An Asylum Called France

A French reader sends the following brief note on the latest strategy for curbing Islamophobia in France:

Robert Chardon, a French mayor, tweeted a call for a ban on the Muslim faith in France. His party requested the exclusion.

The media were outraged and shocked, but the disturbing and worrying part is that a “third party” obtained an involuntary confinement. This measure occurs in case of mental disorders. Therefore it seems that you are seen as crazy if you criticize Islam in France!

The third party can be anyone: a relative, an administrative authority, an offended Muslim…

10 thoughts on “An Asylum Called France

  1. My guess is that the involuntary incarceration will be for a brief period of time to enable an assessment of his mental state to be carried out…

    If a prolonged hospital admission followed an assessment I think in France they would have to be very sure of their grounds for such a prolonged involuntary admission.

    If he’s suffering from a cancer then his mental state may well be compromised.

    All very interesting either way…..

    I feel that prudence dictates everyone just hold back on judgement and see how this pans out….It won’t be a long wait…

    The EU isn’t quite in soviet territory yet…..Not quite…

    • Maybe the EU isn’t, but America already crossed that bridge with Operation Vigilant Eagle.

  2. ‘The EU isn’t quite in soviet territory yet…..Not quite…’

    Only because the ‘Separatists’ in Eastern Ukraine stopped them in their tracks. Before anyone starts yelling ‘but Ukraine was in the Soviet bloc’ many people have forgotten or have never known that up to 1939 Western Ukraine was Polish controlled.

    • Actually, the EU and the USA have already surpassed the Soviet Union in that they have managed to achieve similar levels of repression while maintaining among the vast majority of the populace the illusion that they are free.

      If you were a citizen of the USSR, you were in no doubt that you were living under totalitarian repression. There was a clearly visible state apparatus that could shoot you or haul you off to the gulag without warning. Virtually everyone had friends or family members who had been liquidated or sent to slave labor camps.

      The diabolical success of Western the political elites is that they have managed a level of thought-control the USSR could only have dreamed of, with a minimum of overt violence, and with a well-maintained cover story that their citizens are “free”.

      I’ll wager that the vast majority of British citizens believe that Tommy Robinson — if they are aware of him at all — is a far-right neo-fascist thug and criminal who got what was coming to him when he went into the nick.

      • Er, no, Baron

        1. Many British citizens, as you correctly point out, have never heard of Tommy Robinson.
        2. If they ask you ‘Who is Tommy Robinson ?’ and you answer ‘The former leader of the EDL’ then the likely reply is ‘Don’t know about him but the EDL appear to be a bunch of nutters and football hooligans’
        3. Those who do know of ‘Tommy Robinson’ (the person) not just as ‘The former leader of the EDL’ (his position) know he is decent honest man who has been ‘worked over’ by our judicial system on a series of trumped up charges.

        • I think @Ivan that you have just restated what the B said…..

          In case you were not reading this blog at the time, the B did a blow by blow account of TR’s incarceration, with a direct feed from EDL sources.

      • A lot of the success of the progressives in America and Europe in deluding the population has been fueled by their unlimited squandering of the wealth created by the free-market, which they have now successfully killed.

        A minority is already awake, and will constitute the majority of those who manage to survive the global economic collapse.

  3. Non UK citizens should be aware that in the UK “sectioning” is practised by our lords and masters . Tommy Robinson was involved in a small way in this. Sectioning is the same as the old Soviet style punishment – locked away, no trial of any sort, no cintact with family or lawyers except those designated by the State. Incidentally, we in Britain are not actually citizens – we are subjects. One day, my child – one day.

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