Nightmare in the Marais District

Last Sunday a large group of Jew-hating pro-Palestinian rioters attacked the Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. There were only a few policemen guarding the entrance at the time, and the attack took them by surprise. If civilian guards posted by the Jewish Defense League had not been on hand to help hold off the rock-throwing mob, the rioters would almost certainly have broken into the synagogue, where two hundred worshippers were trapped.

A second synagogue was attacked the same day in another part of Paris.

The following first-hand account of what happened on Sunday was posted by a commenter named “Paul Liberty” on several blogs and forums (e.g. here). As far as I can determine, it originated in a Facebook post, but I don’t have a link to the original.

Many thanks to Jules Faravener for the translation:

True story: Paris in a “state of war,” the ultra-violent pro-Palestinians in the Marais district

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My wife and I lived through the scariest experience ever. My wife couldn’t stop crying and had a panic attack. We are still shocked by what happened in the Marais district.

I can’t be silent about what happened during the last pro-Palestinian demonstration. My wife and I just walked in the Marais, with our first kid.

It was about 5pm when we headed home. We went in the direction of Place des Vosges. I was pushing our 4-month-old baby’s stroller when suddenly, at the entrance of rue des Francs Bourgeois, a crowd of hooded, masked people holding things were coming in a very aggressive way in our direction.

It’s hard to imagine this when you are with your small family.

They were about 50m in front of us when I realised that they were pro-Palestinians shouting “death to Jews!” While the crowd was growing, shoving people on the sides. I started to look around, and thought that if we stayed, I could no longer guarantee the safety of my little family, in front of an army of angry men willing to kill Jews.

One second later I started to notice baseball bats and bars in the hands of the masked men, and I really understood their racist and violent intentions. I shouted to my wife to run fast, and we turned at rue Payenne, but they started to run after us. At that point, my wife started to panic, and I shook her hard to make her understand we had to run as fast as possible, because I had to focus on the baby, so she had to save herself.

We ran as fast as we could, and managed to arrive at a public square at the end of Payenne. We looked and we saw that there were a lot of them, around 100 or 200 people. Tear gas canisters were fired, some CRS [Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, security police] came, but they were to few.

The sounds we could hear looked made it seem as if we were at war, with people shouting anti-white or anti-Jew slogans, wounded persons, garbage and glass bottles falling every second.

Unfortunately, the nightmare didn’t stop, because they started to chase us in the square, so we ran again. My wife was crying because she was thinking of the stroller and the baby who would be killed by the savages.

We managed to escape, but other families were at the same place with strollers too and were in the middle of those people. It was the worst nightmare of our life. I really thought I saved my family; my wife thanked me 1000 times for keeping a cool head, and reacting at the right time.

The pro-Palestinians were prepared; they had organised the assaults on Jewish districts, and were very clear on their intentions.

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The original French text is below the jump:

Histoire vraie : Paris en “état de guerre”, les pro-Palestinien ultra violents dans le quartier du marais

Dimanche 13 juillet 2014, nous avons vécus ma femme et moi-même la peur de notre vie. Ma femme a pleuré toutes les larmes de son corps et a été prise de panique. Nous sommes encore aujourd’hui scandalisés par ce qui est arrivé dans le quartier du marais.
Je ne peux laisser faire de tels faits sans communiquer la vérité sur ce qui s’est passé au sujet de ces manifestants pro-Palestiniens. Ainsi nous avions décidés ma femme et moi-même de nous ballader dans le quartier du marais avec notre premier enfant.

Il était environ 17 heures lorsque que nous avions décidés de rentrer à la maison. Nous avons pris la rue des francs bourgeois, en direction de la place des vosges, je poussais tranquillement la poussette de mon bébé de 4 mois; lorsque soudainement débarque dans la rue des francs bourgeois, une bande d’hommes cagoulés, masqués, avec des objets dans les mains et ayant une attitude étrangement agressive.

Lorsque vous vous baladez avec votre petite famille, vous ne pouvez imaginer ce qui était en train de se passer.

Ils étaient à environ 50 m devant nous environ, quand j’ai réalisé que c’était des pro-Palestiniens et qu’ils criaient mot pour mot “A mort les juifs”. Plus ils marchaient dans notre direction, plus ils remplissaient toute la rue, bousculant des passants qui étaient sur le côté. J’ai commencé à regarder partout devant moi, derrière moi et surtout j’ai commencé à réaliser que si nous restions la sans rien faire, je ne pourrais plus garantir la sécurité de ma famille face à une centaine d’hommes armés, qui n’avaient pour objectifs que de casser du Blanc et des Juifs.

Une seconde plus tard j’ai distingué des battes de base ball, des barres a mines dans les mains de ces hommes masqués. J’ai compris que l’intention de ces hommes était racistes et violentes.

Ni une ni deux, j’ai fait demi-tour et j’ai hurlé à ma femme de courir vite, et très vite nous avons couru pour tourner dans la rue payenne. Quelques secondes après avoir fait demi tour, cette milice pro-Palestinienne a commencé à courir derrière nous. A ce moment-là ma femme a été prise de panique, et je l’ai secoué pour qu’elle comprenne qu’il fallait courir le plus vite possible car moi je devais protéger mon fils dans la poussette et que je ne pouvais pas m’occuper d’elle.

Nous avons couru aussi vite que nous avons pu afin de distancer ces hommes armés. Arrivés au niveau du square de la rue de payenne, nous nous sommes retournés et nous avons vus a quel point ils étaient nombreux ( au moins une centaine, cf plusieurs centaines). Des hommes tombaient par terre les uns apres les autres, des gazs ont été projetés, puis quelques CRS sont intervenus, ont essayé de faire peur à ces miliciens mais ces pro-Palestiniens étaient bien plus nombreux .

Les sons que nous entendions étaient dignes d’un film de guerre, ou vous entendiez des centaines d’hommes qui crient des slogans de guerre anti-juive et anti-blancs, des gens blessés, des poubelles qui tombent par terre et des bouteilles de verre éclatés par seconde.

Malheureusement notre cauchemar a continué, car ces miliciens ont à nouveau couru derrière nous en direction du square , et nous avons donc fuit comme si nous étions chassés de notre pays, par des soldats étrangers. Ma femme courait et pleurait toutes les larmes de son corps car elle pensait a notre fils dans la poussette qui allait se faire massacrer par ces sauvages.

Nous avons réussi à les distancer, heureusement que nous avions eu le réflexe de faire demi-tour, car d’autres familles se sont retrouvées au même endroit que nous avec leurs poussettes parmi ces barbares.

Nous avons vécus le pire cauchemar de notre vie. J’ai eu le sentiment d’avoir sauvé ma famille, ma femme m’a remercié mille fois d’avoir su gardé mon sang froid et d’avoir réagis comme il faut au bon moment.

Ces pro-Palestiniens étaient préparés. Ils avaient organisés leurs assauts dans les quartiers juifs. Leurs intentions étaient sans équivoque.

25 thoughts on “Nightmare in the Marais District

  1. I see Europe is reaping the fruits of diversity. Why is it the isolated political and media elites continue to bray on about Islam when what is happening to jews is a preview of what will befall other groups when Muslims attin a majority or near majority presence.

    Having lived in the Middle East Isee little value in Islam in any sense. It combines the ignorance of the 7th century with the envy and greed of barbarism leavened with criminality and cruelty.

    • There is no need for muslims to attain majority to torture the native people, master/control them and rape them. It is easy when the mastered are sheeple zombies.

  2. LiberteLiberté, égalité, fraternité
    – Hi France I thought you had three excellent values.
    – we have them, friend, but they are not extended to Jews and Christians and gypsies, not even to our native people. To tell you the truth they are extended to those invaders who we are afraid to death of. We are just like anyone else in servile Europe.

  3. Who would have thought that after 9/11 USA would become so fond of their murderers, Islam. They are in love romantically with muslims. Literally and figuratively.
    After all those travails of unending wars in Europe and mottoes and slogans of liberty and dignity, and freedom from slavery, who would have thought that Europe would choose voluntarily and enslave themselves to Islam and petro- moola. What happened to honor and dignity? Have they forgotten the knights who put honor above life. What happened to, ” give me life or give me death.” Give me Islam to fill my empty head.

    • For the past few years I’ve contemplated how bizarre it is that 19 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and 7 years after a massive Islamic attack on the nation, the American electorate chose a Muslim Marxist to entrust with presidential power.

      This happened because the media-academic establishment kept insisting that those events were not what they seemed; that the evil we saw done by Marxists and by Muslims had nothing to do with Marxist collectivism or with Islam. On the contrary, we were told that it was actually capitalism that had failed; and that we must try harder to appreciate Islam and avoid offending Muslims.

      A lot of people think they’re too smart to accept as factual the evidence before their eyes; after all, any simpleton can do that. They tell us that we ordinary folks are mistaken; we “misunderstand” Islam if we connect it with violence; we are unsophisticated to think that people are oppressed and impoverished under collectivist dictatorships. The enlightened class strives to correct our misconceptions.

      I have a relative who seems to fall for this — to think the people who call themselves liberal intellectuals (e.g. Rachel Maddow) are enlightened and sophisticated, so it’s best to agree with them.

      He also argues that we’ve got a military that can destroy anyone we want to, so it’s ridiculous to worry about what some Muslims are doing. I mentioned, inter alia, that a Dutch politician needs a constant armed guard just for saying things that offend Muslims; he was unaware of that.

      It can be really hard to get through to a regular American who has soaked up the kultursmog.

  4. People who refuse to learn from history must repeat the lessons again and again, much to their pain and suffering and sorrow.

    Maybe we should be educating the children better and more thoroughly. Islam has not changed since it came out of the 7th century. They now have technology and bombs and weapons, but their heads are exactly the same.

  5. There are two salient ironies here:

    1. The Marais was since the 18th century until the 1960s the main Jewish area of Paris. Now it’s a place, like the historic sections of Philadelphia and Baltimore, where Morlocks patrol in their their lupine gait, looking to cull some of the former owners. That the French Morlocks are Muslim should not obscure the pan-Western nature of this phenomenon and the common denominator of ther Morlocks, which isn’t universally Islam.

    2. While my sympathies go to the beleagered French Jews, one who understands that the truth is the key to all and everything will not fail to notice that they themselves are largely responsible for the indignities they suffer now. For those with a short fuse and attention deficit: no, it’s not “blame the victim.” It’s a simple recognition of the fact that in France, like in the United States, the Jewish community has been a major pillar of the “progressive” persuasion of tolerance, “inclusion,” anti-“racism,” LGBT-mongering, feminism and, not the least, rapprochement with the Musulman with a never-die hope of “dialogue,” “hand-extended-in-friendship” and what not.

    Look for example at the Web page of the most important Jewish org in France, CRIF, whose principal mission is stated as “combating all forms of antisemitism, racism, intolerance and exclusion” Look at similar Web pages at the American equivalents like ADL, HIAS, Bnei Brith etc. and realize that the large anti-Israeli demonstration in the United States, the heckling of Jews and barely restrained violence against them — in America too — are the result of policies that no American demographic segment supports more than the Jews: immigration, tolerance, anti-“racism,” supporting the parties and interests of the Left, etc., etc. — ad nauseam. Somehere, all that intersects with the Soros machine as well, Zionism excepted.

    So when will someone stop beating around the bush and address the Jewish community there or here with some presentation about reality as it is, and not as they wish it were, and about the consequences of tampering with the former?

    • Your assessment is correct. Many Jews in high positions pander to what you have outlined and of course those Jews who support them also fall into the same trap.

      They will be the first to suffer as you have commented, followed soon after by those non – Jews who have allowed their positions of authority to dictate their own grovelling cowardice to Islam. They will be dispatched, either by the hand of Islam or by those who will resist Islam’s goals.

      My intention is to resist.

    • Not too far behind right now are large segments of the Christian clergy, intent on overlooking the long, long history of Muslim attacks on Christians up to the present day, and saying we lack Christlike charity if we don’t reach out the hand of friendship.

    • Hmm. Ever meet a minority who didn’t support expressions of rainbow multiculti solidarity and tolerance?

      That’s because they all feel an insecurity, as a minority. It is part of their experience, unknown, unexperienced, by members of the majority. Tolerance, which comforts them, seems altogether harmless to all. And minorities tend to see the position of the majority as free of any danger – unassailably secure. That last is a blindness.

      Mr. Seiyo says: “…largely responsible for the indignities they suffer now.”
      Hmm, so exactly what is responsible for the attitudes and policies supportive of the bizarre immigration? Is it from minorities, with Jews being intrinsically more vocal than most peoples (and perhaps somewhat more threatened), following the aforementioned impulse to shelter against hate in a “tolerant” environment? While some of that occurs, I doubt that is primary in this shape of society and its directions.

      Such expressions by minorities – Jewish or not – are just consistent with a much deeper in the culture current of reaction to the generations of guilt during European powers ruling much of humanity very against its will for 3 to 4 centuries. All the while hungry for “justifications” why it’s “OK” while nevertheless conscious that they would *hate* to be treated thus. This is the reaction of people in possession of an ethical core, who nevertheless acted unethically towards others for hundreds of years.

      Western Europeans are ham-handedly struggling to counter the bed they have made – to change the intolerant past currents within (having quite virtuously recognized how following it wrongs quite harmless immigrant groups, look at hindu Indians, e.g.) that they admit other immigrants who are grossly intolerant towards them! A very large error.

      Within this situation, one sees some members of an often-threatened minority (Jews) expressing support for those *native autochthonous people* expressing this very strong cultural historical current in which the overall society resides. Hence they support the multiculturalism which has a legitemite basis for the much vaster support it gets from its non-Jewish *source.* They add their voice to it. After all, what does one do about such deep currents – they will be felt, they will express themselves, and will demand choices to improve/rectify the imbalances.

      In this setting, we find the righteously angry victim of those intolerant immigrants needing a simple blame target. Overlooking the whole societal current – so much larger than the few Jews – and infused with with the ever-changing yet ever the same Jew blame – a simple target is found. Yet so many others just can’t quite accept this is “the cause” – why does this fail to resonate as true for so many? This despite the strenuous and obsessive efforts of that “explanation’s” adherents? Why does anyone resist that explanation?

      Well let’s consider, which is bigger? The Frankfurt School (the worst of the worst, right) – Almost no one read them! Now weigh that against self-imprint on the whole culture after 300+ years of their society treating the rest of the world (wherever they could) as they themselves would absolutely hate to be treated. Suppose you were somehow doing something comparable (to colonialism) within your personal life to individuals around you, how would you sleep as the implications were given time to brew deep within? (I’ve read this blog since it began, and I know the readership here is filled with people of deep abiding decency, mirroring its hosts.) The metaphorical balance scale is weighed down instantly to the side holding the impact colonial history. For all those millions of people were real, really lived and suffered at their conquerors’ hand. It’s disquieting to be conscious of this, if you are a moral person.

      I think the reason the Jew blame narrative – as satisfying as it feels for some to blame something simple – fails to cleanly satisfy so many is that all the aformentioned dynamics are unaddressed. I am definitely not seeing them addressed.

      The *threat narrative* that is Jew-blame seems to bypass some very big factors.

      However it is fulfilling for many people who gravitate – in their anger and angst – to the frisson of blaming a simple hated target.

      We see them *leaping* at any data that can be enlisted to support this emotional engagement, however small against the greater historical and social currents. It’s a tunnel vision so great, it will always fail to satisfy many people of balance and perspective. Just as there is detected *something amiss* in the strange extremeness of Israel’s demonization, or in the finding of jewish culpability behind all bad things in places where that is a theme. *Something about this too is also quite amiss.*

      That blindness pointed out, I must say I lament and oppose the Jews (and non-jews) who are so otherwise blind about our world. Indeed I’m appalled at the developments. And I’m rankled at how many Jews lean left so unthinkingly. And also that far far more other Americans and other Europeans lean left too.

      • Why Jews have a generic chip that predisposes them toward “tolerance,” multiculti, anti-racism and statism most of the readers of this blog know. There is no room here for a disquisition into European history going back to pre-Constantine times with regard to the Jews- Christian relationship in Europe: a relationship that fully explains such a Jewish predisposition.

        However, chip or no chip, a human being is not a machine controlled by a homeostatic device but has an infinitely adaptable intelligence capable of judging changing circumstance and adjusting conduct accordingly. Not to mention that we are talking here about supposedly the most intelligent ethny in the world. Nonetheless, the great majority of diaspora Jews have not used their intelligence to understand how much their value system, political orientation and collective psychoses hurt them, above all others, in the changing circumstances of the 21st century.

        Your discourse, therefore, provides the explanation, but not the justification, ergo it does not refute my thesis.

        Of course, other racial minorities exhibit similar behavior, e.g. American Blacks who seem to be doing everything possible to saw off the huge branch of goodwill and privilege that America’s whites have extended to them. But Jews are forever the canary in the coalmine and the template by which many other phenomena can be understood.

        • “Your discourse, therefore, provides the explanation, but not the justification, ergo it does not refute my thesis.”

          I dispute that WestwardHo’s comment provides the ‘explanation’ for anything. Rather, WestwardHo’s comment is merely another garden variety illustration of how deeply the PC MC disease infects most Western minds.

          Google Hesperado and read his perceptive essays on the historical development of PC MC. WestwardHo’s comment drips with PC MC which ‘blames’ the white Western Christian man for all of the world’s problems – while blithely assuming (without evidence and indeed contrary to all available evidence) that non-Muslim immigrant groups are ‘harmless’ – while begging the question ‘harmless to whom?’ – themselves or the white Christian West?

          I remember that Tina Fey admitted that she gave as good as she got when she was in high school. Evidently, she knew how to inflict her digs at the people who offended her.

          The SAME is true with minority actions against majority rulers. For one fictional example that we can envision was inspired by reality: In The Color Purple, the black people urinate in the drinks of the white people who anger them and then serve those drinks to the white people.

          There is another story of a businessman who expensed a pair of shoes. His boss denied the reimbursement. So, the businessman proceeded to pad his expenses from then on until the shoes were reimbursed….

          The uncomfortable point is that ALL peoples inflict pain upon themselves and others. Before white Western Christians, American Indians participated in extensive violence against their own peoples within their tribes and between their tribes. Before white Western Christians, Africans sold each other into slavery to Muslims. Before white Western Christians, Indians designed a cruel caste system that enslaved their own people – and regularly burned widows alive. Before white Western Christians, Jews fought and vanquished their enemies.

          The real problem now is that, 1) based on majority actions, Western Jews perceive white Western Christians as their mortal enemies instead of Muslims, and, 2) Jews provide 70-80% funding of the Democrat Party, so Jews have power over and responsibility for its agenda and results regarding Muslims.

          • Egghead says: “based on majority actions, Western Jews perceive white Western Christians as their mortal enemies”

            This is madness. I don’t doubt that you believe it. But nonetheless, it is madness. It is a strange thought bubble around your head (and that of others one can readily meet on the web), it is not the real world. “Western Christians as their mortal enemies” = a mad brew of poison.

          • Hi WestwardHo,

            Actions speak louder than words – specifically the actions that the Democrat Party is actively taking to permanently maintain power using institutional vote fraud via the imposition of Obamacare, mass illegal immigration, fraudulent absentee ballots, etc.

            Again, Jews provide 70-80% funding of the Democrat Party, so Jews have power over and responsibility for its agenda and results – which increasingly target and affect Christians in a negative way.

            NOTE: If Jews were to threaten to withdraw – or withdraw – their funding from the Democrat Party, then the Democrat Party would change instantly.

  6. Beirut was once proud to call itself the Paris of the Middle East.

    Today Paris is rapidly becoming the Beirut of Europe.

    This is what happens to a once proud and prosperous city when it becomes infested with vermin. It’s time to [redacted].

    • Every western capital is en route to Beirut. Been to London lately? Los Angeles? New York? The White House?

      • This is one of the objectives or outcomes of successive Gaza wars: creation and reinforcement of jihadi frontier societies in the West assisted by high birth rates, defective immigration controls and generous disposition of increasingly militarized training nuclei (mosques).

        • “…generous disposition of increasingly militarized training nuclei (mosques).” Yes. I was on a bit of a hike the other day and my route took me along a ridge which overlooks a Muslim area of a town in Northern England; centre-piece was a huge mosque and associated buildings. They looked less like a church and more like a barracks. What is the British establishment trying to do?

  7. At that election, I remember very clearly that on a Friday, I was walking back to my car when two gentlemen—I use the word “gentlemen” very loosely—approached me, called me a dirty Jew and said they were going to kill me. I thought that was a bit extreme—not voting for me would have sufficed, but killing me seemed a little extreme—and I did what I normally do when I am particularly scared, and that is to use humour. I said, “I will put you down as a possible. You haven’t decided how you’re voting, have you?” They were as shocked by that as I was, and we ran off in separate directions.

  8. For me one question asks it all. In these situations why don’t the police shoot? I hate to be a pest, but in the United States our homeland security bought something like 2 billion rounds of ammunition.

    I mean it isn’t like the authorities don’t have guns. They do have guns and they also know how to use them. Clearly shooting these rioters is what the guns are for, for God’s sake.

  9. When I look at the video from the riots , the most important thing to be seen from my israeli perspektive , is to see the smal group of young determined men who defended the synagoge .
    Some of them have surely served in the israeli army , like many other young jews from France and the US have done , even if they or their families have not chosen to emigrate to Israel .
    I recognize their behaviour and facial experssions under the hard pressure of the threatening disaster . It could have been myself 20 years ago facing a raging mob in Gaza , with strict orders not to fire any shots . The young men act with intelligence even while close to panic . .
    To the best of my knowledge this i a historic event , the first time israeli trained soldiers have been involved on the soil of Europe since the second worldwar.

  10. Unless “Paul Liberty” is an English-speaking expatriate or tourist (which he does not state), I believe his testimony to be a fake.

    The purported French “original” is full of spelling and other mistakes that a French-speaking person would not make. This text has obviously been written by someone who thinks in English.

    Regarding the purported attack of the synagogue of the rue de la Roquette in Paris, the events are remarkably muddled.

    This much is known :

    – Worshippers inside the synagogue were instructed to stay indoors because pro-Palestinian demonstrators were in the vicinity ;

    – There were clashes outside the synagogue between pro-Palestinians and members of the Ligue de défense juive, a Jewish defence group known for its violent behaviour. They were broken off by riot police.

    – The Ligue de défense juive taunted pro-Palestinians on social media before the demonstration, challenging them to a fight (the mainstream media kept quiet about that).

    That’s all we know. In particular, I haven’t found any videos of pro-Palestinians attacking the synagogue.

    Muslim media claim that pro-Palestinians were leaving the demonstration through rue de la Roquette when they were attacked, without knowing there was a synagogue there. Indeed, the street and the synagogue are close to the place de la Bastille where the demonstration ended, so this claim might be true.

    There was also a Muslim claim of a Jewish provocation in another place, before the end of the demonstration.

    The police seem to have been at fault, since it’s visible in the videos that access to rue de la Roquette had not been blocked.

    A possible scenario is that the Ligue de défense juive attacked pro-Palestinians preventively rue de la Roquette, before they reached the synagogue, because they feared that the police presence in front of it was too weak, and they decided that they could not run the risk of an angry Arab crowd marching past the synagogue. Indeed, there are reports of Jewish activists on the ground complaining to the police and asking for reinforcements.

    Don’t believe everything you read in French Jewish media. They are not always reliable.

    This is not to minimize Arab Jew-hatred, or to dispel the likeliness of synagogue attacks and the reality of assaults on Jews. But facts are facts.

    Also, I would like to stress how unhelpful some ignorant and inflamatory comments can be, made from afar. Saying such things as :

    In these situations why don’t the police shoot ? [Answer : because they act responsibly], or :

    To the best of my knowledge this i a historic event , the first time israeli trained soldiers have been involved on the soil of Europe since the second worldwar. [Answer : you dont’ know zilch about that],

    can only fan the flames of Jew-hatred. Some French Jewish defence groups are already highly controversial, with a history of politically-motivated, unprovoked violence, and not only a “protective” role as they pretend to have.

    If the word goes around that some of them are dual nationals and have served in the Israeli army (I’m not saying that it’s the case), and can be viewed, indeed, as “Israeli-trained soldiers involved on the soil of France”, there’s no predicting the ensuing rage among our French Muslim “friends”.

    The situation is tense enough as it is, thank you very much.

  11. I did a bit of research on the anti-semitic incidents that accompanied the Paris pro-Palestine demonstration on Sunday, July 13th, and they confirm most of my former comment.

    In a long, precise and subdued interview to a French TV channel (i-Télé), Serge Benhaim, the president of the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue on rue de la Roquette in Paris, states very clearly that the synagogue was not attacked, although there were clashes between the demonstrators and Jewish militants protecting it in its vicinity :

    At 10’44”, Serge Benhaim says :

    The truth is that the demonstrators reached a point 150 to 200 meters from the synagogue, on the right and the left of the street. But they never arrived in front of it. No object whatsoever was thrown on the synagogue. At no point have we been in danger [the 300 worshippers instructed by the police to stay inside].

    Benhaim, without blaming the police, indirectly confirms that they lacked oversight : there were only two policemen standing guard in front of the synagogue, and four others at one end of the rue de la Roquette, on the place de la Bastille, where the demonstration ended. However, the other side of the street was not protected, and the demonstrators took advantage of that.

    In front of the synagogue, there were 40 Jewish activists to protect it. Around ten belonged to the SPCJ (Protection Service of the Jewish Community), a security body well integrated with French Jewish institutions. Around 30 belonged to the LDJ (Jewish Defence League), a more autonomous group of young hotheads with a somewhat, ahem, hands-on approach (my comment).

    It’s this group, says Benhaim, that moved right and left into the street and rushed to confront the demonstrators, when a police radio message warned that some of them were advancing towards the synagogue.

    Note the disproportion : 2 police only to protect the synagogue, compared to 40 security volunteers from the Jewish community. They must have been terrified, hearing that Muslim demonstrators were coming towards them from both ends of the (narrow) street.

    So yes, they stole tables and chairs from café terraces and broke them to turn them into improvised weapons : Benhaim confirms this, but says it proves they came unarmed in the first place. Naturally, non-Muslim antisemites from the French far-right exploit this (it’s on video) to prove that Jews are violent, too, and therefore shouldn’t be trusted.

    Bottom line : this synagogue was not attacked, because Jewish activists (and the police) successfully prevented it, but clashes did occur in the process.

    Two days before, a Molotov cocktail was thrown against a synagogue in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in the Paris suburbs. The day before the demonstration, there was some Muslim mayhem outside a Paris synagogue in the Belleville neighbourhood.

    In my previous comment, I said that French Jewish media should not always be trusted. Now here is a stupefying example, which shows how difficult it is to separate truth from propaganda.

    I found the above interview on a site named Europe-Israël, which turns it on its head, and uses it as a proof that the synagogue has indeed been attacked :

    Attack of the synagogue rue de la Roquette : i-Télé lies deliberately and spreads propaganda ! Here is the proof !

    They go as far as quoting the time when the president of the synagogue is supposed to have acknowledged the attack. Actually, he confirms the clashes but denies the attack, as I explained.

    Again, this is not meant to downplay the danger faced by Jews in France or the level of Jew-hatred on the Muslim side. The interview of Serge Benhaim is very revealing in that respect. He says that everytime there is an event at the synagogue, even for a birthday, he informs the neighbourhood police station in advance, just in case.

    Even more chilling, maybe : Benhaim insists that he has excellent relations with the Muslims in the neighbourhood. He says that the imam of the mosque in rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud (1,5 kilometer away) sent him a profuse apology for what happened that day.

    That mosque is a notorious hotbed of radical Islam.

    Benhaim insists that the incidents next to his synagogue on July 13 were not an anti-Jewish act on the part of Muslims, but only petty hoodlums acting out against Jews.

    Whether he really believes what he says, such a blatant state of denial can only mean one thing : the man is terrified, and rightly so.

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