Top French Mujahid Killed in Syria

A French explosives expert with the Khorasan group was killed on Wednesday in Syria. I omitted the quote marks around his nationality when describing David Drugeon because, unlike most “Frenchmen” waging jihad in Syria, he is a French native who converted to Islam.

And, unlike the loony “lone wolf” converts in the West who run amok until they are shot by police, Mr. Drugeon seems to have been an intelligent, lucid, calculating fellow who specialized in explosives.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this French TV news report:

Below is a brief report from ANSAmed about the death of David Drugeon:

(ANSAmed) — WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 6 — The Pentagon announced on Thursday that French jihadist, Muslim convert and key member of the ‘Khorasan Group’ David Drugeon had been killed the previous day in a US drone strike in Syria. Reports were found in US media. The Pentagon quoted secret service officials as saying that the airstrikes had been conducted on positions controlled by ‘Khorasan terrorists’ in Idlib province, northwestern Syria. Drugeon is held to be an expert in bomb-making.

Video transcript:

00:01   For over a year he was described by counter-terrorism experts
00:05   as the most dangerous French jihadist.
00:09   Just 24 years old and looking adolescent, David Drugeon had the experience
00:13   of a confirmed fighter. As an explosives expert
00:17   and centerpiece of the Al Qaeda affiliate, Khorasan,
00:21   implanted in Syria, it’s near Idlib that the young
00:25   Frenchman was killed by a coalition air strike while
00:29   travelling in a car. Leaked by US media, the information
00:33   was confirmed by an anonymous Pentagon source.
00:37   In France too, David Drugeon was under intensive surveillance,
00:41   considered a possible recruiter for terrorism on European soil.
00:45   He left France in 2010 for the tribal zones in Pakistan
00:49   and integrated with a group affiliated to Al Qaeda.
00:53   In 2014 he returned to Syria and continued his Jihad
00:58   secretly with Khorasan. Last September a strike
01:02   targeted the group, and their leader Muhsin al-Fadhli, who was reported killed
01:06   after the attack, but is said to be still alive,
01:10   and still the leader of this movement.

Hat tip for the article: Insubria.

2 thoughts on “Top French Mujahid Killed in Syria

  1. He was a native from Brittany (Bretagne) and converted to islam aged 13. On French TV news, his father was quoted as saying that they had only had one letter from him in the last 4 years in which he told them that he wanted to “die as martyr”.

  2. The most vulnerable are most likely directly targeted by dawa, “to getting information about islam” just because they are most likely the most willing to be formed and trained to please their masters.

    They have been around for 1 400 years, so they know how to snare the enemy’s most vulnerable, like do predators at all times.

    This is why we should make sure to protect all the vulnerable lone wolves among our own to make sure they do not fall into the traps of hateful friendliness aiming to “inform about islam”. These insecure and vulnerable individuals should be taught what this phrase is reall all about, namely an invitation to conversion!

    When a poisonous hizzzing snake hypnotizes you into believing he will be your best friend, the alarm should ring loud and clear.

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