Another Show Trial?

Geert Wilders may be facing another show trial for “group defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred”. Mr. Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Islam-critical party PVV, caused controversy by agreeing with what most Dutch people think (if you believe the opinion polls) about the excessive number of Moroccans now in their country.

The following article was published today on the front page of the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. A translation has been made available by the PVV.

Note the political nature of the proposed prosecution — two judges have been appointed by the court to work with the media:

Court ready for Wilders
by Bart Mos

THE HAGUE, Tuesday

The court in The Hague is busy preparing the criminal trial against Geert Wilders, although the judicial authorities have not yet decided to prosecute him. The court administration wants to prevent chaos, as happened four years ago in Amsterdam.

It is generally expected that the judicial authorities will decide later this month whether the PVV leader will be prosecuted for his statement about “fewer Moroccans” during an election meeting in a pub in The Hague. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor in The Hague refused to say on which date the decision to prosecute will be taken, but internally it has been rumored for some time that they are aiming for September.


Wilders’ offending statement, in which he asked his PVV supporters “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?” caused a lot of protest last March. The supporters chanted sixteen times “Less! Less! Less!” Throughout the country, more than five thousand complaints were made against Wilders for group defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred. In addition, a few tens of thousands reports of discrimination were made through the police website.

In preparation for the possible prosecution of the PVV leader, the court in The Hague has appointed two judges to assist the media during the trial: Elianne van Rens and Hubert Nijman.

8 thoughts on “Another Show Trial?

  1. The country has been over run and Mr. Wilders is like the boy with his finger in the dyke. Meanwhile, the powers that be are lashing his back with sticks. If Mr. Wilders takes his finger out, they will all drown…

  2. what a shame they don’t have free speech in the Netherlands. Mr. Wilders says what most Dutch are thinking and he is in trouble.

    It won’t be long now before most of Europe will be crying about what they have done to themselves. I hope we in US do not go that same path. . . May God have mercy on us all, both here and in Europe.

  3. When I read about this kind of thing, I’m always reminded of that famous song by the old Commie, Pete Seeger, in which the words ” When will they ever learn?” appear. Seeger wrote the song as an anti-war message but the words are appropriate for some of the idiocy that is common in the West.

  4. More reason why verbal discrimination should not be a crime. Stay strong. Nationalism worldwide.

  5. The next big freedom thing in Europe “The Liberation From The Muslim Burden Front”.

  6. At best, Eurabia faces a brutal, bloody and prolonged civil war over the next decade…if enough Europeans can be found to fight back against the invasion. At worst, it faces incorporation into the spreading Islamic Frankenstate Caliphate.

  7. Thank God these things happened now and not after 10-20 years for it would have been too late by then.
    Each and every killing, beheading or any other act of barbarism that is related to these scums of the earth is bringing the europeans closer to the realisation that a complete, relentless and decisive blow NOW will only secure their-our saviour.

    PS. There are milions of Christian Europeans residing in Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia etc that do by all means intend to fight back, and fight we will. Let’s only hope that our UK, France and German brothers wake up before it’s too late for them.

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