The Children’s Jihad

Remember the Children’s Crusade of 1212?

Something similar is happening today. Unlike the followers of little Stephan, however, these diminutive “French” mujahideen have reached their destination. Now they’re in Syria with their guns, eager to wage jihad and wrest the land back from the murtadeen and the mushrikun.

Many thanks to M for the transcription, to CB Sashenka for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Hey kids, come here!
0:03   Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!
0:04   Faster than that!
0:08   It’s OK? It’s OK. Who are you?
0:14   I’m Shifulah. Who are you? I’m from France.
0:15   I’m Abu Dbel, Abu Dbel.
0:17   Who are you?
0:19   Sayfulah.
0:20   Sayfulah, where are you from?
0:21   From France.
0:23   From France, but what part of France?
0:26   From Strasbourg, 6-7 (code for Strasbourg).
0:28   Ah la la. And where are you from, Strasbourg too?
0:30   No, I’m from Toulouse, from (street).
0:34   Toulouse and Strasbourg (inaudible).
0:35   That represents 67, my gun…
0:36   And you represent Mohamed Merah.
0:39   Yes, I represent him…
0:40   Allahu Akbar!
0:43   Say a short message for those who are in France. I’ll post it on Facebook, does that bother you?
0:47   No.
0:49   Go ahead, I’ll post it on Facebook. You’ll give me a message for those in France.
0:53   Already, it’s better to come here because there you don’t stand a chance..
0:59   Why?
1:00   Because, over there, you are in a country of the kuffar.
1:07   Here, we have mujahideen in Syria.
1:10   There are… here, it’s war here.
1:14   It’s not little babies whining to their parents:
1:16   “Oh I want this, and I want that.”
1:17   You come here if you want to see how it’s done. Sissies!
1:21   That’s bad, brother!
1:23   You must tell them to come here gently, my brother.
1:26   Come back, Sayfulah!
1:27   Your buddy is bad.
1:29   Yes, very bad.
1:30   Sayfulah!

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  1. Parents are supposed to civilize their children; but all of that goes out the window when parents enter Muslim la-la land, where no child emerges sane and humane.

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