“Our Countries Are Waking Up”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, spoke today at a meeting of the Front National in France. Below is the prepared text of his remarks (my translation). The original French text is at the bottom of this post.

Speech by Geert Wilders

Before the Congress of the National Front (Lyon, November 29, 2014)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

I am very pleased to be here today in Lyon, the capital of the French Resistance. It is a privilege to address this gathering of French patriots in the presence of my friend, Marine Le Pen, the next President of France! My party, the Party for Freedom, is, according to surveys, the largest party in the Netherlands. And your party, the National Front, is, according to the polls, the top party in France.

The future is ours! The future belongs to the patriots of Europe! Because the peoples of Europe have had enough of betrayal by the multicultural elites who destroy our identities and our traditions. Of these hypocrites who squander our wealth and shackle our prosperity, endangering the future of our children.

Like you, we want to protect our sovereign and independent country. Like you, we want to use our taxpayers’ money for our own citizens. Like you, we are fighting to preserve our identity. Like you, we do not want foreigners who come to our country to tell us that they are the masters of our house.

We say:

Send criminals, jihadists, illegal immigrants OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and all those who refuse to adapt to our values. Expel them and never let them back! Because the only masters in the Netherlands are the Dutch, just as the only masters in France are the French!

We do not want a foreign and barbaric culture that deprives us of our freedoms. We oppose mass immigration. Concerning Islam, we say enough is enough! It is LEGITIMATE that we defend our own values and our freedoms. We are proud of who we are; we are proud to be Dutch, proud to be French, proud of the civilization that our parents left to us, and that we want to leave our children. We defend our country, we defend our flag, we defend our heritage, we defend our nation.

We must constantly strive to reclaim our homelands, to remove them from the European Union, from the spiral of mass immigration, get them out of the clutches of this hypocritical and allegedly multicultural elite.

My dear friends,

I know times are tough; I know that a hard battle lies ahead. But I also know that for a valiant heart nothing is impossible! And I know that each of you in this room is courageous. I know that you constitute the backbone of the National Front, which in turn constitutes the backbone of France.

I know that you are present here today because a French heart beats in your chest — a heart that is ready to do battle for France.

Marshal Foch said it a hundred years ago: “To accept the idea of defeat is to be conquered.” We have not been conquered; we do not accept defeat, because our countries are waking up. The Netherlands is awakening. France is awakening. Greater and greater numbers of our compatriots are discovering that we tell the truth and that we are fighting for freedom and survival of our countries.

Let me finish this speech by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Because it will in fact be a really great year, a good year and a happy year for all patriots of Europe!

Long live the Netherlands, Vive la France!

Thank you and see you again soon!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Le texte préparé en français:

Discours de Geert Wilders

Devant le Congrès du Front National (Lyon, le 29 Novembre 2014)

Mesdames, Messieurs, Chers amis,

Je suis très heureux d’être aujourd’hui, à Lyon, la capitale de la Résistance française. C’est un privilège de m’adresser à ce rassemblement des patriotes français, devant mon amie, Marine Le Pen, la prochaine Présidente de la France ! Mon parti, le Parti pour la Liberté, est, selon les sondages, le plus grand parti des Pays-Bas. Et votre parti, le Front National, est, selon les sondages, le premier parti de France.

L’avenir nous appartient ! L’avenir appartient aux patriotes de l’Europe ! Car les peuples de l’Europe en ont assez de la trahison des élites multiculturelles qui détruisent nos identités et nos traditions. De ces hypocrites qui gaspillent nos richesses et entravent notre prospérité, qui mettent en danger l’avenir de nos enfants.

Tout comme vous, nous voulons garder notre pays souverain et indépendant. Tout comme vous, nous voulons utiliser les impôts de nos concitoyens pour nos concitoyens. Tout comme vous, nous luttons pour préserver notre identité. Tout comme vous, nous ne voulons pas que des étrangers viennent dans notre pays et nous disent qu’ils sont maîtres chez nous.

Nous disons :

Mettez les criminels, les djihadistes, les immigrés clandestins DEHORS Et tous ceux qui refusent de s’adapter à nos valeurs. Mettez les dehors et ne les laissez jamais revenir ! Parce que les seuls maîtres aux Pays-Bas sont les Néerlandais Tout comme les seuls maîtres en France sont les Français!

Nous ne voulons pas qu’une culture étrangère et barbare nous prive de nos libertés. Nous nous opposons à l’immigration massive. Et à propos de l’islam nous disons trop c’est trop! Il est LEGITIME que nous défendions nos propres valeurs et nos libertés. Nous sommes fiers de ce que nous sommes, Nous sommes fiers d’être Néerlandais, fiers d’être Français, Fiers de la civilisation que nos parents nous ont laissé et que nous voulons laisser à nos enfants. Nous défendons notre pays, Nous défendons notre drapeau, Nous défendons notre héritage, Nous défendons notre nation.

Nous devons lutter sans relâche afin de regagner nos patries, afin de les extraire de l’union européenne, de la spirale immigrationniste, les sortir des griffes de cette élite hypocrite et prétendument multiculturelle

Mes chers amis,

Je sais que les temps sont difficiles, Je sais qu’un dur combat nous attend. Mais je sais aussi qu’à cœur vaillant, rien d’impossible ! Et je sais, que chacun de vous dans cette salle est courageux. Je sais que vous constituez l’épine dorsale du Front National, qui constitue à son tour l’épine dorsale de la France.

Je sais que vous êtes présents ici, aujourd’hui, Parce qu’un cœur Français bat dans votre poitrine — un cœur qui est prêt à lutter pour la France.

Le Maréchal Foch disait, il y a cent ans: “Accepter l’idée d’une défaite, c’est être vaincu.” Nous ne sommes pas vaincus, nous n’acceptons pas la défaite, Parce que nos pays s’éveillent, Les Pays-Bas s’éveillent, la France s’éveille. Nos compatriotes, de plus en plus nombreux, se rendent compte que nous disons la vérité et nous nous battons pour la liberté et la survie de nos pays.

Permettez-moi de terminer ce discours en vous souhaitant Un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année. Car ce sera, en effet, vraiment une grande année, une bonne année et une heureuse année pour tous les patriotes de l’Europe!

Vive les Pays-Bas, Vive la France !

Merci et A Bientôt!

14 thoughts on ““Our Countries Are Waking Up”

  1. Mr. Wilders is right of course, many countries are now waking up to the underhanded treachery that is multiculturalism and political correctness, policies that have been embraced by an elite who are leading us all to the tyranny that was fought against in two massive world wars and to a world dominated by one world government under the unelected bureaucracy of the United Nations.

    What Mr. Wilders avoids mentioning in this speech though, is that the tyranny many are now awake to will not quietly into the night when the people decide to rise up, especially the Islamic kind of tyranny that is entrenched throughout the West and has Allah’s blessing to continue the jihad against the infidel.

    Too, the radical Marxists will not give up their treacherous gains just because a majority of voters choose to no longer put up with their treachery.

    I see troubled times ahead.

    • I agree: It might well come to bloodshed, unfortunately. My guess is the percentage of Muslims in the population will be the key factor in determining whether it does or not. So countries like Sweden and Belgium will be at the greatest risk. France too, I believe, has a particularly high percentage of muslims.

      • And then there are the Ukrainians and the people from Eastern Europe who will prove useful to fight this plague -they did it again not so long ago against the Ottoman empire. This is why the Western elite is so eager to rapidly transform Eastern Europe (attacking Christian Orthodoxy in Rumania and pushing a liberal pro-German president. i.e. with the excuse that it is the Russian danger they have in mind). First they plan attacking the church then pushing down people’s throat multiculturalism propaganda. They have been filling all important Rumanian towns with so-called “international” universities, which is a local mafia-style industry where they sell diplomas to Arabs so the Western liberals can then push in your countries Arabs in high places with fabricated education. I don’t think that Western Muslims and Brussels would like to see miners invasions like Bucharest experienced in 1990 but if they will awaken the religious beast in the East this might happen because the more they will try to “transform” us the more this will precipitate things.

  2. Jefferson and Wilders: Awake! Awake! Before it is too late.
    Traitor Class: We hope the west will not wake up now before we import invaders enough to defeat any resistance. We tell them to go back to sleep. Drink a lot and party always. As you know we have democracy, so everything will be alright, even if “a prince is half muslim already.”

    I have been reading about Barbary Wars: and this:

    On Jefferson’s inauguration as president in 1801, Yussif Karamanli, the Pasha (or Bashaw) of Tripoli demanded $225,000 from the new administration. (In 1800, Federal revenues totaled a little over $10 million.) Putting his long-held beliefs into practice, Jefferson refused the demand.
    and . . . American government too riven with domestic discord to make a strong show of force overseas.
    Jefferson woke up and awoke the whole nation.
    Amazing: How noble ideas start with one person amid Himalayas of resistance. Those people are inspiring not false celebrities.

    • Yes of course. All ideas begin with just one person. Supporters of the counter jihad are sometimes impatient at those who have not yet woken up – but the delay in catch-up provides time to pave the way.

  3. One of the few beacons of sanity and Civilization shining through the multiculti murk.

    Vive le Geert Wilders!

  4. Was not the idea of democracy supposed to address people’s legitimate concerns through their representatives? How come Camoerons, Blairs, Thatchers, Browns, Husseins, Left, right, centre, and anyone in between . . . does not matter what they call themselves have two aims in mind: destruction of Israel through Falseflag, and destruction of the west. How come we can see it coming but not the Traitor Class?
    What does democracy mean, anyway?

    • Obviously, the powerful will do, or try to do, as they will. This has always been and will always be the case. The best we can do is to have checks in place to try to curb any individual or group’s power. Democracy is one such check, but by no means is it perfect. The US Constitution is another (but it too can only go so far, as Obama is demonstrating).

    • I think the traitor class can see it – that’s why they cover their eyes like children do, they’re hoping that if they can’t see they can’t be seen.

      It’s important we get on the politicians’ case (and that of any other members of the Traitor Class) to constantly test their thinking – drip drip drip etc.

  5. Modern Western progressives and multiculturalists would do well to reflect upon the fate of the Tudeh Communists that supported the Islamic revolution in Iran.

    They were slaughtered by the Islamists.

    • Yes, Islam will slaughter the God-less first, which seems to not find an understanding within the bulk of the radical Collective who have assisted in causing the many problems we now face.

      But that is for them to concern themselves with.

      Hitler made a pact with Islam to further his own goals, Islam knowing full well that National Socialism rejected God as a check against Man’s many foibles and demi-God aspirations. Islam knows how to turn any opportunity, especially from the infidel, to Islam’s advantage.

      It will be the useful idiots of the Marxists who will be the first to feel the sword on the back of the neck or the knife being used to hack off their heads as an appeasement to Islam, while they – the God-less, submit to Islam and embrace its totalitarian ways.

      The Traitor Class already have their futures mapped out. It is us – those they despise – who need to comprehend and to then thwart those plans if we are to keep what is left of our Western cultures and civilization.

  6. Extreme Orthodox Islam is a major threat to the culture and freedoms of the west but so are the global elite or new world order as talked about on infowars by Alex Jones. ISIS is supported, trained and funded by NATO and the Globalist. The Globalist do not control ISIS but have used them to destabilize the Middle East for their own agenda.

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