“Your Struggle is Also Ours”

Philip Claeys is one of the leaders of Vlaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party in Belgium. He was one of the speakers invited to the party congress of the Front National in Lyon last weekend (November 29-30, 2014), along with party members and leaders of other European anti-immigration parties.

Below is the speech given by Mr. Claeys at the event.

Many thanks to CB Sashenka and Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


38:51   Dear Marine, Ladies and Gentlemen and Deputies, Senator ,
38:56   dear friends of the National Front, what an honour and what a pleasure to be amongst you today.
39:02   Our new president of Vlaams Belang, Tom Van Grieken,
39:06   is unfortunately not here and excuses himself; he will be joining us this evening.
39:12   It is an expression of friendship and solidarity that he asked me to express
39:16   in his name and in the name of our Flemish nationalistic party,
39:20   Vlaams Belang.
39:28   When our party entered into parliament in 1989
39:32   We worked together with the National Front,
39:35   either in the Technical Group of the European Right at that time, or in today’s coordination of European Nations and Freedom.
39:44   This cooperation, this friendship, we take to heart, because in all of Europe
39:48   we are confronted by the same problems:
39:52   A European Union that has become the enemy of the peoples of our continent,
39:56   An economy that has melted down,
39:58   a generalized distrust, and justified,
40:02   with regard to the world of finance, justice and politics,
40:06   a massive and totally uncontrolled level of immigration,
40:10   an exploding insecurity.
40:18   It is without doubt the great merit of the National Front always to ask good questions,
40:24   and to have good answers without bias,
40:28   without frills, without confusion, and without fear.
40:38   There is nothing inevitable in politics.
40:42   The stunning success of Marine Le Pen of the National Front
40:44   shows all of Europe that if a people decide to rise up and
40:50   take control of its destiny, then it is invincible.
41:00   Before the revolt breathing on our continent, without doubt, the reality is so glaring
41:06   that the papier-mâché decor ends up falling apart.
41:10   Dear friends, I am, despite the immense difficulties that our people are facing,
41:16   unfailingly optimistic, because the battle
41:20   that we are all waging, with the same pugnacity
41:23   in most European countries, is that of truth against falsehood.
41:28   It is the fight of honest people against crooks.
41:41   The patriots of European countries make the same observations, their opponents are the same,
41:48   and their responses to the challenges of the future are very often the same.
41:52   That is why our friendship is so deep.
41:56   Today, our people are being squeezed like lemons
42:00   to pay for the mistakes of our
42:04   political, media and financial “elite”; they suffocate
42:08   and they are angry.
42:14   And this anger, my dear friends, the Front National will turn it into positive energy,
42:18   strength of proposals, policy coherence.
42:23   Yes, Marine Le Pen and the National Front embody the hope of France
42:28   and not just of France because your struggle is also ours.
42:32   And we will continue to fight
42:36   side-by-side.
42:41   Long live Vlaams Belang! Long live the National Front!
42:44   Long live Flanders! And Long live France!
42:48   Thank you!

5 thoughts on ““Your Struggle is Also Ours”

  1. Thanks again for publishing these transcripts. Some of us cannot easily play Youtube due to poor connections. And of course nobody else is covering this. (Hopefully, as with PEGIDA, they will follow GoV in due course)

    • Yes, thank you very much, GoV, for these! They are a great service.

      How inspiring it is to see so many eloquent speakers, in Europe, who share our concerns and who are courageous.

  2. I watched these videos from the National Front’s convention. It’s inspiring to see patriots standing up for their countries, people, culture and language.

    There are a couple of flies in the ointment. I’ve noticed the outspoken anti-Americanism. The speakers support a Europe of the Nations and by speaking at the National Front convention, the support patriots from other European countries and have cooperated. Why be anti-American instead of cooperating with the patriotic Americans, who have the same cause and the same enemies? Americans don’t have a legitimate nation, culture, language?

    Second, there was a common thread of support for Russia. Russia have invaded another European nation and there are several other European nations, who feel themselves highly threatened by an aggressive Russia: Estonia, Poland, just to name two. What happened to a Europe of the Nations here?

    Is the National Front, Lega Nord, Vlaams Belang, Freedom Party Austria ready for primetime? Have they really thought through their issues and potential policies? Are some Nations second class or do all deserve respect?

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