Raped While Lying on Broken Glass — Welcome to the New Sweden

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels published a translation today of a particularly horrific culturally enriched assault that occurred in Gothenburg, Sweden. The incident took place earlier this year, but the news was sparse until the perpetrator was convicted in Gothenburg District Court.

Last September a young woman was cornered by a Somali immigrant and subjected to a series of brutal rapes. Mr. Sennels includes this introductory note to his translated excerpts of the article:

The risk of being raped in Sweden during one’s lifetime is one out of four (including estimated shadow-figures and if every raped woman is only raped once), which is probably equal to the risk of being raped in countries in war, such as Iraq or Syria. When it comes to rapes, Islamized Sweden is already in a state of war.

Sweden does not publish statistics on immigrant crime. If we want to have a hint about who is committing these tens of thousands of rapes and other types of sexual assaults yearly, we can turn to another Scandinavian country, Sweden’s neighbor Norway, the country most similar to Sweden. Here 100 percent of all attack-rapes (rapes where the attacker and the victim did not know each other beforehand) in the last five years in Oslo were committed by immigrants from “non-Western” countries. In Stavanger, a major Norwegian city, 90 percent of rapes are committed by “immigrants.”

The following text was adapted from the translation at 10News.dk of excerpts from the article in Fria Tider. Many thanks to Haensel Klein for filling in the gaps.

WARNING: The descriptions of what the victim was subjected to are graphic. Readers who find accounts of brutal violence disturbing may want to skip the worst parts, which I have placed below the jump:

Sweden: Somali sentenced to six years in prison for brutal rape

The 28-year old Somali Ibrahim Ahmed Dahir is sentenced to six years in prison for a particularly brutal assault-rape on a woman in central Göteborg.

The very violent rape took place September 12, 2014. It all began when the Somali man stole the woman’s cycle. When she followed him to take back the bike, he trapped her in a courtyard.

“Now you will die you f***ing c***!” the Somali cried as he attacked her.

He kicked and hit his victim in the head with a glass bottle and then raped her in different ways. The woman suffered serious injuries.

According to the court, the rape was “ruthless, brutal and characterized by roughness”.

“The woman felt the fear of death, and many times during the rapes she asked him to stop, at one point by resting on knees with her hands clasped. The man grabbed her by her jacket and choked her. He held the woman in a way so she could not breathe. She was lying on broken glass and he attempted anal intercourse,” reads the judgment.

Ibrahim Ahmed Dahir, who stated that he does not remember anything of the event, was sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated rape and has to pay 164,000 kroner (US$21,000) in damages to the woman.

The Somali rapist has already been convicted for eleven other criminal offences. As recently as 2011 he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for attempted rape, among other things. He was released in June 2013. He is a Swedish citizen and cannot be deported to his homeland, Somalia.

Nicolai Sennels reminds us of the explanation for this kind of attack: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”

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  1. If I lived in one of these despicable countries that permit rape, I would demand a change in the law but I realize that is not always possible.

    However, if I were unfortunate enough to live in one of the Nordic rape capitals, I would carry some weapons — nothing illegal, large sewing needles come to mind.

    But frankly, these rape stories horrify so much that I would hate to be a woman in any Nordic country and I do not understand what is wrong with the men of the Nordic countries — the Nordic men, I mean. I know what’s wrong with the Muslim men.

    • I’ve seen Swedish men in TV and I’ve seen them in Sweden. Some of them are still good looking, but … most of them are even better women.

    • Thank God we have the God given right ( which the 2nd upholds ) to own and carry a gun. It is the only weapon which levels the field for a 100 lb. woman and a 200 lb. man!

    • There is a not very flattering phrase used to describe men such as the Nordic wimps. “Pussy Whipped”.

      They have been emasculated by political correctness and aggressive feminazi power mongers.

      The traditional response is “grow a pair”.

    • Mariadee,

      To answer your question, just take a look at some of Fjordman’s articles on Sweden over the past 9 years or so. Swedish men have been politically, culturally and socially disempowered (since the 1970’s) to an extent matched by nowhere else in the world.

      Sweden is to militant feminism what the Soviet Union was to militant Marxism. The gender-is-only-a-social-construct meme has taken deep root in the Swedish educational system and the indoctrination starts in pre-school with indescribably stupid absurdities regarding clothing, toys, roles, etc. Emasculation of males from pre-school age is too mild a term.

      Just take a look at the gender composition of the left, centre-left and centrist parties’ leaderships. The current coalition government. It is the result of official and unofficial quotas. The head cleric of the official state church of Sweden is a lesbian (who lives with her partner, her official escort) and does not believe in God. This last is proudly regarded as the apogee of Swedish progressivism.

  2. And let us say again tonight that these people in Iraq and Syria (and Sweden) doing these appalling things, they have nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace, a religion that inspires daily acts of kindness and generosity. – David Cameron, Eid speech 8th October 2014

  3. But surely this is a price worth paying for the immense benefits that immigration brings – as my Conservative MP (UK) emailed me a few months ago: “Taking everything into consideration, immigration has been of benefit to Britain.” I assume a similar opinion is prevalent in Sweden (along with the rapes).

  4. How much are we Europeans supposed to put up with from third world immigrants who have the stupidity to deem their culture superior to ours and be personally superior to European people and exempt from behaving in a way expected of those who abide in our nations?

    More to the point – why do we, the democratic majority put up with this? We Europeans have gone from governing the planet to being beholden and held inferior by people from a totalitarian culture whose beliefs are based not on rationality, science, morality, tolerance and equality but superstition, intolerance and violence, written by a power mad psychopath whose legacy over history has been the decimation of more worthwhile cultures and millions of human deaths.

  5. I have often thought of doing something like this, often. I would ride around on my bike in a Swedish city with a baseball bat secured to my bike’s upper frame. I would spend my days and weeks waiting to see a Muslim attacking a woman. It likely wouldn’t take long. When I would see a rape occurring I’d park the bike, retrieve the bat, walk over quickly, saying nothing, routine like I was walking by, and just swing for the Muslim’s head for all I was worth. I’d swing it 3 or 4 more times, then get back on the bike and ride away. And if he turned and sprang to his feet I’d rush him, holding up the bat across my chest and dive into him fast, roll over and spring up and ram the end of the bat into his gut. [redacted]. Then I’d quickly retreat, hopefully not having attracted any attention. Why? B/c I’d want to do it again, once or twice a month, just deliver payback for what these disgusting animals are doing. They do it as an act of contempt and intimidation. It’s a kind of war game, a preparation for later street conflicts the Muslims fully intend on launching. For them this is like a rehearsal, a warm-up. It repels me how in Europe, government and citizens alike, just roll over and let this happen, time after time. I admire this woman’s guts for going after this pathetic violent thief. It’s like the British family services government offices that looked indifferently away as white children and teens were being groomed and slammed into prostitution by Pakistani youths. To be present and do nothing during criminal assaults like this is a soul sickness. I’m serious, this really is a rehearsal for the running street fights and rapes and killings and car-burnings that the Muslims are waiting to launch. It’s only a matter of time. Fail to resist now, and the fighting later on will be that much worse. Think IS-style beheadings of Swedes, children and women and old people, on streetcorners.

    • 100 cm stainless aircraft control cable between two hardwood dowels. Packs easily in a pocket. Works wonderfully quiet.

    • I agree with your whole idea of vigilantism in defense of victims of Islamic rape. It’s overwhlemingly obvious that there is an essential link between the Islamic ‘culture’ of rapists and their violence directed against European women. The literature of rape-as-war-crime is extensive, mostly documenting outbreaks of mass rape against moslem women in Bosnia…

      Vigilantism is absolutely necessary when ‘authorities’ abdicate their leadership role, abandoning the social field to rapist thugs. The self-blinding, self-emasculating trend has opened large areas of Europe to a new kind of war brought by foreigners (whatever their naturalization status). It will take pioneering efforts of people willing to break ‘laws’ in order to re-establish the social order that we were raised to obey. Now the vacuum of enforcement of that order leaves us vulnerable to mayhem, mostly Islamic in origin, which cannot be seen by the blinded authorities for what it is: a vanguard offensive against the European homeland.
      Vigilantes must brave to potential costs of re-establishing social order and safety for the vulnerable. If they don’t, there will be no place to hide, very soon.

  6. What happened to Nordic men? They have been castrated by their women. Feminists have turned all white bulls into steers so now they have no protection. Just look at the length of time he was sentenced to for this crime.

  7. Of course his nationality can be withdrawn and he can be deported to his home country, Somalia. Where’s a will, there’s a way.

  8. Stick around, boys, stick around. History shows that people do not long tolerate the intolerable. Genocide is coming to the EU in the next 10-15 years, and if I were a Muslim, I would seriously be looking to get out.

    When white Europeans finally snap, Bosnia will be a disco that got out of hand, by comparison to the Cultural Revolution in Europe. I hope the innocent are spared, but we are living in evil times…

    • When I was a recruit in training in the army we had a barrackroom bully who had everyone so frightened that when he picked on me personally I was so terrified that I immediately attacked and started to beat him to a pulp. Blood (his) everywhere. Luckily (for him) the “fight” was stopped. Cowards can intimidate ordinary law abiding good non Muslim people for just so long and then its “So long!”

  9. [Intemperate recommendations redacted] for rape, terrorism or intended terrorism and murder. For any other crimes expel them from the country along with their entire extended families and don’t let them back. Stop importing foreign criminals and stop coddling the ones you have already stupidly let into your countries.

  10. Refugees”/asylum seekers to Sweden refuse to step out of bus
    at final stop in safety

    Mohammed not happy with the Swedish standard, threatens with hunger strike, unless they, 60 individuals, are taken back to Malmö from Östersund where they were given shelter, below ME standards. Claims the standard is probably higher in Germany.

    An ME 75 years old composer feels it will impossible for him to stay and write in the middle of the Swedish forest, where he obviously, cannot get the same ME feel that he would get in Malmö. Thinks he will “die inside” – from staying in Nordic peace and quiet..

    Gaza also, probably has a higher standard, with mall, Olympic standard swimming pool and Roots Club, though.. No Roots Club standard in the forest of Östersund. Before upgrading to Gaza Roots Club standard, the Swedish will have to work a lot harder. How dare they invite guests…to such dark and cold misery as this?

    The 60 unhappy asylum seekers arrived in Östersund on Wednesday night.

        • And anybody who opines that the water seems to be getting warmer gets shouted down as a deluded fool or worse.

      • They think it’s miserable. If you have gone through war and have bad experiences, why not appreciate a calm and friendly location? Send them home now, all of them! I am fed up with all those shouting, hating and whining muslims. Sweden is lost, it’s a big asylum for muslims. And we swedes are slaves and have to feed them all. Disgusting!

        • Many of those who arrive at our doorsteps are there because they are muslims, and because they are seeing the chance of benefiting of a free ride on dhimmi taxpayers.

          It is obvious, that if they really were there because they were really escaping war, they would be more than happy getting any shelter in a non-war zone, like Sweden.

          And if they really were there because they were fleeing war, why did they leave women behind? A real refugee would make sure his women and children were safe, and then go back and fight the war.

          Is this what we do see?

          • Yes, it’s a big fraud going on. And we have to pay for it, but we have no money for our own people. Why then let other countries exploit a country that cant afford to care for their own? Sweden isn’t for swedes, it’s for immigrants, our late PM said in an interview. Yes, we can see that fact already and it’s going to be even worse.

    • Playing Jesus among Syrians in Sweden

      Local Jens Ganman takes the time to play Jesus, as he puts it, among the newly arrived Syrians to Grytan, showing pics and videos from New Year 2015.

      “It’s not safe here.” shouted Gamal. ” We are very afraid and want to go back to Malmoe!”

      “This is hell!” his friend Erdan shouted. ” We want to go to Sweden and meet real people and learn about Swedish traditions and Swedish language. Not this!”

      “I understand. ” I said. “But mind you, this is my home town and it’s actually a pretty great part of Sweden. But hey, I see your point. It’s a bit off-grid. It’s cold and dark and I guess I would think the same if I was in your situation.”

      “I walked 1400 kilometers from Syria through Turkey and Macedonia to get to Greece!” one of the Syrians calls out. “If I must live here I would rather die!” upon which he and his pal start undressing.

      Forgetting about the hunger strike for a moment, 30 Syrians go inside to party

      • “You’ll get pneumonia!”

        “I don’t care! We thought Sweden was humanitarian country!” the naked man announces, as he starts to climb a heap of snow, while his pals are filming with their iPhones. “This is hell! We don’t want this! We want something better!”

        • And they got it today, they won the fight against the unhuman Sweden. It’s sad, so sad!

    • American expression is better tried by 12 (reference to number of people on a jury) than be carried by 6 …….

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