Evicted to Make Room for Migrants

The following news report has a leftist multicultural bias, as might be expected from German television. Note that the narrator and those interviewed find it inconceivable that the flood of migrants might be stopped, as if immigration were a natural disaster, like a blizzard or an earthquake.

It’s considered possible to halt “climate change”. But not the influx of illegal third-world immigrants.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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00:00   Let’s put aside if the anger at the end is really understandable.
00:04   In any case, shameful news increases, for example
00:08   ”extreme right-winger urinates on refugee children”
00:12   or “arson attack on planned refugee accommodation”.
00:16   And because of that it is high time that in addition
00:20   to well meaning appeals and generous politics more concrete decisions
00:24   be added. Because of that minimum number of
00:28   800,000 refugees who will come to Germany.
00:32   This number commands respect. 800,000; this is more
00:36   people than the number of residents in Frankfurt am Main.
00:40   A number of these 800,000 will stay on and
00:44   where will those people live? Eric Beres, Oliver Heinsch and Ulrich Neuman
00:48   investigated.
00:52   Ludwigshafen in the Mundenheim area, the edge of town,
00:56   that’s where they have lived, for a very long time.
01:00   But now the residents have suddenly to leave. Where should we go
01:04   I have lived here for forty years. They just throw you out? Yes,
01:08   we have to leave to make place for “these others”.
01:12   Who are they? I don’t dare say.
01:16   What’s happening here now? This housing estate was
01:20   built fifty years ago for the homeless as emergency accommodation. Many remained here,
01:24   found work, had children and have established themselves.
01:28   I have to leave my apartment so that they can build refugee accommodation.
01:32   I don’t find this okay. The houses have been neglected for a while,
01:36   and were to be demolished sometimes in the future. But this is happening only now.
01:40   Apartments for refugees are to be built.
01:44   Carer for seniors, Tanja Zeiss, and her mother who works as a cleaning lady feel
01:49   they are losing to refugees what they have worked for over many years.
01:53   80 square metres for six people, €400
01:57   per month. It’s small but homely.
02:01   How are your chances to find something like this? Very bad.
02:05   Either the rents are too high or the apartments are too small,
02:09   because we need four rooms, kitchen and bathroom. What will you do if you find nothing?
02:13   No idea.
02:17   The socially disadvantaged must give way to refugees: socially explosive.
02:21   Ludwigshafen is probably a single extreme case,
02:25   but does it show what will soon happen more frequently in Germany?
02:29   Affordable housing
02:33   is as scarce today as never before. Example: Social housing.
02:37   Over only ten years the proportion of these apartments has dropped dramatically,
02:41   a drop of 40%. What
02:45   does this mean in view of the dramatically increasing number of refugees?
02:49   Mathias Guenther, the scientist from Hannover, has dealt with this.
02:53   The chances for low-income earners in the housing market.
02:57   All refugees who at the moment are in transit accommodation,
03:01   in shared accommodation, they will come
03:05   on the normal housing market next year. So, at the
03:09   present level of construction we must expect a greater competition.
03:17   Berlin, outside the State Office of Health and Social
03:21   Services. Refugees are called and registered. Hundreds
03:25   every day. They are glad to have made it safely
03:29   to Germany. Germany is very good!
03:33   Very nice. A few meters further on,
03:38   long queues in front of an advisory body of the Lutheran Church.
03:42   Here refugees are helped to find a home of their own.
03:46   Nationwide almost a unique project, funded by the State of Berlin.
03:50   Even now the rush is overwhelming.
03:54   The queue behind you are all people who
03:58   did not get a number or appointment today.
04:02   Whom you have to send away again? Yes.
04:06   That must be frustrating. Yes it is.
04:10   These ones are lucky, they are being called.
04:14   460. Because they have already been in Berlin more than three months
04:18   they are allowed to look for a flat of their own .
04:22   This is also meant to relieve the refuges. But in Berlin, too,
04:26   cheaper housing is in extremely rare. At least double the number of apartments
04:30   would be needed just for the refugees.
04:34   We meet a young Syrian family, recognised as refugees,
04:38   in a temporary accommodation of the Protestant Church. He is
04:42   decorator, she is student. They have been in Berlin for a year
04:46   and are expecting their second child. They have been looking desperately for months
04:50   for an apartment. Without success. Therefore they still live in
04:54   21 square metres with a communal kitchen.
04:58   I have lost hope of finding an apartment. We have really
05:02   looked a lot, visited many property management places, but
05:06   again and again we were rejected. This is not a real apartment.
05:10   One of our own would be much better; that is our biggest problem.
05:14   Many families have to contend with an unsuccessful search,
05:18   according to the centre’s director. It takes at least one year,
05:22   sometimes even much longer. I have already had families
05:26   in another place who
05:31   with several children had to wait two-three years
05:35   in the worst case. You can imagine that’s difficult for the
05:39   families, but especially for the children.
05:43   Three years to wait for one’s own apartment. Yet more and more refugees
05:47   come to Germany, and more and more will remain.
05:51   The proportion of recognised refugees among all those who demand asylum
05:55   in the last five years has increased from 16% to 35%.
05:59   The organisaton “Pro-Asylum”
06:03   estimates that this proportion, in view of the many
06:07   refugees from wars, will increase even more.
06:11   For many years the politicians were in denial of the reality,
06:15   that is: affordable housing in general for people
06:19   with low income does not exist around (railway stations? unclear). No one
06:23   can wish for a competition among the weakest of the weak.
06:27   Back to Ludwigshafen-Mundenheim(?)
06:31   Most residents of the old houses have left. Some of them went
06:35   into normal apartments. But others have finished up in these adjacent block of flats.
06:39   Emergency shelters, further down the spiral, as they perceive it.
06:43   Tanja Zeiss leads us into one of those houses, to her friend.
06:47   Instead of living with his family in the old house, he now lives in this communal residence for the homeless,
06:51   without real heating, without shower. In the cellar
06:55   there are three showers for all residents, they tell us.
06:59   That is one room, normally for two people.
07:03   What do you think of having to leave with the family over there? It’s s***.
07:07   Why? The refugees must be accommodated, too. Well I have nothing against them,
07:11   it’s only about that they throw us out, I get a flat without a shower and they
07:15   get everything built new with shower, heating and everything.
07:19   They feel driven out by the refugees.
07:23   These events in her district are of great concern to the Protestant pastor of Mundenheim.
07:27   She says that this should not have happened this way.
07:32   They demolish at the same time as they build new
07:36   for refugees. So the perception is: We must leave our homes,
07:40   and for those who come now, they build new.
07:44   Tubingen, another city which is bursting at the seams.
07:48   The economy is booming. Even the employed and students
07:52   cannot find affordable housing here.
07:56   In his town, Mayor Boris Palmer (Left/Greens) has to find
08:00   accommodation by the end of the year for hundreds of new refugees. Now he wants to get tough,
08:04   crack down on vacant housing. Meeting with a property owner.
08:08   What about heating, etc.,
08:12   everything disconnected but still there? Yes. With little effort
08:16   the building will be quickly useable. 300 square metres;
08:20   several apartments for refugees could be made out of this.
08:24   Although the house has been vacant for two years, the owner
08:28   has only offered it now to the town.
08:32   That this is such an emergency and that people are housed in gymnasiums,
08:36   that’s new… meaning that it became acute in the last
08:40   few weeks, really. Many other house owners still do not see the gravity
08:44   of the situation, says the mayor. Up to 700 apartments are
08:48   vacant in his town. Now he threatens drastic measures.
08:52   You cannot say any longer, “This is my property, and not anyone’s business,”
08:56   but all are obliged to accommodate the people in our city. In the worst case,
09:00   when homelessness threatens, confiscation
09:04   for half a year would be a solution.
09:08   Forcibly seizing apartments for refugees! Since Boris Palmer speaks about this publicly,
09:12   he gets lots of hate mail, with lots of brown sauce, he says.
09:16   But he too confesses to have underestimated
09:21   the increasing number of refugees for a long time. No-one in Germany
09:25   has done it correctly, because no-one has seen how many people are coming to us. We react
09:29   only afterwards. We solve problems when it’s too late.
09:33   The whole system is falling apart. That is exactly
09:37   a situation which is explosive, including socially explosive.
09:41   More and more refugees, and no-one knows how to house them permanently.
09:45   Municipalities and states are overwhelmed.
09:49   A nationwide problem. Of course it
09:53   causes a lot of discomfort when one sees
09:57   how slowly politics react to such
10:01   developments, and how it can be achieved at all
10:05   to integrate these people into the regular housing market is a mystery to me.
10:09   The federal government is required to provide the means here, and it must
10:13   be a joint effort of the federal government, states and municipalities
10:17   to provide affordable housing for refugees.
10:21   In Ludwigshafen the city has now responded:
10:25   In the new houses that will soon be built for refugees
10:29   maybe someday a few of the old residents could be allowed to move in.
10:33   So we are told by the city. However, the mood here has long since been poisoned.
10:37   That’s all for these good new fellow citizens.
10:41   All I can say: Thank you, German state!
10:45   We are oppressed and those ones (unclear)… Have you got something against refugees
10:49   or what? I have nothing against them but they should give us apartments, too.
10:53   That just causes us anger against the asylum seekers,
10:57   the “refugees”.
11:01   I think that’s understandable, somewhat.
11:05   It’s not the fault of the refugees, but how it works here. The German state
11:09   Good Day Mrs. MERKEL. Understandable frustration
11:13   with the politics, but also open anger against the refugees.
11:17   Right-wing extremists could benefit from this. Ludwigshafen Mundenheim
11:21   for the moment is still an extreme single example,
11:26   but the overall lack of housing in Germany for the most vulnerable
11:30   can also poison the air elsewhere.

22 thoughts on “Evicted to Make Room for Migrants

  1. It’s very interesting that the mayor is talking about confiscating vacant apartments. Essentially, there’s no longer any such concept as private ownership.

    Of course, no one will want to build or own an apartment, as they’re subject to seizure and occupancy by people who will most likely trash it. So, they will have the benefits of socialism: chronic housing shortages. This is on top of all the other consequences of immigration: high crime, high rates of government assistance, low school achievement, loss of cultural identity.l

  2. How awful that right-wing extremists benefit…..

    Just maybe someone might listen to those right-wing extremists, because the left has obviously failed….

    There is only one solution, which is to stop them at source, let them KNOW that they are going to get NOTHING but a ticket back to where they came from, and an application form for LEGAL entry into the country.

    All the time the criminals win (illegal immigration is, funnily enough, illegal) they will keep coming.

  3. These reactionaries obviously do not have the proper socialist revolutionary attitude. They seem to have this counter-revolutionary belief in individual property rights. Where did they get such extreme right-wing reactionary attitudes such as the belief that they own anything individually? All good revolutionary socialists know that only large groups own things such as “the people”, and whatever the state says is what “the people” say. Now march!


  4. Are there any group on the planet stupider than left wing “intellectuals” who, in the name of tolerance, invite the intolerant to invade their countries without a shot being fired. Leftism is a self destructive mental disorder akin to stereotypical repetative behavior one sees in the monkey houses of zoos or the “cutting” behavior of emotionally battered adolescents. Sheesh!

    • Do the math, what we are seeing is the advance guard, the main body will soon appear on the horizon; it will be interesting to see the panic as 1 million a month arrive on EU shores. I would think the market for boats in the med is enormous, and why not charter a small freighter or two, 10,000 people at a time, lots of profit. The Israelis smuggled people past the British very successfully in the ’40s using end of life freighters.

      As the news gets out that the streets really are paved with free hand-outs, there is going to be a goldrush as never seen since Roman times. The whole continent is going to up sticks and start walking.

      Bye bye France, Germany and the low countries, there are no borders to protect you, it is already too late. UK and Ireland might be able to shut down their borders before obliteration, and Scandinavia – depends which way they topple, resurrected life or principled suicide.

      • … the market for boats in the med is enormous, and why not charter a small freighter or two, 10,000 people at a time, lots of profit.

        No need for end of life freighters why not charter HMS Bulwark & HMS Enterprise courtesy of the Royal Navy.

      • Without a doubt the main bulk is waiting in their 100 of thousands for the signal from such evil operations as ISL to swarm across the sea to Europe. If no EU country cannot really undertsand the full implication of what is happening, then with saddness mixed with anger the West is doomed. We of any measure of Christian faith will have to fight to rid our countries of this evil blight-these people are not as we understand as human, they are all infected with the satnanic vice & evil. All that is now being shown by the media & other supporters of this invasion will themselves be enslaved by Islamic Sharia Law, make no mistake-Germany already has its Judiciary deffering to Sharia Law.

  5. I the USA it has been alleged that each ‘migrant costs $500,000+ in the long run. If the citizens in the EU were ever to be giver the total cost there would be a lot of ‘discussion’. None of the bleeding heart liberals ever look at the long term cost, I mean the real cost beyond finance. The crimes, everyday violence,The driving and upheaval of local populations forming ghettos and ‘no go zones’ the arrogance of the ‘new arrivals’,their refusal to assimilate, get an education, or employment, the permanent financial burden for generations. Just look at France’s
    ‘ wonderful experience’ over the past 40 years. IMHO this is only the beginning the horde is yet to come. The balless and feckless alleged ‘leaders’ in the EU are screwing over their own citizens.

    • Drug resistant TB costs $250,000- 1.5 million to treat per patient, HIV meds alone cost $2000-$5000 a month per person. Your number only shows the easy to access data. There is a swiss village that bleeds out around $60,000USD a month for a refugee family of 8.

      A village in the Swiss canton of Zurich has expressed anger over the situation of just one refugee family. To carry on supporting a mother from Eritrea and her seven children, authorities aim to increase taxes, media report.

      Just over 1,000 people live in the village of Hagenbuch, which is forced to spend over 60,000 Swiss francs (around US$64,000) a month on the family – 30 percent of the monthly expenses for the entire village

  6. Germans have been bedbug crazy for over a hundred years now.

    Nothing new with those folks. POLITICIANS for themselves and all the power they can amass for themselves!

    When the sharia hits the fan… the politicians will get the full blast FIRST. GOOD!

  7. ‘When years ago I read that as a result of global warming Europe could be flooded by invasive subtropical species, I assumed they were talking about plants.’

    Classic quote from the inimitable – and magnificently politically incorrect – Czech president.

  8. Sorry to sound ungrateful, but the translation is poor. Also, the transcript should indicate the speaker instead of running all speech together.

    • You don’t sound ungrateful, Eugene. You sound like a volunteer wanting to join our fine group of translators and transcribers. Welcome aboard! Please let us know how much advance notice you need for translating materials and which languages you feel most comfortable translating into good copy.

      We can’t afford to pay anyone but you can be guaranteed our gratitude and great regard for your work.

  9. The EU’s much-vaunted “Core Values” are a scam. Dishonestly promoted as “for economic benefit”, their real purpose is Nation-Breaking (to undermine and destroy the national identities and cultures, so as to create a brave new Afro-Eurabia with the EU’s unelected elites in control.


    Free Movement, Asylum Granting and Welfare Provision have together created a dire and dangerous Gold Rush.

  10. We are forced to be spectators at the EU’s destruction of Europe. This is the elites’ project – a mixed race Pan-European State with its own currency, pretence-parliament, Armed Forces and so on.

    Not so. This is Europe down the pan.

  11. An eerie suspicion is beginning to grow on me. This is all done on purpose. The pressure is increased bit by bit until the pot explodes. It is impossible to do this to a people indefinitely without eventually provoking a violent reaction. This is the moment you can point the finger at them and call them racist, Nazis, and whatnot for another three or four generations. And that seems to be the goal.

  12. Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by western Governments, and the multicultural propagandist media that is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

  13. The same housing crisis exists in the UK with the reduction in social housing and high rents in the private sector the casualties are the native poor that are socioeconomically displaced by the enrichers and rendered politically impotent by the enforcement of diversity and equality legislation.

    • Indeed so, Jolie. Shocking as it may seem to some here (and certainly not intending to put words in your mouth), affordable housing is a social good, like free healthcare and education, and affordable (and comprehensive) public transport; selling any of these to the private sector is a really bad idea, since said sector has to pay a dividend to shareholders.

      Public providers of such essential services would have to be incredibly inefficient not to be able to provide such services more cheaply, since they have no obligation to turn a profit. The UK’s railways, privatised around twenty years ago, receive six times the subsidy they had in public ownership, yet oddly the service is little better.

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