Interview With a Kurdish-German Biker

The day before yesterday we posted a pair of translated articles about members of a Kurdish biker gang in Cologne called the Median Empire who traveled to Syria to fight with their fellow Kurds against the Islamic State in the siege of Kobani.

Below is an interview with one of those bikers (his name sounds like “Azrad”) that appeared on Israeli TV. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

9 thoughts on “Interview With a Kurdish-German Biker

    • Their people where, maninthepub? Kurds are a persecuted minority everywhere; unlike some we could mention, those who’ve wound up in Western countries are likely genuine refugees.

      • They should be wherever they believe their homeland to be… And the harsh reality is, unless one is prepared to fight and die for ones home, the likelihood is one will lose it. Women and children are refugees – men are running from a fight that is theirs.

  1. It is not a German motorcycle gang. He is a Kurd who is living in Germany. If he wishes to go fight in a war for his people, the Kurds, then he should. And he should stay there.

  2. God bless him for supporting Israel and God keep him self from the evil ISIS who is both trained and supported by NATO and the globalist – see

    • Of course we support Israel. Because they are only nation recognizing Kurdistan and they havent hurt one single kurd. We love jews and Israel. And hate muslims and arabs!!!

  3. couldn’ t they all go to fight in Iraq?And yes, they are no german mc gang.They are just ordinary criminals in racketting,drugs and pimping. but mostly in bouncing at discotheques because too stupid even for crime.And many of them are even too stupid to ride a motorbike,true,I am not kidding you.They are cheap copies of the Hell’s Angels.Before I forget it: good riddance!

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