When Will the Dark Ages Begin Again?

The following essay by H. Numan was originally published in Dutch. It has been translated by the author for Gates of Vienna.

When will the dark ages begin again?
by H. Numan

Within 30 to 40 years, in appropriately three decades. Yes: you, the reader, will personally experience this. And your children. As well as your grandchildren. The latter will be fully assimilated in the new halal culture, and feel at best pity for you.

What I’m about to describe has happened before: the fall of the (West) Roman Empire. The Roman senator Quintus Fabius Memmius Symmachus experienced it all. He kept a diary; that’s how we got an impression of what was happening back then. The barbarians needed about three decades. Our bearded fiends are a lot more impatient, and far more aggressive. So they’ll try to do the conversion within two decades.

Allow me to use the life and deeds of Symmachus and his descendants as a guide into the dark ages. Symmachus was born within the top of the elite. On his tenth birthday he celebrated his first questorship with gladiatorial fights in the arena. Of course Symmachus Senior coughed up the necessary dough: several millions of (today’s) dollars in (then) sesterces.

The career of the Roman elite was fixed. Until his seventh year Symmachus was taken care of by his mother. From that year, his father took over. He was given a private teacher or was send to a private school. He learned Latin, Greek, arithmetic, rhetoric and a lot more. That education was extremely expensive, and a solid investment in his future. An elite Roman was expected to communicate with his colleagues all over the empire, on all topics. Not being able to speak Greek fluently was social suicide.

Manhood was granted at the age of fifteen. From that moment onwards he was expected to climb the cursus honorum. Beginning with questor and (possibly) ending with consul. Symmachus was an early starter.

Symmachus lived in a period where land (estates) were the standard of wealth rather than money. That explains why rich Romans so easily collaborated with barbarian rulers. One can take gold on a flight to safety, but not land. That gave them two choices: either flee to Constantinople and live the rest of your life in abject poverty. Or come to some kind of agreement with the barbarians.

The (West) Roman empire still existed, but only in name. Most provinces were taken over or about to be taken over by the Franks, Burgundians or Visigoths. As to how, that varied per province. If a barbarian tribe was strong (Franks) that meant giving up a lot. If a barbarian tribe was less strong (Burgundians), it meant giving up less.

Those barbarian leaders weren’t exactly fools. They might speak (in some cases) Latin with a strong accent; they were in the business of taking over an entire Roman province and setting up shop. That means reward your followers, continue to collect revenues and administer justice. In other words, there was plenty of room for negations.

Many important Romans (Symmachus was one of them) understood the business was from now on under new management. Yes, they had to give up a lot of their estates. But they remained functional and at least alive. Fairly well-to-do, but no longer extremely rich, they kept collecting the taxes and handling the administration.

For the average Joe the Plumber not a lot changed. He had to deal with more legislation. To the existing laws he added new Frankish, Visigothic or Burgundian laws. The tax screw was turned on ten notches tighter, as more people had to live on that surplus.

Symmachus and his colleagues saw of course a lot of change. They quickly realized their expensive education was virtually worthless. Of course they finished educating their sons, but only on a budget. Greek was out, Burgundian could be picked up from the street and from rhetoric on the bare bones necessities.

Rhetoric is the — sadly — almost vanished art of speaking in public. Everything mattered: your posture, you finger movements, your facial expressions, your tone, timbre. For Romans, not mastering rhetoric was to be an utter yokel.

Symmachus and his colleagues were often asked to entertain at court. The new rulers liked to show off their classy culture. Symmachus would do an evening of poetry, or recite some of the classics. He actually didn’t mind it at all. He sometimes wrote to his friends that his performance was a great success or why it wasn’t. Amongst really close friend he would gossip about those uncultured barbarians, but not often. That sort of talk was very dangerous.

In fact, Symmachus got away pretty decently. Yes, he had to give up a major part of his estates and some of his more prestigious jobs. However, the new rulers needed him. The population was Roman by far, and the barbarian take over wouldn’t be too obvious.

Symmachus’ son was distinctly less well-off. We know a good deal less about this chap, so most of what I write are assumptions. His education was a mere shadow of his pop’s education. At best he marginally spoke some Greek and could perform the bare bone basics of rhetoric. He was fairly fluent in Latin, pretty good in Burgundian and okay in arithmetic.

His Burgundian king didn’t need him as much as he had needed his father. There were more Burgundians available, they had their own Burgundian law shoring them up and they had been in uncontested power for over ten years.

Symmachus Junior did more or less the same job as has father did. Only he was no longer in charge. He answered to some Burgundian. Latin was useful for administration, but no longer essential. The same applied to arithmetic . Burgundians weren’t very keen on reading and writing themselves. “Writing? Well, my Symmachus Junior is pretty good at that. Oh, Symmachus, while you’re at it, make some coffee and give the flowers something to drink as well!”

Literacy was much less of a necessity, and foreign-language skills virtually useless. Symmachus Junior with his hy skool edookasjion actually had too much education. That he barely managed Greek wasn’t a problem at all; he didn’t need it in the first place.

Western Civilization had changed enormously during that decade: from an international society with an advanced banking system (yes, the Romans did have a banking system) to many small rural bartering societies in a state of permanent warfare.

Most people in Symmachus’ days lived in walled cities or on strongly fortified manors. The beards barbarians could be rather unruly. Had been that for many a decade. Living under protection wasn’t free of charge. Far from it. Something has to pay for those fortifications and that someone is rarely the chap ordering them.

The average Joe in the Street had the usual two options available: take it or leave it. Either live in a fortified town or manor in servitude/real poverty. Or live somewhere in the country on our small farm with the absolute certainty of being murdered within a couple of months or at best within a couple of years.

That was during Symmachus’ life when barbarian kingdoms were replacing the old empire. The following generation, Symmachus Junior’s generation, lived in a very different world.

Violence was the norm. Before that, at least the empire did keep up a illusion of normalcy. One lived in either a fortified town or on a heavily fortified manor. One did as little traveling as possible; this was really dangerous. Money was being replaced by bartering, which was quickly becoming the norm. Servants on estates had lengthy contracts with lots of obligations and paid for all in kind.

For Symmachus’ grandchildren this was completely normal. They didn’t know about money, that was something from the past. Foreign languages? Why, for crying out loud? Everybody speaks Burgundian! Arithmetic? What you cannot calculate on your hands and feet is too big to be counted anyway. The pen is mightier than the sword? Now, that’s a really good joke!

This process is currently going on again. Substitute the Roman empire with the demise of the EU as well as the USA. Substitute collaborating politicians (hi Obama!) with whomever you want. Some will resist, just as African Boers resisted until the bitter end.

The Barbarians? Well, I guess you can fill in the blanks yourselves, can’t you?

This wasn’t a shocking event, but a very gradual process. It took about thirty years to complete. About one whole generations (25-30 years). Compare your own situation today in 2015 with 2005, 1995 and 1985. Notice the differences.

The major shock is behind us. That was for the Romans the sack of Rome in 410 AD, for us it was World Trade Center 2001. After that, no really big events, just little changes that go mostly unnoticed. A bit faster here, a bit later there.

Civilization did continue: Constantinople was THE metropolis of the west for another thousand years. It shielded us for a millennium against barbarians with a phobia for pork.

That’s the thing we’re missing right now: Constantinople. It has already fallen.

— H. Numan

57 thoughts on “When Will the Dark Ages Begin Again?

  1. Compare your own situation today in 2015 with 2005, 1995 and 1985.

    Of course, that’s what Obama calls “looking backward,” and it’s apparently a bad thing that we should never do.

    I have the sinking feeling that nearly all of our politicians are bought/blackmailed at this point. Some are delighted to do the bidding of their new overlords (George Galloway), some are winking and smirking as they do it (Obama), some will deny it to the end that they are (Hillary Clinton). The few who see their culture being dismantled and handed over to invaders scratch their heads and wonder, “Why don’t these nitwits see what’s going on?”

    Think along the lines of “bought/blackmailed” and it will all make sense.

    • Blackmailed? Clearly there are fortunes being made from throwing the borders of Western countries wide open for those whose inexpensive labour is sought by the business elites and whose votes are sought by the politicians. It all boils down to money.

      Only a massive uprising of the common folk, who are being demographically replaced, against the political elite has any chance of reversing this process. There is an increasingly shrinking window of time for this. My estimation is that Europe has about twenty years left before the point of no return. The U.S., about forty. The key to this is who makes up the majority of the population among those who are currently under five years old.

    • Think along the lines of “bought/blackmailed” and it will all make sense.

      I’ve come to the same conclusion. That’s the only way I can see their motivation for destroying our civilization.

  2. But the barbarians who invaded the Western Roman Empire converted, or were in the process of converting, to Christianity, (which had already become a major religion of the Roman Empire before Constantine) and which made them inclined to try to conserve much of the classical civilisation which they had invaded, – whereas our current barbarians…..

    • Yes; the writer of this piece seems to be assuming the conventional history of the Fall of the Roman Empire and perhaps not factoring in the Pirenne thesis — namely, that the Empire never did fall; it was in the process of transforming into a new form, the Christian Roman Empire — when suddenly out of the desert stormed Islam and horribly assailed and traumatized this nascent new Empire, causing it to recoil and buckle, for a few centuries.

      Luckily, the inherent strength and health of the Christian Empire was able to fend off the ultimate conquest which the Muslims desired; and eventually embarked on an amazing progress that grew exponentially, ultimately outstripping their former Muslim nemesis astronomically (with signs of a reversal in this asymmetry only coalescing, due to a variety of factors, including our own stupidity in allowing in millions of Muslims into our lands, in the latter 20th century).

    • Correct. The Roman Empire being taken over by the barbarians of that time will seem tame compared to being taken over by the beards whose ideology encompasses every aspect of ones life.

  3. That’s a European future. In America we have GUNZ!….and some very violent people with [redacted] male genitalia when pushed.

    • One question; where will you, your family and your gun be, when they come a knocking on your back door at 3am to seize it?

      • Um…in bed, with my primary home defense options ready to hand.

        Or in the bathroom, possibly.

        Then again, I might be lurking anywhere all, I like to get midnight snacks and so forth.


      • In America, if your name’s on the list they’ll be coming at 3am, but they won’t be using the back door and they sure as heck won’t be knocking.

        • My question is rhetorical anon61. Having a military/police background, I am well aware of how the powers to be operate. Let’s just say at this point in time that I pose questions like that to make those who wish to resist in the loss of individual freedom think about how they should prepare themselves for that eventual visit by the fascists when the time comes.

          Because the time is fast approaching.

          The best Patriots are live Patriots, not the gung ho bravado who lose their life cheaply because their attitude prevents them from thinking outside the box. You should be prepared to take many fascists with you before you die, and that should become a sacred oath which in turn would become an effective deterrent to those who would willingly subjugate you, but the action should be away from the home address while laying in ambush as the situation presents itself.

      • Why did I ask that question? Because I find there is displayed in many comments much bravado by those who have yet to feel the real heat of battle.

        • Well, most of those who have felt as much heat as I have are dead. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have their opinions represented.

          • Look, speaking as someone who has already had the police try to murder me for defending freedom, I’m saying that I don’t mind people who haven’t yet experienced that personally showing a little “bravado”.

            I would say that I can’t speak for the dead, but I don’t have the luxury of denying my responsibility to speak for those who didn’t survive what I have. I MUST speak for those who the police have managed to kill, and I encourage those who, despite not yet having faced death, are willing to speak boldly against tyranny.

            If a few more people were willing to show a bit more “bravado”, then maybe the murderers running things would have thought about the possible consequences of their actions before committing us all to the inevitability of civil war.

          • My reasoning is not as you would think, but rather a prod if you will, to acknowledge that bravado, especially false bravado, is what many cowards would hide behind. Not that I am in anyway trying to suggest that you are a coward.

            I write these words from my own experience as it has been an eye opener at times for me, especially when working as a policeman, to experience the betrayal of those who talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk when it came time to ‘man up’ at the many incidents I faced where certain injury or even death could have been a result of police intervention.

            It has always been that actions will speak louder than words – and that is the point I am trying to get across to you for you to realize that the expectation of support or action from those who use bravado to bolster their courage can soon find that courage evaporating when the SHTF.

            I have no idea what your ‘beef’ with the police is over. Maybe I could give you some tips? If so, and the Baron doesn’t mind, ask him for my email address.

          • My point is that, if a few more people had shown a bit more “bravado”, the maybe we could have avoided the SHTF a little longer.

            When very few people are willing to pledge to fight against tyranny, then tyrants are emboldened. When many people so pledge, then tyrants become cautious. If nothing else, sorting through and figuring out which elements of the opposing force are lacking in commitment absorbs a certain amount of the tyrant’s resources.

            “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

            Yes, the ten blowhards who will fold at the first hint of a threat and betray their comrades shouldn’t be there. But the eighty targets at least accomplish dividing the enemy’s focus on the real fighters and warrior.

            That’s one of the reasons that under certain mission profiles soldiers are encouraged to open fire even before they have a target sighted…because IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

            The war is already upon us. They have already murdered hundreds of veterans speaking out for freedom and imprisoned at least a thousand more. The murderers prefer that nobody notice this gross betrayal, but some of us have witnessed it first-hand and survived. It isn’t something I can or will ever forget, until the last tyrant is dead and forgotten.

            I know that the vast majority of those who contribute to the rallying cry will be of no real use once they see real danger. BUT I WANT THE RALLYING CRY FOR ITS OWN SAKE!

            And those who aren’t willing to even shout defiance at the foe, for fear of calling attention to themselves….

    • We also have sports. Upstairs and downstairs leaders and legions could be unleashed. Still, the post 9/11 open borders and deletion of ‘are you now or have you ever been a member of the German Nazi Party’ from USA entry paperwork is noteworthy.

    • That only works if the invasion is big, bold and sudden. Then it’s war.

      But this invasion is a slow seeping. It’s invaders moving in and creeping their culture in.

      At what point do you whip out your gun and start shooting? And how do you NOT become displayed in the news as a racist nut? When it’s a culture war, the guy who starts shooting is doing more harm than good.

      • That will happen when the reality of the situation can no longer be ignored, when one can no longer put off taking sides.

      • The next time the cops try anything, I kill them.

        They’ve had this communicated to them. They know that, as a result of their previous actions, I have the right to assume the criminality of any move the make against me.

        Sure, maybe they move, and then try to portray me as a nutjob for defending myself and my inalienable rights. But I refuse to be cowed. I will not remain silent out of fear of what they might do.

    • If you go on to Barenakedislam,watch the thread with the muslim trying to rape the young American school girl,no one there to protect her,this is stealth jihad,this is how it starts,and you cant be there 24/7 to protect your kids,and this nonsense about Americans having guns my friend,dont you think muslims in your lands dont have guns too.Laws in Europe favour muslims,just recently two kids were sent to jail for putting bacon strips on the door to a mosque,so we have two fronts to fight,islamism and liberalism

  4. Regarding H. Numan’s essay, “When Will the Dark Ages Begin Again” –

    While I share the author’s alarm about the state of our society and while, as he does, I suspect that the future is grim, I find myself skeptical about the historical basis of his argument.

    Readers of The Gates of Vienna will be familiar with Henri Pirenne’s thesis, plausible enough when it first appeared in Mohammed and Charlemagne (1937), and even more so today supported as it is by seventy-five years of archeology and historical research. Briefly, Pirenne argues that Roman civilization went on after the administrative forfeiture of 476 and under the Gothic Kings, to the extent of nearly three hundred years; he also argues that the actual “Dark Age” began when Islam blockaded the Mediterranean and cut of the essential supply of papyrus from Egypt. This sudden dearth of the essential product for record-keeping coupled with increasing Muslim aggression in the form of razias or raids was the cause of the sudden catastrophic retraction of civilized life. And even then there were Charlemagne and Alfred the Great.

    Other aspects of Numan’s presentation are open to question. The Fifth-Century barbarians were heavily Romanized and Christianized; they did not have contempt for the civilization that they wrested from the Latin aristocracy – they seem on the whole rather to have aspired to it. In these ways the Goths differed mightily from the Twentieth-Century savages with whom Numan would compare them.

    Nor was the suite of centuries after the Fifth the intellectual midnight of illiteracy that the Eighteenth-Century philosophes claimed it to be. The case for a vigorous continuity in both Latin and Greek letters is made persuasively by Sylvain Gouguenheim in his Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel: Les racines grecques de l’Europe Chrétienne, which (not incidentally) also roundly puts an end to the myth that Western Europe owes its knowledge of classical literature to the Muslims.

    I seek no dust-up with H. Numan. I, too expect a new dark age. I merely suggest that Numan’s argument depends on the invocation of a parallelism which has become increasingly dubious.


    • A good response to an otherwise dark, but also enlightening, article. Much of Western civilizational laws and social norms have been handed down to us from Rome. We should never forget that without the Roman influence the West would have been a very different scenario indeed.

      Yes, I agree that it was Islam, that destructive ideology of anything and everything pre-Islamic that was the cause of much of the destruction of what remained of the Roman Empire and from such destruction the Dark Ages emerged.

    • ” The Fifth-Century barbarians were heavily Romanized and Christianized; they did not have contempt for the civilization that they wrested from the Latin aristocracy – they seem on the whole rather to have aspired to it. In these ways the Goths differed mightily from the Twentieth-Century savages with whom Numan would compare them.”

      Yes, the barbarians in effect assimilated over time and grew to respect, admire and learn the higher culture their forbears had sought to assail — unlike Muslims, who only pretend to assimilate (those, that is, who go to that trouble) but have no intention of really doing so. Muslims are not barbarians in that sense, capable of remedial adaptation; they have their own cosmion that is sophisticated in its own right, independent of ours, even if it is infused with a psychopathic fanaticism, and one with an illustrious heritage of having conquered more land than Alexander the Great.

      • Conquering more land than Alexander The Great

        One biography about the islamic founder explains about exactly this idea as the main motivation for the said founder.

  5. Yes, the parallels between then and now are very similar, so similar in fact that it should give pause to those who know their history, both ancient and modern, but I hesitate in accepting that Rome’s fall is what we can expect within the next generation simply because there are so many differences when comparing what ailed the then Roman Empire with today’s collective West that the outcome for today’s West is still, and as far as I am concerned, within the balance.

    For example:

    I believe the most obvious advantage that the West has over our ancient ancestors is our ability to rapidly communicate with each other – which is of course slowly being manipulated by the Traitor Class. However, compared to the Romans, who at best could communicate only through the horse propelled Imperial Mail service, there are far too many Westerners now awake to what is really going down at the hands of those who are willingly selling us out for their thirty pieces of silver.

    Hence the rise of anti-status quo political parties and movements throughout the West which can only increase as time goes on.

    The Traitor Class may hold the edge when it comes to denying the citizenry their means of communication via illegal legislation, but in my humble opinion, the horse has bolted and all they are now doing is just shutting the gate.

  6. Very interesting essay, however there are significant differences between the decline of the Western Roman Empire and the current situation.
    Many of the barbarians who occupied and conquered fragments of the old Roman imperium respected Latin culture and desired, to some extent, to be ‘Romans’. Greco-Roman civilisation was preserved, in a degraded form, in Southern Europe until the Renaissance. Even in Northern Europe, Latin was the language of learning for more than a thousand years.
    In contrast the later Muslim invasions of North Africa and the Near East caused, after a brief ‘Golden Age’ the virtual annihilation of Geco-Roman civilisation and the ‘Arabisation’ of the region, with the notable exception of Persia where some pre-Islamic culture survives.
    The totalitarian ideology of Islam is a far greater threat, there will not be another Renaissance.

    I could write that ‘future historians will be puzzled as to why such a powerful civilisation surrendered to its relatively weak enemies’, but there won’t be any pre-Islamic history after the Caliphate is introduced.

  7. You very eloquently and with historical data wrote what I have been thinking for sometime. It is already in progress. The unimaginable is occurring right now.

    • You are imagining. The unimaginable I imagine will be very different. Britain and Ireland following out of the EU might have some unintended consequences for the savages free ride so far. Something has to give.

      • Yes. Western apathy is the result of Western productivity. Our economies creak under the strain an the EU now, remarkably, ever so hesitantly, begins to speak of interdicting the flow of invaders. Too, debt (which haven’t yielded much of late) cannot increase much longer.

        That insanity is over and commoners are waking up to the increased repression necessary to hide the savagery of the enrichers. I think a bunch of us are going to open us up a big ol’ can of whoop ass in the soon time.

  8. What apparently hasn’t been discussed in this study in parallelism is the heart and soul of the civilizations that made them what they were. When Rome was growing in strength, which saw its end with Hadrian, it was important to be “Roman” as opposed to whatever you were previously. Christians stated that being Christ’s was more important, which is what caused their persecution as nascent traitors and seditionists. However, Rome, in Constantine, found a way to meld the best in Christianity with the best of Rome. We have this effort with us today in the person of the Catholic Church. The Burgundians and Franks quickly realized that Christians made the best citizens, and it followed that the best citizens made the best empires.
    Fast forward to the present and what find is that during World War II the emphasis shifted from what was in the heart to what showed on the outside. Billy Graham exhorted Eisenhower to go to church, not to accept Christ in his heart. So the 50s and 60s became a matter of putting on the best, and most correct show. The result was that good morals and good citizenship became a matter of duty instead of a heartfelt commitment. As with anything, humans will become tired of doing something just because someone told them and desire to ‘do’ something else. Thus the late 60s and 70s when everyone ‘did’ something else. When no one objected, the something else became whatever you wanted to do, for which no one had the right to hold you accountable. The inevitable result of this pursuit of self-satisfaction was the existential nihilism that began to make itself known in the early 90s and has grown greater since.
    Islam as it is presented today provides the logical next step which is total nihilism, the burial of the past, which was a failure in the minds of many anyway, and a way to make your-‘self’ acceptable to a god with hard and fast rules that are only broken upon penalty of death. Never mind the bright hope and promise that following Christ provides, that is ‘so next life’ and where is the reality of this Jesus’ return anyway? Yes, the coming age will be truly dark as the human soul has abandoned hope and promise for a bowl of lentil pottage served up by a culture that has become as much the machine as the machines it invented to wait upon it hand and foot.
    This is how an appraiser and his observations from the view of the street and sidewalk see the future.

    • All very well, except that I for one have absolutely no desire to be ruled by any kind of group-think, christianity included. The time has come, Constantine-like, for every man to take the best from every philosophy and construct his own set of morals.

      Anything less is an admission of failure as a thinking being.

      • That is what goes on ceaselessly in any aware person. However, 98% of the book that has resulted from that process has been written. Its title is Custom and Tradition. Wouldn’t it be more a failure to ignore that book and actually think one should start with a blank slate?

  9. End of eighth paragraph:
    “In other words, there was plenty of room for negations [negotiations?].”

  10. acuara, your heartfelt comment can only be projected so far in this world of dense thinking. Look around you and take in what is now presented as ‘normal’ civilization. Then ask yourself; is that what I was meant to be born into and unconditionally accept or was my birth an act to counter what is making this world so wrong?

    • This is my guiding ethos, “Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.” If you love God (YA) above everything else you will not do what your heart tells you is offensive to Him. If you love your neighbor as yourself, then you will not do to your neighbor what you would not want done to you. This is the foundation of Christianity and the foundation of Western Civilization. You can see how this foundation has been abandoned and undermined and how Western Civilization has suffered as the consequence. Instead of having only these two laws, we now have countless regulations that attempt to duplicate what God has said, twice. In fact, in the Torah, there were as many laws as there are bones in the human body, 619 of them if I am not mistaken. For me and my household, we would rather lovingly serve from the heart than keep track of all those laws and regulations, and in serving from the heart we are at liberty from all of those laws, and as such are free indeed.

      • The first and great commandment stands on its own. All else, (including the second commandment) is elaboration.

        If you love God with all you’ve got, then you will love His children exclusively for being His children rather than for any other quality. If you love yourself more just because you are yourself, then you held something back from loving God. Conversely, if you take no thought for helping God’s children return to their Father’s embrace, you aren’t loving them because they’re His children, but for some other reason, and thus you held back something from loving Him entirely.

      • The laws and regulations in the Torah are there to sacralize every aspect of the life of an observant Jew. Freedom is not freedom from laws. We find freedom in faith when we accept boundaries and reject boundless license.

  11. I don’t know whether there were more Simachus consuls, but one of them went to live in Albania, that was a civilized part of the Roman empire back then. His descendants live today in Albania and they don’t know it. They bear the family name Simaku. There is nothing else to explain their family name, as it is not a place name, nor a given name, nor a profession in the languages around.

  12. Wherever Islam spreads becomes the Dark Ages since this Death Cult is founded on Terror.

    The human survival instinct has yet to rouse in the West.

    The future will be determined by its awakening.

    Or its failure to.

    • Zbigniew Brzenzinski offered up, a few years ago now, the comment, “They are waking up!” They, meaning us plebs of course to his and John Rockefeller’s goal of bringing about The New World Order.

      See the Trilateral Commission for more info regarding these over moneyed megalomaniacs.

  13. Any thoughts on how Russia and China, as well as India, might react at a certain time, or at different stages of the inevitable scenarios of the descent into the dark ages?

    Europe is a considerable market for, first and moremost, China. How might China counteract to try and stop the West’s descent into the inferno?

    • Uh, for the last several decades China has been deliberately planning to destroy the global economy as a means of eliminating Western influence.

      Exactly why would they try to stop their own plan from coming to fruition?

    • A Pentagon spokesman, however, says to The Guardian, that would not happen, regarding the capture of the ISIS wife and her being taken to Guantanamo.

  14. Opening Ovid’s Metamorphoses today, is an immediate reminder of the rich heritage of our culture, and how we should stick to it even more in times like these.

    Immediately, you can recall the European culture that is difficult, if not even impossible, to see on the surface of today’s heart of Europe.

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