The Monster has Escaped the Laboratory

Satan has been unleashed in the world.

Or, if you are an atheist or secular and uncomfortable with theological imagery: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has escaped the laboratory and is rampaging across the landscape.

The most recent atrocities committed by the Islamic State — notably, the beheading of an American journalist by an ISIS mujahid on video, as a warning to President Obama (see Fox News, CNN, and the Mail Online) — demonstrate that something unprecedented is at work in the Middle East. Not since the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 has barbarity of this magnitude gone unchecked in the region.

Actually, you’d have to go back farther than 1683, or even 1453, to find comparable events. During its entire suzerainty over Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire did not engage in the systematic demolition of Shiite mosques. But that is exactly what ISIS is doing, even as it massacres and enslaves Christians and Yezidis.

This is a moment of enormous historical import. The proclamation of a Caliphate by the Islamic State has electrified Islamic zealots all over the world, which is why the black flag of jihad is appearing now in so many places. ISIS is saying to the Ummah: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” And getting an enthusiastic response, based on all the demonstrators who have taken to the “Muslim street”.

The process that has now reached its maturity in Syria and Iraq began in earnest more than three years ago, when a Tunisian street vendor immolated himself and initiated what eventually became known as the “Arab Spring”. It became obvious fairly quickly that this was a moment that both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Western intelligence services had been waiting for. Assets that had been kept ready were set into motion, and long-standing plans were systematically implemented in the months that followed.

Much of the analysis below is pure speculation, but it is based on factual material. It is an attempt to fit the known facts into a plausible general framework that would help explain them. I don’t have the time (nor will my eyes hold up long enough) to find links to all the relevant material; readers are advised to hit the search engines to find corroborating material.

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For several years I’ve been assuming that the Central Intelligence Agency — along with various other parts of the Executive Branch of the American government — has been thoroughly co-opted by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. The heart of Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen is in Qatar, and not Egypt, as many people believe. The analysis below refers to “CIA/Qatar” when describing this convergent nexus of the American intelligence establishment and MB notables in Qatar and elsewhere.

Back in the fall of 2012 I devised a theory about what happened in Benghazi on September 11 of that year, based on reading various sources — not all of them totally paranoid. Since then, everything I put together in those days has been borne out by later revelations. I’ve posted about this before, but here is a general outline of what I consider the likely process behind what happened that night:

1.   The Innocence of Muslims was produced by a man who had turned state’s evidence for the Feds, in return for a sentence of probation for his fraud conviction.
2.   He was ordered to make that video (and probably supplied with the money for it) and told to make it look like Jews were involved. He had no idea he was to be exposed and locked up after his video had served its purpose.
3.   The CIA/Qatar team arranged to subtitle the video in Arabic and release it in the Egyptian media just before September 11, 2012.
4.   When the demo in Cairo started, it was originally on behalf of the Blind Sheikh. It later morphed into an attack on the embassy in outrage over the blasphemous video.
5.   The attack on the consulate in Benghazi was also supposed to be blamed on the video. The Al Qaeda groups that had been paid off to do it were supposed to kidnap Ambassador Stevens. The plan was that after tough negotiations, he would later be released in exchange for the Blind Sheikh, who would return to Egypt in triumph. This was all designed to satisfy the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihad Masters in Qatar.
6.   The Al Qaeda groups in Benghazi had been recruited to collect the various weapons that we had supplied them to take down Qaddafi with. They were paid to turn them over to the CIA so that they could be shipped to Syria, where we were planning a scenario like the one that had just finished up in Libya.
7.   However, the whole thing went to pieces, because Iranian intelligence had infiltrated the Al Qaeda groups (they have infiltrated everything in that part of the world, with the help of the Russians) and had outbid the CIA. They contracted with the jihadis to kill the ambassador, and thus throw a monkey wrench into US plans against Syria, which is an Iranian client state.

The rest is familiar to most readers.

This account may or may not be true, but it does fit Occam’s Razor — it is the simplest explanation available that uses what we know to be true about the U.S. government and the players in the region. The only assumption I have had to make is that the Muslim Brotherhood has totally compromised decision-making in the administration and at the CIA. And that seems more and more of a fact these days, and less and less an assumption.

The cover-up (which began immediately early on September 12, 2012) was simply the reflex reaction you’d expect to hide what agents of our government had been up to vis-à-vis Syria.

In the past three years I have held as a working assumption a similar theory about ISIS, which I also believe to be a CIA/Qatar production. Maybe not in its current form, but as one player in the array of jihad groups that were lumped together as the “Syrian rebels”.

ISIS began as a group called “Al Qaeda in Iraq”, and was headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi until he was shuffled off this mortal coil by the U.S. Air Force in 2006. It was eventually rebranded as “The Islamic State in Iraq”, and became “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (or al-Shaams) (ISIS)”, also translated as “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)”. It is now headed by Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi, (a.k.a. Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Quraishi, and Amir al-Mu’minin Khalifa Ibrahim).

ISIS never received any US aid directly, since it was an Al Qaeda spinoff. As in Libya, official assistance could only be extended to groups that could somehow be shoehorned into the “freedom fighter” mold. Everything else had to be on the Q.T.

But money is fungible, and weapons can be traded, sold, or captured. In the three years since the uprisings in Syria began, ISIS has managed to acquire a lot of assets and some sophisticated weaponry. Was that part of the plan? Or an unintended consequence?

In any case, why did the brilliant strategists in the Pentagon and the CIA consider it a good idea to fund and arm Wahhabist jihad groups in the Middle East?

I’m convinced that the original idea was to build up a proxy army that would attack Iran, which the United States was unwilling (or unable) to confront directly. The first order of business was to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad, an Iranian client. After that we could assist the “rebel” groups in a push eastward, through Iraq, and let them cross the border into Iran.

It sounds like a great plan! What could possibly go wrong?

On the Qatar front, the Ikhwan has been piggybacking on our strategic plan to carry out its own agenda, which is to overthrow all the Sunni dictators in the region and replace them with Salafists. Tunisia and Egypt were failures, but Syria and Iraq are still up for grabs. ISIS has its sights set on Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and presumably Kuwait. They’re also threatening Turkey. India and al-Andalus have been mentioned as legitimate goals for the Caliphate.

I believe that we have unleashed a monster that we cannot control. What is happening in northern Iraq right now cannot serve the strategic goals of the United States — not even the twisted version that seems to hold sway at State and in the CIA these days.

This is, after all, an information war, and the United States is losing it. ISIS has masterfully played the media, and especially the social media, so that the Islamic faithful have been roused to support it, and its kuffar enemies are in disarray. Whatever happens as a result of the beheading of James Foley, you can bet that it won’t fit into any brainy plan hatched in Langley.

If one assumes that the CIA has been subverted by the Ikhwan, all the other pieces fall into place.

Nevertheless, I’m not so far gone that I don’t recognize that this is a paranoid theory. So I’m still gathering data, watching to see how well it all fits into the pattern. The next few months should prove very informative.

The game-changer is Ebola, which will probably arrive in Mecca in October along with the Hajj, to be dispersed thence all over the world. After that, all bets are off.

64 thoughts on “The Monster has Escaped the Laboratory

  1. I believe the father of the “Let’s arm jihadis to attack Iran” is one Zbigniew Brzezinski – rehired by Obama and the same turkey who created the Afghan mujahideen under Carter, six months before they lured the Soviet Union into Afghanistan.

    Also, wouldn’t a better translation of “Caliphate” be “Islamic Empire” rather than the deceptive “Islamic State”. Surely we ought to use “Empire” as it is a better fit (incorporating Syria and Iraq for now) and clearly shows where the monsters intend to take this.

    Great post, and, “It’s not paranoia if the bastards really are out to get you.”

  2. I don’t believe there is anything fanciful in your projection; it’s a brilliant connection of the dots. The details that may be inaccurate still render your analysis far better than the entire giant machine of the CIA/NSA etc. is able to come up with these days.

    And it’s not just Mudlim Brotherhoodf infiltration. I remember reading in 2005 at Commentary Magazine “What Became of the CIA” — about the mind blowing multiculti / PC/ Affirmative Action culture that had become the obsession within that agency. I said to myself, it’s all over, as it is with so much of the rest of the administration of the US at all levels government and corporate.

    Luckily, still accessible, here:

    BTW, ISIS spores floating on the wind to Ferguson, see sign center of photo in the back, here:

  3. A thoughtful assessment Baron. Ebola is the Ace card in all this, as this deadly pestilence will run its own course apart from what anyone else would wish it to do. Infected monkey meat again or a deliberately contrived scenario? Who knows, and just how far will it be allowed to kill indiscriminately before it can be stopped?

    I agree with you, The Devil has unleashed a monster in ISIS, a collective of misfits, fanatics, homicidal maniacs and Muslim fundamentalists all along for the ride. They deserve each other and what will eventually come their way at some time in the future.

  4. It is too bad the CIA can’t recruit people with the intelligence of the writer of this article, although it is doubtful that he could or would want to try to operate successfully in that environment.

    I suppose it makes a certain kind of sense to want to re-create some of the conditions of the old Iran-Iraq war, a war which devastated both countries–particularly Iran–but kept them occupied fighting each other and thus less of a danger to us.

    So I think that it is quite plausible that the State Department, the Obama Administration and the CIA heeded their trusty Muslim “advisers” and proceeded ahead. I have long thought that our State Department, even our Pentagon, and most obviously the Obama White House have been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, whether these operatives work openly with an MB front group or not.

    And it’s been long known that Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and close friend is connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. Most of us probably know that Huma Abedin’s father, mother and brother are all Muslim Brotherhood. She, herself, worked on a Muslim Brotherhood publication before (during?) her association with Hillary Clinton. We all know that the MB does not allow its daughters or sisters to marry ethnic Jews–unless there is a strong ulterior motive. Hmmmm. Now what could that possibly be?

    I remember that before Huma Abedin husband, the unfortunately named Anthony Weiner, destroyed his own political career, there was talk about Huma’s running for elected office. But not to worry: if Hillary gets the White House, we all know who her closest friend and female adviser will be.

    • It’s important not to focus too much on the Obama administration when examining the origins of the present mess. Obama made everything much worse, but current policies were in place long before Obama. They predate Bush 2, Clinton, and possibly even Bush 1.

      It could be said that the love affair with the mujahideen began in the Reagan administration, when the CIA provided arms, logistical assistance, and training to no fewer than seven jihad groups fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. That turned out so well — what with the USS Cole and Osama bin Laden and all — that they decided for a reprise in the 21st century in Mesopotamia.

      The CIA picked the Muslim Brotherhood as a preferred ally way back in the early 1990s — “people we can do business with”. It was at about the same time, possibly coincidentally, that the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States circulated its Explanatory Memorandum outlining the strategy of “Civilization Jihad”, whereby they would begin “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands” — that is, they planned to dupe the United States into destroying itself.

      And the process seems to be working very well for them so far. They’ve achieved much more success than the CIA has with its genius plan for accomplishing our strategic goals in North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

      • “The Secret War Against the Jews” by John Loftus & Mark Aarons (1994)

        Overall, the book details how this germ infested the CIA at its genesis.

        Though the book has long been in print I have read nothing better which explains how the CIA (and much of military intelligence) has been constantly setup and fooled – especially when it set about devising very foolish schemes of its own.

        Overall, the book details how this germ has infested the CIA at its genesis. And now, it seems, a real honest-to-goodness virus has had its own devilish nativity, released from its incubating crib, and about to lay waste and destruction to armies and princes everywhere.

        The play of the weaponry in Libya in this drama follows an old script. Ultimately, the CIA does what it does because it has bought into the notion of Israel as Nakba.

        Review p. 486. Part of the answer lies there. Brilliant example of how historical events (mostly of the disastrous kind) dovetails personal failing (sins, if you wish). Have my own thoughts on what that threat was hanging over Bush #1, which, in large part, set the Mideast roiling and boiling.

        (The authors loose some of their good sense in the final pages of their book, as they express a misplaced hopefulness.)

      • Thanks for the history. Obama does seem to have a particularly special relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood which was noted when he made his first major presidential speech (in Cairo!) and he requested, specifically, that the Muslim Brotherhood be included in the audience.

      • Baron, please re-read my first post in this thread.

        The creation of the mujahideen was under *Carter*, and the idea of Zbigniew Brzezinski – who Obama re-hired.

        Please Google this.

        • I have no doubt that you’re right. And, according to Frontinus, it goes back even farther.

          I was just stating what I know from my own reading. I was actually reading about those seven CIA-backed Afghan mujahideen groups back in 1987 or so, in the “World” section of the Washington Post. That’s when I first learned the word “mujahideen” — I’d never heard it before.

          I remember a commentator back then who was concerned about what would happen once we were successful, and the Soviets pulled out. Given the nature of the groups we were arming and bankrolling, what would happen afterwards?

          Well, now we have the advantage of hindsight, and we know what happened: the Taliban.

          Our policymakers have no excuse this time: they have the lessons of history in front of them, which they ought to have learned. And the situation is far, far more dangerous in Mesopotamia than it ever was in Afghanistan. The mujahideen have a lot more money, more and better weapons, and are sitting on huge oil reserves.

          This, as they say, will not end well.

          • I’ve tagged the current policies back to Carter supporting the mujahadeen in Afghanistan since that time.

            I recall being horrified and dismayed at the actions of the CIA in teaching them that they could defeat a superpower when watching televison reports about armaments being sent by the CIA through Pakistan, asking myself “Don’t those fools realise what they are doing”, i.e. not just delivering Stinger missiles to be used to bring down other than Russian planes but teaching the lesson I mentioned.

            Years later, 2007, when “Charlie Wilson’s War” was released it seemed as though Hollywood was still taking the view that the US had been oh so clever to use rag heads to take down the Evil Empire but even seeing the trailer was more than I could stomach and it put me off Hanks even before those Dan Brown movies.

            It was only later that it became clear how pivotal in this policy Zbigniew Brzezinski was. He is famously on record of saying something along the lines of “What matter is it if we stir up a fundamentalist hornet’s nest in the Middle East as a small price to pay for removing the threat of Russian imperialism”. So he recognised what he was doing but didn’t care, almost Hilary like.

            Apparently Zbigniew is a common Polish given name with Ziggy its diminutive meaning ‘to dispel anger’. This is ironic because there is a noticeable and quite understandable tendency for some Polish people to exhibit signs of resentment towards, in this case, Russia for past injustices and behaviours, at least in terms of degree relative to other peoples from a less traumatised history but shared with other peoples whose countries also have long histories of foreign occupation and sometime brutal control, e.g. Ireland and Serbia.

            Soviet brutality towards Poland and it leaders during and after World War II could not have but profoundly influenced Brzezinski on an emotional level and he is on record as saying as much. He must have harbored great animus towards the Soviets and Russia as a result of this, , and probably still does, but it surely would be a major factor in the CIA working to unleash the monster.

            In one sense he was corrupt, i.e. he used his public Office to further his private and probably unconcious needs to dispel his personal anger towards the Soviets and Russians by guiding the US administration along paths of thought which are now proving detrimental to the nation and world at large with deadly serious consequences for decades and centuries into the future.

        • Did you know that Ziggy wrote in one of his overly boring books after the USSR came apart at the seams, that AFTER the USSR fell , it would be the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH that would be the biggest enemy of the Western World??

          Why a church ? A church that has struggled to exist through the most trying of governments. A church that suffering crippling persecution under the commies???

          All I can say that that Polish Roman Catholic hates the Orthodox Church…ANY Orthodox church and prefers islamics to the those CHRISTIANS.

          I happen to have been a member of the American Orthodox church and to tell you the truth, some of the highest leaders of the Orthodox Church in America are former Military officers some even retired officers who act to me a little like pompous politicians and “slick” finaglers . So I wondered are they really called of GOD or are they called of the CIA .

          Whereas the Russian monks who came here to help the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia in the past 6 years , are pious and kind people, VERY HUMBLE!

          So I attended services with them for awhile but not speaking the language went to the Greeks…they do an English and Greek service. I can understand both.

          Nevertheless, those words of Ziggy really bother me….. WHY A CHURCH…. why does he like ISLAMICS????

    • “It is too bad the CIA can’t recruit people with the intelligence of the writer of this article, although it is doubtful that he could or would want to try to operate successfully in that environment.”

      Never say never.

      James Burnham went from being an acolyte and assistant to Trotsky to being a member of the CIA. I read he was eventually kicked out of the CIA for being “too right wing”.

  5. like your conclusions on the cia .. brenan prays everyday to the
    7th century halucination, on the carpet next to his desk.

    also very happy about your eyes. god that is frightening. you are not
    replacable ..

  6. I’ve been reading about the middle ages conflicts in the Mediterranean between Muslims/Islam/the Middle East and Christians/Christianity/the West. The Siege of Malta in 1565 is a story well worth knowing – and it inspired me to visit Malta this summer.

    One thing stuck in my mind, even more than the immensity of the battlements or the beauty of the palace of Jean Parisot de Valette, Grand Master of the Knights of St John, leader of the Knights Hospitaller, it was an African walking along the busy promenade of a Maltese seaside town, his ‘t’ shirt read, “Fighting Moor, and written underneath were the words, “kill” and “burn”.

  7. An interesting and thought provoking article Baron.

    You say, “The only assumption I have had to make is that the Muslim Brotherhood has totally compromised decision-making in the administration and at the CIA. And that seems more and more of a fact these days, and less and less an assumption.” What made you make that assumption. How could the Muslim Brotherhood exercise such control? Who benefiits other than the Muslim Brotherhood?

    • maninthepub, you really need to get some books and read them to understand how the CIA was formed from the OSS by a Nazi who was head of the Abwehr, German intelligence, during World War 2.

      One then needs to take a step further in the understanding process by then realizing that the Nazis were also in BIG with Islam and then the pieces start to fall together.

      It has all been down hill since then.

      A good place to start would be in referencing ‘Operation Paperclip’.

  8. Baron, your last paragraph is something that I have been mulling over ever since the latest Ebola outbreak began. The Saudi authorities are also well aware of this potential catastrophe and are trying to impose a ban on Hajis from the West African epicentres attending the annual rock throwing festival, but I doubt if that will stop all of those determined to wander around another, much larger rock in ever decreasing circles in the middle of that giant petri dish that is Mecca during the Hajj.

    I have no doubt either that even the most Dhimmified of Western Legislatives and their Executive branches are also aware and this must present them with something of a dilemma; do they let hundreds of thousands of these potential and actual perambulating disease vectors return to their occupied territories in the West or do they firmly block the return route?

    And this is a serious dilemma for them because unlike their normal Pavlovian response to the depredations of Islam they cannot simply brush this under the carpet whilst shouting ‘Racism!’ presuming as usual that they, because of their wealth, position and power, are uniquely sheltered from the fallout – Ebola doesn’t carry any political, religious or personal baggage, it is a totally impartial ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ and it will take them and theirs as readily as us and ours. Interesting times. S III.

      • Actually, Even today, I learnt that an Israëli professor has developed an anti-Ebola vaccin. I still need to verify this, but if it is true: God has a very dry sense of humour.

  9. Suppose the ideological sloth in society saturates into a State’s bureaucracies and institutions.

  10. “I believe that we have unleashed a monster that we cannot control. What is happening in northern Iraq right now cannot serve the strategic goals of the United States — not even the twisted version that seems to hold sway at State and in the CIA these days.”

    This is also the view of a muslim academic in Britain. His book on the 7/7 bombing contends that the UK secret services were using jihadis as a private army, provoking/determining wars such as the Balkans. Significant parts of his book have page after page which are blank – blotted out by the UK’s secrecy laws.

    I don’t think the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the US administration. I believe that the US, UK leaders wish to see their Demos become muslim, so that when democracy is terminated with the end of the age of oil, the elite can hold on to their power and their wealth.

    • AH….the Balkans….. where NATO was the air force for a Muslim extremist army called the KLA. The KLA that sold the organs from hundreds of young kidnapped Serbian men and boys …beheaded Monks and tossed their bodies into wells. Destroyed churches, Convents, RAPED the nuns…..

      Where the Western Nations believed that the Muslims in Bosnia were like pure small children… who never committed mass murder against the thousands of civilians in Serbian Villages surrounding Sbrenica. I know a young Serbian woman from one of those villages, who survived at age 13, being shot 3 times while she lay hidden beneath the bodies of her parents. I was her case worked at the refugee center in the USA.

      Where Bosnian muslims were so pure that they NEVER chopped the heads off hundreds of YOUNG Serbian soldiers that they captured and that SURELY not did the Bosnian Muslims roast Serbian young men on spits .

      And the WEST believed that neither did they starve to death many OLD men ,not soldiers, in a camp in Zenica , Bosnia!! BUT THEY DID!!

      If the Serbs fought back they were war criminals BUT the real villains THE BOSNIAN MUSLIMS and their ALLIES from the MIDDLE EAST got away with murder, butchery and perfidy.

      REMEMBER 3 of the 9/11 hijackers helped and served Muslims in Bosnia. Sheik Muhammed did too.

      • Attack kat, my Serbian ex-wife tried to warn me about Islam during the Balkan wars. It may be the only subject on which she was right and I was wrong…

        However I was right that the Kosovans had the right to secede, just as the Scots will if they vote that way next month.

      • Only naive fools think that politicians etc. do not have secret meetings in which they discuss ways to deceive the Demos.

        In the UK the media are kept in line by secrecy laws (D notices, for example) and by parties and governments punishing those journalists who step out of line (they are no longer allowed to attend press briefings).

        For decades in the UK opinion polls have shown that anti-immigration and capital punishment laws are popular with a majority of the electorate. Yet throughout that time, the only party which espoused these policies was a racist, holocaust-denying party — thus ensuring that the electorate did not vote for the only party which would implement the laws that were popular with the electorate.

        It’s almost 100 years since sociologist Roberto Michels exposed the ways in which political parties end up serving the interests of a party elite rather than their members.

      • Only naive fools think that politicians etc. do not have secret meetings in which they discuss ways to deceive the Demos.

        In the UK the media are kept in line by secrecy laws (D notices, for example) and by parties and governments punishing those journalists who step out of line (they are no longer allowed to attend press briefings).

        For decades in the UK opinion polls have shown that anti-immigration and capital punishment laws are popular with a majority of the electorate. Yet throughout that time, the only party which espoused these policies was a racist, holocaust-denying party — thus ensuring that the electorate did not vote for the only party which would implement the laws that were popular with the electorate.

        It’s almost 100 years since sociologist Roberto Michels exposed the ways in which political parties end up serving the interests of a party elite rather than their members.

  11. Thankyou Baron! A lot of people who called me mad and “over-emotive” afew years and more ago when I stated that the MB was in control of much of the US and British State and that the War on Terror was in reality a war between sunni and shia, have started apologising. Bieng the forgiving sort as a cleric should be- I have not harboured grudges. I just pray to God that the powers that be now do what is necessary but I do not hold out much hope. Cameron and co are too deep in the Ummah’s debt-bribes one suspects disguised as “donations” to political parties and causes like the renamed hall at Sandhurst…

    I’ve just been promoted to Archbishop and my sole task is to further Christianity- the only real defence against these vile ISIS creeps. Conversion of Moslems is now our goal to Jesus Christ. We’ll probably get smeared by the Qatar-Saudi compliant Press but hey, Jesus gave His life so can we!

    I love a good scrap! Anybody want to be ordained as a Catholic Priest? We take married clergy too. Let’s hope the Western Worm is on the turn and that the “liberals” get what they deserve- the absolute disgust of all decent men and women.

    Courage is the Watchword Mes Amies! COURAGE- And you’ll need it!

    • Compared to other wars when both sides believed in the same God I have no doubt that God is firmly on our side this time around.

      May God bless you Sir!

  12. Amusingly even Sheffield in the north of England is not immune.

    Kurds took exception to a group of IS supporters waving a black Jihadi flag near Tescos at Spital Hill and a confrontation ensued.
    The press reported 5 police officers in attendance.
    The youtube footage clearly showed at least 10 police cars and 20-30 police officers.

    • Saladin was a Kurd. As an Islamic warrior, he was quite successful. But all while staying more nearly within the bounds of human decency than most of his contemporary war captains managed, either among Muslims or among Christians.

        • But didn’t he allow the Knights of St John free passage after they’d been defeated at the siege of Rhodes? Which he regretted later when the Knights defeated a huge Turkish army at the siege of Malta? He could have had them all beheaded…

    • You are inspiring dear Archbishop! I would respond to your call were I not an 80 year old woman, Courage Mes Amis indeed, is that not rallying cry of my favorite character in literature Denys the Burgundian?

  13. I have seen little difference in the essentially uncivilized Islamic masses in the West. Kurds, Yazidis, can all be as unbearable as the Sunnis and Shi’ites. But I harbor a small hope that the Kurds of northern Iraq, who were protected by the “no-fly zone,” developing a healthy economy in an impossible place–if only we don’t abandon them too many more times–may create an oasis of capitalism and tolerance unlike their surroundings. Just imagine, Muslim Kurds in the West, advocating for the free, capitalistic society! The jihadis have turned out to be a boomerang, but the Kurds–grateful for whatever our myopic leaders may throw them–could take the place once occupied by Lebanon as ambassadors for the West. Not as Christians, to be sure, but possibly as pragmatic humanists. Isn’t it time to give them some help–not just military?

    • Regardless of the Kurds being seen as less fundamentalist Muslim than their neighbors, they are nevertheless MUSLIM. As Muslims they have a particular take on the world of the infidel who are still considered to be unbelievers. You can never trust self identifying Muslims, you can only be wary of them lest you fall too fall under their spell.

      • You do know that the Kurds have been taking in and sheltering an awful lot of Iraqi Christians, right?

        • While the Muslim is under the thumb by its enemies, specifically those who are fundamentalist Muslims and are benefitting from the West’s arsenal, they will act with benevolence toward other cultures who are also under the thumb, in this case the Yazidis.

          However, the Kurd is still a Muslim, maybe not a fundamentalist Muslim but a Muslim nevertheless, and that fact in time will become just another problem.

  14. That’s absolutely right. The “monster has escaped.” This is worse than a B-horror movie where thousands of zombies suddenly get up and start devouring innocents.

    This pure evil needs to be ended, today! Did you see the Foley beheading. They made the man say terrible things, then cut his head off. He was only a journalist, doing his job.

    The US must bomb this pure evil to dust, and do it as soon as possible. And yes, boots on the ground are needed. And yes, some of them will die. But for this noble cause of ending pure evil on earth.

    The Islamic state (which practices pure Islam, as espoused by the prophet of terror Mo) needs to be obliterated.

    Obama, please please do something.

    • By all means bomb the bastards back to the stone age, but do not, I repeat, do not put boots on the ground because once that is done you then own it!

      Let those who are in need of protection do their own fighting!

      I am sick to death of our young men being sacrificed on the altar of feel good politics!

    • Fat chance – DC was on the news again today making that deceitful assertion that there is no justification for these actions (which by the way have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “real” Islam). He cannot and will not go there & just state what everyone with a pair of eyes & a functioning moral compass knows to be the case. These guys in the ISLAMIC state are not doing their thing for no reason whatsoever, and they’re certainly not acting the way they are for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with their religious beliefs. Those are the VERY REASONS they do what they do.

      Until we have a politician with the balls to state that simple truth, and to stop Britons from being persecuted for saying it – we’re fighting with one hand behind our back.

      And in the coming war, we are going to need to go all out.

  15. Several books provide detailed documentation on the role the CIA played in supporting the MB after WWII. So this complex and always corrupting relationship goes back much further than the 90s. A good one is Miles Copeland’s 1969 memoir, “The Game of Nations” – available in used copies. Rather good also is Wilford’s “America’s Great Game – the CIA and the shaping of the Modern Middle East,” with its indepth profiles of multiple generations and branches of Roosevelts and their ambitions in the region. The classics on the CIA and MB relationships are Ian Johnson’s “A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West.” And leftist Robert Dreyfuss has compiled a huge amount of documentation in “Devil’s Game: How the United States helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam” (warning re Dreyfuss leftwing and anti-Israel biases, but his research is solid).

    Defense Intelligence Agency used to be better, but Flynn’s forced departure suggests that they’ll be forced into analytical lockstep from now on.

    I think understanding how far back this goes – essentially to the OSS days and the earliest days of the CIA – helps in assessing the institutionalization and romanticizing of the region, of Islam and of Islamic doctrine, not just the MB, in the agency. If this were politics, or even careerism, it would be easier to expose and change. Instead, it is culture, social standing, belonging to the clan. Not impossible but very hard to change that.

    Later chapters in Michael Oren’s comprehensive “Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East” provide additional perspective on the last hundred years or so of the cultural and multi-generational aspects of this crumbling of the foundations of intelligence analysis.

    I’d recommend all those books as a good start to understand the problem. The CIA, hungry as a new-born kitten, imprinted on Islam in its infancy.

    [Emphases added by GoV]

    • There is no such word as stupidest! Maybe you could have written most stupid, but ‘worst’ would probably have sufficed in your one line critique which provides no supporting argument for why you chose to write such stupidity yourself!

    • ‘By their own words shall you know them’ 🙂
      And I might add, Rollory, also by their self-inflicted wounds.

  16. Never put down to malice what can be ascribed to incompetence. Theories of wide-ranging conspiracies involving large sets of actors almost never pass this test.

    The more people are in on a secret, the more likely it won’t long stay a secret. If anybody should know this, it would be our intelligence agencies. That they keep forgetting it is clear; who is this Snowden guy and why did he have access to so much info, for instance.

    That we make mistakes in war is par for the course. The French didn’t have German generals in charge of their armies in 1870. Just—men whose thinking was not up to the challenge. And so it goes, throughout history.

    We’ve flat been outsmarted by ISIS. They’re actually pretty good at deception, feints, and violence. Since those things come in handy in war, they’ve had a run of success.

    But surely they did not wish to be dispossessed of control of the dam near Mosul. Yet that’s what happened. Our government, tardy and perhaps too late to tip the ultimate issue to a tolerable outcome, has finally decided to act, and the action has won us at least one round in this ongoing struggle. We’ve got a lot of cards, even if the leadership isn’t playing with a full deck. It’s just implausible that they’ve literally gone over to the other side. To think that, on the evidence now available, strikes me as, well, not using the whole deck when thinking the matter over.

    • You miss the whole ‘big picture’ in what the Baron has written about. What we now see with ISIS is the fallout of failed thinking, not through incompetence or stupidity, but a failure to appreciate the inherent danger posed by those the alphabet soup of government agencies has been financing and arming for many decades.

      In short, their plans have blown up their faces, because of the systemic failure to appreciate fundamentalist Islam and what the Muslim is capable of when wound up.

      You have never heard of compartmentalization and how by using that system any government can keep the most secretive polices from being exposed?

    • I do not think the government is acting now to stop ISIS. Not really. To do so, they’d have to act in direct opposition to the al-Thanis in Qatar, where our bases are and where our universities are and where ExxonMobil and several prominent universities derive huge amounts of funding. Of course, the Brookings Institute is also on Qatari payroll, so there goes the foreign policy brains.

      Virtually nobody appreciates just how pernicious Qatar and their financial interests are on sound policy making. The ugly truth of the matter is that they’re the new Ottoman Empire, and conduit for black market deals of Western corporations and governments. In the lead up to WWI, Germany, more than England, was intertwined with the Ottomans. The Central Powers were, essentially, the Muslim powers. The same, more or less, held for WWII; Germany welcomed in the Muslims and the Turks, and they fought for Hitler against Stalin, for example.

      But after the war, England and then the United States became financially linked to the nutjobs in the region. They’ve been bribed us, manipulated us, and now they have us complicit in genocide. They’ve turned us against Russia, just as they did Germany in WWI and II.

      We’ve been co-opted by the Caliphate. That’s the big picture here. We must extricate ourselves as rapidly as possible, unless we want to be viewed as the next Nazi Germany.

      • American government policy, especially foreign policy, has been influenced by both Communists and Nazis. The added influence of the Muslim Brotherhood makes up the unholy trinity so that all three ideologies of similar goals now dominate the thinking of those in government.

        It’s an unholy mess that must at some time be put right.

  17. The Caspian Reserves are out there like 72 virgins. Their G-strings moist and aromatic.

  18. Sorry guys! I had an idea my last comment would probably hit the waste paper bin, but I felt it to be an appropriate response to such inanity.

    • sometimes it’s just the satisfaction of saying it, eh?

      We used to have a commenter who was elderly and not well. He was a donor and a fellow gardener so we discussed tomatoes. Part of his nic was “Grouchy” and since he lived in the north, I suggested he get a “sunbox” for the winter months. He loved that thing, used it two years running to prevent seasonal depression. He would leave outrageous remarks – funny,too – just to ‘vent’. He knew we’d never let them in.

      Haven’t heard from him in a long while and emails went unanswered. I suspect he may have died, but one can’t know for sure…I miss him, though.

  19. Baron,

    If the goal of the obama administration were to attack iran by proxy, why would the former in essence give its blessing to the latter’s nuclear ambitions? It seems to me that a better explanation for what is happening is that obama is resolutely pursuing a pro-muslim, anti-U.S. policy in the ME, which means, vis-a-vis iran, condoning their nuclear bomb program, and vis-a-vis the rest of the ME, which is sunni, supporting the muslim brotherhood in the overthrow of secular regimes in Libya, Egypt and Syria. I think there is a desire to roll back iran’s gains over the past ~ 25 years in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, but that is qatar’s and SA’s desire, not obama’s.

  20. Is there a source on the names for Baghdadi?
    It caught my attention because he’s

    a) a Husayni (Husseini). Cf. Amin al-Husseini, a key architect of the the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust. This “Grand Mufti,” which was the title used under the Ottoman Empire to describe the highest religious authority, may well have exceeded Hitler in his depravity. A first class… well, there’s no one word to get at his total moral and human depravity.

    b) a Khalifa, the ruling family of Qatar. The current rulers of Qatar are the Khalifa al-Thanis.

    This would make perfect sense…. knowing Qatar’s role in the Husayni-like genocide going on there, funded by Qatar. Sick….

  21. Right at the beginning, about the beheading-

    “something unprecedented is at work”
    NO, it is not- Daniel Pearl and others make this claim nonsense.
    So, what credibility can attach to the convoluted conspiracy theory that follows-
    other than is cannot be completely discounted?

    • Daniel Pearl and others were isolated incidents. They may have become victim to jumping Jihadi’s, but they were not made victim to a self proclaimed Caliphate – and that is a BIG difference.

      Your last sentence really exposes your own naivety about what has been going down over the decades if you believe that what has been so thoughtfully written within this article is a conspiracy that cannot be completely discounted.

      May I suggest you do a little more study.

  22. Baron, I was away in Marah Sarakham when you posted this. I have now read it and re-read it a dozen times or more. I have just downloaded it along with the (mostly) excellent comments from your readers and provided we all survive the fall out from this manufactured disaster, I will circulate it widely to all my contacts.

    Congratulations on an excellent piece of work.

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