The Islamic Frankenstate

Today’s news was dominated by the beheading of Steven Sotloff by the Islamic State, and the accusation by Rep. Paul Ryan that President Obama’s bad decisions had in effect created ISIS. This is a watered-down version of my assertion from a couple of weeks ago that the Islam State is a CIA/Qatar-created monster that has escaped the laboratory.

Vlad and I were discussing all this on skype a little while ago, and in our conversation I referred to “The Islamic Frankenstate”. I thought it was an amusing neologism, and in my experience, anything amusing that I ever think up has already been thought of by someone else. So I followed my usual habit and googled it, and was surprised to find zero instances.

So here it is. I get dibs on first usage, but now y’all can have it, to use as you see fit…

Update from Vlad Tepes:

According to this FOX report, the military and intel communities are actually starting to blame Obama for this, as they briefed him daily for a year describing ISIS’ capabilities as superb — and then Obama went and called them “JV”.

13 thoughts on “The Islamic Frankenstate

  1. According to the Guardian, the ISIS Neanderthal who did this said on his video:

    The black-masked killer … says that if the US does not cease bombing: “our
    knife will continue to strike the necks of your people”.

    Please understand that this is a quote from the Koran. So this beheading was done in accordance to the the advice and diktats of the Koran. The Koran says:

    When your Lord revealed to the angels: “I am certainly with you, so make firm
    the feet of those who believe. I will cast fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve.
    So strike at their necks and strike at every finger. Koran 8:12

    The problem with ISIS in Iraq, is the Koran. And the problem with the gang-rape of white girls in Europe, is also the Koran.

    Until governments understand that, and until governments admit that, and until governments do something about that – THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN THE WORLD.


  2. Just to recognize our own contribution, how about an old-fashioned horror film: “Frankenstate meets the Wuss-Man.”

  3. There’s one small problem I see with the term “Frankenstate”. Frank means free, and there are no free men in Islam, only slaves and willing slaves at that. Cancer is a better analogy. I offer the term Islamic Metastostate for your consideration. Thank you, Baron & Dymphna, for your very important work. Let us pray it is not in vain.

    • Ah, but the average person does not think of “franken” as anything but a reference to “Frankenstein”. Popular culture imposes that immediate recognition.

      Those of us who were taught American history in school (i.e. people over 50 or those educated in private schools) are familiar with the concept of “franking privileges” for members of Congress. But that isn’t the immediate associative reference of “franken”.

      Strictly speaking, “frank” means “javelin”, anyway. The Franks were a Germanic tribe (they adopted a Latin dialect in late antiquity), and they were named for their customary weapon, a javelin or spear called a frank (with whatever declensions were used back then). Saxons (a Low German tribe) were similarly named for their weapon, an axe (“Saxon” being cognate with “saw”). Angles, however, were named for the region they came from in Schleswig, supposedly for an angle or bend in the river (not sure which river). The word is cognate with “ankle”. The Jutes were named for their home in Jutland, the peninsula that juts out to separate the North Sea from the Baltic.

      Isn’t etymology fun?

  4. When Obama talks about ISIS he sounds diffident, uncertain, un-galvanized, disengaged and non- outraged.

    He sounds like someone who is discussing regulations for yogurt production.

    However, when he talks of his Republican political opponents he suddenly comes alive, his outrage is PALPABLE, his face shows emotion, he is able to condemn, mock and oppose them with his entire will and might.

    He becomes transformed, demonstrates vital engagement, focus, interest, disgust and spews all manner of feisty ideas for their defeat.

    Behead Americans, threaten the nation with jihadist terrorism, and the president seems passive.

    Oppose his agenda and he is a Pitbull.

    Curious, that.

  5. I’m fed up with the ‘perfume’ spin of the MSM. Smoke ’em out!!

    Call me ‘Frankincensed’!

  6. Another act of treason from Obama along with his abuse of power even more reasons he should be impeached and removed from america and his citizenship revoked or at least his birth certificate opened

  7. ..Of course we’d be remiss witbout mentioning the great “al frankenstate” of Minnesota..Apologies all around..

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