“Spend That Money on Our People!”

The video below shows a speech given on Thursday by Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. In his talk about the European migration crisis, Mr. Wilders confronts the Prime Minister Mark Rutte with a motion that further asylum seekers be banned from the Netherlands, so that the billions of euros spent on them may be redirected to the needs of the Dutch people.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Mme Chairman, Brussels wants to force us thousands of extra asylum seekers down our throats.
0:11   They call it in fancy words “redistribution or relocation”.
0:16   It simply means more asylum seekers, more fortune seekers,
0:20   and more Islam in The Netherlands. And, Mme Chairman, also more terrorists.
0:26   For ISIS already announced that they will send them together with the refugees.
0:33   Chairman, in Brussels they are barking mad.
0:36   Their minions in The Hague agree with them, with a few buts and ifs.
0:42   How in heaven’s name is that possible?
0:45   Last year an asylum record,
0:49   with 24,000 asylum seekers.
0:52   But this wasn’t enough.
0:55   This cabinet and Mr. Rutte [ PM ] want to top it with a couple thousand more.
0:58   Every asylum seeker costs the tax payer €36,000 per person annually.
1:06   Last year alone asylum seekers cost the taxpayers €876 million.
1:14   That, Mme Chairman, shows the choices made by Mr. Rutte.
1:18   Spend hundreds of millions on asylum seekers
1:23   and demolish the care for our elderly.
1:28   And in a few weeks no doubt also more money for Greece. But the Dutch will have to
1:35   work longer, and are confronted with reduced unemployment insurance.
1:38   Free care for asylum refugees, Mme Chairman, and priority for housing.
1:46   This prime minister wants the Dutch to wait a bit longer for housing.
1:55   Mme Chairman, Prime Minister Rutte calls himself the prime minister of all the Dutch.
2:00   He is rather the king of the asylum seekers, the benefactor of Africa and Greece,
2:05   and the destroyer of care in The Netherlands.
2:09   The Netherlands is governed by an elite whose priorities
2:12   are haphazard.
2:15   The cabinet has lost all track of reality.
2:20   Nobody in The Netherlands, apart from few lost D66 members,
2:24   wants this plan of the European Commission.
2:26   Chairman, what needs to be done is
2:30   to stop admitting asylum seekers to The Netherlands
2:33   None whatsoever! Enough is enough!
2:35   We have more than enough asylum seekers in The Netherlands
2:39   Send them all back, as Australia does,
2:42   a decent country.
2:45   Send them back, send them SAFELY back, but do send them back.
2:48   And let filthy rich Middle Eastern countries
2:51   such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states,
2:54   who don’t do anything at all,
2:57   Let those countries take care of them, or pay for them to be cared for in Africa.
3:02   Chairman, it’s finally getting to be time to stop
3:06   giving this country away.
3:11   We have to stop the open border policy and allowing half the world to enter The Netherlands.
3:15   We have to stop giving away our money.
3:20   Billions – billions of our money, every year yet again,
3:24   as development aid to Africa, to nonsensical asylum plans such as this one,
3:29   to the head-in-the-clouds elite in Brussels.
3:32   I ask the prime minister: stop that!
3:36   Spend that money here, in The Netherlands.
3:39   Spend that money on our people. Those are the people we represent here.
3:44   Those are the people who elected us.
3:47   Those are the people we stand here for.
3:50   They deserve our priorities, not people from Africa.
3:55   Chairman, enough is enough! Trash that plan of the European Commission!
3:59   Not one more asylum seeker! I’ll close with the following motion:
4:04   Parliament, having considered the deliberations, requests the government to reject
4:08   the relocation and resettlement plan of the European Commission,
4:12   and ensure that no asylum seekers
4:17   be permitted to enter The Netherlands,
4:18   “and proceeds to the order of the day.” [ = “be it so moved.” ]
4:22   Is this motion supported?
4:24   I yield the floor to Mr. Bontes.

3 thoughts on ““Spend That Money on Our People!”

  1. There was a nut in the UK Parliament demanding we allow 50,000,000 + into the UK, because “There is plenty of space”…..

    Words fail me. Our welfare systems trashed and they want more. “Progressivesness” is mental illness.

    • 50 million more into England’s green and once pleasant land? Who could be imbecilic enough to suggest such nonsense, it would then be England in name only, and would be completely trashed if the present situation is anything to go by.

      Glad you have been resurrected, Bishop, I enjoy your pithy comments!

  2. Who in the Dutch society is paying the taxes, in the first place? The Dutch, surely. So spending the money on the Dutch is the only reasonable way of spending it. That is how the system was meant to be, after all. Like in all the other Western European developed countries.

    In Europe we are seeing that the Europeans are paying the taxes and the money is spent on the muslims, in other words the Ummah. So the Ummah is continuously draining the West of its resources, in a so called wealth redistribution, as the leftists like to call it – and at the same time replacing the Europeans in Europe.

    In Denmark now, a 72 year old former nurse lives in a caravan, homeless since February, waiting in line with whatever they are called, Refugees, or more often than not, more likely islamic asylum seekers, or welfare migrants from islamic states, even The IS, because there are other rules for “Refugees” – R as in Royal -, while the Danish lady as a tax payer, is not top priority in Denmark when it comes to providing a home.


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