Welcome to the Islamic State!

In the following video, a “British” Islamic radical named Abu Waleed explains the way in which Muslims living in the Islamic state will humiliate Christians to induce them convert to Islam:

Below are excerpts from an article from The Daily Mail about the culture-enriching advocacy practiced by the same Mr. Waleed:

‘Infidels must wear red collars and shave heads’: ‘Nazi’ vision of Muslim Britain from Imam who ran ‘Isis’ barbecue in Cardiff park

A radical hate preacher linked to the ‘brainwashing’ of three Welsh young jihadis fighting in Iraq and Syria has outlined his chilling vision of a Nazi-style, Islamic state in Britain on video, describing how non-Muslims will be forced to shave their heads and wear a red sash, in a land where the ringing of church bells is banned.

Abu Waleed, 35, a leading preacher for a group banned last week for incitement to terrorism, was seen earlier this month at a barbecue in the Welsh capital where the banner of the Isis terror group – the Al Qaeda splinter group which the trio are fighting for – was flying.

According to friends, former students Reyaad Khan, Nasser Muthana, both 20, and Muthana’s 17-year-old brother Aseel were seen handing out leaflets for a group closely linked to Waleed outside a Cardiff mosque seven months ago. Khan and Nasser appeared on an Isis recruitment video this month.

Hat tips: For the video, Vlad Tepes; for the article, JP.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Islamic State!

  1. No more than Tony Blair and his successor telling the British Subjects to become European Citizens and be held inferior to Preferential Groups, Positive Discrimination, Quotas, Common Purpose… White Privilege…

    I only see one has a beard and the other does not. They both use tacqyya in your face. International Socialist or National Socialist. They say exactly the same things. So… What’s all the fuss?

  2. The British will be Dhimmis in their own country, and it will be their own fault. They are disarmed, so they will have no choice but to concede to whatever humiliation the [culture-enrichers] choose to force upon them. You notice he didn’t talk about doing this in America because when the [person of Mohammedan persuasion] shows up demanding that the man of the house give up his bed all he will get is a lot of holes in his chest.

    • Yep! Mo is really going to look good with his head blown off.
      “What makes you a Muslim?”
      “I grow a beard, as does my wife, I stick my [nether cheeks] in the air 5 times a day, and scream Allah Allah Allah, and murder people.”
      “That makes you a Muslim?”
      “I guess so. I’m sure Allah approves.”

  3. This will be another warning that will be ignored by the establishment that our mortal enemy is now living amongst us. It will be ignored like all the others because we are governed by moral cowards and vested interests who choose to hide behind ‘human rights’ legislation that they use to trump our inalienable rights they have been busy chipping away at for many decades.

    There can be only one alternative to rectify past and present wrongs, and it won’t be a political one!

  4. The stuff this man is coming out with is taken straight from the Pact of Ummar – the set of rules under which conquered Christians were allowed to live as dhimmis when Islam first conquered Palestine 1400 years ago. Another example of Islam being stuck in the Dark Ages.

  5. The mismatched boots meme of the 2014 World Cup.

    Puma said the oddly coloured boots represent “the unshakable confidence of players who wear them, and evoke their potential to do the unbelievable”.

    To do the unbelievable by fashionably submitting to dhimmitude.

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