Beating the Bushes for the White Boys

Ol’ Hillary wants to be president so bad she’ll do whatever it takes to win over the various factions she needs to be able to sit in the Oval Office. Just as she fought for her husband’s turn, so will she again fight any foe, step on any face to grab gain her rightful place in history. This time it will be free of bimbo eruptions.

Hillary’s problem is winning the straight whiteguy vote. Liberal gays, women and blacks love her… at least in enough numbers to make her a formidable opponent. When you look at the Democrat primaries there isn’t much competition for her, certainly no one with her deep pockets. But don’t overlook the Baby Ruth candy bar that Obama might float in the primary punch bowl just for spite. His Sudden Support Syndrome may lead him to toss it in for that faux Indian woman, for example.

But Hillary needs the average white guy vote and she knows it. They don’t like her — nor do they like any Democrat much, as we saw in the midterms. They are an increasingly estranged and bitter group when they see the smarmy MSM, the metrosexuals, or Hollywood pretty people chattering on the tube. Average white guys — AWG — have no use for any of ’em.

For the most part those who used to be the backbone of the electorate have turned away from the political process. Both sides of the aisle ignored them at their own peril and it remains to be seen whether anyone currently in public life, having sold their own souls, could now win the respect of average Americans.

White guys — and their wives — don’t like Republicans much either — e.g., Mitt Romney and John McCain, who lost the AWG vote, thus handing the Dems their victories. For these fellows when it comes down to a choice between “hold your nose and vote for the least offensive jerk” or “stay home and watch the game on TV”, it’s a toss-up what they’ll do.

So Hillary figures what has she got to lose by fiddling early for whiteguy affections? In case you’ve been sleeping for a decade, that’s the whole point of this abominable video. And if the target audience falls down laughing, she and her expert media folk will come up with something else and this here effort will disappear. Hillary has plenty of experience at Mind Wipe; it’s what has kept her alive this long.

The ‘visual values’ in this piece of schlock are all the things Hillary would pull up her skirts and run from in real life. It’s a sign of how estranged she is from genuine white guys that she thinks this treacle could work.

The Baron won’t watch this video. Me? I think it’s hilarious and have followed it several times now, picking out the visual code items that are stuck in there to convince good ol’ boys that Hillary’s one of them.

Prepare to cringe:

Hmmm… I wonder if her election team has been infiltrated and told her this was the real thing? Oh, Hillary gurl, they done sold you plastic barbeque and a snipe hunt. I can’t wait to see you skeet shooting and square dancing and having a beer with the boys. I’ll bet you’re cute as can be in your jeans and boots and suede shirt… I’ll bet they told you big butts are in, didn’t they?

Matilda, get me the smelling salts…

41 thoughts on “Beating the Bushes for the White Boys

  1. That must be a parody!!! If so, brilliant! Perhaps, Carolyn Glick’s satirical group “Latma” is behind it?

    If that is not a parody…it is absolutely awful. And that’s my “final decision”.

      • The “Stand With Hillary” group is not officially a part of her campaign. It’s a ‘feeler’. One of those orgs developed for candidates and officially out of their control. So they can be touted without the candidate’s money or permission, just to stay within the election laws.

        This is just part of the kabuki theatre in D.C. Ol’ Hillary doesn’t have to DO anything but you can bet your bippy Hillary approved it. That poor fellow needed the money, obviously. More than one way to sell yourself and who knows what kind of promises were made about giving him a shot at a career?

        BTW, Caroline Glick could have done a much better job.

    • That voice is so bad that I almost pucked up my barbeque dinner … sweet taters and all..

      Hill-liar-ery …. go do some fast sqats to lose your FAT BACK!

  2. Dear Dymphna, is this the same loving wife of the loving man who did not have sex with that woman as he wiped his todger on her dress?

    • Why Heron, what a long memory you have!

      Blue Dress Monica has had a mind wipe. She is also forty years old and ready to let bygones be bygones. Here’s the proof:

      She says it twice, just in case the reader is slow:

      “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She also says: “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

      Whatev, Monica. You keep repeating whatever it is you need to believe and maybe it will come true.

      Meanwhile I’ll bet you still have the Walt Whitman poetry he gave you. IIRC, he gave those books out like candy.

      There was a book years ago on forensic psychology, particularly addressing verbal patterns. The author claimed that when someone repeated a phrase it was a way of attempting to wipe it out. That factoid stuck with me, but who knows if it’s true? Who knows if it’s true?

      Beauty is only skin deep, Monica, but Tawdry lasts forever. Just ask the dozens of other ruined girls…
      Because I don’t believe in coincidences in politics, I didn’t read past the opening of this piece someone paid her to do in order to get the Monica subject off the charts. Poor woman. She’s learned by now that in her heart a woman remains 18 forever. In Monica’s picture of her young self in her own heart of hearts she’s stuck in amber & wearing a blue dress, crouched under the desk. It’s too sad to contemplate her brief, toxic brush with what passes for fame in Washington. No doubt by now her poor parents have probably given up any hope of having grandchildren.
      What was the name of that poor intern who was mysteriously killed in that same era? Oh, I remember now:

      Looks like Monica’s cousin, doesn’t she? Only Chandra was left tied up in the park, left to die of starvation and exposure by an illegal immigrant. For a while the Congressman who was her Clinton became (logically) a suspect but he was eventually cleared and lost his seat in the next election.

      “Todger”?? That’s a new one. But then I’ve led a sheltered life. Mostly.

      • Thanks Keith Richards, and his “Life” autobiography, for introducing the “todger” anglicism into american english.

  3. If this isn’t a parody, that singers career is over.
    BTW, I first thought it a pickup truck commercial.

    • No REAL man and his dog in pick up truck would give hill-liar-ry a ride if she was buck nekkid with a 1 hundred dollar bill and pock chop tied around her neck….fer the dog you know.

  4. I just had to check you tube for the comments. They were disabled. HA HA HA. What no sense of humour there?

    • Fear of ridicule trumps humor any day. Too bad, though. I’d like to have seen what the Bubbas and Jim-Bobs had to say.

      Bill Clinton was a Bubba who got above his raising. His alcoholic daddy died in a ditch and his momma liked to play the horses. He must have spent that year at Oxford, when he wasn’t forcing himself on English girls, pinching himself at his good fortune. He’s a good example of how far ambition can take a person. In his case, it probably wouldn’t have led to the Oval Office without Hillary’s even bigger ambitions.

      Could that trajectory have happened in class-riven England? That’s not a snark but a real question. People seem more limited there by family and accent.

      Theirs is a marriage forged with steel. She probably whacks him (deservedly) with a tire iron on occasion, but that union is indestructible.

      Shakespeare could have made a wondrous drama based on their despicable behavior, but even the Master couldn’t have portrayed it in a mere five acts. At the end, he’d have Chelsea standing on the stage full of dead bodies.

      I often wonder how she will fare after they shuffle off this mortal coil. I hear she’s been seen reminding her already long-suffering husband he’s not a Clinton. I hope he has the manly fortitude to reply “Alleluia”…

  5. Yes , there is all of that but please, vote fraud is the specialty of these people, they are crooks, they rig things as communists do. That is where the real problem is, vote fraud!

    • Yes, voter fraud is a problem. Always has been.

      Kennedy took the election from Nixon w/ the help of Mayor Daley the First. But Nixon decided not to fight it bec it would cause too much turmoil.

      As the big cities empty out, the rate of voter fraud will drop, but it will always be a problem. Politicians specialize in violating all Ten Commandments on a regular basis.

      The Electoral College keeps some of that out…and here’s one place that used to be the scum de la scum of ballot-box stuffing but has improved in recent years:

      • Let me offer another view of the Landrieu results.

        It’s said that all politics are local. Why assume the voters are moved by abstract policy decisions? However, the AWG sees the top-down Washington decisions affecting him in an increasingly adverse way: uncontrolled Muslim immigration, increasing crime and welfare, and the increasing war on gun-owners by fascist bureaucrats. All of a sudden, the AWG sees his quality of life going down through the interference by Washington, in spite of the federal handouts.

        So, politics are still local, but the electorate is waking up to their own interests.

  6. Cringe is right Dymphna..Good decision Baron to avoid this..I emvy you now after seeing amd hearing this utter crud..

  7. It’s a doggone good thing, Dymphna, that I wasn’t drinking my beverage when I read that part about “big butts [being] in.”

    • BIG HINNIES!!! hill-er-y JUST GROSS!

      The latest Kardashian nekkid hinnie pic is too horse like to be sexy, unless you are a stallion looking for a brood mare.

      Clothing tells us so much about our un-glorious society and our pitiable donkey politicians.

      EASY and loose; easy and spandex; easy and LAZY; easy and show-off; easy and over explosure; easy and too expensive; easy and self delusional.

      HOW long before flat butts are back in fashion like in 1956???? I have a dozen of those beautiful, those tight-girdle close fitting straight skirts with the kick pleats in back. When will they be hot again???

      I collect “heritage clothing” and I have some beautiful wool skirts with Lana Turner type, tight mohair sweaters to match…with CIRCLE and pearl pins too. I HAVE A SCARF WORN BY Sophia Loren too. ooolala!

      I even have some sweet white linen dresses covered in crocheted lace from 1900-10..biggest waist is 26…… alas I think LADY LIKE clothes are like little pale ghosts of what was innocence.

      Hillary, Chelsea and Monica all dress alike now.

      From THE RACKS OF Chez Mal Maison WIHELM.
      Chez Wilhelm uses black labor in Haiti, sweating and slaving in Port O Prince warehouses to create his clothing line.

      • attackKat: My fantasy woman as a teenager was Sophia Loren; real women have curves. Sadly she now shows signs of having “work” done; as usual in such cases, the “cure” is worse than the “disease”.

  8. I have a friend who was a Foreign Service National (a foreigner hired by the State Department to protect diplomats abroad, taking a bullet for them if necessary). He got up close and personal with Hillary a couple of times. He said she had nothing but contempt for the people who were assigned to protect her, was rude, and generally a total bitch.

    • The Secret Service, the Arkansas State Police – anyone with the unpleasant duty of guarding this woman told some amazing tales over the years. They were forbidden to speak to her for starters. And yes, she was foul-mouthed.

  9. They cannot be serious. This must be a P-ss take. Didn’t they have a line that rhymes with Cultural Marxist?

  10. Dymphna, I hope you’ll forgive me for passing comment on a potential presidential candidate but I believe the position is ultimately of worldwide importance. From what I have seen, heard and read about Mrs Clinton, in my mind she is a person possessed by evil; her behaviour regarding the murder of your country’s ambassador to Libya; which in a sane world would have been regarded as an act of war; is just one example of this person’s lack of morals. I am amazed that anyone in the USA would consider voting for her.

    • Actually I kind of hope she is the Dem. candidate. Why? 1) because it will bar any potential sane Dem. hopeful from getting some mileage out of it, and 2) so many Dems hate the both Clinton’s and wouldn’t cooperate with her. She would have only one term before even the Dems would hate her.

    • feel free to make comments about our ‘leaders’. A sorry lot they are indeed. I’d rather have the team of Monty Python running the country. At least it would be entertaining.

      • Oh, thanks, Dymphna; best laugh I’ve had in a while (maybe we both have a strange sense of humour).

  11. I take it there will be a backlash against the Democrats for a video not featuring ANY “diversity”? As would surely have happened, had it been a video by the Republicans…

    As a reply, the Republicans could make a video featuring Allen West…

  12. Just goes to show how bad Obama’s policies are – these actors are actually doing this commercial with a straight face because they want to be paid. This is so god awful. I thought it was a stitch – who wrote these garbage lines (I mean EVERY female is someone’s daughter, and only someone completely wet behind the ears would consider her a loving wife – some of us wonder if she is actually a woman).

    Clearly the writer never heard about Benghazi – or he/she was really hungry.

  13. I know at least two words that would stop any candidacy of hers dead. ISTANBUL PROCESS. D*mn the arrogant traitor to hell.

  14. I made it to 1-34 and I had to stop it or see my tea again. I understand the Baron’s point,
    that b@?ch must hope her intended victims cannot read – or remember.

  15. Hillary isn’t going to win th AWG over with a lame political ad that they find insulting. Look the AWG sees her as a obnoxious pretender who doesn’t care about the average worker in this country, nor do she care about uncontrolled immigration, loss of jobs, off-shoring of industry or importing foreign workers.

    People are waking up and realizing D.C. is tone deaf on many issues affecting working class Americans, with elitists like Hillary leading the way. Look at her speaking venues – she only talks where she can make a cool $200k for flapping her gums for a hour. You don’t see her giving talks at factories, civic centers, junior colleges, etc.

    She doesn’t do the little people. She see’s herself as royalty, albeit of sort that Eva Peron and Alinsky could appreciate.

    • This is her chance to make big money like all the other ex-pols do. Once she officially declares she’s running, she can’t give those speeches any more. And then those same idjits will pay Obama all those shekels instead.

      At that point, she will indeed be talking to the little people, and she wont’ be any more friendly than she is now.

      Now should she withdraw, or lose the primary, then she can roll out the money-making machine again.

      I don’t blame her – those to blame are the sheep who pay money to hear her spout banalities and have their picture taken with her,etc.

  16. I could just see Ricky Gervais’ character in “The Office” dancing to that tune.

    The rest of us are just rolling on the floor, sick and laughing.

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