A Jihad Video from the Alps

Bad Gastein is a resort spa in the Austrian Alps. Jihad recently came to town when an unknown person uploaded a video recorded in Bad Gastein calling for a terrorist attack on Austria.

Here’s the report from ORF-Salzburg. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Uproar About Alleged Jihadist Video

An alleged jihadist video which shows Bad Gastein (Pongau) is causing agitation. A hitherto unknown war-monger is calling for an attack “on this heretical land.” Security services assure us that the video is harmless.

The quality of the video is poor, shaky and amateurish. Who authored this clip? How seriously should it be taken? On Friday afternoon, ORF Salzburg played the video for a businessman in a northern Israeli city, whose mother tongue is Arabic. He regards it as terrorist — also because of the graphics and the logo.

Is That the Sound of the Gastein Waterfall in the Background?

The gist of the spoken text is that warriors loyal to the caliph are also in the Alps and waiting for the order to attack this heretical land (Austria?). When the camera pans to the Bad Gastein parish church, the narration says that the cross on the church will soon be torn out and all heretics punished. The rushing of water in the background can be heard clearly, just as it can in the proximity of the Gastein waterfall. Experts do not believe that the spoken text has been added retroactively.

“Raise the Banner of Punishment”

An Arab who lives in Vienna translates: “We await the words of our leader in the hope that he will come to this place and raise the banner of chastisement.”

There are no people to be seen in the video — just a jumpy panning of the Gastein valley up to the local parish church.

Intelligence Service: Not a Threat for Austria

Austria’s federal intelligence service said reassuringly that the video from Bad Gastein represented no threat to the security of Austria. There is, said Alexander Marakovits, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, no audible threat in the spoken text. It is just a “collection of religious clichés.”

Furthermore, it is not certain that the speaker in the video was actually in Bad Gastein, explained Marakovits. According to preliminary analysis, the recording of Bad Gastein could have been circulating on the internet for a comparatively long time. So it would be possible for the recording to be downloaded, the Arabic text read onto it and uploaded to YouTube.

The ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party) mayor of Bad Gastein, Gerhard Steinhauer was also not too concerned: “Somebody translated something from someone. Until I see an authorized translation of this text, I cannot take it seriously. It is possible that someone is playing a prank. That is one possibility. Or somebody is in earnest, but I cannot judge that until I see a proper translation. Until then, calm is called for.”

4 thoughts on “A Jihad Video from the Alps

  1. Now we know what happens to a race after scores of generations of inbreeding. Sociopaths. Austria is beautiful. Time for the authorities to keep it that way. [Engage in intimate relations with] multiculturalism. It’s a one way street ending in suicide of your people.

  2. A positive consequence of having these ‘jihadis’ in Europe is that they present Europe with a singular enemy and the necessity of uniting against them.

  3. Of course the police will say something, but not the real truth. They are not allowed to tell the truth. Police in western countries will be fired if they don’t obey their superiors. And their superiors obey muslim diktats. Not bishops or priests, but imams.
    Every city in the west has its own imam who runs it behind the scenes.

  4. Schubert’s last (9th) symphony, the “Great C Major”, was sketched in Gastein. Rejected by the Vienna Philharmonic as “too difficult” (not something they’d get away with saying to Beethoven!), it was rediscovered fifteen years later by Schumann, and premiered by his friend Mendelssohn in 1839.

    It’s been a staple of the repertory since; like the Baron’s beloved Bach, and even if classical music isn’t your thing, it is part of the culture for which we fight.

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