Ayodhya on Alert

Today is the twenty-second anniversary of the destruction of the Babri mosque at Ayodhya in India.

I first wrote about Ayodhya back in 2005, and again in more detail (thanks to Thoughts of a nationalist Indian) in 2009. The ancient Hindu temple at Ayodhya, venerated as the birthplace of Rama, was destroyed by the Muslim invaders, and the Babri Mosque built on the site.

On December 6, 1992, a group of Hindu nationalists gathered at the site and reversed that process, destroying the mosque. A new Hindu temple was later built at the location.

Hence today’s tensions in Ayodhya, necessitating a strong presence of well-armed military guards at the site:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Ayodhya on Alert

  1. Good on the Hindus taking back what was theirs. Constantinople and Cyprus spring to mind…

  2. I note that the weapon of choice, according to that pikky, is the Belgian FN/SLR 7.62mm rifle that emits a projectile at 2800 feet per second. When one is shot by that kind of projectile one stays shot! Well done to the Indians for keeping a weapon that the Aussie Army got rid of in favor of what I would refer to as pop-guns – the Steyr 5.56mm, and in my opinion, not anywhere as effective in combat as the FN/SLR.

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