Islamophobic Muslims in Bremen

A group of angry demonstrators gathered in front of a mosque in the German city of Bremen to protest the fact that hundreds of young men had been radicalized at the mosque and sent off to join the jihad in Syria.

It must have German neo-Nazi Islamophobes, right? Wrong!

These were the mothers and fathers of young Muslim men who have recently disappeared, presumably recruited by ISIS. Some of these distraught parents must have thought they had escaped such horrors by migrating to Germany, only to discover that wherever Muslims go, the Great Jihad travels with them.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   A group of people demonstrated before a mosque in Groepelingen. They wanted to
0:04   draw attention to missing relatives. As we reported,
0:08   they went from Bremen to the war in Syria. The families accuse
0:12   a “cultural association” of radicalising their sons.
0:16   Selvad Rajah is desperate. He cannot grasp
0:20   that his son has disappeared and is now presumably fighting in Syria
0:24   I have lost my son.
0:28   He had just turned 18.
0:32   Relatives of several missing
0:36   young men have met in front of the Islamic “Culture and Family Centre”
0:40   in Groepelingen. Here they seek answers.
0:44   The only point of reference is this association.
0:48   Cousin of two of the missing: for people disappeared from Bremen to go to war,
0:53   and these four people have something in common, which is
0:57   that this club has existed for seven years,
1:01   and they have been with it for seven years. I want to know where my son is.
1:05   He goes to this mosque.
1:09   He had no money, but he has taken a flight — how?
1:13   I am the father, I lost my child, not them.
1:17   Until now nobody from the mosque wanted to talk with the parents.
1:21   But today, Selvad Rajah perseveres.
1:25   Where is my son?
1:29   There is nothing to talk about, is the answer.
1:33   The last hope for the families now remains
1:37   with the police investigation.

26 thoughts on “Islamophobic Muslims in Bremen

  1. What a great headline Baron, but what a pity that those who champion Islam against the rest of us, and while doing so, get to call us Islamophobes, will refuse to see the irony in what they support.

    These are the typical Muslims we should be encouraging throughout the West to take on the fundamentalists. It will only be through people like these that Islam will finally meet its end.

      • pdxnag, while I would suggest using caution in any dealings with the self-identified Muslim, I believe we have an opportunity to turn Islam on its head through those Muslims who protest in some form against Islamic practises. And with a little pushing, we can then cause them to finally realize the straitjacket that Islam is, and will forever be, until it is extinguished from the planet.

    • Islam will meet its end when the West rids itself of its Traitor Class. Islam cannot be modified from within because Islam is the word of Mohammed as written in the Koran.

      • maninthepub, many Muslims have not read the Qu’ran, they are dictated to from the Mosques by the fundamentalists who do not encourage the reading of the book of lies and contradictions.

        Even if the Traitor Class becomes politically ineffective, Islam will still be there staking its claim to what it believes it now owns within the West.

        The Mosques, Islamic schools and Madrassas have to be destroyed in order to eliminate the threat that is Islam – when enough Ants become a problem by invading your home the only way to eradicate that threat is by seeking out and then destroying the Ants nest.

    • I can’t trust any woman who still thinks there is something wrong with showing one’s hair. She, and the men in her life may think of western women as inferior/promiscuous/available for rape if sexually liberated. There are muslims who have left these aspects of islam behind, who may have undergone their own reformation, but I don’t think hijab-wearers are prepared to accept me as an equal person.

  2. Don’t these people realize that ISIS and Al Qaida are merely following traditional Islam, in the footsteps of their prophet and according to Shariah?

    If these demonstrators don’t know that, can they really be that ignorant about their own religion? And if they do know, what are they really protesting and what is their real message and intent?

    • “These people” are doing their part to fool you into thinking they are peaceful when in fact they are eating up kafir land and Christian Goodwill piecemeal. Are we really in so much denial that we still ask questions like this. The only question is “How to prepare to do whatever it takes to beat this beast from Hell back into the Hell on earth it came from.” Who and what do we think we are bringing millions upon millions upon millions of hate filled “Evil Doer” savages into the hearts of our nations? Devilization?

  3. Self haters. Apostates. Enemies of the caliphate. All despised by the Muslim wanna be conqueror locust swarm. We need to start growing up soon and be done with our childish fantasies about these parasites.

  4. Sorry to have to repeat this, but most humans seem to have a spiritual aspiration (even sceptics like myself), and this is most likely to be expressed by their following the faith they’ve inherited. Expecting them to apostasise, even without threats, is a very big ask when they may believe their immortal souls are involved; a degree of secularisation is the most that can be hoped for.

  5. “Some of these distraught parents must have thought they had escaped such horrors by migrating to Germany, only to discover that wherever Muslims go, the Great Jihad travels with them.”

    That’s what I was talking about, in my comment on November 26, 2014 on the ostensible Muslim reformer, Saïda Keller-Messahli: the telltale sign & symptom of the asymptotic reflex.

    Another sign: the seemingly approving editorial introduction by Baron Bodissey to yet another ostensible Muslim reformer, Tarek Fatah:

    (when just today Robert Spencer reminds us of how dubious Tarek Fatah is:

    “…I am no fan of Tarek Fatah: ironically, he shares Mubin Shaikh’s penchant for turning on and attacking those who are fighting for the cause to which he professes to adhere, and who should be his allies — notably, the courageous ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan. To be sure, Fatah slips in his rhetorical knives a trifle more elegantly than Mubin Shaikh can manage, but it amounts to the same thing.”

    Yet one would not know of this dubiousness from the Gates of Vienna introduction, more impressed by Tarek “tearing a new one” against a Leftist — perhaps the real enemy of the Gates of Vienna Circle, over and above the Muslims who are just the pawns of the Dastardy Cabal of Leftist Elites?

    • I.e., I’m not just imagining or making up this Softy-ism I detect in the Gates of Vienna Circle; I’ve seen so many signs of it over the years (of which those three cited above only scratch the surface).

  6. Having non extremist muslim immigrants is like getting a flu shot at the same time you catch the flu.

    The Germans did the right thing shutting down the mosque, now they have to do the right thing about 200 more times.

    Same for the UK, USA, France, etc.

    • Not a chance. Religious discrimination is one of the last taboos in the dying west. Besides, if a people is stupid enough to repeatedly vote for governments that bring in millions of muslims, then, sorry, they deserve what they get. I would even argue, albeit as devil’s advocate, that it is wrong to punish young Muslims for going to Syria to fight for ISIS. That cause in their eyes is no less worthy that that of the (communist-led) International Brigades in Spain. Why weren’t the Brigadists censured? That was a horrible conflict too.
      The real enemy is the governments of Europe. I have never bought the ‘we had no option but to vote for the bxstards’ line, much less now when awareness is at last spreading. There were always alternatives, and nobody snoops in the voting booth. Indigenous Europeans were and remain bovine, complacent cowards, and now they are paying for it.
      ISIS volunteers risk their lives for their cause. Europeans do not even dare to VOTE–never mind fight for–their own ethnic and cultural interests, for fear that somebody will find out they support the Sweden Democrats, PVV, the BNP or the Front National. Who do you respect more?

      • Irrespective of the communist involvement in the International Brigades, their victory would likely have been better for the Spanish people than Franco’s.

        • It beggars belief that anyone would think that a victory for Stalin in the Spanish civil war would have been better for the Spanish people. Franco and ISIS? To-day leaders are emerging in Europe and elsewhere.

          • So the victory of the Fascist Franco led to democracy and free speech? I must have missed that.

          • MH: Eventually yes it did. It also kept Spain out of WW2 and allowed the Spanish nation to heal enough to have democracy – and free speech. The same could happen again in Europe if the looney left does not get clear that free people do not want to have to deal with the swarms of clever-monkey Muslim bs and evil day after day.

      • “Religious discrimination is one of the last taboos in the dying west.”

        Not if you’re the right — or wrong — color: white. Which reveals that this is primarily a racial problem; to wit, the problem of the PC MC mainstream’s perception of Muslims as an ethnic people (or a wonderful diversity of ethnic peoples). This isn’t the only ingredient in the catastrophe; but it is a crucial one that explains the Mass Neurosis of the West remaining myopic to the problem of Islam.

        • You have a legitimate point here, Hesperado. However your reference to “Softy-ism”, about eight comments above, is arrogant; no-one, even you, has the monopoly on truth or wisdom.

          • Any Counter-Jihad position that cannot, or will not, recognize that in terms of any macro-policy we ideate and embark upon, we must suspect all Muslims equally (given the problem of taqiyya, the False Moderate, and the degree of dangers posed by the Violent Jihad), is Soft; and I am deeply offended at anyone in the Counter-Jihad (the longer, the more they should know better) balking at that, given the mountain of horrific (when not mendaciously sinister) data spewing out of the Muslim world daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, with subterranean roots and veins going back decades and centuries).

  7. Might have agreed if it were not for the fact that Muslims have something really oriented to the pleasures of the dark side of life. Sex with multiple virgins, etc. A bit of a stretch to call it a religion in any love and peace, blessings and namaste sense. More like thousands of out of control bands of brigands operating from desert type buildings in the middle of the western population centers they desire to rape pillage and plunder in. I suppose these degenerate “parents” are upset that their “children” are off doing death and mayhem in the distance when it is all right here on “their” door step. More than enough kufar virgins and slaves and killing for killings sake to go round. I imagine.

    • Especially when the muslim race seems to be on such a roll in bringing down the West. Certainly it is not that muslims do not support ISIS and the Califate and all that. Its Korans- think at its best.

    • As Billy Connolly said, give me a couple of randy* whores any day; sadly Muslims don’t seem to think women should enjoy sex.

      * Translation from UK to US English: “randy” = “horny”.

  8. Dear Baron: the final tune is often very loud, after one has had to turn up the volume to hear people speak. Could that be balanced a bit better?

    Thanks for all the work you do :).

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