homogenous would otherwise not have. Ideas like dawah to Islam, beheading those who refuse the dawah, collecting jizya, beheading those who insult the “prophet”, fighting the apostates from other sects of Islam, sex slavery of underage infidel girls, child marriage, forced marriage, wife beating, etc. Such amazing new cultural ideas that would otherwise not be present.

  6. I wonder how many people will notice something very obvious and, at the same time, absolutely disgraceful: in video 2, minute 1:20, they clearly state that they need to organise ethnic and religious segregation of asylum seekers. Now, this is rich!!! The West is having “diversity” and multiculturalism shoved down its throat, yet these supposedly desperate asylum seekers require ethnic and religious segregation??

    What else – JUST WHAT ELSE is needed for people to wake up to the biggest act of treason ever perpetrated on a society by its rulers?

    I am sorry if I sound downright disgusted and angry. I am.

  7. Most of these people are said to come from Syria. If that is the case why do they not help their president to restore power and control in his country? I am not saying that Assad is perfect but he managed to keep the country stable for some time, which helped it to become more prosperous. It also allowed non-muslim groups to live peacefully. Of course in the process he had to oppress the extremists. Instead of trying to work gradually towards a more democratic regime, the opponents of Assad started a civil war and the unrest that followed allowed IS to come to power. And instead of lying in the bed they made themselves they now come to Europe to further spread their unrest.

  8. After a fair trial, Germany’s (and Europe’s) political, social, and media elite should be taken to a place of execution and hanged by the neck until dead.

    Alternatively, “Liberalism and all its institutional creations are so firmly established that nothing short of total havoc is likely to expose its folly to the nation.”

    • For what they have knowingly done to their countries, I agree.

      Public execution. The enormity of their crime simply cannot be overstated.

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