Brian Lilley on the Motoons, “Piss Christ”, and the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a state-funded TV service in Canada. Your tax dollars at work, that is, if you’re a denizen of the Frozen North. And, like all other state broadcasters throughout the Western world, the CBC leans left — often hard left.

So it’s no surprise to learn that the CBC has declined to display any Mohammed cartoons. It’s a matter of principle, you see: to respect the religious sensibilities of Canada’s diverse television audience.

However, in a notable exception to its customary solicitousness for the tender religious feelings of its viewers, the CBC featured the notorious photo “Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano, which depicts a crucifix submerged in what is reportedly a vessel of the photographer’s own urine. Like most liberal media outlets, the CBC considers Mr. Serrano’s work of fine art to be different from depictions of Mohammed, or other images that offend Muslims. Why is it different? Well… it just is, that’s all!

Presumably the main difference is that Christian holy warriors are unlikely to firebomb the offices and studios of the CBC for its willingness to insult Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

In the following video, Brian Lilley of chronicles the policies of the CBC concerning anti-Christian images versus the Motoons. When called on their habitual double standard, the esteemed aestheticians of the state broadcaster move through blatant hypocrisy into outright insult of their viewers’ intelligence by insisting that they treat all religions alike:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

6 thoughts on “Brian Lilley on the Motoons, “Piss Christ”, and the CBC

  1. How true! The Rebelmedia formerly SUN TV has exposed the CBC on their biases and hard-left interpretation of almost everything on many occasions and on many topics. They are truly a disgrace for any freedom loving Canadian. Why the government is still giving them our tax dollars in the form of a billion dollar subsidy puzzles many Canadians. We used to listen to them, but stopped doing so many years ago, because they don’t give the news but are the propaganda arm of the left just like the MSM in the U.S.

  2. The CBC is pretty much singlehandedly responsible for giving me the impression that Canada is as far left as Sweeden.

  3. The problem is not so much the Hard-left nature of entities like CBC/BBC etc, it is the fact that they are in an unbalanced situation, there is no ‘small government’ (I hate the term ‘Right’) counterbalance and it is left to small stations with no government backing to try and expose the FRAUD.

    If you can fool most of the people, enough of the time, you can turn democracy into tyranny!

  4. We are past the point at which an establishment statist in the West feels the need to explain or justify his position. There is simply the way all right thinking people think versus HATE. And hate must be obliterated. Camps are coming and even murder is coming for those who will not stop HATING. Such as a Christian.

  5. It occurred to me, as I ponder recent post scripts regarding the resulting bloodshed of the ‘Draw Muhammed Cartoon Contest”/Charlie Hebdo jihad – the claimed doctrinal ban on illustrations of Muhammed is absurd given the proportion of males born into that doctrine, regardless of spelling variation of identity, each are physical representations / “illustrations” of their savage prophet as much, if not more so, any image put to pen & paper.

    • Now that’s an interesting observation. Why do Jihadis get so upset about drawings of Mohammad when you have so many of them dressing up as and acting like and even naming themselves Mohammad?

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